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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 3



Now you know how the Chinese book covers look like. The cover with the cat is the latest commemorative edition. If you can understand Chinese, you can read the book and/or listen to the 2 incomplete radio drama. But if you are thinking of using google translate then I’ll advise you not to do it. The book has 15 chapters so I’ve already translated 20% of the novel. Hence be patient as the end is in sight 😛

As promised, I’ve included a fan-made MV with spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch it. But do listen to the 2 songs with English translations in the MV as they are rather meaningful and only give minimal spoiler. Heehee, needless to ask who is the male lead in the MV. Hey, I didn’t make it so I am not being bias 😛 Anyway, do you like the MV and the songs? A big thank you to bongsd & hoju for helping me with bits and pieces of the novel translation. Bongsd has self-interest in that she is hoping that her Chen Xiao & Zhao Li Ying will be the leads in any adaptation 🙂

Chapter 3: Support Group

At night, An Ning chatted for a while with her mother. Then Qiang Wei came online to look for her. Since Mrs. Li was a little sleepy, she yawned and said goodnight to her daughter before going to her bedroom.

Qiang Wei: Looking at unorthodox stuff?

An Ning: I am eating snacks.

Qiang Wei: Fattening, strive hard to get fat!

An Ning: I am eating pollen, seemingly for losing weight.

Qiang Wei: Why are you eating this kind of stuff? ! Be good, quickly go and eat meat. Go, go, go!

An Ning: In the afternoon, I saw an old lady carrying a bag full of honey and pollen in the neighborhood. She was carrying such heavy stuff on a rainy day, so I bought a jar of honey and a jar of pollen from her. After buying them, of course I’ll eat them since it is not good to waste stuff.

Qiang Wei: Ok, back to my topic. Jiang Xu told me something today. He said he saw you having dinner with a guy last night.

An Ning: ^ _ ^ Senior brother really has good eyesight.

Qiang Wei: He said that person is from the Faculty of Foreign Studies. A person who appears and disappears in quick succession. When did you mess around with such a person?

An Ning: Well, I am also thinking, when ……

Qiang Wei: ……

Qiang Wei: Forget it. The contest will be on next Tuesday, what song do you think I should sing?

An Ning: Two butterflies?

Qiang Wei: Add a twist and a rural folk dance? Can you be more serious with your recommendation?!

An Ning smiled while looking at the fierce emoticon that jumped out of the dialog box. She saw her mobile phone on the desk, hesitated then picked it up ……

“What song do you like to listen to?”

After An Ning sent the message, she came to realize …… her action can be regarded as checking up on the judge’s taste?

When she decided to disregard her previous action, he called her directly. An Ning hesitated before answering the call, “…… Hello.”

“Still not asleep yet?” His voice over the phone sounded somewhat deep and low, with a bit of softness and light flavor.

An Ning: “I am going to sleep soon.”

A low and soft female voice can be heard over the other end of the phone and he said “Wait a moment”. Actually, An Ning thought “goodbye” also can ……

While ‘waiting’, she looked at the group chat between Qiang Wei and Mao Mao.

Qiang Wei: “Spice girls hot, spice girls hot, spice girls spice girls hot hot hot!!”

Mao Mao: ==!

Qiang Wei: Oh? You can understand, ah, I thought I need to translate for you.

Mao Mao: ==! This symbol means I don’t understand.

Qiang Wei: Don’t understand ah.

Qiang Wei: 辣妹子辣,辣妹子辣,辣妹子辣妹子辣辣辣!!

Mao Mao: ==!

Qiang Wei: What, you don’t even understand Chinese ah!

An Ning laughed out loud. Then she heard the voice on the other end of the phone asking, “Did you apply for the university’s special learning research?”

An Ning was astounded, how did he know? She just went to the tutor’s office to fill in the application form yesterday …… her purposes were to get two more course credits, to learn more knowledge and to get some experience …… in short the purpose was to take one course less ……

An Ning felt guilty as well as upright so she replied: “Well …… the purpose is I want to learn more stuff ……”

“Have you found anyone to work together with you?” The other party interrupted her words.

An Ning: “There are two students working together with me ……”

Mo Ting muttered: “I knew.”

