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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 14



This chapter is pretty dull about the class reunion as I felt so bored translating it 😦 Nothing much happened except to showcase Lu Jun’s niceness & slyness. Next chapter is much more interesting and we’ve a guest translator so update may be faster 😛

Chapter 14: Forced to Drink Alcohol

We speak between ourselves, completely ignore the man and woman at the side. At this moment, Linna who is unwilling to be left out moves over, her eyes wandering from time to time to Lu Jun’s face and his car. Although she is smiling sweetly, her tone is somewhat sour: “Xia Ye, I did not expect you really have a boyfriend, quite good, congratulations to you.”

Lu Jun does not say anything, only smiles slightly at the side, looking refined, polite, modest and warm.

“Thank you.” I smile implicitly to express my thanks, appearing like a shy and happy sweet little woman but my heart is secretly very pleased. Yes, quite good, at least much better than the man beside you!

Linna seems like she cannot bear to look at my cocky appearance, so she changes the subject all of a sudden: “By the way, Yu Ming and I intend to get married next month so both of you must come early to attend our wedding banquet.”

My smile becomes stiff. Although already more than half a year, thinking about that man who I’ve dated for five years marrying another woman, no matter how, the heart also feels suffocating.

When I am somewhat at a loss, Lu Jun, very naturally puts his hand around my waist, gently pulls me into his arms and replies on my behalf: “Rest assured, Xia Ye and I will be there on time to attend the banquet.” Then he lowers his head and acts like he is whispering to me: “You better take note of other people’s wedding properly to familiarize yourself with the procedures so that you’ll be well-prepared when we get married. Xia Ye, don’t you agree?”

I am listening to him telling lies with his eyes wide open. At close range, I can smell the faint tobacco odor and my face turns red. Seeing that the two persons are staring at me, I shyly and timidly nod my head: “Yes ……”

Sen Yu Ming who has kept quiet all along, seems like he could no longer stand it, so he suddenly interrupts our conversation, frowns and says: “Let us go in.”

Linna readily agrees: “Yes, yes, we should go in quickly as the class monitor and others are waiting anxiously for us!”

Lu Jun does not let go of his hand, still holds me closely, lowers his head and winks: “Let’s go.”

I secretly twitch my lip, this man is acting really well, such a waste that he didn’t get into showbiz!

He wraps his hand around my arms, when we walk into the restaurant. A lot of people are already sitting in there, talking and laughing happily. Normally in such a situation, the people who push open the door will very likely become the focal point, like Lu Jun and me and Sen Yu Ming and Linna. I notice the look of surprise in my ex-classmates’ eyes. This is natural, since the once well-known couple during university days, has each brought different partners today and they are attending the class reunion at the same time. This can really be regarded as the highlight of the night.

Perhaps because I did not attend the previous gatherings, my sudden appearance becomes a fresh topic for my ex-classmates. Maybe because Lu Jun’s appearance is too outstanding with a powerful aura, resulting in many of my ex-classmates focusing their attention on the close relationship between Lu Jun and me.

“Xia Ye, come here!” I hear a loud and familiar voice and follow the sound to a group of people sitting near the window. I see Ai Li looking excited, stands up and keeps waving at me.

Thus I walk with Lu Jun to Ai Li’s table, whereas Sen Yu Ming takes Linna to another table at the opposite direction. I vaguely hear Linna’s voice behind me: “Yu Ming, there are empty seats, so let us sit there together. ”

Sen Yu Ming replies in a deep voice: “No, I do not want to sit by the window.”


This restaurant has square shaped tables, a double leather sofa at each four sides, so each table can sit eight people.

That table by the window already has four people seated on it. They are Ai Li and her new boyfriend, a male classmate called Wu Yuan and a petite girl, probably Wu Yuan’s girlfriend. Lu Jun and I just pick the sofa with our backs to the windows.

The moment we seat down, Ai Li keeps on staring at Lu Jun and shouts: “Wah, wah, I never expect this. Xia Ye, you really moved fast!”

I am a little embarrassed and whisper in her ear: “Ai Li, his name is Lu Jun, who is my ……”

Before I get to mention the word ‘Boss’, Ai Li is already chatting excitedly and focusing her starry eyes on Lu Jun’s face with a passion: “Hello handsome! You can call me Ai Li. I am Xia Ye’s best friend, so if you desire to pry into her privacy, please feel free to contact me. I will definitely tell you everything without holding anything back! My phone number is 136 ******** ”

I feel humiliated and use my hand to stroke my forehead. With such a buddy, this is really embarrassing!

