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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 21



Ah, ah, ah, ah!!… Who could possibly resist this Toupai DaRen?  He certainly knows how to set the mood. ❤

Chapter 21 – Yan Du Xian [Salted Pork Soup] (6)

Yan du xian. Toupai. Toupai. Yan du xian…

Even after the dish was brought out and served up onto the table, Gu Sheng was still feeling like she was in a fantasy. She, here alone, and Toupai, also alone, sitting face to face, having yan du xian soup…… T T. She wanted to be calm and dignified and not allow her mind to wander, but this was simply, totally their first meeting, ah… Obviously, that night in the grocery store when she had been holding her dog and watching him pay definitely could not be counted as a “real” encounter.

Yan du xian was her favourite dish, and she had to wait every year for the cold weather to come before she could have it. Positively one of the most wonderful things Gu Sheng looked forward to.

And then…

Well. The most wonderful food coupled with the most beautiful voice. Sitting together…

She used her chopsticks to stab at a bamboo shoot in front of her. Her first time having dinner with a boy that was neither a schoolmate nor a relative. What should she say? T T

She lifted her gaze.

At the same moment, Toupai happened to be reaching for food with his chopsticks and glanced at her. “What’s the matter?”

Nothing. T T  Just that, Toupai, do you really think that such a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere without any speaking is a good thing for the first time having dinner together? You’re honestly not feeling awkward at all?…… Gu Sheng blurted out, “The food is delicious here.”

Mo Qingcheng chuckled, “It is indeed delicious here.”

It was a simple and clean place and was also near the recording studio, less than a ten minute walk away … It must be a place that Mo Qingcheng and the others frequented?

“I really like yan du xian,” Mo Qingcheng suddenly told her.

“Me too,” Gu Sheng echoed. “But most of the time, my dad and mom just make it at home for me to eat. We rarely go out to have it.”

“My parents are very busy with their work,” he said casually. “It seems I’ve always cooked for myself. After I graduated and lived with Jue Mei, when I was too lazy to cook, we would go out together to eat.”

Poor guy. T T

But he’s so much taller than you, even when he’s sitting… Gu Sheng, what’s up with this mood of yours, like you’re looking at a stray, unwanted cat? … She lowered her head. Keep eating, keep eating.

“Have you tried to make it before?” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was warm and gentle, as if he was having a casual conversation at the dinner table with an old friend… Wait, no, it really was a casual conversation at the dinner table. Just unfortunately, not with an old friend.

Gu Sheng shook her head in reply.

“It’s really simple.” He very naturally started to go over the recipe with her, and Gu Sheng also very naturally listened to him. “First, you blanch fresh bamboo shoot slices in hot water. Then you use cold water and briefly soak salted pork meat and cured bamboo shoots in it to remove some of the saltiness.”

Nodding, she listened carefully to him, for the recipe itself but also for his ridiculously beautiful voice.

Mo Qingcheng picked out some of the more tender bamboo shoot tips and placed them in her bowl. Unhurriedly, he continued, “Next, put some scallions and ginger in cold water and bring it to a boil. Then add the salt-cured meat and some spare ribs. I also like to add salted pigs feet. When everything comes to a boil over high heat, skim off the foamy scum on top, and then cook it for twenty minutes to half an hour.” He was recalling the recipe in his mind while saying, “After, you add both the cured and fresh bamboo shoots. When the soup becomes a milky white, you turn the heat down to low and stew it for about an hour or so.”

“What about the dried bean curd knots[1]?” Gu Sheng asked.

He laughed, “Don’t be so anxious.”


I’m not anxious…

Mo Qingcheng carried on, “Lastly, add the bean curd knots. Simmer it on low for about fifteen minutes before you sprinkle some chopped scallions on top. Then it can come out of the pot.”


She gave an “mm” in response.

She spooned some soup to drink. Delicious food paired with a beautiful voice. Such an indulgence…

When she was full and her entire body felt warm, Mo Qingcheng waved down the server for the bill. The server came over with a smile and handed the bill to him while asking, “Is she a voice actor as well, like you? She looks so young.”

Pulling out some money and placing it into the folder she was holding, Mo Qingcheng answered, “No, she is still a student.”

