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Who Gets the World (且试天下) Drama News & Snippet



I’ve good and bad news so which one you wanna read first? Okay, I’ll tell you the good news first. Who Gets the World will be adapted into a drama and filming will commence at the end of the year. The bad news is the author will not be participating in the script writing and the scriptwriter doesn’t seem to understand the novel/characters well:( I am afraid he’ll white wash my Hei Feng Xi as he commented that HFX is too conniving and selfish and couldn’t understand why Bai Feng Xi would love him! As I’ve written before, I suspect the scriptwriters hate the authors so they’ll try their best to destroy the novels when adapting them. A reader also suggested usually the scriptwriters are male and the authors are female so they interpret the novel from totally different perspectives.

I don’t know which production company has bought the copyright but it can’t be any worst than Yu Zheng’s studio, right? The names that were tossed out for leading the drama sound kind of random and not to my liking:( Firstly is Louis Koo as the production company wants to recruit an A list star. But Louis is a bona fide movie star now so I doubt he’ll accept this role. Anyway, he is too old, similar to casting Kevin Cheng as Mu Yan in Hua Xu Yin:( The second name is Feng Shao Feng, lidge’s crush, lol. He is alright but he doesn’t give me the Hei Feng Xi’s vibe because I always find the characters he had portrayed weak and useless. Last name is Huang Xiao Ming. I know he has a lot of fans and is good looking but sorry I don’t like his OTT (Over The Top) acting. With his hair down, I feel that he looks like a mad man:(

I don’t really know who can portray such a complex character like Hei Feng Xi well but if I’ve to pick names then I’ll pick either Hu Ge or Yuan Hong. I’ve always have a soft spot for Hu Ge but he never fails to make me cry because he has bad endings in nearly all his ancient drama:( Hence, I want to watch him in a great drama with a happy ending and this character is rich enough for him to showcase his acting abilities. As for Yuan Hong, I feel Hei Feng Xi is quite similar to Yang Kang in Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes. The exception is Hei Feng Xi has more redeeming qualities and more heroic. I feel if given the chance Yuan Hong will be able to nail it perfectly. It’ll be a dream team if both of them also get a role in the drama as the second male lead is also rather memorable. Hoju thinks Yan Kuan is a good choice but I find him kind of boring and serious looking:P For those who’ve read or listened to the novel, who do you think is most suitable to be Hei Feng Xi?

Hopefully the cast as well as the drama will turn out well and not disappoint me. For those, who can understand Chinese, I strongly recommend you to read the novel or listen to the audio book. For those, who can’t understand Chinese, I strongly don’t recommend you to use google translate to read the novel because the Chinese in the novel is just too advanced and poetic which google can’t handle. Thus, it is better that you wait for the drama adaptation or the English translation of the book which is a bit slow. In the meantime, if you can’t wait, you can read my summary and snippets:)

Like me, Acrosstime is a super fan of the audio book. Unlike me, Acrosstime can read Chinese. Therefore she has translated some snippets and posted them in shusheng bar. For those who don’t visit the book bar or who are not aware of this, I’ve reproduced one of her snippets below with her permission so do take a look at how Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi met for the first time when they were kids.


First Meeting When Young (translated by AcrossTime)

Da Dong Jing Yian Fifteenth year, summer.

Ba Huang Ta (tower in the royal palace) is Di City’s tallest tower. Far away is the Ling Xiao Dian (palace) that stands opposite of the tower, is a palace of forbidden grounds, persons with no permission are prohibited to enter.

At this moment, under the beautiful red sunset, a shadow in the sky flew across the palace gates, but the speed was too quick. Suddenly you looked up but only to see a flash of white light.

In a blink of an eye the shadow was already in front of the Ling Xiao Dian. Because it is forbidden grounds, there was no one in front of the palace, the guards were all on watch far away.

Under the skies of red light, the shadow was actually a girl around the age or 13 or 14, dressed in a robe of white with long black hair and beautiful face. In the middle of her forehead rested a string of black beads with a half moon like accessory. Despite her young age, she revealed a presence of grace beyond her age.

The white robed girl lifted her head to look at the sign, which engraved the three letters, ‘Ling Xiao Dian’. She smiled slightly thinking, ‘This is the place!’