Lu Jun can’t help but smiles, even nods his head in an easy manner: “Okay.”

At this time, Wu Yuan who is sitting across from me, suddenly greets me: “Xia Ye, really long time no see.”

I look at this old classmate and sigh: “Yes, already more than a year.”

He picks up a glass from the table and pours a glass of wine for me: “You did not participate in all the previous gatherings. This time you finally come, so you’ve to drink a few more glasses of wine.”

I take the glass, look at the transparent color liquor and feel a little awkward. Before when I was studying in the university, I always drank beer with my classmates when we went out, but I have never touched liquor, so I say: “I ​​cannot drink wine, can I drink beer instead?”

Wu Yuan’s personality has always been carefree, but he seems unhappy when I decline to drink his wine: “No way, I’ve already poured you the wine, so you have to give me face and drink it. I’ll let you drink beer next, okay?”

He is right, out of politeness I can’t decline to drink wine which had been poured for me.

Seeing that I can’t decline, I am prepared to braze myself to drain the glass in one gulp. Lu Jun takes the glass from my hand and says in a considerate voice: “She really can’t drink, so let me drink on her behalf.”

I watch him raises his head slightly and help me to drink the wine, I suddenly remember: “Aren’t you having stomach problem today? Thus, how can you drink wine!?”

He shakes his head: “It is okay, this is nothing.”

Thinking about it, with his status, he ought to be attending dinner party often. Which big corporation’s boss is not a good drinker?

Several of my classmates who I used to know well come over with their wine glasses. When I see them, I tremble in fear and become combat ready. Previously I was absent too many times, so today my fellow classmates will take this opportunity to make me drink those I’ve missed.

There are also two female classmates who I am not familiar with, coming over with their wine glasses. However, they do not even look at me, their eyes occasionally stare at Lu Jun, so I don’t think they come over just for a drink. Their real motive is to get close to a handsome guy?

Sure enough, I am approached and surrounded by eight girls. One called Liu Sisi is the first to complain: “Xia Ye, we’ve not seen each other for more than half a year, do you know all of us miss you?” While saying this, her face looks unhappy, she fills up a glass of wine, hands to me and says: “Why you didn’t contact us for such a long time, so I’ve to penalize you to drink one glass first!”

I know that I am in the wrong, so I quickly stand up and take the glass. Then I giggle and plead for mercy: “Sister Sisi, I am in the wrong, so I’ll drink the wine, okay?”

I drain the glass in one gulp, fortunately the beer has low alcohol content, so I don’t feel much.

This time, Liu Sisi is satisfied and started to smile. She pats my shoulder and says: “Good girl! You must keep in touch more often in the future, don’t disappear for more than half a year again. I wanted to ask you out for a meal, but can’t find you.”

I quickly vow and guarantee: “Of course, not only a meal, in the future, I’ll be available at any time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all three meals!”

Allie is chewing her food, but she still interrupts by saying: “Bah, you only want to eat without paying!”

All the classmates burst into laughter.

In the midst of laughter, I breathe a sigh of relief. Another classmate comes forward with a glass of wine: “Xia Ye, don’t think you are done with drinking. You’ve drunk Sisi’s glass of wine, but you’ve not drunk mine!”

I try to curry favor by smiling and drink the wine without saying anything further.

Once the precedent is set, others start to follow. One by one, they make me drink and if I don’t drink means I don’t give face. Although I seldom drank beer with them during university days, they knew I can drink. Even though I want to decline also can’t. As a result, I risk my life and struggle to drink to give face to them.

I hurriedly take the glasses and drink them one by one indiscriminately. In the midst of the chaos, laughter and noise, suddenly I remember Lu Jun. I turn my head and look down to discover that he is still sitting on the leather sofa, but is surrounded by a few enthusiastic girls. Inspite of the noise, I vaguely hear them asking him: “How did you know Xia Ye?”, “How long have you known each other?”, “Where did you know each other?” and so on.

Lu Jun is such a smooth talker that he does not reveal any flaws. He is calm and able to reply quickly and fluently, describing our first encounter to be like a beautiful Korean drama. He tells lies without blinking his eyes, saying he already liked me earlier. That I am so warm and virtuous to go to his house to clean up, buy grocery to cook for him, etc. According to him, all these signify my love for him.

