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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 10



Peanuts has been lending a shoulder to me to cry on, but I’ll sob here to you guys, too.  I had read earlier the author, Mo Bao Fei Bao, had been working on sorting out copyright issues with all the songs in the novel before the book went to the printing press.  Well, I stopped in on the site,, where the novel was officially released online and discovered that MBFB had gone and revised many chapters in the story.  All the real songs have been removed and replaced with made-up songs and lyrics.  😦  I’ll admit, I didn’t check to see what/if any other changes were made, but I’m so sad… I loved that, in the original version, I could play the song while reading the corresponding scene.  It made such a great reading experience and turned me into a lover of ancient-style music. *sob* Peanuts, where’s your shoulder again?

Anyways, I’m going to continue my translation using the original version of the story.  MBFB had written this story originally to share her love of food and ancient-style music and taking away one of these elements seems to take away part of the charm as well as intent of the novel.  I’ll still buy the book when it’s released since Toupai and Sheng Sheng themselves are worth hoarding on my shelf, but I’ll share the original story that stole my heart with you guys here.  (And, I’ll take any hankies and shoulders you guys are willing to offer up for me to sob into. :p)

Chapter 10 – Poached “Pearls” with Conch (1)

Gu Sheng kept her agreed meeting with Qiang Qing Ci at the forefront of her mind.

The next day, she purposely pretended to be ill so she did not have to accompany her parents to visit relatives … However, her mobile phone and Weibo were extremely quiet the entire day. She pondered, what calendar did the “tomorrow” that Toupai was talking about follow? She was somewhat unable to focus. By the third day, she inconspicuously opened up her alternate YY ID and, as if under a spell, took a stroll through Toupai’s chat room.

Thousands of usernames were staying online in that room, and several hundred of them were actually active and entertaining themselves inside.

Toupai’s fan base was enormous, so even though it was not the weekend, there were still scheduled events. To keep up the popularity of the channel, currently popular CVs or online singers would be invited by moderators of the YY channel to be special guests. But, to be honest, Qiang Qing Ci’s channel did not need any help maintaining its popularity…

The artistes who were invited would instantly gain several hundred new fans. They were obviously the ones who were on the benefitting end, k?

In her headset, she heard a familiar-sounding voice. Gu Sheng glanced at the user handle: Zou Diao’er [Off-Key].

Gu Sheng knew this boy. That delicate, girly voice, didn’t it belong to her own music association?

When the boy discovered that she was online in YY and was in Toupai’s channel, he immediately sent her a YY private message: Sheng Sheng Man, I want to hug a thigh …… Hurry. Stick your thigh over here …

Gu Sheng: →_→

Zou Diao’er: →_→ while you’re still not Toupai’s official golden master[1], I’m gonna hurry and hug it tight.

Gu Sheng: →_→ …… Purely a misunderstanding.

Zou Diao’er: →_→ Usually, anyone in that romantically ambiguous phase always says it’s just a misunderstanding.

Gu Sheng: ……

She was just about to leave the chat room when she heard the channel host suddenly address Zou Diao’er, who had just finished his performance and was about to smoothly turn off his microphone. “Zou Diao’er Dada, I seem to recall that Sheng Sheng Man is in the same music association as you.”

Instantly, the screen was flooded with comments of “Sheng Sheng Man!!!!” Completely, ridiculously flooded.

Zou Diao’er gave an awkward laugh, coughed two times, and said “uh” a couple of times …

Gu Sheng felt a chill travel down her back and hurriedly private messaged him: Don’t you dare say anything about Toupai DaRen and me.

After sending the message, though, she felt she had done the wrong thing…

Why did it feel like she was conspicuously trying to declare, “Honest, there really isn’t 300 taels of silver hidden here[2]”? Oh Lord, have pity and be her witness. She really did not have any silver hidden. Not even a measly coin …

Gu Sheng was still struggling within herself when she heard the boy cough another couple of times. “Uh, she’s one of the favourites in our association. She sings covers, arranges songs, does post-production, does artistic work …”

In silence, Gu Sheng wearily shut her eyes.

