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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 14



Here you go!  You can find out what Toupai said in his message. 🙂

UPDATED: For those of you who could not open the link to the song, I have now uploaded it onto Youtube.

Chapter 14 – Poached “Pearls” with Conch (5)


Actually … that sentence of Toupai’s was honestly very innocent.

Don’t think too much into it.

Gu Sheng was instructing herself silently.


The doors of the grocery store suddenly slid open.

Two customers had come in. Dong Yiru hastily put away her mobile phone and with a show of seriousness, put on the look of a worker doing her job conscientiously. Gu Sheng’s hands were in her pants pocket, and she very restlessly flipped her phone over and over again inside, wondering what Toupai had said to her in his message.

Gu Sheng, stay calm …

Toupai is the perfect Toupai. He crossed over into being a commercial voice acting celebrity a long time ago.

Gu Sheng, stay calm …

He actually didn’t really say anything at all. Besides, even if there was some sort of meaning in what he said, it has nothing to do with you.

Breathe, breathe. Can’t stay calm at all, you know?…

Sure enough, you should not mingle too much with famous people. Even she, someone who already floated around part-time in the 2-D world, was starting to have teenage girl feelings sprout in her heart and silly thoughts that were all over the place… She pulled her mobile phone out again and tapped it absentmindedly against the counter. So, with her mind in a mess and her heart hanging anxiously in her throat, she served another dozen or so customers until her dad finally arrived after finishing dinner to take over the shift from her.

She quickly handed over the work and, shouting backwards hastily that she was hungry, dashed out of the store.

Outside, beside the glass window, she immediately pulled out her mobile phone and tapped on Toupai’s voice message.

“I just finished a 36-hour shift, and I’m guessing I’ll sleep until the middle of the night, to about one o’clock or so.” Toupai’s voice was thick with fatigue. He was not speaking loudly and sounded like he was just casually talking with her. “If you need anything, leave me a message. I’ll get it when I wake up.”

He had not been speaking hurriedly. Exactly 14 seconds long.

And then, the voice message ended.

“Gu Sheng?” Someone unexpectedly stretched her head out to look over in her direction. “Why haven’t you left yet? Not hungry?”

Gu Sheng was completely startled and instinctively jammed her mobile phone into her jacket pocket. “Looking for the key to my bike lock…”

So lucky … She had been listening through the ear receiver just now …

But her heart was still beating irregularly, in fear that she would be found out by this true, hardcore fan of Toupai.

She decided in her mind that from now on, she needed to get into the habit of using a headset. Must do! Definitely required! …

“Over here.” With a smile Dong Yiru picked up a key from the ground. “You must have dropped it when you grabbed your phone out. Gu Sheng, your face is… um, really red.” When she finished saying this, she gave Gu Sheng a meaningful look.

Pretending to be oblivious, Gu Sheng gave a “huh?” and exchanged a couple more perfunctory sentences with her before fleeing her bicycle.


Back home, she pulled out her re-warmed dinner to eat while opening up her Weibo.

In slightly over an hour, the tweet had been reposted more than 2000 times, and the number of comments in reply was almost equal to that as well. Just the private messages alone that had been sent to her were totaling more than several dozen… Needless to say, they of course all contained remarks similar to the ones Dong Yiru had made. She debated with herself over whether she should respond with a formal and proper “Thank you, DaRen,” or just pretend until the end of time that she did not even exist. She decisively chose the latter.

And then … she changed her Weibo to forbid comments.


She truly could foresee that for a very long time, this entertainment circle was going to have all sorts of disdain and snubs directed at her.

She wordlessly recalled how this had all started: Simply, early one morning, she had been in her own chat room when she heard Qiang Qing Ci’s voice. Then, she had mentioned Wanmei Voice Acting Group and Toupai Daren to Geng Xiaoxing … And then, like fool’s luck, they had begun working together… And then, in a mere two months, which had contained a New Year’s holiday and a winter break in between, she found herself hugging this whole lot of thighs …

Gu Sheng silently took a bite of her chicken drumstick.

She remembered Toupai’s words: when you shut off your computer, the 2-D world becomes nothing…

Mm. Becomes nothing…

Toupai DaRen, you didn’t deliberately say that right before starting to promote me as a singer in order to help prep me for what was to come, did you?

