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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 11.1)



Peanuts: This post is entirely on Ying Hui and his back story with Mo Sheng. He probably made his appearance too late so I don’t feel much for him no matter how nice, rich and talented he is. The picture above is that of the real Ying Hui in the drama. The actor’s name is Kevin Tan Kai. Handsome or not, LOL? The moral of this story is that you should always be a Good Samaritan:) According to lidge, Ying Hui is based on Robin Li who founded the Chinese search engine Baidu. Wow, he is quite good looking. I’ll be more excited if he acted as Ying Hui in the drama, LOL.

Chapter 11.1: Ying Hui (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts) 

Studying abroad in California was much more difficult than at home due to the unfamiliar environment, the schoolwork was heavy and he has to work part-time frequently. Ying Hui quickly lost weight, but at the same time, he also gained much valuable experiences. Ying Hui began to focus on the internet, which was developing at breakneck speed.

With a strong foundation in mathematics helped Ying Hui to do research in computer technology more effectively. Unlike others who were interested in setting up web portals, Ying Hui was interested in information search. After a year and a half, deserving the title of genius, he developed an algorithm for searching single-handedly. But it was not without flaws because it required other algorithms in order to work. Hence at first, venture capitalists were not interested, only a well-known internet company wanted to buy it at a very low price. Ying Hui knew what he had was worth more than tens of thousands of dollars, but he did not have time to wait for a better offer. Fatigued and stressed out, he became very sick. When his health improved, his meager savings were almost gone.

Ying Hui was desperate and used his remaining money to place an ad in an influential Chinese newspaper, explaining his situation and seeking investment from his fellow countrymen.

However, reality soon left him disappointed. Within 10 days, he only received one phone call. The caller did not help him but instead called him a shameless swindler who is a disgrace to the Chinese people. When he lost all hope and contemplated selling the algorithm to the internet company, he received a letter from N City. In it was an unsigned letter and five hundred dollars. The handwriting was not good so it was difficult to determine if the writer was male or female.


I saw your ad in the newspaper asking for help. I’m sending you $500. It’s not a lot of money, but hopefully, it can help you wait for a substantial investment.

The $500 were a drop in the bucket, but the money reignited Ying Hui’s fighting spirit. It helped him last through two difficult months. During this period, he managed to develop a complete set of search algorithm. Soon after, he obtained his first $1 million venture capital.

Challenging times created heroes. Ying Hui was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. A few years later, when he sat in the president’s office of SOSO Company and listened to the valuation of his assets, Ying Hui was in disbelief.

If not for the $500, maybe he would only become a good technician. Ying Hui thought about looking for the person who sent the money, but he quickly gave up. The world is like a vast sea of people and the letter did not even have a name, so there was really no clue to begin the search.

But soon after, the benefactor appeared before him.

One day, a former classmate from S University, visited him and brought along a letter addressed to him.

“This person probably doesn’t know you’ve left the university, as the letter was sent to our faculty so when I saw it, I brought it along with me.”

The handwriting on the envelope was familiar.

Ying Hui was excited when he opened it.

Mr. Ying:

Hello, I don’t know if your address has changed or you might not remember me. About three years ago, I read an ad in the newspaper about you asking for help, and I sent $500. How embarrassing, but if it’s financially possible, can you return the $500? I know this request is unreasonable, so if it’s difficult for you, then pretend I haven’t said anything.

I’m really sorry!

Zhao Mo Sheng

Zhao Mo Sheng!

Ying Hui silently repeated the name in his heart.

He finally knew her name.

Looking at the stamp on the envelope, the date was a month ago.

If she was not desperate, she probably would not have sent this letter with a sliver of hope.

Even though his former classmate was still with him, Ying Hui immediately called the phone number in the letter. The phone rang two times and the person who answered was the voice of a female.

The next day, Ying Hui flew to N City.

The meeting took place at a park. It was early spring, from a distant, Ying Hui saw a young Chinese girl sitting on a bench. With a scarf wrapped around her neck, she seemed to be feeling cold as her hands constantly touched the tassels on the scarf.

Ying Hui watched her from a distance. Suddenly he felt warmth, as if he were coming home. At that time, he had been in the U.S. by himself for six years.

Ying Hui walked up to her: “Excuse me, are you Miss Zhao?”

The girl immediately stood up: “Yes, that’s me. Are you Mr. Ying Hui?”

Only then, Ying Hui managed to see her clearly. A very young girl, probably in her early twenties and perhaps still studying. Her clothes appeared a little old as if having been worn for a few years, but she looked very clean with large eyes.

