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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 22



The night is still not yet over for Sheng Sheng…

Chapter 22 – Yan Du Xian [Salted Pork Soup] (7)

When the two them arrived on her campus, many people and cars were coming and going in front of the graduate student dormitory.

Everyone was returning back to school today, and many old, familiar faces, flush with a rosy glow from eating, drinking, and being merry over the winter holidays, brushed past them.

After greeting a few people along the way, Gu Sheng sensed that she could not let this continue. Nearly everyone who said hello to her would give her a look afterwards that seemed to say, “Sheng Sheng Man, you are one lucky girl” … Toupai was walking leisurely beside her and admiring her campus, as if he did not mind in the least all those gazes that were both openly and secretly eyeing him over.

If… those fans of his in the 2-D world found out that … their very own Toupai DaRen was being ogled by so many girls, they would definitely band together and all take headshots at her, k? T T

She stopped.

Mo Qingcheng also stopped.

“Here is good enough. Thank you… um, you.”

DaRen, please don’t ask to go up and look around my dorm…

Today was the only day that the dormitory building was freely open for anyone to come and go. Please, please don’t ask, or else I don’t know how I’ll be able to refuse you, aaah …

“Alright.” He finally handed her backpack back to her. “See you next time.”

“Mm. Bye.”

At last carrying her own bag again, she turned around.

Step by step by step by step, she walked forward. Didn’t dare to look back. So wanted to look back. Didn’t dare to look back. So wanted to look back… The backpack she was hugging in front of her was honestly so darn heavy. If she had known ahead of time that Toupai would be carrying it the whole way, she would not have brought so many snacks. You glutton, Sheng Sheng Man. Look! You’ve exhausted Toupai. T T

Finally, she made it into her dormitory building, past the glass doors, where she took a couple steps to the left and then furtively turned back around. From a corner where Mo Qingcheng could not see her, she looked back out to see if he had left yet.

It seemed Mo Qingcheng had watched her enter the building, and now, he cast a glance at his watch.

“Gu Sheng!” From outside the dormitory building, Geng Xiaoxing’s voice suddenly rang out. “Who are you looking at, hiding beside the door like that? A handsome guy?!”



Let me die… Oh Heaven and Earth, hurry and send a lightning bolt down to strike me, please…

Frozen in place, Gu Sheng watched as Geng Xiaoxing bounced and skipped her way up to her. In her peripheral vision, she could see Mo Qingcheng very clearly lower his arm. With an amused expression, he cast a glance over in the direction of where she was concealed before turning around and leaving.



He must have heard. For sure he heard. T T

“Why are standing here so stupidly? You were fine on the phone yesterday.” Geng Xiaoxing beamed at her as she stretched out her hand and waved it in front of her face. “Tell me now! What happened in your meet-up with Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen, huh?”

Gu Sheng threw a wordless glance at her.

“Jue Mei just sent me a message in WeChat. Daren personally escorted you back to the school? Whoa, you guys are progressing really quickly …” Geng Xiaoxing’s tone was filled with all sorts of envy. “Is Toupai really that handsome?”

Gu Sheng continued staring at her in silence.

After suffering through several hours of shock and incitement, she did not have the energy to deal with anything Geng Xiaoxing had to say. All she could think about was that Geng Xiaoxing’s loud mouth had utterly destroyed the image she had tried so hard to maintain through the afternoon and evening.

Peeping out secretly at him. So humiliating.


Of the four people in her dormitory room, only the two of them were directly being admitted into postgraduate studies. The remaining two roommates had already headed off to internship positions.

They likely were not going to return until tomorrow to go through the motions of reporting back into school and then head right back to their jobs.

As a result, tonight it was just the two of them again.

Geng Xiaoxing tried several different ways of trying to probe out some information but to no avail, so eventually, she turned the focus of the conversation directly to Jue Mei. Gu Sheng finally relented and, sitting on her bed reading through her YY messages, she said, “Very tall. Um… Really domineering air. Super domineering… Anyways, as long as he’s not joking around, he has a huge amount of presence.”

And when he is joking around T T, he is like a triad boss… A cultured type of triad boss.

“Ooh …” Geng Xiaoxing climbed onto the ladder of her bed, but then stayed there, almost half-sprawling herself on the rungs while she held onto the head of the bed for support. “Tell me more.”

Gu Sheng very dutifully contemplated for a moment before saying, “How about next time you just come along with me? … You guys have been having your underground relationship for so long anyways.”