She continued to nibble on her drumstick, closing all the private messages from people whom she was not familiar with. Even her good friends, she only replied with a quick smiley face. The last message was from the president of her music association, who very calmly left his thoughts: Don’t think that just because you’ve hooked up with Toupai, you don’t have to pay off your debts. Tonight, you had better send me back “Shi Zi Fu” [The Prince’s Poem]. Remember: in a false male voice!





Gu Sheng felt very dejected. What kind of taste was that?! What kind of taste in music?!

You want a male voice, go find yourself a man to sing, k? T T

Given her mood tonight, her voice would sound floaty for sure. How could she make it sound like a romantic, seductive young nobleman? She might just end up sounding like a vulgar little boy…… Especially since she needed to sing…

Gu Sheng: Mr. President, could you please find a guy?

Association president: Your organization needs you, Sheng Sheng Man!

Gu Sheng: ……

Association president: I told Zou Diao’er to sing it as a duet with you. One will be gong and the other, shou.[1]

Gu Sheng: ……

Association president: You’ll be the ‘gong!’

Gu Sheng: ……

Although her inbox had thirty to forty or so songs that she still owed, this was a song debt to her own association. She could not hide from it, even if she tried.

After doing some organizing, she settled herself in and started. In her own room, while listening to the accompaniment, she practiced, practiced, and practiced some more … Such a difficult type of style to sing and so damaging to her vocal cords. And it had to be a gong voice, too … She muddled up the lyrics numerous times and suffered into the middle of the night before she finally managed to submit her vocal recording. By now, her voice was already raspy. She sent off the recording in an email and then private messaged the association president. When she checked the time, it was nearly 12:30 a.m.

The sound insulation in her home was pretty good. Should she try to pay off … another singing debt?

She cleared her throat tentatively and could tell there was no chance of that happening.

Now, in this time when she had nothing to do but was also not feeling the least bit drowsy, she suddenly received another private message.

She had thought it would be the association president, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be … Toupai.

Qiang Qing Ci: Mm. Awake now.

As she stared at those three words, she felt an unexplainable sense of … nervousness, like she was afraid of being found out.

She mulled over her response for quite a while before finally sending something back.

Gu Sheng: A 36-hour shift must be very tiring, right? DaRen, do you need to have a drink of water or something and then go back to sleep?

Qiang Qing Ci: Mm. Checking emails right now.

Toupai was trying to say, he was busy?

While Gu Sheng was contemplating whether she should keep bothering him, Qiang Qing Ci had already sent another message: Busy?

Gu Sheng: *shaking head* Just finished with nothing to do now. Just handed in a song.

Qiang Qing Ci: Oh? Which one?

Gu Sheng: …… “The Prince’s Poem” sung in a false male voice……

Qiang Qing Ci: LOL

Gu Sheng: ……

After a few seconds, he sent over a longer message.

Qiang Qing Ci: Lying drunken on the beauty’s knee; awaken to hold the control of the nation in my palm? Wine may not have intoxicated me for I have intoxicated myself? A warm canopied bed and covers?   How could it be a crime to embrace one on my left and encircle another in my right arm? Attracting a beauty’s affection can lead to exhaustion, exhaustion, exhaustion?

Gu Sheng looked fixedly at the screen. DaRen really knew how to make his selections. The most suggestive lines in the song were all written right there…

At this moment, in the quiet of the night, she actually only needed to look at these lines of text and then her mind was able to conjure up Toupai’s voice reciting them. And, particularly because she had just spent several hours recording the song, even the background music was resonating crystal clear in her mind, you know…?

Simply … too vivid a mental picture … T T

She struggled over her reply: Mm-hmm … That one.

Qiang Qing Ci: The lyrics are pretty amusing. Just looked it up on Baidu.

Gu Sheng: Uh-huh. Pretty amusing. O(∩_∩)O Haha~

She cleared her throat again. It was still very hoarse.

Unexpectedly, the next second, Qiang Qing Ci’s reply came: Next time, don’t sing in a false male voice. It’s very damaging to the voice.


Gu Sheng stared at the screen in a daze.