He smiled slightly and said: “Miss Zhao, we will find a heated place to sit down and talk.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Ying Hui asked: “Miss Zhao, I’m a little curious. Why did you send me $500? Aren’t you worried that I could be a swindler?”

The question startled her for a moment. Then she replied vaguely: “At that time, I had some money……” She continued, “Actually, you didn’t need to come over specifically. I was cleaning up things when I saw the old newspaper. I didn’t really hold out much hope when I sent that letter to you.”

“But now you’re……?”

Ying Hui did not have to spend much effort to find out the entire story.

In summary: The Miss Zhao sitting here has a neighbor called sister Juan who has a close relationship with her. Sister Juan injured her husband with a knife and was sentenced to three years in jail. She has a child called Xiao Jia. Her Caucasian husband was abusive so sister Juan entrusted her child to her. At the moment, she was in a custody battle with sister Juan’s husband.

Ying Hui sipped the hot cocoa.

“Miss Zhao, are you usually so…… helpful with other people?” Actually, the word he wanted to use was “nosy” and not “helpful.”

“No.” She seemed a little embarrassed, her face was red, but it was difficult to tell if it was from the cold or embarrassment. “We’ve been neighbors for a long time, and sister Juan has helped me in the past. One time, I was very sick and fainted in my house alone. She was the one who found me and saved me by bringing me to the hospital. I could have died if discovered late. She is my savior, right? Her husband Cruise is really abusive, as I’ve seen him used a liquor bottle to hit sister Juan and Xiao Jia before. Moreover, Xiao Jia is very well-behaved and obedient and sister Juan is also very pitiful……”

She explained her reasons anxiously.

Ying Hui seemed indifferent, as each person in this world has their own misery.

But Ying Hui thought silently, this girl is kind in a foolish way. If she was not foolish, why did she send $500 to a virtual stranger like him?

Ying Hui reassured her: “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”


This matter was not easy to handle.

Ying Hui’s private lawyer called Mr. Smith said: “Miss. Zhao doesn’t have enough evidence to prove Cruise is abusive. Even with evidence to revoke Cruise’s child custody, she also can’t adopt the child because she doesn’t meet the state’s adoption requirements. This matter is difficult to resolve in a court of law but should be simpler to sort out privately. Money is the best way to deal with thugs like the husband.”

“That’s right.” Ying Hui said, “But I don’t like to spend money on thugs like that. Moreover, he may not be easily satisfied and will exhort money repeatedly or make a false counter-charge any time. In the end, money isn’t the best solution.”

“Unless that girl immediately marries a husband who can fulfill the state’s requirements, that will increase the odds of winning.” Smith shrugged his shoulders and joked: “Actually, you’re a good candidate who fits all the requirements.”

Smith’s joke awakened Ying Hui’s heart.

To his surprise, he discovered that he was not against the idea at all.

Ying Hui called Mo Sheng to tell her what his lawyer said.

“Even if it can be proven that Cruise has a violent tendency and revoke his child custody, you also can’t adopt Xiao Jia. This is because your age, economic condition and marital status do not meet the state’s requirements of an adopter. Xiao Jia will be sent to a welfare agency. Do you know that is definitely not a good place for a mixed-race child?”

Mo Sheng was besides herself with panic: “I just want to help a friend, why is it so hard……”

Perhaps it was not so hard. Ying Hui talked to Cruise before, who only wanted to exhort money. But Ying Hui did not want to solve the problem that way. Ying Hui had seen Xiao Jia who is a mixed-blood child with black hair and black eyes and appeared slow. It is said it was caused by being often beaten.

“If you want to take on this responsibility, I have a suggestion.” Ying Hui said casually, “You can find someone you trust who meets the conditions to adopt a child and pretend to marry him, perhaps…… I can help you.”

Mo Sheng froze on the other end of the phone. When she finally reacted, she promptly said that won’t do. “How can that possibly be……”

Ying Hui also did not insist.

After that, there was some progress in the matter. Photos of a drunk Cruise burning Xiao Jia with his cigarette were inadvertently taken by Mo Sheng’s landlord. However, just as lawyer Smith said, although Cruise lost custody, Xiao Jia was sent to a welfare agency.

Mo Sheng was very busy with her study and also has to work, but she still went to visit Xiao Jia either every other day or two days.

A few months later, while Ying Hui was far away in California, he received a phone call from Mo Sheng. She said in a crying voice: “Mr. Ying, I want to adopt Xiao Jia……”

Apparently, Xiao Jia was bullied in the welfare agency by children from other races. Actually this happened more than once, but it was more serious this time. Xiao Jia was pushed into the toilet bowl and could have been suffocated if not discovered in time.

Ying Hui immediately flew to N City with a copy of an agreement.