Gu Sheng smiled at the server.

From the looks of it, he was such a frequent customer that he and the restaurant staff could not get any more familiar than this. Probably the takeout that Toupai ordered when he was doing dubbing came from this restaurant, too?

“Oh,” the server said knowingly, like she understood something.

Mo Qingcheng smiled, tacitly affirming what the server had implied.

Amid this silent exchange, Gu Sheng felt genuinely embarrassed.

“Get dressed.” Mo Qingcheng had already risen to his feet and was holding his jacket as he explained, “It’s still quite a ways to your school. We might need to hurry up a bit.” When he was finished speaking, he once again picked up her heavy and bulging backpack as if it was perfectly normal and expected.

Gu Sheng quickly stood up, wanting to tell him that she could carry it herself.

Her words had reached the tip of her tongue and she was just about to say them when a burst of gleeful laughter was heard coming from the doorway…

Without even needing to turn around to look, she broke out in cold sweat. Such a familiar sound, you know? T T

All you DaRens, do you really need to treat this like the local cafeteria? You know, you can occasionally have a change in tastes, k?…

“MO! QING! CHENG!” Fei Shao chortled loudly, “Weren’t you accompanying someone back to school? How come you’ve been ‘accompanying’ for 45 minutes now, and you’re still hanging around the recording studio, huh?”

“Don’t expose our Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen.” Dou Dou Dou Bing pulled off her scarf with a grin. “Was it tasty, Sheng Sheng? The food here is not bad, is it?”

Gu Sheng did not even dare open her mouth to speak, so she simply squeaked out an “mm” in reply.

“Yan du xian?” Wwwwk sauntered over, his eyes sweeping over the table. “Toupai, you are such a disloyal friend… I’ve been saying for the last two days now that I wanted to have yan du xian, but you refused to go eat it with me …”


With a show of seriousness, Jue Mei placed a hand on his shoulder and told him, “There’s Sheng Sheng now. Who’d still want to eat with you?”



Everyone was chattering away delightedly.

Even the server was beaming like a blooming flower as she listened in.

Gu Sheng was dying from embarrassment. Quietly, she looked over at Toupai and said softly, “Let’s go?”

He smiled, “Okay.” Glancing over at Jue Mei, he stated, “Going now.”

Jue Mei gave him a look that was meant to say, “Bro, you are free to come and go as you want; I’m not stopping you.” Casually pulling out a chair, he sat down at a large, round table and instructed everyone, “Sit down, sit down. We’ll just pretend we never saw Mo Qingcheng, eh. Don’t make Sheng Sheng feel awkward. Then she won’t want to come next time…”


T T  You can pretend for something like that?

And anyways, Jue Mei DaRen… you guys are done with your jokes already. Now that you’ve had your fun, you’ve finally noticed I feel awkward?…

In a rather resigned fashion, Toupai patted Jue Mei on the shoulder and then departed from there with Sheng Sheng, leaving the group behind them to their own delighted chortles and chatters as they continued to order their dishes for dinner.


The two of them caught the bus without any issues. It was already past eight o’clock at night so there were not many people, and the back half of the bus was empty. Together, they sat in the very last row. The two of them were the only people occupying that entire row of six seats.

“You sing so well. Why have you never gone into singing and only stuck with voice acting?” Gu Sheng had wanted to ask this question for quite some time now.

He, on the other hand, did not seem to place much regard on the issue. “Singing requires more effort.”



The bus turned a corner. Their trip had only just begun.

She did not know what to say to Mo Qingcheng. They couldn’t keep talking about vocal recording the whole time, right?….

But, besides singing and voice acting, she really did not know what she could talk to Toupai about.

After all, she couldn’t go telling him that the lecturer for her two classes tomorrow morning was going to be that old teacher who could put people to sleep the instant he started his lessons, right?…

However, the good thing was, Toupai finally did not need to help her carry that heavy bag of hers any longer and had placed it on the empty seat next to him. At least… she did not need to feel guilty about that anymore.

Gu Sheng’s thoughts were starting to wander. She began to contemplate how she could get to her bag first when it was time to get off the bus so that he would not actually have to carry it for her all the way back to her dormitory…

All of a sudden, she heard a quiet voice.