DaRen …. You said … That one sentence, where you said you liked my voice the most …

You weren’t serious … Were you?


[1] Just a recap of slang terms we had introduced in earlier chapters: 攻or ‘gong’ is slang term used for the more stereotypical domineering half in a boy-love relationship while 受 or ‘shou’ is the more effeminate half. So here, the association president is telling Sheng Sheng that she needs to be the more manly voice in the duet while Zou Diao’er (who is really a guy) will sing more submissively and gently.


Additional comments:

Would it shock you if I told you, the version of 世子赋 Shi Zi Fu [The Prince’s Poem] is actually sung by… a woman?!  I’m not joking! This is the cover recommended by Mo Bao Fei Bao herself, sung in a false male voice.  The singer is 『Asdv, an online female artiste known for her ability to impersonate male voices.  Even though it’s not my type of song, it’s worth listening through to the end just to hear how she handles the male voice.  The link I gave in the Youtube comment box is where she posted the song in her official 5sing account.

This song was written for, I believe, a character from a BL romance novel series.  I thought about not doing a full translation for it.  I don’t know what the novels are about, so without context, I had to make my best interpretation of some of the lines in the song.  If this song is indeed written with BL in mind, then maybe all the “she” can be replaced with a “he”?  I’ll confess the translation is a little loose.  In the end, here’s my rough translation so you can get an idea of what kind of (embarrassing!) song Sheng Sheng sang.

[0:01] 有道是人不风流枉少年
So it is said: If you are not amorous when you are young, you have wasted away your youth

[0:09] 风流少年时 笑看浮生变
In those amorous youthful years, watching with a smile as life changes

[0:13] 神仙府里赛神仙 谈笑江湖间
In the deity’s manor competing against deities, happily conversing among the land of the river and lakes

[0:17] 醉卧美人膝 醒掌天下权
Lying drunken on the beauty’s knee; awaken to hold the control of the nation in my palm

[0:22] 乱世风云出我辈 金戈峥嵘归
This unstable time produces heroes of this generation that shall return with golden spear [in hand]

[0:26] 玉盏琉璃杯 绫罗飞天绘
There are jade and colorful glass cups and silk curtains flying in the air as if painting a picture

[0:30] 酒不醉人人自醉 暖帐芙蓉被
Wine may not have intoxicated me for I have intoxicated myself in a warm canopied bed and covers

[0:34] 拨花弄柳月 行走无常间
Caressing flowers and toying with the crescent moon as I walk amid this ever-changing life

[0:39] 左拥右抱岂是罪 惹尽芳心也累累累
How could it be a crime to embrace one on my left and encircle another in my right arm? Attracting a beauty’s affection can lead to exhaustion, exhaustion, exhaustion!

[0:44] 琴瑟回 轻鸿飞
Qin and se [two traditional Chinese plucked instruments] are answering one another. The goose flies lightly

[0:52] 秋水星眸 幽幽舞衣掩娇媚
With eyes like the limpid autumn waters and stars, a sleeve flourishes to veil a sweetly coquettish face.

[1:01] 桃花儿魅 清风醉
The peach blossoms are charming. The cool breeze is intoxicating

[1:09] 古壁凝尘 芳菲绵绵相思泪
The ancient wall is gathering dust. A fragrance drifts continuously. Tears of yearning.

[1:18] 暗流风乍起 修罗意阑珊
An undercurrent is rising to the surface with the wind. The malevolent spirit’s intents are coming to an end.

[1:22] 红袖别苑藏玄机 誓忠轩辕王
The beauty’s home conceals a mystery. I pledge loyalty to the Yellow Emperor

{1:27] 犹冀凌云志 冥冥眷红尘
Like my lofty ambitions, always concerned about the worldy affairs

[1:31] 庙堂之高伤神事 云龙御平尘
With troubling matters in the imperial court, the ruler oversees the earth

[1:35] 别离伤幽肠 长乐少年狂
Parting is like a wound. [Better to be] always merry in one’s wild youth

[1:40] 傲雪霜冷尤清艳 焚梅念故人
The proud snow and cold frost are especially icily beautiful. The blazing plum blossoms are in remembrance of an old friend.