“The agreement states that you’ll give up all rights and interests arising from the marriage. At the same time, you don’t have to fulfill any obligations, so this means we’re only married in name.” Ying Hui explained.

The agreement clearly defined their rights and obligations making Mo Sheng felt more at ease. Ying Hui did this on purpose. He knew an agreement which will give no benefit to Mo Sheng will make her felt more relaxed.

“Mr. Ying, thank you……” She did not know what to say.

“No need, as actually this marriage also benefits me. My company is about to go public, the image of a married man will inspire confidence in the shareholders. Also, being married allows me to avoid unnecessary trouble.” Ying Hui also felt the reasons he has given sounded ridiculous but this last sentence was spoken with sincerity, “What’s more, the help Miss Zhao has given me was not little.”

Which was why he wanted to take her under his wings to protect her!

But was that the only reason?

Ying Hui did not dare to think further.

After a moment of hesitation, Mo Sheng gripped the pen in her hand, quickly signed her name and returned the contract to Ying Hui without another glance.

On the day Mo Sheng successfully gained custody of Xiao Jia, Ying Hui flew back to California on the same night.

Mo Sheng has not finished her studies so she stayed in N City.

In order to deal with the periodic inspections of the welfare agency, Ying Hui will fly to N City at the end of every month. Mo Sheng felt guilty for the trouble she caused him.  In contrast, Ying Hui looked forward to the end of each month.

Ying Hui’s Caucasian secretary Linda said in a cute way: “Boss, do you know, how much I like the end of each month because you are more affable at that time.”

Ying Hui listened and smiled, feeling joyful.

Xiao Jia was still slow and silly. Mo Sheng finally taught him to say “uncle Ying” in Chinese. Ying Hui was not touched but Mo Sheng was overjoyed and touched, stroking Xiao Jia’s head.

Ying Hui was overwhelmed by her smile. In that moment, he realized clearly his heart was in danger.

He had not felt anything like that for a long time.

He and Miss Zhao Mo Sheng only knew each other for merely a few months.

The emotion came unexpectedly, without a warning.

A science student like Ying Hui stubbornly tried to explain the logic of his heart, but he discovered for the first time that he was powerless to do anything.

Fortunately, he quickly stopped his thoughts from being stuck in a dead-end. His pragmatic personality led him to decide to let nature take its course.

Ying Hui continued to fly back and forth between California and N City for two years. One day, Mo Sheng called with two announcements.

The first, she has graduated.

The second, sister Juan was released early and decided to take Xiao Jia back to China.

After hanging up the phone, Ying Hui immediately thought: It’s about time!

At N City International Airport, Ying Hui met the woman with a tired face called sister Juan for the first time.

Mo Sheng occasionally talked about sister Juan’s life. At first, she went to the U.S. to accompany her husband to study. Later,  in order to get a green card, her husband married an American woman. Sister Juan left China to U.S. in grand style, but ended up in such miserable situation. She did not want to return home to be ridiculed so she quickly married an American man, not knowing this was worse. Two years of imprisonment, finally made her gave up all hope on this place. After having full comprehension of her situation, she decided to return to China.

Mo Sheng hugged Xiao Jia tightly, reluctant to let go.

Sister Juan thanked Ying Hui: “Thank you for your help in the past two years.”

“You only need to thank Mo Sheng.”

Sister Juan looked at Mo Sheng: “She’s a lot more fortunate than me.”

Ying Hui saw the envious admiration in her eyes and smiled: “Everyone has their own fate, nothing can alter that.”

Mo Sheng looked up to watch the plane ascending into the clouds, her eyes sad.

“Do you want to return home?”

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    Though I am sticking to Yi Chen like glue because Wallace Chung looks so much more handsome than Tan Kai, I actually have a great fondness for Ying Hui in the story. His story with Mo Sheng is just as interesting and touching as Yi Chen’s story with Mo Sheng. And in the novel, he is described as handsome. So he is definitely someone who could give Yi Chen a good fight for Mo Sheng’s heart. I truly think he would be a worthy alternate choice for Mo Sheng. Too bad Ying Hui is too noble (or too idiotic), for he just gives up on Mo Sheng so easily. He actually had the upper hand. Mo Sheng was his wife. She was living with him, and far, far away from Yi Chen. Ying Hui could have used his charms to woo her. Maybe the Ying Hui in the drama will more competitive for Mo Sheng’s heart, just to create more obstacles for the main couple.

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    • Hey Mel, did you see WC in action lol? I doubt GM will create external conflict. It is their internal conflicts which prevent them from being together. Poor Tan Kai lost to WC twice on diff women, lol.

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