“……” Knew what? An Ning was in the dark ……

Later, when chatting with her cousin, An Ning asked: Is it possible to have a very good looking and also very smart person …… uh …… to like me?

Cousin: Unlikely.

An Ning: ……

Cousin: Unless a smart person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.

An Ning: …………

An Ning returned to the dormitory on Sunday afternoon. The moment she entered the dormitory, Qiang Wei dragged her out to buy clothes.

In their group,  the one who can’t window-shop the most was Li An Ning. After half an hour, she complained she was tired. She can’t bargain and from time to time will give small change to beggars resulting in them not having small change to take the bus home. However, Qiang Wei helplessly thought she still liked to go out with An Ning the most …… because she was pleasant.

Qiang Wei: “Do you think I’ll look good wearing this or that?”

An Ning: “Both ……”

“Also look good ah?” Such a pleasant girl, Qiang Wei thought.

About the same …… An Ning thought.

An Ning: “Wei Wei, my feet are very sore, can let me sit down for a while first?”

Qiang Wei was in a good mood today, so she generously did her a favor: “Sit la.”

An Ning has just found a small sofa in a shop to sit down, she saw someone pushed open the door to come in. What a coincidence, also students from X University. An Ning can recognize them because she spoke to them before in the library ……

That two students immediately saw Qiang Wei swaying left and right in front of the mirror, “Truly enemies on a narrow road.”

Qiang Wei looked behind: “Oh, Jiang Xu’s younger female schoolmates ah.”

After looking at each other with loathing, they looked at the clothes respectively, A said to B: “In fact, clothes are something that need a person to look good in order to look good in it.”

B said to A: “If that person doesn’t look good, no matter what she wears, will also look like covered in burlaps.”

A: “Aiya, so old already, still want to participate in the talent contest. It is for second and third year university students like us to have some fun.”

B: “Some people just do not know what is called ‘self-knowledge’.”

Qiang Wei turned around: “Who are you talking about?”

A: “Did I mention anybody’s name? However, if you want to put yourself in that position, we don’t mind.”

An Ning got up and walked towards Qiang Wei, puzzled and asked: “Wei Wei, aren’t they the same age as us? I thought they are our seniors.”

Qiang Wei immediately laughed out loud!

A’s face looked pale and B’s face looked red. Then they recognized An Ning: “You are —— ”

A’s complete sentence was: You are that girl who rebuked us last time?

B’s complete sentence was:  You are that girl who I saw, leaned on the leader from the Faculty of Foreign Studies when I went to sign up for the talent contest last time?!

An Ning and Qiang Wei went into a Chinese restaurant in the city. Qiang Wei looked straight ahead and rushed to a window seat with superb view to sit down. She held out her hand, “taxi!”.  Oh no, “wrong one, should be waiter!”

An Ning hobbled and followed closely. Then she took her seat, “I’ll give you a treat?”

Qiang Wei: “Why? I should reward you with food and drink today.”

An Ning smiled and said: “After we finish eating, you can carry me back.”

Qiang Wei stared at her: “You go out and shout. Many people are willing to carry a girl like you.”

“But I’m afraid of strangers.”

“Look, a friend is coming.” Qiang Wei looked at her text message, “Mao Mao said she wants to invite us to eat dessert—— I personally think she is already so fat, can’t she eat something salty” After she put down her mobile phone, a phone call came in. After looking at the caller’s name, she burst with joy.

“Senior Jiang ah, yes, yes, currently eating. You saw us ah? Are you in the vicinity?! Then come over and eat together, the more the merrier ——”

Thus ten minutes later, An Ning ate another meal with Jiang Xu.

During the meal, senior Jiang carefully asked her two questions.

One: “Do you mind if I call you An Ning, just like Wei Wei?”

An Ning: “Well …… Wei Wei doesn’t call me An Ning.”

Two: “Do you —— know Xu Mo Ting?”

An Ning: “Yes.”

Then the famous senior became silent, turned around and chatted with Wei Wei …… Later, someone came to say hello to Jiang Xu, “You are Jiang Xu, senior Jiang …… I didn’t recognise wrongly, right?”

Jiang Xu was used to such situation, slightly nodded and said: “Yes, you are—— ”

“I am also from University Y, but a nobody.” The other person modestly waved his hand, “You are the founder of our Y University’s drumming club. I have admired you for a long time! I’m currently the keyboard player there.”