Lightly opening the palace doors, she entered, then again lightly closed the doors. Then she looked inside and saw multiple paintings hanging on the palace walls. After seeing the paintings, she quickly walked over.

The wall had a total of 9 paintings of 8 men and 1 woman, the peoples in the drawings looked almost real, embodying their souls. The girl’s gaze stopped at the only woman’s painting. The woman in the picture wore an emperor head piece, dressed in a white empress robe, with an elegant face perked a bit upwards, hinting her proud and strong personality, and the gaze in her eyes felt like they carry a sharp sword-like force.

“So she was like this…” the little girl quietly mumbled as she looked at the woman in the painting.

At this moment there was a small burst of excitement in her heart. When she calmed and regained her senses, she felt another presence coming, but it was too late, foot steps were already outside the door. She quickly turned her body and the palace’s doors lightly swung open, there stood a young boy dressed in a black robe.

The black robed young boy was also surprised since he did not expect someone to be in the palace.

Two people with four eyes gazing at each other, with a feeling that they’ve met before, but did not know when or where they’ve met.

Facing this sudden change, the white robed girl decided to speak first, righteously spoke, “Who are you?” at the same time closely observing the black robed male. Around 15 to 16 years old, handsome face like jade, movements brought a certain grace. However the most odd thing was the string of white beads with a black half moon accessory in the middle of his forehead. Other than the different color, it was exactly the same as hers.

While the white robed female was observing, the young black robed male was also strangely observing her. When he heard her question, he politely said, “I am the oldest prince’s study partner, may I ask you are…?”

The white robed female was already prepared, opened her mouth and haughtily spoke “My (she originally said ‘ben gong’, aka what queens or princesses refer to themselves) name is not one you can ask!”

“This is a forbidden ground, you’re just a study partner, so why are you here?” the young white robed girl asked again.

“Oh, I heard the first prince said that this palace has paintings of the first lords who founded this country. I am curious so I sneaked in to see.” The young black robed male replied at an unhurried pace. When he saw the white robed girl’s eye flashed of light, his heart secretly smiled. Before the white robed girl can open her mouth again, he spoke: “Since princess said this is a forbidden ground, why are you also here?”

The white robed girl blanked, then suddenly returned to her royal princess posture, “I (ben gong) am also curious about this palace’s paintings. If you dare to tattle tale, I (ben gong) will tell my royal brother to behead you!”

“I do not dare.” The black robed male lightly lowered his head, then lifted it once again looking at the young girl, then said, “Since we both sneaked here to see the paintings, then why don’t we both keep each other’s secret?”

When he spoke those words, his eyes were clear and expressed sincerity. However not knowing what, when the young white robed girl saw his face, she has an urge to reach over and claw off that face that wrote ‘modest gentleman’s’ skin. But, at this moment, she restrained her impulses, lowered her voice and said, “Okay, let’s keep each other’s secrets.”

After the young black robed male heard the reply, he nodded his head and smiled, stepping into the palace. His eyes gazed upon the paintings, looking at them one by one. When he swathe second painting on the left side, his gaze paused upon it. The male in the painting wore an emperor head piece, body in a black emperor robe. His handsome yet beautiful face greatly surpasses the normal person. At this moment only looking at the painting made one instantly mesmerized, yet if it is the real person, you don’t know how much more captivated one would be.

“This is Feng Chao Wang, namely Da Dong’s (country) most handsome male in his day. Only looking at this painting do you know who is the real ‘beauty (mei ren)” said the white robed girl with a hint of mockery.

The black robed male turned his head to look at her, softly smiled, “History’s exceptional elegance’s appearance is of course not the average.”

This smile like an orchid’s tranquil blossom, subtly bringing a faint fragrance, making the young white robed female blanked out. In a moment time regaining her senses, she felt anger. She was usually a carefree person, but not knowing why at this moment this young boy’s heart seemed to emit a precaution guard, and this guarding has a kind of feeling between admiration and dislike. So seeing him smiling so well, she cannot help but suppress his smile, “You’re still less than him by a bit.”

Didn’t think the young black robed male would not mind, in exchange he said, “Thank you for your highness’s compliment.”