Kid, your shameless over-exaggeration is going to get exposed soon …

The host gave an “oh,” but then added, “Dada, don’t try to change the subject. Tell us … our Toupai and Sheng Sheng Man… Ahem, ahem… You know what I mean.” Zou Diao’er was quiet for two seconds.

Sheng Sheng Man immediately sent over another sentence to him: If you dare say a single word, I’ll hunt you down to the ends of the earth …

“About that …” Zou Diao’er’s voice had a hint of laughter in it. With another cough, he continued, “I can’t say anything. Sheng Sheng Man said I’m not allowed to say a single word regarding the two of them …”

The host gave another knowing “oh.”

Below, the fans’ hearts were breaking, and they were starting to wail.

“I didn’t hear anything……” “I didn’t hear anything……” “Well, I personally think, our Toupai DaRen is nearly twenty-six years old. He should have a golden master…… *biting my hankie* I can hear the sound of my own heart shattering to pieces…” “I didn’t hear anything……” “Toupai belongs to everyone! No one is allowed to take that beauty for herself! Over my dead body!” “Toupai DaRen’s name has been famous for more than ten years. So many beautiful, attractive golden masters have tried unsuccessfully to own him…… What makes that Sheng Sheng Man so special?…… Get lost! Go get lost! Not allowed!”

Gu Sheng thought……

Alright… Her brain was incapable of thinking already.

Her dignity, reputation, and the opinions floating around about her had basically followed after Toupai DaRen and been destroyed on that blood vessel-bursting night… If her reputation was ripped to shreds, fine, but Toupai DaRen’s reputation was of utmost importance …

She deliberated this and considered that, then deliberated this and considered that again.

Gu Sheng felt she should probably first report the situation to him herself.

She pulled out her mobile phone from underneath her pillow, opened up WeChat, and cleared her throat. “DaRen… I’d to talk to you about something.”

The voice recording was sent off with a whoosh.

Gripping her phone, she quietly waited. But as she waited and waited, she started feeling unsettled, with all sorts of speculations over what Toupai’s reaction would be after he received the message.

What if DaRen didn’t like being disturbed?

What if DaRen had already deleted her in WeChat?

What if DaRen found her annoying?

What if DaRen

Gu Sheng had always prided herself on not letting anything faze her, except when faced with her most beloved idol, she honestly could not stay calm and collected. After waiting for a while, she decided she could not just let herself keep staring at her phone. But when she put her phone on the table, she still could not help pricking up her ears to listen…

And then suddenly, a WeChat message came back.

Gu Sheng opened it up. It was Toupai, it was Toupai!…… Thank goodness, thank goodness.

Only one second long?

In one second, you can say, what? Three words? Two words?

Puzzled, she tapped the message to open it and placed the phone next to her ear. She heard Qiang Qing Ci’s voice very groggily give an “mm”… It was really just a single “mm” and that was it. Have you ever heard anyone send a voice message with just this one word? Can this word really be spoken so clearly and pleasantly, yet at the same time, have such a dazed feel in it that causes your heart to flood with tenderness?

Her mind was suddenly assaulted with an image: slightly hidden behind the curtains of a canopy, a charming young man, his clothes half undone, was lying on his side on a couch bed …

Gu Sheng felt a little like she could not handle the thought anymore.

Affected by Toupai’s message, even her voice was lowered when she spoke. “DaRen, you were sleeping just now?”

After a short while, Qiang Qing Ci sent another message. Still only one second.

What would he say this time? She had absolutely no idea.

She moved the phone to her ear and heard Qiang Qing Ci say … another “mm.” This time, Toupai DaRen seemed slightly more alert, and his voice was warm and gentle.

Listening to him, Gu Sheng’s heart felt as if it was drifting.

As a true, experienced voice lover, she felt as if she was definitely, immediately … not going to be able to take it anymore.

“Um… DaRen, you’re awake now?”


Gu Sheng: “S, I … can talk to you about the thing I wanted to discuss?”

“Mm.” Qiang Qing Ci could not hold back a little chuckle.


Four successive mm-s.

Together, they created a set of living portraits of “beauty.”

The first was a young nobleman, not quite fully roused and still in a dreamlike state, his eyes glazed over and his voice husky.

The second was a young prince, his hand holding a broth to dispel the effects of alcohol, his eyes turned up in a slight smile, his voice warm and smooth.