Meow Meow who was concentrating on eating her food, suddenly said “Oh”, such a familiar-sounding name ……

“Your picture has always been published on our university’s advertising pamphlet.”

“This is because the university has always treated me well.”

“Senior brother, then why did you transfer to study in X University?”

Jiang Xu smiled faintly: “I want a change in the environment to gain more experience.”

The more An Ning heard, the more she felt it was like a celebrity interview …… in the end that nobody asked for an autograph and left satisfied….. leaving behind Qiang Wei looking even more infatuated. On the way back, she kept on saying “My Romeo ah, oh, my Romeo …… ” until An Ning said ‘aiya’, “it turned out to be him.”

Qiang Wei: “Who?”

An Ning: “Uh, nothing, just that I suddenly remember a …… beautiful woman.”

Qiang Wei shook her head and sighed: “You are good for nothing, why are you thinking of beautiful woman ah ——” Qiang Wei turned back and saw An Ning has stopped walking, “What is wrong?”

An Ning: “Mao Mao ……”

At the doorway of the second cafeteria, at this moment, Mao Xiao Xu was holding a cardboard with the writing: Summary of 17th Congress Spirit …… being watched by people who went in and out of the cafeteria to have their meals.

“My fellow students, today I, Mao Mao as a starting point from the 17th National Congress report, want to discuss about the areas where work are needed to improve our university’s food and drink.”

“At the 17th Congress, President Hu pointed out the theme of the general assembly was to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. According to Deng Xiao Ping Theory and the Three Represents, important ideology will serve as guidance, thoroughly implement workable Scientific Outlook on Development, continue to emancipate the mind, persist in reform and open to the outside world, promote scientific development and social harmony.”

“Ever since a long time ago, our university’s cafeteria’s objective is to ‘serve the people’, actively develop new type of dishes, serve consistent quality food to the students and teachers, provide a solid logistics foundation for X University’s teaching and research activities. In order to build a more harmonious society and implement the party’s congress spirit, I raise the following recommendations to the university’s food and drink division:

First, the amount of noodles in the cafeteria food is too little! Can add a bit more?

Second, can provide chicken and beef food stuff in the cafeteria? Using vegetarian chicken as substitute for chicken is not a permanent solution.”

“I hope the university has the determination to implement workable Scientific Outlook on Development, increase the amount of noodles and resume the supply of chicken and beef at a reasonable fixed price, take the road of sustainable development!”

Qiang Wei meditated: “I don’t know her, I don’t know her ……  nothing to do with us, nothing to do with us……”

Mao Mao: “I’ll take this opportunity to mention, that on this Tuesday, my friend Fu Qiang Wei will participate in the university’s talent contest. My friend Fu Qiang Wei is from class 10 in the Physics Department! I hope you’ll give her a lot of support, a lot of votes!!”

Qiang Wei: “Ow, let me die now!”

An Ning laughed: “Well …… Wei Wei, when you come out to play, you always have to pay back your past debt.”

“Ahem.” Someone behind her seemed to act like a gentleman, was restraining himself from laughing and coughed softly. An Ning turned around —— stunned.

He glanced at the chubby person in the center of the crowd, five meters from here, “Your classmate?”

Can she say no …… “No, roommate.”

“Did you come back from outside?”


“I’ve just arrived, will you accompany me to take a walk?”

Such noble character, unquestionable integrity and elegant demeanor  …… but can she say no ah ……

At this moment,  Qiang Wei looked at everything before her eyes in shock!

An Ning: “……”

Xu Mo Ting: “How?”

An Ning: “Let’s go.”

Qiang Wei: “……”

That day, An Ning went to accompany him to take a walk, Actually, they did not walk much. He saw her sore feet, so he chose a cafe for her to sit down.

This Chinese cafe was located in the leisure area of the university. It was considered Chinese style because it provided a variety of Chinese dishes, including egg fried rice, beef noodle soup, casserole, etc.  She came once before with Mao Mao. After that, Mao Mao posted a comment on the campus forum “A word of warning on the beef noodles soup in an auspicious and peaceful cafe on leisure street: One, please bring your own beef! Two, big bowl refers to the diameter of the bowl, nothing to do with the noodles!”

