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Final Impression of Drama Filming – You are My Sunshine (何以笙箫默)



The filming will be wrapping up soon but the production company is still pretty miserly with the drama stills so we only have mostly blurry snap shots from various sources, with a few good ones from the cast. Why being so secretive? I guess we’ve to wait for a while for a trailer if there is ever one this year. I am not sure if Wallace Chung’s voice will be dubbed but it is highly likely with his Hong Kong Mandarin accent. I’ll miss following the progress of the filming vigilantly on a daily basis:( But I shall be looking forward to watch this drama with my dream cast, LOL. I’ll update this post later for any latest pictures between now and the end of filming. If you are Wallace Chung’s fan, there is a present for you, haha….

Anyone can read Korean here? I found a Korean blog which have very similar You Are My Sunshine pictures to my blog. I don’t have the copyright for those pictures and anyone can get them from baidu and post them. But, the picture choice is just too similar to make me question about the source. Anyway, I’ll treat this as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:P By the way, I want to clarify that picture with Wallace Chung hugging a girl which I posted before. That girl is not Tiffany Tang Yan but Ivy Chen so that picture is actually from their movie called Girls. Hence, I’ve taken that picture down as I don’t want to mislead anyone.

Wallace Chung will be singing the ending song for the drama so Xinn Xinn, make sure you click stop before you hear his melodious voice, LOL.

The very first BTS for the drama which has just been released by Mr Foreigner:)


First and foremost a picture from the sponsor Veaka Mobile for sponsoring the drama. Sorry, no iphone in this drama because Shan Shan took it:P But you still get your Rio Wine, LOL. I think the girl below is Tao Yi Jing, Mo Sheng’s colleague.


I’ve a present better than mooncake to all Wallace Chung’s fans which is he’ll be filming the university scenes !!!! According to an uncle in the production crew, the director feels the young actors and actresses are not good enough in their shots so he’ll turn back time and let us see how Wallace Chung looked like 20 years ago 🙂 The other reasons for letting Wallace & Tiffany film the university scenes again are because of complains by fans that how could they look so different after merely 7 years and also both the actor and actress prefer to film the university parts themselves. If you are Leo’s fans like bongsd, you can skip all the university scenes:P




Does Wallace Chung look like a university student with his bang hairstyle, haha???




 Yi Chen & Mo Sheng attending C University’s centennial celebration wearing the T shirts bought by Mo Sheng at the stall.




Lawyer He who is such a perfectionist, has to practice hard on the bicycle before speeding away with Mo Sheng:P Heehee, Wallace Chung looks so cute on the bike, looks way better than driving a car:P

1 2


Time is turned back so we also get to see Mo Sheng & Yi Chen cycling happily in the campus. Arrrgh, take me, take me with you since I can’t cycle, lol. By now you should start looking up the bicycle models instead of the sport car models in Boss & Me:P




These could possibly be the parts where they take the bus to go back to C University at night.



The law firm is called Signativa and the magazine publisher is called Treasure in English? They should have consulted me for better sounding names, LOL.




f3ae1b00baa1cd115d2ef833ba12c8fcc2ce2dff 404466af2edda3cc9e10323302e93901203f92a4

I am really starting to doubt if the drama is a romance between Yi Chen & Mo Sheng or a bromance between these 2 guys?

da61b9f082025aaf81babfe1f8edab64024f1a86 81f073014a90f60349385d6d3a12b31bb151ed87

They flew to California to shoot the US parts? Haha, in your dream:P These are as fake as the UK shots in Boss & Me:( Actually the shooting took place in a shopping outlets in  Suzhou.


