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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 33 Final Review & Recap




At last, I am posting the final episode but it was written mostly by lidge:) After 32 episodes, I was too tired out and can’t write the last one so I asked lidge, my partner in crime to help me to finish it:) It is very rare for lidge to say yes to my request so you better leave plenty of encouraging comments for her, lol. Actually, I am someone who is rather sentimental and don’t like to say goodbye or don’t know how to say goodbye so I’ve decided not to write an overall review since I’ve written nearly everything in my episode reviews and recaps. As cover pictures, I’ve included nearly all the kisses and pinches to remember the wonderful time we had in watching this drama:)  You can google for other reviews as there are about more than 5 online. But I’ll do a final post on the drama so stay tune:P Thank you for reading & commenting. See you again in You Are My Sunshine🙂

I got duped:( That silly tv channel withheld 5 mins of the drama to be shown on the following day so I thought I’ll get an episode:( But I only got the last 5 mins of Shan Shan reminiscing about her relationship then she goes to the rooftop to meet Feng Teng to watch the New Year Eve’s fireworks together. My my, what anti-climax. That is such a subdue ending? No banquet? No wedding gown like the typical idol drama? I feel kind of disappointed:( According to the rumor mill in baidu, there maybe a sequel but don’t quote me on it. I’ll tell you if that is really true as this drama is rather well-received in China so I won’t be surprised if they’ll film one. But it won’t be really following the novel so I ‘ve my reservation on it. Moreover, sequels are nearly never good or better than the original so maybe better to leave us with the best memories.


Shan Shan complains to Feng Yue and Li Shu about Feng Teng  being overprotective but Feng Yue says it is because he cares very much about her well being so Shan Shan reluctantly accepts his arrangement. Then, they bump into Feng Teng’s ex-girlfriend, Wang Pin Ruo, at the cafe. Wang Pin Ruo is a famous actress so Shan Shan seizes the opportunity to ask if she would be willing to model for FS Jewelry. Li Shu warns Shan Shan that she shouldn’t play with fire because Wang Pin Ruo is a devious troublemaker who will try to steal Feng Teng (hmm, look who’s talking). Shan Shan replies that she trusts Feng Teng. Feng Yue wonders if Feng Teng will cry or laugh after hearing this and Shan Shan says confidently that he’ll definitely laugh:P

Shan Shan: Today is Sunday, no need to go to work, are you happy?

Feng Teng: Since today is so special, what do you want to do?

Shan Shan: Hmmmm…I want to stay at home to keep you company.

Feng Teng: This is also what I want to do.

Shan Shan: Excuse me, I need to answer my phone. Trendy magazine? You want to do an interview with us? The person in charge is Xue Liu Liu. How about next Wednesday? I’ll make the arrangement so please send me your address. Thank you. Bye, bye. Ahahaha….Trendy magazine wants to do an interview with Liu Liu.

Feng Teng: Are you sure you want to hire Wang Pin Ruo as the spokesperson?

Shan Shan: Yes….

(Hello! I am Wang Pin Ruo’s manager. She has agreed to be the spokesperson. We’ll discuss the details when we meet up later.)

Shan  Shan: Ahahaha….Wang Pin Ruo’s manager replied that she has agreed to be the spokesperson for FS Jewelry.

Feng Teng: Her manager replied you but she personally sent me a text message.

Shan Shan: Oh!

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, are you too naive or are you trying to test me?

Shan Shan: Both also not. I just want to use the best method to help FS Jewelry. Moreover you said before, don’t look at what you’ve said but look at what you’ve done. Now is the time for you to prove your words. Also, I’ve 100% trust in you which is why I dare to do this.

Feng Teng: After hearing what you said, if I disagree, it’ll seem like I am the one at fault.

Shan Shan thinks: With Wang Pin Ruo as the spokesperson, it’ll help the jewelry brand to be more well-known. This time, I must do my best to make this a success.


Wang Pin Ruo agrees to advertise for Shan Shan, with the requirement that Feng Teng shows up at the photo shoot. Shan Shan begs Feng Teng to help her so Feng Teng is slightly miffed that Shan Shan does not appear a bit jealous. Nevertheless, on the day of the photo shoot, Feng Teng still shows up and politely greets Wang Pin Ruo. At this point, Shan Shan shows she is not a pushover rabbit when she declares that Feng Teng and her are already engaged. Everyone is stunned at this sudden news, with the one most surprised probably being Feng Teng, lol.