An Ning thought even though Mao Mao kept saying she wanted to lose weight, she was actually not serious about it, it has always been like this ……

“Why are you smiling?” Xu Mo Ting looked at her and smiled faintly.

En …… did I smile? She appeared upright and cautious when she looked back at him.

He coughed once, put his hand on his lip and thought: how can …… still feel nervous ……

Xu Mo Ting: “Do you want to order your drink?”

An Ning: “Uh, can I drink purified water?”

Mo Ting ordered a cup of coffee and a glass of purified water.  While drinking the water, An Ning thought of an important question, why am I here, ah?

When she was about to say something, the other party’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and spoke a few words. After hanging up the phone, he said to her: “There are two friends coming over ——”

Huh? “Then I’ll ——”

“You meet them la.”


The two who came were Xu Mo Ting’s roommate and his girlfriend.

The moment Zhang Qi arrived, he sized An Ning up. Then he smilingly said to Mo Ting: “Pretty!” This caused his girlfriend who was next to him to shake her head.

“Sit down.” Xu Mo Ting pointed to the seat opposite of him.

Zhang Qi’s girlfriend nodded her head slightly at An Ning. After introducing themselves, his girlfriend could not help but said: “The person is just like the name (in Chinese An Ning’s name means peaceful, calm or composed).”

Zhang Qi smiled and got down to talking proper business with Mo Ting: “How are you going to reply Professor Lin? He asked me to come to be the go-between to persuade you.”

Xu Mo Ting: “I’ll consider, but basically I’ll not accept.”

Zhang Qi: “Ah, getting you to say yes is not any easier than reaching the top of the Himalayas and engrave that you had been there on the mountain.”

Over here, after observing An Ning for a while, Zhang Qi’s girlfriend asked, “Are you from our faculty?”

An Ning: “……No.”

Zhang Qi’s girlfriend quite liked this girl. Refined and delicate, somewhat frail appearance – she probably has a tendency to protect the weak.

Girlfriend: “You are also a research student, which area of specialty?”

“Applied Physics.” An Ning thought for a while and decided to say: “Actually …… the Himalayas mountaintop are covered with snow throughout the year, so you can’t engrave on it ……”

Zhang Qi who was chatting with Xu Mo Ting, suddenly stopped talking “……”

Zhang Qi’s girlfriend laughed out loud: “She is really cute.”

Oh …… did she need to say thank you?

Zhang Qi’s girlfriend: “Let’s change table to continue our chat? Leave them to talk about their stuff——”

An Ning was indifferent. When she was about to get up, Xu Mo Ting held out his hand and pulled her lightly, “No need, sit here.”

The two persons who sat opposite them, not sure were surprised or in awe. An Ning’s face inexplicably turned red.

That day, he sent her back to the dormitory in silent like before. An Ning was somewhat in a daze, because he has been holding her hand all the way …… until she went into her bedroom, she only regained her composure, to be exact she has been scared into regaining her composure.


Zhao Yang: “Meow Meow!”

Qiang Wei: “Meow Meow!!”

Mao Mao: “Meow Meow!!!”

A room filled with cats’ mew ……

An Ning: “…… Has spring arrived?”

Qiang Wei groaned: “I entrust my heart to the moon, but who knows the moon shines on the ditch …… leniency to those who confess, speak up!”

Zhao Yang: “Tell the truth!”

Mao Mao: “Man!”

An Ning: “Let me think about it.” She walked to her bed to sit down, her feet so sore today, “Well …… it should be Daji has a crush on Bo Yikao, but as the eldest son of King Wen, he did not reciprocate the feeling—— ”

Zhao Yang: “What?”

Qiang Wei: “Don’t change the subject!”

Mao Mao: “Man!!”

An Ning looked innocent: “I entrust my heart to the moon, but who knows the moon shines on the ditch —— this sentence was spoken by Daji to Bo Yikao.”

Everyone: “……”

Later, An Ning chatted with her cousin about myth and history.

An Ning: History is a very subtle thing. It is not necessarily true, but on the other hand no matter how you gloss over, there is always a trace of truth in it. It is not that it can’t be erased, just that it can’t be erased cleanly because it can never be totally clean.

Cousin: Pretentious! I’m going to your city on the 29th to look for you to go shopping!