Oh my god, this man is really good at deceiving people, I clearly was coerced by him!

The beer is not intoxicating, but filling. After drinking, I’ve lost count of how many glasses, I finally can’t stand it anymore and beg for mercy to go to the washroom.

After relieving myself in the toilet, I wash my face with some cold water and take out a tissue to wipe clean before coming out of the washroom. On my way back, I run into an excited looking Ai Li in the corridor, so I curiously ask: “Where are you going in a hurry?”

She glares at me, grabs my arm and complains: “Going to look for you! Why did you take so long to come out? While you were gone, your man is being forced to drink alcohol on your behalf!”

“My man?”

She knocks my head: “Are you drunk? Your handsome boyfriend!”

In a short while, I recover my composure. That’s right, Big Boss Lu is acting as my man now!

When I got back, I find almost all the classmates are at that table by the window. From time to time, I can hear the sound of laughter and scream, as well as rowdy jeers: “Drink! quickly drink ……”

I could not help but start to worry. A few people tried to force me to drink and I already can’t stand it. There seems to be around at least a dozen to twenty people at the table!

Lu Jun can’t be drunk and vomiting now?

Moreover, he has stomach problem. Judging from where I stand, it is possible that he has drunk until stomach bleeding!

If he has stomach bleeding, he’ll definitely make me pay his medical expenses!

Thinking about this, I feel full of energy. I  immediately go over and try to squeeze myself into the crowd to rescue poor Lu Jun.

“Xia Ye, why are you pushing?” In such noisy atmosphere, a classmate who I am not very familiar with turns around.

I continue to try to squeeze in and says justifiably: “My man is going to die from being forced to drink too much, so I’ve to push hard!”

That classmate looks at me strangely and immediately let me through. Then I see a certain person sitting calm and composed on the leather sofa, in the middle surrounded by many people.

There are a lot of beer bottles on the table, most of which empty. However, Lu Jun’s face is not red at all, instead looks slightly pale. In contrast, the faces of those classmates opposite him are quite red, they appear drunk and about to vomit.

While I am watching, I keep asking my classmates what happened. I start to understand very quickly, foxy Lu is too cunning!

When everyone wanted to force him to drink, he suggested to play games to create a more fun atmosphere.

Three porcelain cups and a coin are on the table in front of Lu Jun. In front of everyone, the coin is put under one of the cup. Lu Jun randomly moves the three cups around a few times, then lets everyone guess where the coin is.

When a classmate guesses and gets it wrong, he has to drink a glass of beer. If he guesses correctly, Lu Jun will have to drink a glass of beer. So forth, N classmates guess and the N classmates who’ve guessed wrongly have to drink a glass of beer each. When they guess correctly, only Lu Jun needs to drink N glass of beer.

With such a rule, Lu Jun’s is undoubtedly at a disadvantage. Thus many classmates agree to play.

Because of his very slow action, everyone also can see the coin is in which cup. Many times, my classmates watched attentively, then guessed but the cup was empty, so they lost.

Some classmates resort to petty trick, pointing to two cups and said they were empty and the coin was in the remaining cup. But a coin was found under one of the two cups, so they also lost.

A few seconds for one round. A few minutes later, Lu Jun did not even need to drink a glass, but my classmates drank one after another until vomited.

When the student reunion ends, half of my classmates are completely drunk and vomit until too horrible to look.

Although the other half of the classmates are not drunk, they also do not have it easy, because the class monitor arranges for the sober classmates to take responsibility in sending the drunk classmates home.

Hence at the conclusion of the reunion party, each and every one has to carry someone or being carried by someone.

There were too many people so I didn’t pay close attention to anyone. I only know that Allie drank a glass of white wine and became very drunk, pulling at his boyfriend’s hair and saying want to sleep with him tonight. If he refuses, she’ll use her long fingernails to scratch people, so her boyfriend has no choice but to carry her back to his own home.

To my surprise, I look at Allie being carried away in princess style by the boyfriend and did not prevent it. On the contrary, I look enviously with my pair of starry eyes. It seems that it is time for me to find a boyfriend.

Although my treatment isn’t as good as Ai Li, it is still a lot better than Linna. It is said that she was very ladylike and did not drink a drop of wine. As a result, the class monitor did not make arrangement for someone to send her home. Sen Yu Ming claimed he has something on and left earlier, so she ends up being all alone.

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