Shan Shan: Our profit for the month will be approximately $2m so I can repay you about $1m at the beginning of next month. Hence, we have repaid you $4.5m in total. Heehee……

Feng Teng: What a surprise that you want to retain $1m?

Shan Shan: No, no, it is to pay Wang Pin Ruo’s spokesperson fees.

Feng Teng: Is it worth it to hire an actress to be a spokesperson?

Shan Shan: Yes, it is definitely worth it………………………………..But Wang Pin Ruo has a wish.

Feng Teng: Wish?

Shan Shan: She wishes you can show up at the photo shoot.

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, your expression is very strange.

Shan Shan: Really strange?

Feng Teng: Okay, since we’ve not seen each other for a long time.

Shan Shan: Haha, really? Then, 3pm next Friday. I’ll tell Linda to note it in your diary. Heehee….

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, why are you so happy?

Shan Shan thinks: Why can’t I be happy?

Feng Teng: This chicken soup is not nice. I’ve finished eating.

Shan Shan: I really came here to accompany you to drink chicken soup. Heehee….


Feng Teng shows Shan Shan the text messages he received from Wang Pin Ruo to ask him out to have a meal. Shan Shan confesses to Feng Teng that she used to feel inferior and not good enough for him. Gradually, she realizes that Feng Teng is a big fish who will always attract unwanted attention whether he is married or not so she has learned to deal with this pressure. Feng Teng praises Shan Shan as being  so capable now as to be able to use her love rival to earn money for her. On a roll, Shan Shan makes another shocking confession that makes Feng Teng very happy. No, it’s not about pregnancy, that’s later, probably in the sequel, lol.

Shan Shan: Teng Teng, the truth is I’ve no interest in jewelry. I know you’re afraid if I become too busy, I’ll neglect our relationship. But the more I work, the more I realize I’m not really interested. Does this sound bad, as if I lack ambition? I can’t tell other people this. When it comes to having a career and becoming a powerful woman, I’m not really interested one tiny bit.

Feng Teng: If you can know what you want and have the courage to accept it, that’s admirable.

Shan Shan: I can’t complain if I’m tired because Liu Liu is much more tired than me. Also, complaining won’t do any good. This is something I have to do. I have to make the Xue family lift our heads proudly before the Feng family. It’s a matter of self-respect. After this is over, I don’t want to become a high-powered executive of any company, I also don’t want to become a celebrity, I only want to become Mrs. Feng.

Teng Teng: That’s fine, Mrs. Feng…..This is my good Shan Shan.


Shan Shan monitors Weibo and is not happy that there is not a noticeable increase in people following FS Jewelry. Feng Teng happens to notice Shan Shan’s online nickname “Beat Boss Can Sleep Well” and asks for an explanation. Shan Shan apologizes and changes it immediately, but it’s too late. The wolf picks Shan Shan up and carries her off to punish her, LOL.



A few days later, Shan Shan brags to Feng Teng that she has thought up a catchy story about the origin of FS Jewelry, that it was started to pay off debt to Feng Group. Meanwhile, Feng Teng is only focused on her new online nickname “Big Boss Is Great.”  Shan Shan asks him if he is satisfied with the new nickname. The wolf is pleased so he picks Shan Shan up and carries her off to reward her. The drama does not elaborate how Feng Teng punishes or rewards Shan Shan so we must use our imagination. For those who need some help, read here, lol.





Feng Teng and Shan Shan watch Liu Liu’s interview about FS Jewelry. Shan Shan did not want to appear on television, but the camera had captured her as she tried to hide. Shan Shan is not happy at how chubby she appears, and Feng Teng teases her. Then, he questions when Shan Shan will start using the supplementary credit card he gave her.

Shan Shan: I don’t want to swipe your card. Why can’t you personally swipe it? Since we’ve been together, I always only go shopping with Feng Yue. You’ve never gone shopping with me. I protest!!!!

Feng Teng: Okay, buy me a shirt tomorrow……by swiping your card. (Maybe in red to match his red coat?)

On the other end, Li Shu informs Zheng Qi that she is pregnant.