An Ning: ……

Cousin: I’ve been learning how to drive these past few days and the test is tomorrow. Then I can drive over to your place?

An Ning: What kind of vehicle?

Cousin: Two wheels!

An Ning: Two doors?

Cousin: ……

An Ning said: If your ‘young sheep’ (scooter) gets on the highway, it’ll get arrested! Also, do you really intend to drive on the highway the moment you get your driver’s license?

Cousin: What’s so frightening about highway! The troublesome one is ​​the roads in the city centre.

An Ning: Moreover they are all one-way streets…… once you are on the wrong way, you can’t turn around and will be stuck there, then how?

Cousin: Yes, it is a problem.

An Ning: Hey …… A boy and I held hands today ……

Cousin: Oh.

An Ning: Nothing you want to say?

Cousin: If a person doesn’t have desire, there is no different from salted fish.

Meaning …… she used to be salted fish? Or still was salted fish now, An Ning was confused ……

An Ning seldom joined the class group chat, but she’ll occasionally read the chat messages.

C: The day before yesterday, when I returned home, my dog ​can’t recognise me! How long have we been separated?! So heartless!

Zhao Yang: Aiya, after all, you are not the biological parent ah ……

Qiang Wei: Got AV (adult pornographic video)?

D: I went to the cafeteria to have a meal today. I ate Chinese cabbage and gourd, really hot ah. Have they changed the chef to someone from Sichuan? Why did not inform us in advance?

E: Can’t you use your eyes to see a layer of chili floating on top?

Qiang Wei: Got AV?

C: There is swine flu outbreak over there in Mexico, hence we can’t eat pork?

Mao Mao: Then change to a vegetarian diet since I’ve recently become a Buddhist, ha ha ha ha!

Zhao Yang: China is separated from Mexico by the Pacific ocean, too early to worry, eat la!

E: Zhao Yang, don’t you know pigs can take ship to cross the ocean?

Qiang Wei: Got AV?


C: Qiang Wei, aren’t you going to participate in that talent contest tomorrow? How come you still have time to watch AV ah?

D: Ya lo, good or bad, you are still a representative from our research institute, so don’t get eliminated in the first round ah.

E: So as to prevent the people in the university to always say we are old and our sex appeals are decreasing, meow meow!

D: Speaking of which …… is Meow Meow around?

Zhao Yang: …… she was around just now but has gone to play Ikariam (an online game).

C: Speaking of this web game, I feel indignant at the injustice ah! When I was playing, I accidentally irritated my alliance, a vengeful stalker. Always block the ports, attack 11 times in a day and use the 300 times stronger troops to force me to enter into an alliance – I just don’t understand, those who are currently playing online game are all so bad?!

Zhao Yang: It is just that you met the bad people.

Mao Mao: Very sleepy ah …… it is already 11 o’clock,  go to sleep la!

Suddenly, N people rushed forth to reply, “still early!”

“No one has answered Qiang Wei’s question ah!”

Qiang Wei’s support group was huge ……

Zhao Yang turned around and asked An Ning: “She deliberately did that, right?”

An Ning has already switched off the game, because her cousin lost her footing and fell off a building, “Well …… the real intention.”

On the contest day, which was the next day, An Ning has two elective course classes in the morning. As a result, when she arrived at the venue, the contest has already started. At the venue, there was a lot of people jostling. Indeed eating and beauty are human’s biggest desire …… remembering then when she participated in the mechanics contest, only twenty people went and watched, including eight contestants. Similarly university level competition, but the difference was sky high ah.

An Ning called Zhao Yang and found out that they were inside. The doorway was packed with people inside and outside, so with great difficulty she managed to squeeze her way in. Then she immediately saw Mao Mao occupying the middle seat. The reason why An Ning can so quickly find the group was simply because Mao Mao was wearing red top and green bottom today …… dazzling brightly colored.

Zhao Yang: “You are here! Just now, someone sang the song, “The East is Red“. It is not Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) gala party, so why involved politics?”

Mao Mao: “Personal interest la.”

Zhao Yang: “Ha, then I’ll definitely sing ‘The East Will Not Lose’!”

An Ning: “When will Wei Wei make her appearance?”

Zhao Yang: “Third from behind, which means we have to wait until the end.”