The young white robed female was in a daze again.

“Since this Feng Chao Wang is Da Dong’s number one handsome man, and princess said I’m still less by a bit, that means I’m considered the second. However Feng Chao Wang has long passed away, by that means I’m this world’s number one.” Black robed male smiled warmly with grace.

The young white robed female was initially mocking him, however now has turned to be a compliment, making her chest uncomfortable. Looking at the person in front of her, feeling very like a kind of animal she really dislikes, especially that face with that kind of smile, she then scrunched her nose, corner of her mouth lifted, “The fox is smiling.”

This time, it’s the young black robed male to blank, thinking that since young, everyone compliments him as beautiful as jade, like an orchid’s grace, but has never been ridiculed as an animal before.

The young white robed female saw him blank out, finally feeling her breath calm, then turned to continue looking at the painting, looking as she was praising, “This person’s whole body is shining brightly with such a vulgar essence! Ai ya, this person’s baby face, looking as though she’s young than me…”

The black robed male saw her observing the paintings, also turned over and lifted his head to the painting, as his gaze moved, softly made a sound “Yee.”

The young white robed female heard and looked at the direction the black robed male is looking, seeing him stare at the right side’s last painting, strangely said, “Who is this person? Da Dong founding country only had one king and seven emperors, originally 8 people, but why is there another person’s painting?”

The young white robed female wanted to know more about this painting, so she concentrated fully on the female painting so she did not realize there was an extra person. This time hearing the black robed male’s words, again placing her gaze to that painting, as soon as she saw, a curiosity grew.

The wall had 9 paintings; all the persons had an emperor head piece, dressed in emperor robes, with an aura of authority showing their noble ranks.

However within all of the paintings, on the right side, the person on the painting was dressed in normal clothes. On top of that out of the 9 paintings, 8 persons’ paintings is of their front side, yet only this person in the painting is of his back.

“Who is this person? Why is his back facing the whole world?” The young white robed female spoke, unable to hold back her words.

The person in the painting seemed like a male, high up on a mountain peak, stood as welcoming the wind. But only the back, however that unrestrained aura was seemingly flying out of the painting, leaving awe. Also, since this person’s painting is in Ling Xiao Dian, means that he must’ve been one of the contributing people of the country, but why is this person’s back facing the country?”

“Back facing the world?” The young white robed female unconsciously said, this phrase caused the black robed male’s heart to shake. Back facing the world, is it not willing to face the world? Or is it cannot face the world? He looked at the man in the painting, eyes flickered a ray of bright light, “This has much meaning, Ling Xiao Dian does not only have 8 person’s paintings, however who is this person with his back facing the world?” He mumbled to himself, face peering a smile that has much depth.

The young white robed female also did not understand, “This is weird, history books clearly stated that Ling Xiao Dian only has 8 founding emperor’s paintings, it did not say there are 9 people ah.”

Two people facing this painting, one full of puzzled bewilderment, the other with playfulness.

Sight once again gazed at the other 8 paintings, they are in the same standings as this person, they obviously all know the answer, however they will never be able to answer.

“Wei Li Di, Wang Wu Wang, Ning Rui Wang, Feng Shao Wang, Bai Wen Wang, Hua Kang Wang, Feng Shao Wang, Nan Yi Wang.” The black robed male’s eyes swept through the paintings of the past’s heroes, his heart forming excitement. After his gazed fell upon the last painting, “Eight people were the founding country’s founder king warriors, formed a sacred friendship for the future to admire However in their 8 person’s Ling Xiao Dian, hangs another person’s painting, the reasoning behind it must not be simple.”

“This person… I will find out who he is!” The young white robed female’s gaze locked on the man in the painting.

“Oh?” The young black robed male turned his head to the young girl and with a light smile, not knowing why, at the bottom of his heart has a feeling, he will see this white robed female again. “Why don’t we have a bet, let’s see who can find out the full details.”

The young white robed female turned her head to look at him, eyes shining bright, “Okay! However what does the loser have to do?”

“The loser…” The young black robed male looking at the bright little girl, then turning his head to look upon the painting’s past legendary persons, “The loser will never abandon the winner!”