The third, a striking general, his sleeves partially rolled back, his eyes alluring and sparkling, his voice doting.

The fourth was … the most provocative. A handsome, young king awakened in his chambers, his arms lightly embracing a maiden, his voice sensual …


As her mind finished filling in the last of these details, her brain completely stopped working and all her blood seemed to rush upwards.

“Ah, um … DaRen, I forgot what I wanted to say … You go ahead and keep sleeping …”


[1] 金主 “jin zhu.” Literally means gold or golden master. (I’m choosing to use golden master purely because it sounds cuter.) This term most accurately is describing a financier, someone who has much money and can control money, but in slang, it is often referring to a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama,” i.e. someone who has exclusive access to you. In this teasing context Zou Diao’er is calling Sheng Sheng the golden master of Toupai, saying she has exclusive access that no one else has to him, in other words, his girlfriend.

[2] 此地无银三百两 “ci di wu yin san bai liang.” Literally meaning, “this land does not have 300 taels [an archaic Chinese monetary unit] of silver.” An idiom describing a guilty person who is pretending to be innocent. As he tries to cover up his secret by declaring there is nothing, he slips and gives himself away.

Additional Comments:

LOL.  Sheng Sheng’s mind sure can fill in a lot of blanks from just hearing Toupai’s voice.  Think the pic at the top is similar to one of the images she conjured up?

BTW, anyone notice Toupai’s age was mentioned?  But it said earlier in the story that his age was a mystery.  😉


22 thoughts on “Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 10

  1. Here’s a hankie hoju. ): thank you for your hard work translating. I’ve tried listening to it, but it’s so hard to understand because of all the internet terminologies.

    I’ve come to love this story for the food and music and SSM and QQC’s interactions. I’m glad you’ll continue with the translations in its original form with all your added pictures and music links.

    I love our two leads. He has this cute playful low key attitude that’s endearing and she’s so normal and such a fan girl that’s cute and funny. They’re so innocent too. Their WeChat conversations are great. I remember using that while in China. I love sending voice messages when I’m lazy to type. I’ve left one sec messages too, but never “Mm”. Lol. I can tell he’s just playing with her.

    • Thank you for the hankie. *blows my nose* And thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

      I love WeChat and use the voice message feature all the time. When I have a baby trying to steal my phone from me while I send off a message, it’s so much easier to send a voice message than type a text. I’ve only done a 1 second white noise message.

      Tehe… Toupai totally is having fun!

  2. *offers hoju a hankie and shoulder* there there

    I’m happy you’re following the original, it would have lost its charm if it was taken away. And agreeing with chang’er it does seem like Toupai is playing with her.

  3. huuu hoju i feel sad too 😦 but here i give you hug from Fin 🙂 oh Hoju i didn’t know that the writer publish online ? i was thinking that already make a novel then someone put in web.

    • With all the hankies, shoulders, and hugs, we can have a group hug. 😉 Thanks for the hug, Hanny

      How a lot of the novels work nowadays in China is that they first start off as internet novels. That means readers would be following the story online as it was released one chapter or section at a time. Kind of like how you follow a drama on TV, where only an episode or two is released everyday or how Jin Yong’s novels were originally published in a newspaper and readers would have to pick up the next edition of the paper to read the next chapter. If the novel (or author) becomes popular enough, publishers will offer to take the novel to the printing press and publish a hardcopy. Many well-known novels have taken this route (e.g. BBJX). All of MBFB’s novels were first released online at

  4. Wow, a révision of the new version hm? Thank you so much for translating so far!

    I am attempting to learn chinese (hehe) but i wanted to confirm, are ALL mainland china books/novels in Simplified Chinese? Because i was debating since Traditional is slightly more complicated due to the strokes, so should i focus on the simplified or do traditional? Sorry for the long post! Again love this blog and translations ♡

    • Not quite. The original novel that was first released on the internet was recently revised online. The novel still has not been published as a hardcopy yet, but it will be the revised version that will hit the printing press.

      MAINLAND Chinese novels will be first released, most likely, in simplified Chinese. Depending on the novel, a traditional Chinese version may also be released, although not necessarily. For novels by Taiwanese or Hong Kong authors, these will likely be published in traditional Chinese first. These are all generalizations, of course.