Mao Mao: “Not bad la….. look at the judging panel members, second from the left, although only the rear view…… hehe, hehe ……”

Zhao Yang: “Before, when the host introduced him, I already felt he is a bit familiar-looking. Thinking about it now …… it turned out to be him, ah. By the way, Mao Mao, your laughter is too lustful.”

An Ning lifted her eyes to take a look at that person sitting on the first row below the stage. A handsome figure emitting an upright feeling …… En …… he should be a strong-willed and strict person, can be compared to …… a military officer.

An Ning contemplated: XX will surely be very difficult to use?

The next second An Ning received a text message: “Do you want to use the back door?”

An Ning: “……” Xu Mo Ting’s hand phone was stolen ah ……

“You are ……”

This time, he took a long time to reply, “Xu Mo Ting.”

An Ning seemed to have seen the sharp and firm expression in his eyes, trying to outsmart herself..…. but this was also the first time she used the back door ah ……

Thus she used her own bribery method to send him a text message: “I’ll give you a gift? What do you want?”

Mo Ting: “Keep me company tonight.”

A person who didn’t think askew was not a person…… An Ning was petrified ……

Mao Mao: “Oh, so tempting, his side profile and his hand resting on the edge of the lips look really sexy ah!”

Zhao Yang: “Where did you get a telescope?!”

Mao Mao didn’t care ……

Two hours later, it was Qiang Wei’s turn to go on stage, “Someone asked me, why is it that, even though I am so “old,” I still want to flaunt my terrible skills. I can’t help it! I like showing off! Life is like a videotape: birth, education, graduation, work, have children, and then die of old age – like being on fast-forward all the way. Why, then, don’t we enjoy and make the best of life in our most youthful years? To do whatever we want to do! So, the person who asked me this question is someone purely who had nothing to do and was looking for an argument. Needs a good beating! Well, this next song, I would like to dedicate to everyone at the research institute, my compatriots in the Physics Department, my brothers and sisters in class 10, the six girls in my dormitory, and the fellow student I love the most, Meow Meow! “In Order To Meet You”, thank you.”

“In this vast sea of hearts

Persists a type of dream

The gentleness in your hands

I so want to touch it

In this vast sea of faces

Who will I come across?

The gentleness in your eyes

Is it all because of me?

In order to meet you

I cherish myself

I pass through wind and rain

In order to hand over my heart

Until I met you

I believed in destiny

This future is worth striving for

For you …… ”

Repeat whole song again.

In order to meet you

I cherish myself

I pass through wind and rain

In order to hand over my heart

Until I met you

I believed in destiny

This future is worth striving for

For you ……

(In Order to Meet You song translation credit to cfensi)

The above fan-made MV was a present for Celine Gu Xi Jue’s birthday. The first song is In Order to Meet You, sang by Qiang Wei in the talent contest. The second song below was specifically written for the radio drama of Best to Have Met You. Just imagine Mo Ting singing it to An Ning, so sweet……..

我按下 播放键 释放回忆
Wǒ àn xià bòfàng jiàn shìfàng huíyì
I press the play button to release the memories

响起 那段 熟悉的旋律
Xiǎngqǐ nà duàn shúxī de xuánlǜ
Hearing that familiar melody

嗅着窗外的 栀子香气
Xiùzhe chuāngwài de zhī zi xiāngqì
Smelling the gardenia fragrance outside the window

唇角残留咖啡 淡雅清怡
Chún jiǎo cánliú kāfēi dànyǎ qīng yí
The residue of the distinct coffee is left on my lips

静静等 在心里五年的你
Jìng jìng děng zài xīnlǐ wǔ nián de nǐ
Quietly waiting for you for five years in my heart

我知道 一切 都不容易
Wǒ zhīdào yīqiè dōu bù róngyì
I know everything is not easy

我暗暗地已 下定决心
Wǒ àn’àn dì yǐ xiàdìng juéxīn
I’ve inwardly made a firm resolution

Zuì zhēnguì de shì nǐ de kuàilè wú jì
The most precious thing is your happiness

当 你出现我的生命里
Dāng nǐ chūxiàn wǒ de shēngmìng lǐ
When you appeared in my life

平 淡也变得那么神奇
Píngdàn yě biàn de nàme shénqí
My insipid life became much more lively