[1:44] 风流徒枉然 世事话无常
Living amorously is in vain. The affairs of the world are constantly changing

[1:48] 痴心未曾两相忆 潇洒为红颜狂狂狂
My smitten heart never was reciprocated, but for the beauty, I willingly am wild, wild, wild

[1:53] 风憔悴 心难慰
The wind is feeble; the heart cannot be consoled

[2:01] 十载春秋 唯守庵外度春晖
For ten years, the warmth of the sun is spent only keeping watch outside the nunnery

[2:10] 无尘泪 雨愁倍
The rain’s sorrow is multipled with those dustless tears

[2:19] 万丈红尘如殇笑眼看定王
The things of the world, many and deep, can end as, with a smile, the ruler is decided upon

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  1. Thank you, Hoju! I’m always so excited to see a new post on Sheng Sheng and Qiang Qing Ci. (= They are super adorable. It reminds me of my younger days when I’m up late at night and chatting with my friends via instant messenger. Toupai really does seem to treat her with such care and preference. He messages her to tell her that he’s going to sleep and the reason why and what time he’ll wake up and when he wakes up he messages her to tell her that he’s awake! Although I’m timid like Sheng Sheng, but I will definitely be like her and having all these thoughts in my mind. Haha. He’s like a little teaser. 3 more episodes and they’ll meet in person! I can’t wait.

    Also, I can’t listen to the music from he link. It’s probably because my country has no access to it? It’s in Chinese so I have no idea. ^^

    Regardless, I feel so bad for Sheng Sheng to sing a male voice. I could imagine how hurtful to the voice it is. Aww.. Toupai cares so much for her safety and voice. Such a gentleman. (=

    • ❤ Thanks, chang'er. I love to share my love of this couple. Toupai sounds like he is talking to his gf. What male friend of your would message you to tell you that he's going to sleep, tell you what time he'll be waking up, and then message you when he's awake? I completely understand Sheng Sheng's reaction, but as someone watching from the outside, I can just say, Toupai is smooooooth.

      My virgin upload to Youtube was just for you to hear this song. 😉 I've edited the post and linked it to the Youtube video. Now, after you listen to it, tell me what you think of Miss Asdv's voice. OMG.

      *sigh* Toupai… ❤

      • I just listened to the song. That’s a woman singing?! It sounds so painful! I feel for Sheng Sheng now. I can imagine trying to go deep and trying to hit those higher notes with still a deep voice. Ouch. No wonder Sheng Sheng’s voice was so hoarse afterwards for so long.

        And thank you for posting it. I was very curious about it. Also, you did a wonderful job with the posting. Better than me! I’ve never posted anything on Youtube. (=

        • Uh huh. That’s a woman! Even if I tried, I’d never be able to make my voice that deep. I’m not sure about Sheng Sheng, but my attempt at a false male voice would definitely sound like a “vulgar little boy,” even without Toupai there to make me feel floaty.

          (After spending the whole afternoon trying to convert my mp3 into a movie file and having Youtube reject it, I cheated and used an app that does it for you. 3 min using the app vs my whole afternoon. LOL.)

        • Oh! I’m so sorry hoju! But I hope it was an accomplishment in the end. You’ve learned something new. I know. Apps are so useful at times.

  2. So that was Toupai’s message. I found it sweet that he’d let her know those kind of things.

    Thanks to chang’er I now know when they will meet. 3 chapters seems such a long time aways for people like me with low EQ. Hahaha.

    But anyway I’m still enjoying their interactions. I love how their conversations are slowly getting more casual. Distance is definitely shrinking. Nice work Toupai! Continue ‘working’ on things.

    • Hehe.. if I remember correctly, in some previous comments, hoju said they official meet in Chapter 17. Also, the intro that hoju wrote was part of that first official meeting. I’ve been counting down. Haha. They are just too cute. I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. Sheng Sheng singing with QQC and him staring at her while she’s singing!

      • I’ll be counting down with you now. I keep going to that intro as well. Who am I kidding? I keep rereading everything! I just really love this story.

        • Oh my, chang’er you have a good memory. Yes, the moment we have been waiting for is coming up soon. I’m interested in what everyone’s thoughts will be now that they know Sheng Sheng, Toupai, and the hilarious group of friends a lot better. Will it change the reading experience of that meeting and duet?