Shan Shan and Liu Liu walk out of a bank and celebrate because they’ve paid off the debt. Feng Teng works in his office and receives a message from Shan Shan letting him know they’ve transferred the last of the money they owed him. He gets up, walks to the windows and looks out, muttering: “Another year has passed.” Yes, it is New Year’s Eve again:)


Shan Shan and Feng Teng meet on the balcony outside his office. Shan Shan did not buy a shirt for Feng Teng because she bought something better, an engagement ring for herself (from FS Jewelry?).

Feng Teng: It’s been hard for you.

Shan Shan: Only a bit, but I’ve done it.

Feng Teng: Our chubby Shan Shan is amazing.

Shan Shan: Feng Teng, will you marry me?

Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, are you stealing my thunder again?

Shan Shan: I bought it with your credit card, picking the ring design I like.

Feng Teng: You want to marry but complain that the wedding ceremony will be too tiring. Then let Feng Yue handle it.

Shan Shan: I’ve thought about how our wedding should be. My passport is done. Take me on a trip around the world, all right?

Feng Teng (kneeling): Shan Shan, will you marry me?

Shan Shan: I’ve waited for this day for a long time. I am willing.

Shan Shan’s voice-over: Someone once told me Cinderella can’t step into the palace with everyone’s good wishes. Although Feng Teng is a prince, I’m not Cinderella. I’m only a girl who’s lucky enough to meet the love of her life. True love deserves everyone’s good wishes. Thereafter, the prince and Miss Xue live happily ever after.




♥♥♥ THE END ♥♥♥

For those such as Hanny who want to see them getting married:P



For those such as bongsd who want to see Chen Xiao portraying Feng Teng:P


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55 thoughts on “Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 33 Final Review & Recap

  1. Thanks 4 everything Y DONE to it, How lucky am I to know Y, even I still beginner learning Chinese language so can enjoy this story, BRAVO!!!!

  2. Lidge thank u so much for the translation 🙂 and peanuts thanks for the pics 🙂 hoho so that the surprise wedding pic for hanny 😀 kiitos lol. Well i think we all have a good time watched this 🙂

  3. This is such a cute and fluffy drama. 🙂 Those are some awesome photoshop skills xD Thank you for the recap.

    • Ya, I can watch it repeatedly without getting tired lol. The awesome skills belong to the Chinese fans in baidu.

      • Lol indeed. My cousin really like this drama,and I went on to telling her how awesome it is during her first episode. She ended up watching repeatedly as well. 😀 And then later she convinced the whole family to watch it. 😛 I really love those scenes when Feng Teng pinched Shan Shan’s face, so cute.

        • You, your cousin and the whole family has good taste, lol. Yes, this drama is a good medicine when you need some cheering up. I think there is a fan-made MV on my trailer page with all the pinching & kissing:)

  4. Enjoyed this drama so much. Thanks a lot for the novel translation, drama recap and review. I will watch it again once viki has subbed so i can learn a little more chinese 🙂

  5. This was a treat. Thank you.

    • You are welcome. You’ve a nice kdrama blog.

      • Thank you. I would like to write more posts often, but can’t because the little time that I have is spent studying. I have my year 12 exams soon (an Australian and our end of school year is NOT in July, but December). I really enjoyed reading your reviews on the drama, hence afterwards I surfed the net for any information I could scrape about author Gu Man.
        P.S. I am now watching the drama all thanks to you.

        • Oh no, I hope I didn’t make you abandon your study lol. Anyway good luck with your exam, the drama can wait:) You don’t need to surf the net for info on Gu Man bcos you can find nearly everything here & the book bar lol.

          • No, I have not abandoned my studies. I happen going to law school, studying a double degree in law and diploma of languages, which means I always have to be on top of school. I have time reserved for leisure because I have come to the conclusion that after this year, this little time I had to myself, I will no longer have.
            P.S. Thanks for the book translations.

  6. thanks again for the recap..i love the chemistry between feng teng and shan shan..and because this drama, now im looking for another gu man novel, because they say gu man is one of popular novelist in china ..can you help me where to find the ebook?
    thank you again

  7. Thank you for posting the summary of the drama. This is my first mainland China drama that I really got into. I am waiting for the subs in ViKi but I couldn’t help but read the caps. I got even more excited now to see the drama in action as this is a light romcom. I love Shan Shan’s character. I think a lot of females can relate to her hehehe personality wise. The actress is very good at portraying her character. She made Shan Shan loveable and cute. As for the lead actor I have seen in the other drama but I didn’t finish. I love him here and has an awesome chemistry with Shan Shan!