60113c246b600c33923db6e4194c510fd8f9a1cc 966437faaf51f3de20baaa4897eef01f3a297900

When you are in sunny California, what do you do? Of course, shelter yourself from the hot sun with the umbrella and having tea with Ying Hui under the umbrella:P Did you notice WC has never been sheltered with an umbrella from the sun but Kevin has his umbrella? I guess this is the difference in status between a CEO and a lawyer, LOL.

bd8f9866d016092441908a37d70735fae7cd34d3 897090afa40f4bfb05d3b678004f78f0f7361809


But what is Yi Chen doing in California? Move your hand away, it is too small to shelter Wallace Chung from the sun:P I wonder if that English man is Cruise, sister Juan’s abusive hubby?

b86e4d01a18b87d628c0b132040828381e30fd8b 80a6791c8701a18b896908629d2f07082938fe8b

Maybe the drama expanded Yi Chen’s role to let him travel to US to look for Mo Sheng?


Mo Sheng is working part-time as a waitress in US and this is part of the script. See, how many words you can read:P

 b8ac5682d158ccbfd6a498161ad8bc3eb1354170 55ad47b1cb13495483eae248554e9258d0094a9c


Props needed for the US scene. The Chinese newspaper with Ying Hui’s photo, sister Juan’s son, Xiao Jia and the agreement between Mo Sheng & Ying Hui. I hope the English in this drama is better than the obvious spelling errors in Boss & Me. I am not a lawyer but I’ve never seen a contract that addressed a man and a woman to sign like this one:P


Bongsd accuses me as being bias so to appease her I’ve to put a picture of Mo Sheng for every 4 pictures of Yi Chen:P Mo Sheng with her good friend Xiao Hong. She reminds me of lidge, lol. Mo Sheng with her colleagues in the magazine publishing company.

bc3789a98226cffc224d679cba014a90f603ea28 dcb8b1cb0a46f21f3eb7867df5246b600d33ae94


766c181b0ef41bd5bb2835db52da81cb39db3d1c 89f96c1ea8d3fd1fb4d37015334e251f94ca5fbe

I think this is Mo Sheng & Yi Chen’s wedding but no picture of them except Mo Sheng’s colleagues because the director banned everyone from taking photos:( Look nice and romantic?


But this may be Wallace Chung’s wedding suit with Lao Yuan as the best man?


Arrrgh, I found you the precious wedding picture!!! Nice or not lol?


A handsome HD shot of Wallace Chung for Yui to admire and kiss, haha….

a27386086e061d95e9f0641778f40ad163d9cada c88f36039245d6885ca7e889a7c27d1ed31b24ec

Wallace Chung having his lunch? Wallace Chung sweating, having to wear a suit in the heat of summer? Hence, it can be proven Wallace Chung is also a human, LOL.


Yi Chen laughing so happily? Yi Chen on a scooter? I am skeptical if the 2 pictures are part of the drama.

a42339deb48f8c547c9e243f39292df5e1fe7fc0 3fda94df8db1cb13c8824e02de54564e93584bae

Mo Sheng & Yi Chen go on a movie date as well as strolling in the street? Why Mo Sheng wears so casually but Yi Chen always has to be in his suit?


Yi Cheng goes shopping alone so looking sad.


Yi Chen & Mo Sheng go shopping for new curtain & bed sheets?



Yi Chen & Mo Sheng go shopping for baby products, looking happy.


Yi Chen in a nice Victorian style cafe?

3d0810b44aed2e73d2d553348401a18b87d6fa59 f09f6164034f78f0c8354feb7a310a55b3191c5a

I don’t know who is this woman who got to take pictures with Ying Hui and Yi Chen. Could she be Ying Hui’s ex-girlfriend?


Finally, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng laughing happily:)


e86dc9c1jw1ekapnat4t8j20q713bwpz e86dc9c1jw1ekapnhaa2hj21w02iohdu

These are official pictures from the drama weibo. Such happy pictures of them filming in Ladder Street in Hong Kong.

7086c0d162d9f2d36c2b05f0aaec8a136327cc6d 0824ab18972bd407ad33a0e278899e510fb3093c

They are filming in Mongkok in Hong Kong. Then Wallace Chung can take a taxi home to see mama, LOL.