“Eh?” The young white robed female was dazed by this bet.

“Do you dare?” The young black robed male turned his gaze back on the young female, those flawless black eyes that do not have an ending to its deepness, however having a slight venomous lure like awaiting.

In a moment, the young girl’s heart skipped a beat, bringing her palm out, “There’s nothing I do not dare, I promise!”

“Okay!” The young black robed male reached his hand out.

“Pa!” Two person’s palm clapped against each other for the promise.

“Next year’s today, we will meet again to decide the winner and loser.”

Done looking at the paintings, their goal has been set.

Walking out of Ling Xiao Dian, the two left in their own ways. When they meet again, both know in their heart to “forget yet cherish” that promise. Of course, that is another story.

Yet during that year, that time.

The young black robed male went home and secretly looked for his family’s hidden away family books.

The young white robed female went home and looked for her brother: “Xie Yue gege (brother), why are there not only 8 people in Ling Xiao Dian? Who is the other person?”

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  1. OH MY GOD. NO ONE. I REPEAT, NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TOUCH THIS HOLY NOVEL AND SOIL SUCH PERFECTION WITH THEIR MUGGLE HANDS. Unless HFX is played by HuGe… but I don’t think any actress can embody BFX the way the audio voice actress does, not even my female crush Liu Shi Shi (Which as much as Ruo Xi + Si Ye OTP was amazing, she really didn’t have to date him in real life… I was waiting for the LSS x Yuan Hong to happen, considering their BFFL status). This totally bombed my Friday night 😦 Shots of Louis Koo when he played Yang Guo is shooting through my head. AHH, it burns. Huang Xiao Ming looks oddly similar to Louis……………. and I hate Feng Shao Feng with a burning passion, so verdict is, Hu Ge as HFX or no drama please. I really do hope TangRen has their hands on this one because I really don’t see any other companies out there that can ever do this novel justice or even make it a bearable drama.

    • Haha, you are so passionate abt this novel. Did you watch , which is why you are so adamant for HG to be HFX:P? Surprising, we both have the same actor in mine:) I’ll update you for any current info. In the meantime, you can go & cry with the book fans:( I doubt TR bought the copyright. BTW why you hate FSF so much?

      Who is the 9th person in the painting?

      • I hate FSF because he’s ugly. LOL. I was first exposed to his horrendous acting in Gong, the rip off drama of BBJX. Then my second exposure was Lan Ling Wang, which I watched solely for Ariel Lin. OMG, he was supposed to be a beauty? That bath scene where Ariel mistakes him for a beautiful woman was such a WTF-is-this-director-thinking moment. Did I mention their costumes were the ugliest things ever?? So yeah, I hate him because he’s ugly. I’m sorry I’m biased towards good looking actors.

        I actually haven’t seen many WGTW MVs, some are kinda mehh because I feel that none of the actors/actresses captures the essence of the characters. But hey, after seeing Hu Ge act more on the badass side in Xuan Yuan Jian, he could totally pull off the role of HFX! LYF on the other hand… I find her acting wayy wayy wayyy too stiff. So fingers crossed it won’t be her, or pull they won’t pull a Michelle Chen as XLN casting for BFX.

        The 9th person in the painting should most likely be YWY’s ancestor. In my mind that’s who it was eluded to from reading WGTW. I remember BFX saying that there was also another person that without him, Di Guo wouldn’t have happened, and it was the Yu family. I didn’t read the prequel where this snippet was taken from btw. BFX’s ancestor wasn’t as epic as her, so I found the novel kinda dry and dropped it. One day, just for my dedication to WGTW, I will soldier through.

        • Lidge wanna marry FSF after she watched 4 Women Conflicts. Haha, I agree with you abt FSF being a beautiful woman, come on his figure is so manly. I only watched a few episodes then gave up. Nonetheless I don’t think FSF is ugly, just ok.

