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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 12


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This is one of my favourite chapters.  I have a silly grin on my face again.  Melanie, this is the scene you had been asking about.

Chapter 12 – Poached “Pearls” with Conch (3)

“Hmm… Our Toupai’s golden master really has such a nice voice.”

Out of nowhere, a familiar-sounding voice threw out this teasing sentence.

Gu Sheng was so startled she hit several wrong notes. She wanted to look over to see who had entered the chat room, but she still needed to finish off what was yet unfinished.

“Oh yes,” Dou Dou Dou Bing sighed lightly. “That vibrato sounds sooooo nice.”

“Pure and natural. No additional fancy embellishment needed.” Jue Mei Sha Yi was also slowly savoring what he was hearing. “This indeed is the voice Qiang Qing Ci loves the most.”


Gu Sheng honestly could not keep singing anymore.

She stopped abruptly and discovered that seven or eight people had actually come into her locked chat room! Furthermore… they had all been given channel administrator rights…


Feng Ya Song?!

Dou Dou Dou Bing??!!

Fei Shao??!!

Jue Mei Sha Yi???!!!

Geng Xiaoxing???!!!

And nearly all of them were online using their mobile phones …

Gu Sheng was completely stupefied.

“Um, well … “ Feng Ya Song very, very politely explained, “Qiang Qing Ci Dada, Sheng Sheng Man Dada, I’m mortified to have disturbed your date … It was Dou Dou Dou Bing who told me to come.”

Dou Dou Dou Bing: “Fei Shao told me to come.”

Fei Shao: “It wasn’t me. Wwwwk was the one who notified me.”

Wwwwk: “I’m eating hot pot with Jue Mei right now…”

Jue Mei: “…… I’m messaging with Geng Xiaoxing on WeChat. Sheng Sheng, you get what I mean…”


Of course, nothing else needed to be said. Geng Xiaoxing was her channel’s orange horse.

She must have one by one given all of them administrator status and sold her out. T T

And then … she had ended up surrounded by a circle of onlookers.

Geng Xiaoxing, in a very grovelling tone, sent a private message to her: You know … Jue Mei asked and I didn’t dare say no.

“Sheng Sheng …” Feng Ya Song complained resentfully, “Toupai is so selfish … He kept kicking us out. I didn’t get to hear the whole song. It kept cutting in and out …”

Dou Dou Dou Bing also felt Qiang Qing Ci was being extremely unkind. “It was such a back-and-forth battle. He would kick us out nonstop, and we would come back in nonstop…… All we wanted to do was watch from the sidelines to see how Toupai has a date…”


The whole time, Qiang Qing Ci had not spoken.

Gu Sheng felt that she needed to clarify the situation. “Actually… It’s… um…” How should I say it? That Toupai asked me to sing? And so I sang? But why did Toupai ask me to sing?…… I don’t know either…

Gu Sheng was not doing well… Faced with this bunch of experienced CVs, who were all very capable of poking fun at people, this little cover singer’s responses were just too pathetic.

Thankfully, Qiang Qing Ci cleared his throat and turned on his microphone. “Sheng Sheng and I had a bet.” Qiang Qing Ci’s voice finally seemed to have completely warmed up and was back in its top form. “She lost, so she needed to sing for me.”

Um … We did? …

His unique bass voice carried over through her headphones.

Bass voice, bass voice, bass voice, bass voice. Why was there that loving, affectionate feel in it? Because his bass voice was unequaled by anyone, ah ……. Gu Sheng quietly allowed herself to indulge in his voice while, at the same time, sighing over how even Toupai’s fibs had more dramatic feel in them than the truth…

Alright … let’s just say we did.

She thought this excuse sounded rather reasonable.

“… Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen, next time when you make a bet, can you call me, too? I’m your diehard fan now, eh? How come this treat of getting to sing for DaRen doesn’t include me?” Dou Dou Dou Bing started to tease him again.

“Forget it.” Feng Ya Song jumped in with a “hee hee,” and reminded her, “Each time Ling Long Ti Tou records a new song, she’ll privately message Toupai. You think our perfect Toupai is lacking in songs to listen to?”


Indeed, there was always gossip to listen to when hanging out in Toupai’s inner circle of old friends.