Very light, very relaxed. He was singing in a deep, pleasant voice.

She looked at him in surprise.

He, too, was looking at her, those deep black eyes with the upward-turned outer corners carrying the hint of a smile in them, as he casually sang.

The empty, spacious interior of the bus did not easily allow sound to transmit to the front, and therefore, in this moment, only she could hear Qiang Qing Ci singing “Ge Wei Yang” [Song Has not Ended]. It was a song very suitable for singing at night. Listening quietly to it, there was a sense of old Shanghai’s languid, lavish atmosphere.

The bus came to a stop at a red light.

His singing, however, did not stop.

As she listened, Gu Sheng felt as if she would not be able to breathe. It was too beautiful a voice …

She quickly turned her head away and continued to fix her gaze on the view outside the window.

“Who is still nostalgically singing?
That familiar song has still not come to an end
The lights have been extinguished
The people have all left
But the longing continues to entangle

I am a wave, continuously drifting and pursuing
Occasionally coming to rest in your heart
I cannot slow my pace
Can only hurry along
Then suddenly, I have already crossed the ocean


As she listened to him, she thought, this was such a wonderful night.

Such a beautiful voice singing such a beautiful song.

T T  If she could only record it, it would be even better…



[1]百叶结. Orig ‘bai ye jie.’ Literally meaning “a knot through a hundred sheets.” When hot soy milk is exposed to the cooler air, a skin forms on the surface. This skin can be lifted off and dried to created a sheet of soy/tofu/bean curd skin. Dried bean curd knots, or tofu skin knots, are made by slicing the slightly moist bean curd skin into strips, tying a knot in each strip, and allowing to dry.


Dried bean curd knots (image credit)


Additional Comments:

Those who watched Shanghai Bund 2007 with Huang Xiao Ming should be familiar with the original female version (sung by Echo) of the song, 歌未央 [Song Has Not Ended], in this chapter. This particular male cover sung by 柯暮卿 was recommended by MBFB herself, although I didn’t realize that until after I spent an afternoon listening to all the male covers out there and finally deciding this one was the best.  If you visit the singer, 柯暮卿 5sing page for this song, the comments below are all screaming, “Toupai DaRen!” “Qiang Qing Ci!!” “I came after reading the novel.” “Hahaha.  Everyone is here because of Toupai!”

Anyways, here’s the translated lyrics.

[0:29] 是谁还留恋的吟唱
Who still is nostalgically singing?

That familiar song has still not come to an end

[0:43] 灯光已熄灭
The lights have been extinguished

[0:46] 人已散场
The people have all left

[0:50] 思念继续纠缠
But the longing continues to entangle

[0:57] 我是随波逐的浪
I am a wave, continuously drifting and pursuing

[1:04] 偶尔停泊在你心房
Occasionally coming to rest in your heart

[1:11] 放不慢脚步
I cannot slow my pace

[1:14] 只能匆忙
Can only hurry along

[1:17] 转瞬间已越过海洋
Then suddenly, I have already crossed the ocean

[1:26] 那些被淡忘的时光
Those times that have faded from memory

[1:32] 是否别来无恙
Are they still well since our parting?

[1:39] 他日若还能活过往
Perhaps in the future, I will still be alive, and what’s left of the past

[1:45] 也许只剩一句轻叹
may only be a single sigh

[2:32] 我是随波逐的浪
I am a wave, continuously drifting and pursuing

[2:39] 偶尔停泊在你心房
Occasionally coming to rest in your heart

[2:46] 放不慢脚步
I cannot slow my pace

[2:49] 只能匆忙
Can only hurry along

[2:53] 转瞬间已越过海洋
Then suddenly, I have already crossed the ocean

[3:01] 那些被淡忘的时光
Those times that have faded from memory

[3:07] 是否别来无恙
Are they still well since our parting?

[3:14] 他日若还能活过往
Perhaps in the future, I will still be alive, and what’s left of the past

[3:20] 也许只剩一句
may only be a single sentence

[3:28] 那些被淡忘的时光
Those times that have faded from memory

[3:35] 能否再来一段
May we relive them just once more

[3:42] 而我是不是还依然
And am I still

[3:48] 你曾经眷恋的模样
The same person you once yearned for?