02566118972bd407a0bb93e278899e510fb30927 8e472fdde71190ef4885d2c0cd1b9d16fdfa6021

Wallace is still filming in a rather hot Hong Kong. Why is Tiffany hiding behind, trying hard to contain her laughter or is she trying to cover her face:P? Is she playing a trick on Yi Chen, heehee?


Oh, those lucky people get to see as well as take pictures of Wallace, I am so jealous:P I always go to HK but I’ve never met any actors:(

86c3011349540923bc5f3f619158d109b3de4969 3181f087e950352ad95779175043fbf2b2118b69

Okay, you can see Wallace very closely now:) Why is he putting one hand in his pocket & the other hand outside his pocket? Is he afraid, someone will rob him lol?

a29e4013632762d028cde7a0a3ec08fa503dc6b5 6855a8d0f703918f41227ed5523d269758eec4b5

See, see, he is still touching his pocket while crossing the busy street, do you really have a lot of money in there lol?

925776315c6034a8692b0381c813495408237653 c663b88b4710b9124986b3fec0fdfc03934522d9

A romantic shot of the pair admiring the HK night view but why aren’t they holding hands or cuddling each other:(?


db64c324ab18972b824286d7e5cd7b899e510a21 b24a51504fc2d562fa2bd5f3e41190ef76c66c7b

Oh so sad, 3 months has come and gone. Filming is finishing so they are taking a group picture for remembrance in Shenzhen.


A group photo of their university days.



The drama has wrapped up its filming on the final location, HK on 12 Sept 2014. A group picture with HK skyline & Victoria Harbour as backdrop. The drama will be released in 2015!

To relive the filming pictures:

26 thoughts on “Final Impression of Drama Filming – You are My Sunshine (何以笙箫默)

  1. Peanuts thanks 🙂 when we can watch ??? ah peanuts compare take you better take me cyle lol you just take my pic ok haha you go with Lu Jun :P. That veaka mobile famous in China ?

    • Hey Hanny, I am a peanut, not the director of the production coy or tv station so how would I know when it’ll be aired:P? But you’ll be informed when the official airing date is announced. Take me is better than take u bcos I am light as a feather & is a loyal WC’s fan, lol. You go with your hubby:P I’ve never heard of Veaka mobile until now so I don’t know. Anyone can tell Hanny if Veaka is famous in China? Haha, I doubt it bcos China ppl like iphone & all the foreign brands.

      • haha ,peanuts you are miss know everything lol. yup yup i want to know if Veaka is famous 🙂 haha talking about bycyle remind me first time ride bycyle in fin after so long only ended fell down hehe

  2. I scream loudly when you mention my name haha.. That means you let me admire and kiss him? Lols.. Oh i wish..
    Thank youuuuuu soooo much for posting this article and oh my God.. Those pics of WC.. Omo.. Speechless.. Super smexy!!!! Getting more and more hot..

    I cant hardly wait for this dramaaa!
    I watched tiffany tang yan’s drama with wallace huo, she was so good.. Just the story didnt go well.. I could imagine her as mo sheng.. Aaahh cant wait!

    • Wake up, wake up, I don’t own WC so he is free to do anything:P

      • aiyooo.. wake up already..:D

        btw he’s married right? i mean in real life? do you have any info about this one? also, i heard that he has a son/daughter.. aahh.. he’s a fine papa i guess 🙂

        • I think he is married but he has never admitted or denied it. Anyway even if he is single, you also won’t have a chance lol. I don’t have any info bcos I don’t know WC personally haha….I read the wife is Taiwanese, is WC’s fan, have a bakery shop and knew WC bcos they worked in the same building.

  3. I can’t cycle too but WC can take Peanuts on the bicycle. I rather have WC drive me in his beemer. Any chances the drama is going to be aired sooner than originally planned? I am so looking forward to it after being inundated with so many mouth watering stills from Peanuts. Fingers crossed that this will be better than Boss & Me.