Gu Sheng very shamelessly admitted that she really liked listening to gossip …

“Ling Long Ti Tou has the mature and strong type of voice,” Dou Dou Dou Bing mulled. “I suspect that’s not Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen’s style; otherwise, how come after so many years, they still haven’t hooked up? …”

“Nuh-uh. Wrong.” Jue Mei cleared his throat before continuing with a show of seriousness, “Ling Long Ti Tou is too tall. Qiang Qing Ci doesn’t like girls who are really tall …”

Fei Shao was delighting in this. “Dou Bing, it’s over for you. You’re over 170 [cm] …”

“Say any more and I’m going to fight you …” Dou Dou Dou Bing let out a couple of quiet sobs. “All the 180 men have been taken by the 160 girls … Eh? Sheng Sheng, how tall are you?”

“Me?” Gu Sheng replied honestly, “162 …”

“Oooh, Qiang Qing Ci’s ideal height …” Feng Ya Song added at the appropriate time.


Jue Mei sidled up to the microphone, unable to hold back his complaints. “Toupai and I live in the same apartment. We’re only separated by two doors. But when I wanted to listen to Sheng Sheng sing, I had to ask Sheng Sheng’s schoolmate … Oh, sigh … I’m the purple horse, but I really have no authority …”

Gu Sheng was taken aback and only now remembered that Jue Mei and Qiang Qing Ci were roommates …

It seemed the veteran members of Wanmei all had a common hobby: poke fun at Toupai…

And then Toupai would always give the same response: silence…

After knowing her for more than a month now and they had become acquainted with one another, they were starting to include Gu Sheng in the teasing. With no fans around, there were absolutely no limits to what they said, and there were all sorts of hints and alluding. Yes, this was the 2-D world, and she could treat all of those as friendly joking, but she honestly felt really embarrassed. Gu Sheng very intensely felt that her skin was being rubbed down until it was getting thinner and thinner …

A commotion suddenly could be heard in the background of someone’s microphone.

Then, Wwwwk, who had not really participated in the chatter, cried out, “Hey, Toupai has made an appearance.”

Jue Mei had turned on the microphone to the room, so right then, it was picking up all three of their voices. Soon, they heard Jue Mei say, “I just remembered, you finished a 36-hour shift. How come you woke up after only 3 hours of sleep? And you actually had the mood to listen to singing?” Those words must have been addressed to Toupai.

“Hungry.” Qiang Qing Ci was relatively farther away from the microphone, and his voice could only be faintly heard.

Jue Mei laughed, “All that’s left is veggie leaves. I’ll go get you another box of meat.”

Qiang Qing Ci gave a reply in acknowledgement, and then there was the sound of chairs being moved. He should be sitting at the table now? “Veggie leaves are fine. There’s still a box of shrimp in the fridge.” He paused briefly before, in an unhurried voice, he reminded the other two men, “There’s been avian flu going around lately.”

Wwwwk: “Cr*p! … Forgot about that.”

As Gu Sheng listened in on all this, she felt as if she was listening to a radio drama. Her mind instantly sketched out a picture of two men glaring angrily at Toupai while also regretting that they had eaten meat … And the other man … Mm … Toupai DaRen, his expression thick with sleepiness, was throwing shrimp in to be cooked …

“I’ll say, you three men are being rather inconsiderate,” Dou Dou Dou Bing protested. “There are three women and two men here who haven’t eaten yet …”

“How’s it inconsiderate?” Jue Mei moved closer to the microphone and reminded Dou Bing, “When Toupai is hungry, it’s scary… Let him finish eating and then we’ll keep having fun. Be good.”

Dou Dou Dou Bing gave a “hmph” but gave in. “Fine…” She was quiet for several seconds but then, out of the blue, she grew excited. “Sheng Sheng, Sheng Sheng; Toupai, Toupai; Jue Mei, Jue Mei; Feng Ya, Feng Ya. Weibo, Weibo…”

She could not even make a complete sentence…

But because she was so excited, everyone else got excited as well.

Besides gossip, the only thing that could cause Dou Dou Dou Bing to be like this was … still gossip.

Nearly everyone did the exact same action: pick up his or her phone or computer and open up Weibo.

When Gu Sheng opened up the page in the browser, her computer nearly froze.

The number of @ was astonishing.

This time, she was smarter and immediately headed over to Toupai’s Weibo …

Someone had posted one of those chain tweets that was currently a fad on Weibo:

If @QiangQingCi @JueMeiShaYi @Wwwwk are willing to repost this Weibo tweet, I will send a postcard from Japan to everyone who comments below this post! If my biggest, most beloved idol @QiangQingCi reposts this! And also reveals whose voice he loves the most! I will send a box of chocolates to everyone who comments below this post!!!!

The post was tweeted three minutes ago …

Theoretically, the three people who had been @ were all in the same room having hot pot, and no one should have noticed anything.