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  1. Such smooth moves, it makes me wonder if Toupai have any ex girlfriend where he sang the songs to woo their hearts. Btw hoju I tried searching piano covers of 上邪. Do you happen to know any link of anyone playing?

    • Yup, I agree. He’s just a little too smooth. Their budding relationship seems a bit too imbalanced right now. She treats and thinks of him as an idol, and not as someone real that she can actually have a relationship with. I hope the novel shows how she moves past admiring the perfect, ideal Toupai to accepting the real one.

      • Toupai is indeed smooth, although I’ll just attribute that to his amazing EQ. This seems to be a common trait of MBFB’s male leads, and none of them are players.

        While their relationship is definitely budding, it’s still unbeknownst to Sheng Sheng. Toupai is still in the “actively pursuing” phase, and Sheng Sheng is still in the, “OMG, I just met my idol” phase, although she is starting to be attracted to him. We do have 30+ chapters to go… 🙂

    • Jue Mei said in ch. 3 that Toupai had never had a girlfriend before.

      Here’s a piano cover. I have to say, the person playing it has a much better ear than me. Just wish that she had occasionally put more solid and rhythmic chording, especially in the bass. The arpeggios are pretty and all, but I’d love to hear the grand feeling this song evokes. However, it’s still amazing she could do all that by ear. 🙂

      • Thank you for the piano cover link hoju! With no girlfriend and such smooth moves, it makes me wonder if Toupai has been waiting for his ‘fated’ one ‘Sheng Sheng’

        • My humble opinion: Yup. Toupai seems like he knows exactly what he wants. He himself has said how busy he is, so that’s probably one reason for not having dated anyone prior to this.

  2. this toupai.. aiyooo.. he’s one of a kind.. he’s gentle but cool.. he’s sweet but not cheesy.. he’s just something.. LOLs..
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    • *Sigh* Isn’t he dreamy?

      *tsk tsk* Yui, do you have an overactive imagination. 😀 Toupai is very much a gentleman. Although, I can tell you the night has not ended for Sheng Sheng yet. What that means?… Catch me on Saturday *your time*. 🙂

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    • Woohoo! I’ve passed on my Toupai and Sheng Sheng insanity to someone else. Symptoms: grinning like an idiot with a dreamy expression in the eyes.

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    • Serious, my imagination went overactive. Dim lights in the nighttime bus, no sound except for the low hum of the bus engine, a gorgeous voice singing such a relaxed tune…

      ( ⊙ o ⊙)

      *another dreamy sigh*

  6. Man! Hes smooth……… I agree that hes smooth but not cheesy and men with brains are a weakness of mine
    Sigh! Toupai can you plz appear and sweep me off my feet?
    Thanks Hoju. U made me rush through morning meetings and sit grinning like an idiot at work 😀

    • You would love most of the author’s male leads then. They’re all high IQ and EQ. But Toupai is probably my most favourite because he is so darn… amazing.

      *idiot grin with Emaan*

  7. Hoju thanks 🙂 I never eat that Yan Du Xian 🙂

    • Neither have I. I’d never even heard of it. That was by far the hardest recipe so far to translate because I had to research it so much. But it looks delicious… made me hungry.

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    The picture is so cute but I wished the artist had drawn a much bigger bag. I imagined Toupai to be lugging a huge backpack. And why doesn’t Toupai drive a car…..but I guess it’s more romantic to ride in a bus, seated in the last row and especially if you have to sing a song as well….waalaaalaalaaa….

    Thanks a bunch, Hoju…

    • I said the exact same thing, Xinn. My heart would flutter as I read this novel…

      That’s just a picture I found from googling. It wasn’t drawn specifically for RRMY, but I felt it was pretty appropriate for the chapter. Sheng Sheng’s obsession with her giant backpack makes me imagine one of those backpacks you see when people go hiking or out to the back country.

      Who said Toupai doesn’t drive a car? 😉 But, yes, the bus is definitely more romantic… And takes longer, so they have more time together. Toupai DaRen, you had it all planned, didn’t you? LOL

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    Love the song indeed, so sweet and remind me when I was a student and
    Someone sang to me. Sob now.

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