          You must watch the MV with HG, the best fan-made MV for WGTW. LYF won’t be in the drama bcos she is a movie star now. Below is what hoju wrote abt the drama in her email to me & after reading it I’ve no confident in them doing a good job with the adaptation:( FYI, a radio drama has been released recently for the prequel but radio drama is very very slow in the making:( Btw, I don’t have a weibo a/c since I am Chinese illiterate:(

          The screenwriter for WGTW drama is 胡非子. It’s a woman. Her weibo is Her famous work is 家N次方, some drama about family life that was supposedly a hit. I didn’t look into it. A quick scan of her works doesn’t seem to show any wuxia series (or even ancient series), but don’t quote me on that.

          So, a few things from reading through her weibo.

          1. The reason why she accepted to be screenwriter for WGTW is because she wanted to show people that the “fantasy wuxia genre” of dramas is not for the brain dead audience only and can be filled with creativity. She then got flamed for calling WGTW a “fantasy wuxia,” with fans saying there was nothing “fantasy” about it. She apologized for using the word “fantasy,” saying she didn’t mean there was gods and demons (like Chinese Paladin), but there was a certain family in the story that had fantastical elements…

          2. Since the drama was announced, she was constantly getting flamed and more… flamed. So, she posed the question back to the fans that had puzzled her for a while: “While we were writing the script, someone continuously was questioning how the character of HFX was being fleshed out. He/she was puzzled, what was the attraction of such a conniving and selfish male lead? What was the reason for the female lead to love him to the point she was willing to sacrifice her own life? And so I respectfully ask, fans, what is the answer to the question?”

          So, after getting flamed by the fans, she clarified that she wasn’t the one questioning about HFX. She said, in fact, the script team debated long and hard with the person who posed the question until they finally arrived at a satisfactory resolution. (Whatever that may be.) And she jokingly said that she was making sure they preserved the “black belly” trait of HFX, yet the fans still got upset.

          I still say, read the darn novel and you should know the answer. Don’t need to ask the fans.

          3. And I guess she’s been getting flamed more and more. She said, when she accepted to be screenwriter, the first thing she knew she had to do was be prepared to be cursed and criticized, no matter what she did. She sent out a suggestion to the fans, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone hopes the drama turns out good. Instead of expecting the worst and starting things off on the wrong foot, why don’t we have a good start and wish for the best?

          Think I saw the producer or director’s name or something somewhere… I don’t remember who she is, but I do remember reading this will be her first time directing or producing (whichever one it is).’

  2. I did not read novel,xo I cant say anything about upcoming drama..but this short piece was interesting 🙂 so I hope, drama will not destroy it

  3. Aw that first meeting was adorable. 😀
    I haven’t read the book ( i think i only read chapter 1 and your excerpts and summary :D)… but wow such complexity (even in viet ha, as some of those words are not used in everyday usage).
    Awww, how come the author is not participating in the drama? Was it one of those situation where the author offered to be a scriptwriter, but the production company declined?
    The book itself gained some decent amount of popularity.
    Anyhow, I hope someone can do justice for both of the characters, they’re a match made in heaven 🙂

    • Some authors don’t want to be scriptwriters, just like Tang 7. This is the first time for both the scriptwriter & director to write & film a wuxia drama so don’t hold out any high hope on them:(

  4. Oh the horror! I really doubt they’ll keep to the original novel seeing as how the screenwriter’s understanding of the novel is nonexistent. I really hate how her posts sound so condescending towards the genre itself and book fans who are obviously outraged by her stupidity. It got my blood boiling high with her comment: 会做《且试天下》的编剧唯一目的就是希望为玄幻武侠题材正名,玄幻绝不应是弱智脑残的代名词,而应是精彩丰厚充满想象力的化身,玄幻没有错,只是某些做玄幻的人出了错而已。感谢《且试天下》小说作者对影视改编的完全无限制,让电视剧版能有更大空间更具视觉化的讲好一个动人的故事,谢谢。

    The only reason I’m doing WGTW is to clarify the fantasy wuxia genre, fantasy is not supposed to be a synonym for the weak minded, it’s supposed to embod rich imagination, fantasy is not wrong, it’s only some people that did fantasy who has made mistakes. Thanks to WGTW’s author giving the drama adaptation no limits, letting the drama version have a larger room for a better visual to illustrate a touching story, thank you.