“We don’t have an underground relationship!” Geng Xiaoxing made a grab for Gu Sheng’s foot in protest.

As she rolled out of the way, Gu Sheng chortled, “It is so an underground relationship!”

Geng Xiaoxing crawled up threw herself completely onto Gu Sheng’s bed.

“Don’t, don’t!” Gu Sheng pointed at her computer. “I’m holding my computer. Don’t break it.”

Geng Xiaoxing carefully avoided her computer. Suddenly, she clued in to something. “When is the next time you’re going to meet again?”


“Didn’t you say ‘next time’?”


Gu Sheng did not know why she had said “next time.” Maybe it was because Toupai had said “see you next time”?

She stammered for a little bit until she saw a message from the president of her music association: Sheng Sheng Man, where did you go?…… Tonight was supposed to be your night on singing duty. I’ve been holding the fort for you for half an hour already… Hurry up and come!

She was taken aback briefly but then quickly remembered. Tonight was her night on singing duty for her own music association, ah T T…

“I can’t talk with you now. Can’t talk now. I need to go sing…” Slipping on her headphones, she explained in a very guilty tone, “Today was my turn to do singing duty for my association… and I completely forgot.”

The look on Geng Xiaoxing’s face showed that she was relishing in a certain someone’s predicament, but she finally let her go.

When Gu Sheng entered the YY channel, she immediately heard the association president plaintively singing the song, “Ling Wu” [“Realization”] with a small voice filled with mournfulness. When he saw her name pop up, he instantly cried, “Sheng Sheng Man DaRen… you’ve finally come.”

Gu Sheng typed back: I forgot…

Association president: “Head straight up onto your mike… I’m nearly out of breath from singing so much. Everyone, please wait a minute. We are going to change singers right away.”

Gu Sheng private messaged the association president: Um… Weren’t there supposed to be two of us on singing duty? Where’s Zou Diao’er?

The president private messaged her back: He said he had a date. He said, in his twenty years of life, this was the first time that the person professing love to him was not a male and was actually a girl. So, he absolutely, positively had to make it to his date…

Gu Sheng: …… Best wishes to him.

Association president: I held the fort for you for half an hour. Sing as you wish for another hour and then retreat.

Gu Sheng: Okay.

The association president got off his microphone and started to wind down. Gu Sheng got onto her microphone and a couple of songs, casually humming along while perfunctorily collecting virtual roses. The music association she was in was small and did not have a fixed fan base, and hence, every week, there were two days in which singers from the association would sing on the association’s channel to try to increase popularity. Placing her laptop on the small computer desk, she seated herself properly in front of it, her legs curled up to her chest, and started to sing.

While she was singing away, she heard an alert from her mobile phone.

Still singing her song, she rapped on her bed at Geng Xiaoxing, motioning for her to hand the phone to her.

When she took it, she saw that Toupai had sent over a text message: I’ve arrived home.


She immediately sang off key.

Clearing her throat, she said, “Excuse me. I’m just going to answer my phone.”

The background music was continuing to play as she replied to his WeChat message: Good to hear that you’re home… Thank you for accompanying me back today ^^

She pressed send. For some reason, though, something did not feel quite right.

Yet, she could not quite place what was wrong… It seemed as if she and Toupai had suddenly taken a huge step forward and had progressed to a stage where they were very familiar with one another. But, besides knowing that his name was Mo Qingcheng and that he was the Internet’s famous Qiang Qing Ci DaRen, she honestly did not know anything about him at all…

She tossed her mobile phone aside and began flipping through her folder on her computer, trying to find a song to sing.

While she was still thinking, she somehow unconsciously opened up the background music to “Song Has Not Ended.”

Having listened to it not long ago, it was still deeply impressed on her mind, so she decided she might as well take advantage of this opportunity to practice it. Of course… she would definitely not be able to sing it like Toupai, with such feeling and so perfectly. She followed along with the lyrics, singing gently.

Out of the blue, she heard the association president’s voice excitedly interrupt, “Ah! Am I seeing things? How did we suddenly break 1000 listeners in such a short period? I’ll say… Hey girls, have you all come to the wrong channel?…”

Gu Sheng was taken aback.

“Mr. President, you’re not seeing things…” Zou Diao’er’s voice rang out. “I feel like I rushed back for nothing…… AH, AH, AH, AH! What did I just see?! My idol and god! Toupai DaRen!”

“Where, where? Where’s Toupai Daren? Daren, you really have graced us with your presence here! … Soooo touched!”