          Myrya, I’ve read through that duet scene from the intro probably more than a dozen times…

    • I like how Toupai is the one taking the initiative to make the conversations more casual. You can tell he is definitely working hard on shrinking the distance… Sheng Sheng doesn’t even know what’s hit her.

  3. Thank you for the new chapter ^_^
    Awww, toupai and sheng sheng are just too cute, can’t wait to witness more cute moments ❤
    I listened to the song and yes… it's more speaking than singing and don't really have a "catching melody" ^_^;
    But at least it's not so difficult for our dear sheng sheng compared to sind a song in a male voice, and damn… it doesn't sound like a female using a fake male voice…

    • You’re welcome!

      I don’t know… You are right. From a singing technique perspective, the song is not hard to sing at all, but can you imagine being a girl, singing in a guy’s voice, and singing those lyrics?! I’d be doing a face palm over the association president’s ridiculous taste in music too.

      No kidding! I could not believe that is actually a woman singing. Apparently, she does voice acting as well and specializes in male voices…

  4. awww fangirl Sheng Sheng is too cute! She’s still so giddy when Toupai gives her so much attention.

    • Tehe. Well, about a month ago, he was just an amazingly gorgeous voice to her. Now, all of a sudden he’s telling her he loves her… voice. 😉 I’d be all giddy too if I was her…

  5. I’m not surprised that the singer was a woman. I think listening to Japanese trap singers helped,heh 😛
    I may be wrong or have missed something, but is Toupai a doctor? Because he has this 36-hour shift thing going on.
    And lol, poor Sheng Sheng had to sing such a …er suggestive song. I do agree that singing in a male voice when your voice is obviously not male can cause strain on the vocal cords because of the pitch changes.
    As usual, Toupai such as tease 🙂

    • I didn’t even know there was a genre of music involving Japanese trap singers. 😉

      Toupai’s profession has not been revealed at this point in the story yet. You haven’t missed anything. 🙂

      • Well, not exactly. They just sing whatever, except female singers sound like male singers and male singers can sound like female singers 😀 Basically they have unique voice range ^.^

        Whew, didn’t miss anything yet, hehe 🙂

  6. aiyoo.. aiyoo.. my silly grin face.. dear Toupai, congratz, you get one new fan here! it’s me!!!! i really cant wait to meet him, ehem.. 2D meeting.. LOLs.. i wonder how is he?
    i wonder about this Toupai so much.. does he know about Gu Sheng before those conversations? is he her secret admirer? LOLs.. im super curious and my mind wont stop ‘making’ my new version.. lols.. so pleaseeeeee.. chapter 15 🙂 hehe.. kidding, but i’ll wait it..

    thank you very much Hoju.. this is one of my fave novels.. so happy reading this 🙂

    • Welcome to Toupai’s fan club. 😀

      Oooh. Good questions. 😉 I’m not going to spoil it. Chapter 15 will be coming up pretty soon…

      You are welcome!

  7. Hoju thankssss 🙂 I also like Toupai sent msg when he wake up hoho. Oh Hoju by the way how the novel situation ? the author still make changes ?

    • There haven’t been anymore major changes that have gone on to the online version. MBFB is doing final edits on several of her internet novels and will be sending them to the publisher soon. This one has now been delayed until next year for publishing, targeting early next year. *fingers crossed* I’m guessing having to change all the songs was part of the reason for the delay. MBFB has said there will be an extended ending and probably one or more epilogues for the published version.

  8. I’m sorry, I’m a new reader and I’ve been trying to find the link to the youtube video. Would someone be so kind as to link me?
    I’ve tried googling “Shi Zi Fu” [The Prince’s Poem], and even tried scrolling all the way to September 12, 2014 original post to see if the link is there.

    • Hi! Welcome to the story. No apologies needed.

      I’ve discovered that, for some reason, wordpress has been “eating” parts of my posts and even comments. I have no idea where it tossed the original video to, but I have re-inserted it into the post again.

      Enjoy. 🙂

  9. When I talk on the phone, my will sometimes mistake me for my brother.

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