But …

Qiang Qing Ci surprisingly… actually… used his mobile phone to repost it: Thanks for the generosity. @ShengShengMan

37 thoughts on “Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 12

  1. smooth moves Toupai you’re generating popularity for Sheng Sheng, although I think there might be more hater fans with their hankies on her part.

    162 Toupai dream height ey, too bad I’m 2cm off that height lol kidding, Sheng Sheng can have him.

    • He’s certainly generating attention for Sheng Sheng.

      I’m waaaaaay off from Toupai’s ideal height. Guess I’ll leave him for Sheng Sheng too.

  2. Ah, Toupai has strike again, lol.
    Toupai indirectly gained info on Sheng Sheng 😛 Very nice 😀
    Hopefully Toupai’s comment help increase Sheng Sheng ‘s popularity, but it may have so negative effects…
    As for the 162 cm height… i’m shorter than that ;__; Aye, being the shortest in the family needs to have more perks. 😛
    But then again, Toupai’s too tall for me xD. Such difficulties.
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    • He’s too good. So smooth. I sometimes wonder if he asks his friends to help him get info on Sheng Sheng for him.

      Don’t worry. I’m way shorter than the 162 cm. But good things come in small packages. Hehe. I’m not just the shortest in my family. I’ve always been the shortest amongst my friends, the shortest in my class.

      You’re welcome. 🙂

      • Yay. I am short too. Doesn’t stop me from anything. Totally agree with you.
        Thanks for translating this story – its been fun to read

    • Im 163 but is that really short? Mostly, my peers say im taller than most of the girls…

      • I guess it depends on where in the world you are. In China, being in the low to mid 160s seems to be average height. In my area of the world, that is still on the shorter end, although well within the range of normal. Of course, that had nothing to do with me, since I don’t even come close to that height. Sigh

  3. Ha! Can you imagine going from You Are Still Here to this update? What a big difference. This is the much needed comic relief after that sob-fest of a chapter in You Are Still Here! So this is the date Toupai and Sheng Sheng had! It is so cute! When I read this chapter, all I can imagine is Toupai trying to court Sheng Sheng during a romantic dinner, smoothly getting her to open up to him, and then wham! His nosy friends are at the next table laughing behind their hands and a few are wolf whistling. And how can Toupai kick his friends out when he is only a guest inSheng Sheng’s private room?

    • I have only the deepest respect for yingniang for translating You Are Still Here. That story made me so sad, there is no way I could relive it again through translating.

      Yes, this is the date! You have to read chapter 11 & 12 together. Can you imagine? She was singing such a mournful song and then, out of nowhere, a random voice suddenly starts talking. The shock! I have no idea how Toupai would kick them out. (I’ll just choose to ignore that little technical difficulty.) I’d imagine he is threatening and typing nasty PM’s to them telling them to get out of there.

  4. I am a total dummy when it comes to twitter or weibo. What does the @ mean? And what happened at the end of the chapter? I am so confused, but I know something incredibly sweet and important happened.

    • Typing @ before a username is used to tag someone in a tweet on twitter. So, if I wanted to tag you in a tweet on twitter (don’t know about Weibo, i’ll assume it’s the same) I would @ your twitter name. If I wanted to tag you in a tweet I would @Melanie.

      Example: Having lunch with @Melanie at Cafe Hui3r.

      At the end, someone tagged Toupai (@QiangQingCi) Jue Mei (@JueMeiShaYi) and @Wwwwk(Was he given a name?) in a post saying they would do etc etc if they forwarded (retweet, I guess) the Weibo tweet and would send a box of chocolate to everyone who commented if Toupai revealed whose voice he loved the most. Toupai tagged Mo Sheng (@ShengShengMan) as the voice he loved the most.

      Hope that helps a little, someone else may be able to give a much clearer explanation; I’m terrible at explaining stuff. xD *shrugs*

      • Sage, ah, right! The Twitter terminology is retweet. I was wracking my brain trying to remember, because the Chinese characters mean “forward,” and not being a Twitterer, I couldn’t remember off the top of my head.

        Nope, Wwwwk is not given any other name.

        BTW, your explanation was perfect. 🙂

    • Sage did a great job explaining. I’ll throw in another angle, since I’m also one of the few who is refusing to get a Twitter account. (I only very recently got a Weibo account so I could stalk my favourite authors and ancient-style singers.)

      To type @ in front of someone’s username in Weibo is to tag them. That means, the post, or “tweet” will show up in that person’s Weibo newsfeed/homepage and that person will also get a notification telling them they’ve been tagged. It’s very similar to tagging someone in a post or picture in Facebook. And like FB, comments by other people can also be made below the post.