    • Arrgh, XX, you are so unromantic with the amt of romance novels you’ve consumed:P I get to put my hands & head on WC but you’ve to sit properly with your seat belt on, lol. I can’t answer you bcos I don’t have insider info so you go & ask the production coy yourself. Adjust your expectation a bit or else if it doesn’t turn out to your liking, you gonna bash it again:P

  4. A present for you in return – watch this:-
    O…M…G…!!! When he dances on the stage with a troupe of dancers, one only sees him dance and no one else. He’s THAT charismatic of a dancer. Definitely born for the stage.

    • Thank you for the youtube link but I watched it b4 in youku bcos I am a WC stalker lol. His dancing is pretty good compared to some singers & actors but I still can spot a few mistakes & a bit out of syn with the other dancers. I think, not enough practice but pretty hard to excel in all 3 acting, singing & dancing.

      • while dancing, he couldnt stop thinking about the movement, that’s why he was a bit out of syn. hehe.. i like watching dancing competition that’s why i speak like a judge now 😀

        but thanks anonymous for the link.. he danced on best time drama, but now, watching him dancing on the stage.. aiyoo.. women de gege zhen de hao shuai le.. *is it correct?* LOLs -> practice my basic mandarin ^^

  5. Haha Thanks for the post. Now I know someone was busy yesterday drooling over WC. Pls don’t spread false info because I’m faithful to who you know. I really like his pic with Ivy. Hope WC and TY will have a scene like that.

    • Hey, stop stalking me:P Yes Xiao Xiao is the best but Leo comes in 2nd right since you like your guys young lol. I think MS & YC should have a hugging scene like that in Sunshine bcos of the famous postcard in the novel. If the director cut it then I gonna complain big time in my review & recap:P

  6. The biggest question here is, if WC and TT are also playing the college counterpart, does that mean that the two younger actors that were supposed to pay the younger version of MS and YH are being cut out? If not, then I wonder if they are going to go as far as portraying that MS and YC have know each other since High School and perhaps those 2 younger actor will portray them when they are high school-er?

    To be honest, people in general do not have a dramatic change from the college years to when they are in their early 30s, so I’m fine with WH playing a college student. For god-saken, WH still look super young for his age and TT still look like a teenager if need to be.

    I can’t wait for the trailer and official stills.

    • Correction: “…so I’m fine with WC playing a college student. For god-saken, WC still look super young for his age ….”

    • I think the newbie version will be on the cutting room floor since the director is not happy with their performance. Anyway, it is good news as we get to watch more of WC & also easier to follow. Oh, I forgot to mention, WC will be singing the ending song.

  7. Hello! peanuts.
    The Korean blog you commented is mine,
    and I apologize to you for my using your photos without your permission or clarifying source.

    I don’t know how to explain all things.
    I love C-novel and like your posting about C-novels, so I have often visited your blog.
    Your postings are very interesting and I referred to your postings for my postings.

    Recently I have read this posting,
    I was embarrassed to see your comment about my blog.
    I am shy and not good at English, so I hesitated to ask for your permission.
    They’re all my fault. I’m really sorry for giving you so much trouble.
    I’ll delete my posting you mentioned.
    And when I refer to your posting, I’ll clarify source.

    Please forgive my mistakes and I hope I don’t leave a bad impression about Koreans.

    • No no, don’t delete your posts. I also want more Koreans to know abt Chinese books/dramas and share with them. I mentioned that to share with my readers that there is a reversal in trend in that most of the time the Chinese are the one following the Korean drama.