Gu Sheng instantly understood. And instantly did not know how to sing anymore…


Toupai came…

The problem was, she was singing “Song Has Not Ended,” the song he had just sung on the bus, AH, AH, AH, AH!


On the public comment screen, Qiang Qing Ci very simply typed a smiley face.

Straightaway, there were more than a hundred comments of “Ah, ah, ah, ah! Screen cap!” …

DaRen, our association is going to be having a one year anniversary celebration concert very soon. May I invite you to it? Ah, may I invite you?” The association president was not able to keep his cool in the least bit…

Qiang Qing Ci typed another smiley face: If I am not too busy with work, I will likely be there.

Immediately, there were more than a hundred comments of “Ah, ah, ah, ah! Concert!” …

Gu Sheng honestly felt she could not keep herself together any longer. She let the background music play away as she buried her face into her knees. She was so embarrassed she wanted to die… This entire night, she had basically embarrassed herself enough to last her whole lifetime, you know, you know? T T

44 thoughts on “Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 22

  1. Toupai! Toupai! He just does the things she least expected hey? 🙂 Sheng Sheng is dying from embarrassment hahaha. He’s slowly creeping his way into her heart isn’t he

  2. How does Toupai know that Gu sheng is in that association channel?

  3. Ahh.. I am finally able to catch up after my vacation. (= Thank you Hoju!! Oh how I missed Sheng Sheng and Toupai!

    ‘Cus I missed them so, here’s my fan fiction of the events leading to the end (Ahem, I’m not really good at it but this is how I would picture it):

    Toupai walks in door to home.
    Jue Mei: Our Toupai is so smooth escaping all of us. What did you two do afterwards? *wink*
    Toupai: Ignores comment as he texts Sheng Sheng
    Jue Mei: Fine don’t talk. I’ll try to see what I can find out.
    **Takes out phone to WeChat Geng Xiaoxing
    Jue Mei: Did you find out anything from Sheng Sheng?
    GXX: No, she ignored me the whole time and wouldn’t spill anything. She mentioned something about next time. Luckily for her, she was pulled away to singing duty from her music association.
    Jue Mei: Oh really? What’s the channel address?
    GXX: ********
    Jue Mei to Toupai: Sheng Sheng said something about seeing you next time.
    *Toupai ignores him*
    Jue Mei: Looks like your Sheng Sheng is gracing her beautiful voice singing on her music associations channel.
    *Toupai ignores him*
    Jue Mei: Don’t you want to know which channel?
    *Toupai continues to ignore him*
    Jue Mei: Fine. It’s ********.
    Toupai ignores him and goes to his room and casually enters the channel hears her singing the song he sang to her. He smiles to himself and listens to her sing thinking back to the bus ride. ^^

    But then another part of me thinks that Toupai could be a natural stalker. He probably already knows which associations she’s in when he tried to dig out information about her 2D world/real life background. I’m sure her info is also on her YY channel. However, I find this more fun with Jue Mei teasing him.

    • That was brilliant! I can totally imagine that happening. Nice one!

    • Haha…that’s a good one…👏👏

    • I love it!

      I’m sure Jue Mei/GXX pair is one of Toupai’s biggest sources of insider information on Sheng Sheng.

    • That’s a hilarious little end-of-chapter fanfic, chang’er. I love it. 🙂

      Hoju, I miss this story so much that I am re-reading it. I have recently started a new job and the hours and pace are grueling. I no longer have time to write my stories, at least, not for a few months. I am finding some comfort in re-reading Really, Really Miss You. Thank you for your wonderful translation.

      • Mel, nice to hear from you. 🙂

        I re-read this story at least a couple times every year. It makes me very happy. There’s something magical about it. ❤

        Sorry to hear that you are so swamped. Hopefully it is at least a job you enjoy? I'm glad Toupai and Sheng Sheng can help ease the stress a little bit.

        Hope you are well!

  4. Toupai is awesome. He isn’t only creeping his way into Gu Sheng’s heart, he’s also creeping into mine.
    Where can i find real guys like this ah?

  5. Chang’er, hmm that makes sense, haha. You’ve just added an epilogue to the chapter. You seem to be good at this, thanks ^_^

  6. Ah toupai.. What next? What will he do next? He’s so smart and smooth.. He’s unpredictable.. I still wonder, how he falls for her? What makes him falling in love with gu sheng? 🙂 and thank you Hoju.. Cant wait for wednesday ^^

  7. Thanks Hoju 🙂 how he knows Sheng Sheng was sing 🙂 Toupai you miss Sheng Sheng so much just meet already want hear Sheng Sheng voices again 🙂

    • Go up and check out chang’er’s comment with the little mini fanfic. I think she’s pretty close to what actually happened, and that’s how Toupai knew Sheng Sheng was singing. 🙂 Of course he wants to hear more… 🙂

  8. Sheng Sheng is so cute peeking at him. I can totally imagine doing that myself in that situation. Ah her friend just cracks me up. Nice timing. What a friend! Hahaha.