    Once again thank you for the summary caps. I hope more people will get to watch this drama especially who rarely watch mainland China dramas.

    Shan Shan fighting!

    • Glad you like your 1st mainland China drama. It is improving so you should watch more, lol. If you are not getting your fill, you can read the novel translation as well as the fashion post on the drama 🙂

    • i HAVE WATCHED this over and over. My first time watching a drama from China. I loved It! I am at work, slow time tonight and looking online. I loved the way he would speak to her quietly , strong and delightful. She would be upset but he would wait until she finishes to see how he could help her, I swoon. I just love it, love this, looove this. I want to read the books in English.

  8. I am so glad I found your blog site! I accidentally saw the “Boss and Me” video in YouTube and I was hooked! Never thought Mainland Chinese dramas will become a favorite. Thank you for the recaps! Now, I won’t be biting my nails for uploads of English subbed-episodes. Please continue with your awesome passion. Isn’t it nice that people from different countries can set aside their differences and be able to express their appreciation for entertaining works of art in the internet! More power!

  9. It’s really amazing to read this recap it’s really helpful thank you very much…

  10. hi! thanks for the recap and everything else. so happy to find a an enjoyable C-drama again after so long..

    and it all started with The Palace which i accidentally watched on YT. so as a newly minted CX’s fan obviously I have to try his other works and decided on Female Prime Minister only because it has English sub. I had zero expectation and got rewarded with a pleasant surprise (discounted the madness towards the end of the drama) that is ZLY – i really adore her as Lu Zhen (my k-drama dongsaeng will attest to this). im not really fond of Chinese period drama and voice dub so Boss and Me is my next choice. which is why I’m here.. sorry, im rambling, but it’s already 3am here.. i’ve been all over your blog (finished your excellent translation of the novel in a day) and the drama in 3 days. most probably will drop by again to wear myself off Shan Shan.. till then…

  11. thank you for the recap also for the novel translation…love this drama much, already watch it for the third times and still laughing ..hope there will be the sequel story after married just like it started with a kiss.. 🙂 perhaps there is a man who like shan shan much and make fang teng jealous and of course having the baby born… 🙂

  12. I finally finished it and thanks so much for the recap! I want more now! I wanna see how adventure Shan Shan will go through as Feng taitai. Do you think there will be a sequel?

  13. i dont want to say goodbye TToTT fengtenggggggggggggggggg… shanshan~~~
    nxt im gonna find their other works.. how good is it if they use the same couple for other drama… (like in thai n philippines) bcoz i already fall in love with this OTP.

    im worried about the sequel, i hope they dont do sequel bcoz.. my heart cant take it if something happen to my OTP, for me they already happy ever after… dont ruin it.. instead of sequel, they could do spin-off instead.

  14. Just finished this series- — boy I have been late…the whole year this must be my favorite series…I laughed so much in the beginning of the series and it was kind of touching as story progressed..

    Hhmm..I had always liked Zhang Zhi ling..since seeing her in the New Huan Zhu Ge Ge..thought she did a great job..better than the main actresses…and in this series she was perfect..I loved her curly hair (after she came back from Shanghai just dated FT) me perfect…

    I never watched Zhang Han before — sometimes I thought he was handsome sometimes not so much…I think sometimes he looked so so tired..and when he didn’t look so tired he looked handsome…it also depended what outfit he wore..hah..I think he was kind of fine as FT…I noticed he did use his eyes as contact…

    FT–boy I almost didn’t like him at first — what a “big man” personality but then as it progressed I started to like him more…understand how he wanted to protect “little rabbit” Shan Shan because she is the type that “needs” protection…the story said he had 2 ex girlfriends — one a rich girl same class as he was” and then the superstar WongPin…well it seemed like both relationship the girls broked up with him — they were both “high class” girls that probably strong willed and didn’t need protection like the sweet innocent Shan Shan — so no wonder he thought Shan Shan was different and personality so “attractive”..