      As for quoting your source, I feel it is good practice to do that. You don’t need to ask for my permission as I don’t own the copyrights. If you only picked up the info or a few things, of course I don’t expect you to quote my blog but when I saw it looks so similar to my blog with the exact cut off, I’ve my doubt abt your source. I don’t mean to make you feel bad. Since I can’t read Korean, I am just curious if those few posts are really from my blog 🙂

      I noticed you’ve translated Shan Shan into Korean. If you’ve informed me, I could have mentioned it in my blog so that those who understand Korean can read it in their mother’s tongue. I am all for sharing, just that I don’t like to be kept in the dark 😛

      Btw, I don’t have bad impression of Koreans since I watch a lot of K drama and have a few good Korean friends 🙂

  8. How kind of you to say so!
    I love C-novel and C-drama.

    In Korea, there is an internet community called C-drama box cafe.
    Koreans interested in c-drama gather, enjoy and chat about C-drama in the cafe.
    I came to know drama bubujingxin there.
    After watching bubujingxin in 2011 , I was deeply moved by it.
    Also, my friends in cafe were all touched too.
    After that, we truly wanted to read original novel. (We read bubujingxin English translation by magnolia team.)

    So some members of cafe decided to translating the bubujingxin novel in Korean, and completed it in six months.
    Reading translating the novel, we all were excited with bubujingxin.
    In addition, some members were interested in Ching dynasty time travel novels, and translated them.

    A lot of novels were all translated in Korean, in C-drama box cafe.
    何以笙箫默,,花千骨, 曾许诺, 泡沫之夏, 清梦无痕, 恍然如梦,長相思 ,杉杉来吃, bbujingxin 2 by another author. 云中歌, ,大漠谣….

    And these novels are translating now.
    微微一笑很倾城, 三生三世十里桃花,, 凤囚凰, 独步天下

    Thanks to popularity of bubujingxin drama, the translated book was published in Korea.
    倾世皇妃 published in April 2014, and 大漠谣 will be published sooner or later.

    As you know, I translated Shan shan come & eat. After I read your translating the novel, I felt the story funny , amusing, and humorous. Originally, I didn’t want to read modern C-novel, but your translating led me to the World of Gu man.
    Your translating was so good and perfect.
    I translated Shan shan referring to original text and your translating and I found that there are no big differences.
    Formerly I had translated “Schemes of a beauty(未央·沉浮) ” by Takako in ruby-lin forum.
    Usually there are many differences in between Chinese and English, and Reading translated novels is not easy .
    ( I don’t know Chinese phonetic alphabet, so I always refer to original text. Koreans learn some Chinese letters, and Chinese poetry and prose. Of course, They are different from Chinese, but there are some similarities between them. )
    I was amazed at your works.
    It’ too late to say like this, but I really admire your enthusiasm for C-novel!

    Thanks very much for your favor!!!

    • Wah, there are more Chinese novels translated into Korean than English, so I need to work harder, lol. Is it easier to translate into Korean compared to English bcos I noticed your Shan Shan translation is shorter in length than mine? The Vietnamese told me it is quite easy to translate from Chinese to Viet.

      Yes, I am aware that you know some Chinese, more than me 😛 I also noticed you and your friends prefer ancient novels. I only translate modern novels because ancient novels are just too hard to understand and translate especially into English 😦 So salute you and your friends for taking them on. I hope it is not too late to say I admire you & your friends enthusiasm for C-novels 🙂

      微微一笑很倾城: the online gaming chinese language is a bit hard to understand so I am translating Best to Have Met You instead as they are a bit similar.
      三生三世十里桃花: You can always consult hamster & you’ve a long road ahead with Pillow Book.
      凤囚凰: this is a super long novel, good luck 😛 Btw the rumor is Yumama gonna adapt it into a drama with Yang Rong as the lead soon.
      独步天下: another super long novel which needs lots of tissues.

      I’ve no ulterior motive, just curious whether you contacted the authors or publishers for permission b4 translating? Do you need to pay them & how much? Also, when the books are published, how do you share the profit with the authors or publishers?

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  10. the location looks gorgeous.. china is pretty.. i must set foot in there.

  11. I m confused…what happen wasn’t Wallace and tang yang acting colleg ed scenes but with actual release of the series it was different actor actress….Although I think the girl who play college moshing is very cute……The boy, leo, is his name? Is too skinny….

  12. I don’t see episode 12 recap? Thanks..

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