    Was spewing blood as I read her comments = =

    • Calm down, if it is bad, you can always don’t watch & just listen to the audio book. Did u follow the scriptwriter on weibo? If yes, pls keep me posted of any latest update especially the cast.

      • Yeah no problem, I’ll update you on what I can ~ I wish I could calm down. But Nodame Cantabile, the korean version is in production right now and I’m afraid they can’t embody the characters of Chiaki and Nodame that was already done in PERFECTION with the japanese version already. So kind of afraid 😦

  5. Hi, Peanuts & AcrossTime!

    I feel like crying at this piece of news. I don’t wish for WGTW to be made into a drama! I was so happy with the audiobook. I cannot think of anyone who can play HFX/FLX and BFX/FXY with perfection. Whoever they choose will just spoil it for me. To me, HFX and BFX are like a god and goddess and it is better that they remain undisturbed by crazy dramaland. Having said that, I love what Tangren did for BBJX and hopefully, I will love them for what they are doing for Da Mo Yao but with these uninspiring news about the drama production for WGTW, I’m going, please don’t touch it.

    I have nothing against Hu Ge but he doesn’t look like HFX to me. And I think he’s perfect as Jiu Ye in DMY even though so many people thought he’d be perfect as Huo Qu Bing. I love Huo Qu Bing to bits and I thought Eddie Peng looks perfect as him. I love Liu Shi Shi too but she is no BFX. Oh, my god. Seriously, I cannot think of anyone who can play HFX and BFX. Or anyone else in WGTW for that matter.

    Btw, when the screenwriter asked, “what was the reason for the female lead to love him to the point she was willing to sacrifice her own life?”, I got confused. When was BFX willing to sacrifice her life for HFX?

    I’ll be watching this space for more WGTW drama news even though they will all just make me cry. Blame my crazy self for wanting to know everything about WGTW. Even the bad parts.

    • It is inevitable that WGTW will be made into drama bcos it is actually a very good book for adaptation as you can watch the grandness and battles on screen. The problem is that it’ll take a lot of effort & dedication to film it well in all aspects. Ya, things aren’t looking good but hopefully we are in for a pleasant surprise.

      Well, HG doesn’t really look like HFX but for an A-list actor, I feel he is the most suitable compared to FSF, HXM, LK, EP etc.

      BFX agreed to help HFX to conquer the world and she did risk her life in those battles especially the one where she was seriously injured by HC so wasn’t she willing to sacrifice her life to further HFX’s ambition? A lot of things are not explicitly mentioned in the novel but you can infer from their actions.

  6. Peanuts! I’ve got news that they ceased production!

    Basically hufeizi said they stopped productions due to some complicated tv reasons and she feels sorry but doesn’t have much say in this. Says that there should be an official announcement soon. But can say is “currently safe” since fans don’t have to be afraid of their novel adaptation being ruined.and wishes for everyone’s understanding and sorry again.

    I’m kinda happy. Hopefully some better company can take over cus I really don’t want my favorite novel ruined. By the way have you heard of 香師如溪? I just found it on mian mians ximalaya today with both mains of wgtw! But can’t seem to find the ebook :$ it’s apparently a time travel novel too. I really missed her beautiful voice ^_^

    • Wah, great news since they dun seem to know what they are doing. No wonder long time no news. Anyway best not to adapt it bcos most adaptations are bad. If really wanna adapt, must use a reputable coy with lots of money lol. I suspect it all boils down to money bcos the script can be edited to be politically correct. So many battle scenes, they dun come cheap.

      Yah, I heard abt that novel in Mian Mian’s ximalaya blog but I dun dare to start it until it is substantially finished. Also, I want to know if she & Abu are the OTP. This is bcos got so many readers and that seng si lan du’s name comes b4 Abu 😦 U be the guinea pig & listen 1st then report to me lol. I m currently listening to Abu’s palace novel. He is the Manchu king lol. Btw Mian Mian might have changed the title which is why u can’t find the book. This is bcos she uploaded WGTW again but with a diff name.

      • I was excited when I heard that Who Gets the World would be adapted into a drama but I was also apprehensive because so far most book to drama adaptations have butchered the novel. Louis Koo and Feng Shaofeng are good actors but way too old for the roles!

        So is it official that there won’t be a drama? Or is it more like somewhere hanging in between?