    I had a hard time at first wondering what the big deal not telling Shan Shan about his parents dying on Valentines day until he told her he once had a girlfriend he really loved who broke up with him just because he couldn’t celebrate Valentines day with her…what an idiot ex-girlfriend– was this the superstar cause the first girlfriend he said broke up with him because she didn’t want a long distant relationship…well after he told Shan Shan that I realized besides being sad about his parents dying on that day he was probably afraid Shan Shan would break up with him as well just because he couldn’t celebrate Valentines day….(because didn’t his sister celebrate the day with her husband and she seemed happy that day — they shared the same parents — so I couldn’t understand why his sister didn’t seem sad about that day–that part didn’t make sense)…

    So at the end of the day…FT needed to find the type of girl Shan Shan was — a perfect match for him, regardless of class…

    By the the first chapter didn’t FT already told Shan Shan she shouldn’t go up to the balcony that its reserved for him only? But then she continued to go there…that’s surprising since she was scared of him…

    I kind of scanned the novel a little bit…the novel is different in that that part of seeing her in the balcony — that’s not in the novel?

    Anyway…thank you so so much for the recap and translation for this series! I enjoyed your recap so much! and I rewatched the series….its been years that I found a romantic series I enjoyed a lot…I think last was the Taiwan serie with Joe Chen Ming Zhong Zhu Dian Ai Ni…something like that…

    I wonder if the next GuMan series would be this light hearted and romantic?

  15. I forgot to comment…I watching YouTube version…seems some scenes were filmed but only in main song…like the scene where they were holding hands walking down path with grasses and then ended up kissing…and the scene where she was drunk and supposedly laying on top of him of couch…These scenes were not in series.hhhmmm

  16. I watched this drama for the first time 12/05/14 and fell in love with it. I stayed awake 34 hours straight to complete every episode. Then a watched over again for 3-4 days. I still watch selected episodes now. I am a K-drama fan and I love other dramas. This is the best love story I’ve ever watched. My sunshine looks very promising. Thanks for this blog.————— MG in the US

  17. I have re-watched the drama and still enjoyed it like my first time. I enjoyed how the relationship grows. The pace indeed quite slow, but I enjoyed almost every bits of it. The chemistry between the main lead, and I love how FT always so touchy with her, touching her chubby cheeks, her ears, enveloping her whole face with his beautiful hands. It is wonderful to watch. Thanks Peanuts for the recaps.

  18. thanks a lot for your translation really love the drama and the way you recapped it was great

  19. aww! I really love this drama! While watching the drama, I can’t help but read the recaps here too for fun. This is my first mainland chinese drama, and I’m really so happy that I tried to watch this. I won’t be able to say goodbye to them. I hope I can watch Zhaoi Liying and Zhang Hans in The rise of the tomboy too someday!. Thank you for all the effort! I’m also reading the novel now. This introduced me to a lot of c-novels~ 加油!

  20. WOWW..your review soo detail that i can really imagine…will just follow your website to watch next drama….good job…

    • Thank u but I don’t do review & recap except for dramas that are adapted from the novels which I’ve translated. I recommend u to read Our Sunshine review 🙂

  21. I really love this drama. I just happened to recognized the actress.Most of her dramas I’ve seen were period dramas like The legend of Luzhen and The journey of Flower . Loved the co stars in both drama especially Chen Xiao but Feng Teng was perfect in his role.It is a heartwarming ,funny and a romantic drama.Watching it for the second time.

  22. Want to know miss peanuts if Shan Shan will get pregnant… I want them to have a cute chubby baby.. Hehehe watch this drama 3 x already and I still love it… Hope you can answer.. Thnx …

  23. I really love this drama. Enjoyed a lot.

  24. Hello, can i ask regarding the boss and me, just recently finished watching it and i really love it!!! though i have a question, at the 1st episode how come Shan Shan is an employee of Feng Teng company when she said that she did not attend the training/workshop of the company? it still bugs me until i finished the drama..

    • Shan Shan did attend the training workshop but she probably was building castle in the air or not paying attention so she did not know Feng Teng is the boss. Shan Shan is a slow and blurry character. This made Zheng Qi asked her how come you didn’t know abt Feng Teng if you had listened to the coy’s history during the training workshop or browsed the coy website.

  25. I’ve watched it so many times already and still watching it. Shan Shan and Feng Teng are like ice cream, they can make you feel better. They looked so good together. And honestly, I won’t get tired of watching them, now I’m trying to watch all of Hans Zhang’s drama…. Love this couple!!! And thank you for the recap….

  26. Better late than never so thanks so much for the recap. Do you all realize that the proposal scene was shot much earlier when Shan Shan spotted the old lady bun to work. Earlier on Shan Shan with her long beautiful hair was reminiscing at the entrance and she also wore different clothes. The clothes she wore during her own proposal was from a much earlier scene.

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