      As for whether you should learn simplified or traditional, that’s personal preference. I, personally, learned traditional Chinese first. My parents are from Hong Kong, so I had grown up seeing traditional characters, so when I decided to pick up Chinese, it was natural to choose traditional Chinese. The transition to learn simplified characters was not that difficult. The learning curve was relatively steep at first but not too bad. I have heard of other people going the opposite route, and they said figuring out traditional Chinese characters was pretty easy with a simplified Chinese foundation. I guess this doesn’t really answer your question except to say, choose what you want to learn! To date, reading traditional Chinese to me feels “more right” because I like the look better, but that’s about it.

      Happy learning! 🙂

      • Wow, it does seem like most get famous through internet inside of the traditional route of finding an literary agent. And thank you so much! My parents are from HK too, so they encourage trafiotnal but they say at the end up the day, it’s up to me,

        Thank you so much again!

  5. I’ll offer cookies, cake and a set of 4 ‘Mm’ from Toupai. Nah. Forget it. You can have the cookies and cake. I’ll keep the 4 ‘Mm’ instead.

    Ah Toupai… How can your non-words seduce more than long flowery poems?

    But seriously I’m happy you are continuing with the web version and providing the links to the lovely songs to enhance our reading experience. I agree that it does make a difference.

    • Bah! No one fights me for Toupai, except for Sheng Sheng! Muahaha! But I’ll still take your cookies and cakes. 😉 Eat away my misery.

      Thanks. 🙂 I’ll continue away converting everyone to ancient-style music and Toupai lovers.

  6. – offers a box of tissues- Oh, and here’s a cookie. 🙂
    It’s great that you will continue to translate the novel in its original story. There’s something magical and wispy about ancient music. I love the conversation between Sheng Sheng and Zu Diao’er. Especially this “→_→” emoticon, since I usually chat with friends using “-______ – ” instead. As for Toupai, how deliberate of him. 😛 And Sheng Sheng is so cute with her reply at the end.

    • Oh perfect. A whole box of tissues. I can cry my way through that. And another cookie. Yum. Did you bake it?

      →_→ Toupai, you sure know how to tease Sheng Sheng. 😉 (I love that emoticon, too. I’d never seen it before until reading the story.)

  7. Haha her imagination is boundless.
    Thank you thank you~

  8. Oh Man~ I was literally screaming!!! I wish I have my own Toupai as I also a totally voice lover (I totally okay if he is not handsome or anything but I totally adorb someone with good voice)… Arghhh… I am practically squealing while hitting my bed here~

  9. “DaRen… I’d to talk to you about something.”
    I think you missed ‘like’. “I’d like to talk to you about….”

    Gu Sheng: “S, I … can talk to you about the thing I wanted to discuss?”
    Missing an o in “So, I….can talk to you….”

    Thanks for translating this wonderful novel and specially your footnotes, which make it so much easier to understand this unfamiliar world of voice acting.

  10. For anyone out there, like me, who didn’t understand the emoticon (→_→)
    After asking the great wizard, Google, i found out:
    It is to show doubt for which Japanese emoticons use arrows. This will create the impression that their eyes look towards a side as if they hear a lie.

  11. Thank you for the chapter~

  12. I agree with you about listening to the song while reading feels really good. Sometimes we have to experience it rather read about it in order to ‘understand’ the story. Lending you another shoulder to cry on hoju .. (albeit about five years late!)

  13. Lol..I love you❤️ hoju.. I’ve never told you that. I’ve always been a silent reader and rarely leaves any comment whether I enjoyed a story or not but I’ve been stuck in a funk lately over a work related matter and reading is my escape from reality.
    I remember reading this back in 2014 when I was training as a FA in Daytona Beach, FL.. SSM’s innocent and yet perverted imagination had me rofl so loud especially after she said she forgot what she wanted so say..I recalled my roommate, now my bff, gave me such a look cause it was the middle of the night and we always had to get up so cracking early I’ve never just bursted out laughing like that before while reading and rereading today, I find myself doing the same again..I really appreciate your translation.. Thank you, you’ve successfully cheered me up🙏💕❤️🥂

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