        • U finished your exam already? Watching your fav HQG lol? So far, the adaptation project is dead bcos filming the war scene is not cheap but it can be resurrected anytime. I dun mind it being adapted if done well. Get a rich coy like Alibaba to do it. Just dun give me poor costume & crappy CGI.

          Your Kaptain at AVV already told u there are plenty of ancient novels waiting to be adapted and guess what? Most of them are from yumama 😦

      • PS. This is old news but I heard that 微微一笑很倾城 is being adapted into a drama. As a Gu Man fan, are you excited? 🙂

        • Ok la bcos I dun really like the novel as I m not a fan of online game. Secondly I dun really like the female lead but I know u r a fan of Yang Yang heehee…. I’ll watch it but won’t do recap or follow the filming.

      • Finished my exams and back to classes again! *sigh*

        Haven’t had time to catch up on HQG – watched about 15 eps and then had to go back to school LOL. I have to wait till I get an extended term break before I can watch all the remaining eps! The drama is so different from the novel that I can’t even predict what will happen next. I really love the portrayal of Dongfang and Sha Qianmo though! I think their actors are doing a superb job at bringing the characters to life. I loved SQM best in the novel (followed by DF) so it’s nice to see them well portrayed in the drama.

        I can’t speak much for the epic characterization and novel butchering though. I understand there will always be changes but not something so extensive! Oh well.

        OMG most of them are adapted by Yumama??! WHYYYYYYY? *sigh*

        As for 微微, I don’t know anything about gaming (not being a gamer myself) and I don’t like the female lead either (she’s so stiff and she can’t act). LOL I like Yang Yang enough (a promising young actor who at least puts in effort in trying to bring his roles to life) but I’m not sure if it’s enough to entice me to watch the drama, unless there’s like a YY cut or something hahaha 😀

        Have you watched the Huaxuyin drama? Apparently they changed heaps of stuff from the novel but at least the cast has good actors (especially Jiang Xin OMG SHE’S COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!), even though a bit older than the novel characters (but they can act well so that more than makes up for it!).

        • I m a novel purist so I m not going to watch HXY. The Mu Yan & Ah Fu in the drama are definitely not same as the novel & I dun like that change even though all the supporting characters may be good.

          Btw I got a rude comment which I’ve deleted from a rabid BZH’s fan saying that I m absurd to support that hypocrite revengeful bastard Dong Fang & WTF to the max. She also complained that I m misleading ppl in writing this post since I didn’t finish reading the book or watch the drama.

          I did state in my post, my opinion is based on what little I’ve read plus some summaries. Even If I finish reading, I still won’t like BZH so sue me la lol. I can’t understand how someone can be so absurd to like BZH 😛

          Everyone has diff preference. Being in the minority doesn’t mean there is something wrong with my post or my taste. We should respect each other even if we disagree with each other but what she wrote is very rude.

          Btw did the drama portray DF in a worse light than the novel & whitewash BZH? DF is no angel but I don’t find him that bad. BZH did redeem himself later but I can’t forget what he did b4. I guess I m not a very forgiving person so dun ever cross me 😛

      • And I totally agree – if a decent film studio decides to adapt Who Gets the World then I’m all for it because the story is good and I like the epic fight scenes (more my cup of tea LOL). WGTW is great because the romantic subplot doesn’t dominate the story – we also have lots of world-building and background to go along with interesting characters. One thing I can’t stand is stories that overplay the romance to the point of ignoring everything else – IMHO that’s just BAD writing…

        • Give me five, I also like more epic novel/drama but still need a dose of romance or else I’ll fall asleep lol. The icing on the top is the eye-candy male lead 😛 Dun give me too many fake CGI scenes. I need the grand scale feel, not cartoonish. I don’t really fancy harem kind drama/novel, always fighting for the emperor/prince’s affection 😦

          I think yumama will be involved in Eastern Palace, 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei & Night Song. Did I recommend u Night Song b4? It is one of my fav novel but may be too dark for u? The 1st half is very good bcos not much romance but more on survival & friendship. But part 2 is mostly on romance. I hope mama won’t turn it into a melodrama romance 😦 It is a wuxia but the setting is in the evil sect.