    And oooo will we hear a duet in that association anniversary?

    • Bahaha! I’m sure Sheng Sheng was absolutely mortified, considering how easily embarrassed she is. GXX’s comment was just hilarious.

  9. LOL. Sheng sheng is so adorable. ^^ Oh, Toupai, you make your fangirls go crazy. This concert will be flooded with your gazillion fans if you’ll go there.

    • Probably not just the concert. Sheng Sheng’s music association’s YY channel is probably going to gain a ton of Toupai stalkers hanging out there too.

  10. What a total embarrassment it was for Sheng Sheng to be caught peeking on Toupai. But then again, he is being extremely naughty too, he surely must have already guessed Sheng Sheng is having such strong feelings for him too. Oh why doesn’t he quickly confess to her….I know I m stepping on the accelerator here…but I feel he’s leading poor Sheng Sheng on…

    • I imagine black belly Toupai weaving a net and slowly bringing Sheng Sheng in. But he’s probably working on it slowly for fear of scaring away easily embarrassed Sheng Sheng. Keep in mind, they only *just* met a few hours ago. If he dropped any confessions, Sheng Sheng’s little heart would probably not be able to take it.

      • Silly me, their on air interaction has been so sweet and deep….don’t you just get the feeling that they’ve known each other for ages….and I’m so taken in with Toupai’s charms that I clean forgotten they’ve only met few hours ago…

  11. Hahahaha, Toupai is such a nice stalker. Poor embarrassed Sheng Sheng.

  12. being addicted to cute romance between Sheng Sheng and Toupai ^^ i’m newbie here, starting with shan shan comes to eat and continue reading silent separation and this. really love the way Toupai crawling into sheng sheng heart ^^ thank you Hoju ^^

    • Welcome! I’m so glad you found us and are enjoying the translations! If you haven’t, check out Peanuts’ Wipe Clean translation too.

      I think I love Toupai because, despite this blog’s fans noticing his stalker qualities ;), he is always gentlemanly stalker. If I were Sheng Sheng, I wouldn’t mind a stalker like him either and he would definitely crawl into my heart.

      • Love the term ‘gentlemanly stalker’. But yeah he is that. One of my all time fave ‘gentlemanly stalkers’ was Amasawa Seiji from ‘Whispers of the Heart’ by Hayao Miyazaki (a.k.a. Studio Ghibli). If any of those two do stalk me, I’ll be a happy stalkee (I just invented a term) hahaha.

      • I have already checked Wipe Clean translation out and really enjoy it, thank you for your recommendation ^^ love Toupai’s stalking more than Boss Lu Jun tricking. Both of them are really hard (almost impossible) to find in reality hahahaha….

  13. MQC is so sweet!

    but isn’t there a kind of disconnect? with MQC being serious in pursuing GS in real life, and with GS not being in the same plane of existence so to speak (she is still stuck in 2D/QQC most of the time)?

    • Indeed. Gu Sheng is still starry-eyed over Toupai. Toupai has been working on her, bringing their interactions slowly into a more real life grounding, but really, they just met. Let’s watch and see what Toupai is going to do to try to bring her around.

  14. I feel you, Sheng Sheng. Dying from embarrassment. Hahaha. Got caught in these situations often! However, keep fighting Toupai!! Thanks Hoju!

    • I somehow can’t picture Toupai “fighting.” He’s so smooth he’s just slowly leading Sheng Sheng in the direction he needs her to go.

  15. Omg so much happened in one day haha.
    Thanks hoju~

  16. So i came back to reread and download the songs posted so i can listen as i read but most links have copyright issues 😞

    • Oh darn. I fixed this one. I’ll have to one day find time to any other ones. If you find more, you can drop me a comment as well, and then I won’t have to go hunting. 🙂

  17. Thank you for the chapter~

  18. The second hand embarrassment is strong with this one….

  19. I’m not sure if this question has been put forth… but can someone tell me what is Sheng Sheng’s major? I mean what is she studying?

  20. And Hoju, I do read the translation of the songs. Thank you. ❤️

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