      This random fan tagged Qiang Qing Ci, Jue Mei, and Wwwwk that if any of them forwarded or “re-tweeted” that post, the fan would send a postcard to anyone who commented below. And furthermore, if Qiang Qing Ci re-tweeted the post and revealed whose voice he loved the most, the fan would send anyone who commented a box of chocolates. Toupai, who, don’t forget, never replies or does anything in Weibo, went high profile and not only re-tweeted the fan’s post but also tagged Sheng Sheng, meaning that her voice is the one he loves the most. Now, what forwarding/re-tweeting actually does is basically, anyone who is a friend or follower of Toupai’s Weibo will see the original tweet as well as Toupai’s response in their news feed/homepage. In essence, he is broadcasting to his entire fan base that he loves Sheng Sheng’s voice.

  5. *Takes notes* Toupai is too smooth!
    LOL Poor Sheng Sheng has no idea what hit her, let’s hope the crazies don’t start threatening Sheng Sheng.

    I am really liking this novel a lot! Thanks hoju for the translation.

    • Glad you are liking the novel!

      I love how starstruck Sheng Sheng is still in this daze over what happened and has no idea how to handle these jokers. Toupai sure does know how to make his move. 😉

  6. Thanks Hoju 🙂 by the way who is @Wwwwk? haha i also have smile in my face when read this hihi , Toupai so sweet even only sleep 3 hours still want hear Sheng Sheng sing 🙂 haha i’m not ideal type height for Toupai 168 cm lol.

    • You’re welcome, hanny.

      Wwwwk is in Toupai’s inner circle of friends. This is his first appearance.

      Well, Toupai was woken up from his beauty sleep by a voice message from his favourite voice, remember? 😉 I’m sure he was probably grinning that she was taking the initiative to contact him and more than willingly got up for her.

      Wah! Hanny, you’re so tall!

  7. Oh hoju this chapter lived up to your hype! I just really really love everything about it. From the nosey date-crashers, to the little revelations about Toupai. But the best part was Toupai’s weibo. Kabooom!!! What a bomb to drop in so public a forum!

    Ah Toupai, my heart can’t take too much of your suave ways. Too cool! You are too cool!

    • I love nearly everything about this chapter. The atmosphere created by Toupai’s nosy friends is hilarious, and we are following along with the jokes, laughing with them. And then, bam! We are just as shocked by the low-profile, man-of-few-words Toupai’s Weibo! And then I start grinning.

      Gah! At least if my heart stops from all of Toupai’s sweetness, I’ll be taking you along with me. 😉

      • We shall both die happy. It’s a good way to go. Ah but not just yet. I need to see this through to the end. So heart do hold on.

        Forgot to add that I like how Toupai’s friends are airing their grievances to Sheng Sheng. They really are treating her as Toupai’s golden master.

  8. Hehehe I am exactly 162 cm.

  9. I’ve read this post 3 times and still grinning. Thank you hoju! I also love this story to pieces because I love food, music, and such innocent courting. Toupai is really direct in his courting and Sheng Sheng refuses to think more of it. I think that would be me too. That’s too much hope to have from an idol that’s so out of reach. This is Toupai’s second response to a Weibo message and both are relating to Sheng Sheng!

    Yeah.. I am also way up there in the charts with you hanny.

    • Tehe… I’ve read this chapter way more than 3 times, and I still grin.

      I think Sheng Sheng’s response is pretty logical, too. I mean, who would expect your idol to actually be courting you? I would not want to interpret too much into it myself. Don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. It’s just so cute how the whole world knows Toupai is interested in Sheng Sheng except herself.

      Another tall person. 🙂

  10. I’m going to faint.. Toupai’s moves is definitely smooth~

    Thanks for the update.. What a nice read.. This bloc is turning me into a c-novel fan.

  11. Gahhh!! I love this novel! Feel like a rabid squirrel storing the sweetness until more Toupai awesomeness pops up!

  12. Toupai isn’t helping matters one bit at all lol He’s flatly going all out hehehe

    Why do I feel this might be a problem later on for Sheng Sheng. And I’m not referring to hate comments from fans, but their relationship…….

  13. This chapter was indeed too awesome lol

  14. Omg omg omg! This chapter is so good.
    Thanks thanks and many more thanks~

  15. 36 hours work shift, is toupai working in a hospital? GS’s family shop is also close to the hospital. Ahhhhhh, didn’t I connect the dots correctly?

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