      • I watched the Song Ning part of Huaxuyin and that part is pretty dang good! 😀

      • Everyone has the right to their own opinions so I dunno why that person left you that rude message! 😦

        I guess you just have to ignore that person *sigh*

        They made Dongfang have this epic hatred against BZH but honestly it doesn’t affect how I think of DF cuz he’s still awesome. Zhang Danfeng is a great actor and no matter how much they try to make him a bad guy he still makes DF way more interesting and complex than Wallace’s BZH. As much as I like Wallace, his BZH is flat and bland, and I like novel BZH way more than I like drama BZH. Novel BZH at least shows some internal struggle/angsting, whereas drama BZH is just flat.

        Novel DF is more of a chessmaster who sees life as a chess game and likes to manipulate his chess pieces. Drama DF hates the immortals (including BZH) because they murdered his father (geez and they wonder why DF hates them *rolls eyes*). Either way, DF is still way more interesting so… *shrug*

        DF and Sha Qianmo are the only reasons that make the HQG worth watching for me. Zhang Danfeng portrays DF’s complexity so well. Ma Ke is excellent as Sha Jiejie – he can be fierce and badass and gentle and vulnerable.

        OTOH Wallace’s portrayal of BZH is disappointing (and I’m a Wallace fan so it pains me to say this but it’s the truth). Zhao Liying is a decent actress but her HQG is so Mary Sue (this is the script’s fault, not ZLY’s) that it’s hard to identify with her. The HQG drama is so full of character assassination – I will never forgive what they did with Zi Xun OMG they made her this batshit insane harpy who’s obsessed with BZH when in the novel she’s more like an older sister to HQG even with her unrequited love for BZH. What a Goddamn waste of Jiang Xin’s talent. Also they made Shuo Feng fall in love with Ni Mantian in the drama (WTF) which is a whole heap of stinking BS and such a disservice to Shuo Feng’s character (he’s a pretty fun guy OK).

      • I like a bit of everything in a story: action, adventure, background, romance – the mix of elements keeps things interesting 😀

        Oh yeah, eye-candy male lead is great! But I also prefer eye-candies who can act 🙂 (I’m picky LOL)

        I’ve heard of Stepmom’s Eastern Palace, but I thought it was a movie and didn’t know it was also a drama by Yumama. I heard about 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei but I don’t know what it’s about. I haven’t heard of Night Song until you mentioned it just now. The premise sounds interesting – wuxia, survival, friendship, romance … think I may have to check this out sometime! 😀

        And OMG if there’s one thing that turns me off is melodrama romance LOL. Unfortunately that seems to be what book to drama adaptations do these days… *sigh*

      • PS. I also don’t like overuse of CGI because I like more realistic scenes. And the whole harem fighting for the Emperor schtick gets old real quick. Not my cup of tea either.

      • Thanks for the link! Bookmarking the page for future reference! 😀

  7. Hello~ Can I know how many chapters are there in total for the audiobook? I tried visiting the link you guys have kindly provided but it was blocked by my computer, it says that it is a malware site T.T…

  8. Anyone agree with me? I prefer Wallace Chung to be Hei Feng Xi. His cool and cunning character is well matched.

  9. PEANUTS! PEANUTS! Are you still hanging around? Did you hear? Who Gets the World will be adapted into a drama, with my favorite actress, Zhao Lusi, playing the female lead! I fell in love with her in Love Better Than Immortality, as her chemistry and sexual tension with Li Hongyi was out of this world. Then, I watched her in Romance of Tiger and Rose, and she fully won me over with her hilarity. I am so excited to hear that she will be playing opposite the extremely handsome Yang Yang in Who Gets the World. (There are rumors that the male lead role is up for grabs and Xiao Zhan, Yang Yang, and Song Weilong are among the choices, but I think it is now pretty much settled on Yang Yang.)

    • Hi Mel, I m still around but only once in a blue moon since I am very busy with life. Yes, I heard abt it but don’t be too happy yet bcos most drama adaptations tend to stray faraway fr the novels, except Gu Man’s novels. Anyway we’ll wait & see. Happy Lunar New Year!

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