笔尖在日记本上 沙沙声音
Bǐjiān zài rìjì běn shàng shāshā shēngyīn
The rustling sound of the pen tip on the diary

Xiě xiàfēng qīng yún dàn de yuèqǔ
Writing light like wind and clear like cloud music

Dāng wǒ zài shēngmìng lǐ yùjiàn nǐ
When I met you in my life

Nà cì dì yī chǎng xuě de jìyì
That time was the memory of the first snowfall

Qīng qīng dì hūxī nǐ shēn páng de qīngxīn
Gently breathe in the freshness and cleanliness around you

安静的乐曲 最美 遇见你
Ānjìng de yuèqǔ zuìměi yùjiàn nǐ
Peacefully compose the music for best to have met you.

[00:03] If… our tears fall because of this story,

[00:10] Then it must be because (we have been) – touched.

[00:14] Best to Have Met You

Oiginal story written by Gu Xi Jue

MV by Xi Fan Hong Hu

[00:20] In their most youthful years, people will squander away their youth,

[00:29] hoping only that when they look back, there will be no regrets.

[00:36] Xu Mo Ting

[00:39] Li An Ning

[00:40] “Uh huh. My head only reaches his third rib.”

[00:42] “Friend, your card is demagnetized.”

[00:44] “Then, write out a list for me.”

[00:47] “Do you think this is a store? Hurry and get a new card and then come back to borrow your books.”

[00:50] “Here, use my card.”

[00:56] “Could it be…

[01:02] My doodling was copied from him?”

[01:06] Someone asked me, why is it that, even though I am so “old,” I still want to flaunt my terrible skills. I can’t help it! I like showing off! Life is like a videotape: birth, education, graduation, work, have children, and then die of old age – like being on fast-forward all the way. Why, then, don’t we enjoy and make the best of life in our most youthful years? To do whatever we want to do! So, the person who asked me this question is someone purely who had nothing to do and was looking for an argument. Needs a good beating!

[01:13] Well, this next song, I would like to dedicate to everyone at the research institute, my compatriots in the Physics Department, my brothers and sisters in class 10, the six girls in my dormitory, and the fellow student I love the most, Meow Meow! “In Order to Meet You”

[01:14] Fu Qiang Wei

[01:26] “I love animals from the cat family. That’s why…”

[01:32] “You sang pretty well.”

[01:36] “High school friend said there’s a gathering on Saturday…”

[01:39] Mao Mao

“A gathering? Go! It’ll be a waste if you don’t go to eat!”

[01:42] “High school…”

[02:10] “That…

[02:15] “… is my glass.”

[02:24] “It’s yours, …

[02:30] “… but so what?”

[02:35] “Please, enjoy…..”

[02:49] “I wrote a letter to you. Do you remember?”

[04:16] I remember in high school, you would be speaking up on stage, and you were so different from everyone else.

[04:19] “How so?”

[04:20] Just a feeling…

[04:22] “I saw you were so happy, and it felt different from everyone else.”

[04:27] Let’s go home.

[04:42] During your youthful years, amidst the throngs of people, you find the one you love, and you allow her to love you also – this is the greatest blessing in life.

(Subtitles translated by hoju)

33 thoughts on “Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 3

  1. “Keep me company tonight?” Wow, someone sure moves fast! Ha, it’s hard not to think askew when he puts it that way. I love decisive, confident guys. Thank you for sharing this entertaining story with us.

  2. Xu Mo Ting held out his hand and pulled her lightly, “No need, sit here.” -> BEST PART EVER!
    XMT is really something, i love this attitude.. guys like this are the best! feels like he claims her as his woman.. ouh.. dude.. not only An Ning gets blushing la.. me too! *who am i??? lols*

    and the fanmade mv.. ehem.. good choice! i could imagine Wallace as XMT.. and me as AN? LMAO.. kidding la.. don’t hate me.. 😛

    Thank you Peanuts.. fighting!

    • Haha, you like to day dream :p at most you only can be Mao Mao lol.

      Aiya, you don’t know hey cousin is tvb, in Cantonese ah. You can’t speak the language and not familiar with hk/Chinese lifestyle so maybe cannot get some inside jokes. Btw have you watched just you with Aaron before?

      • Even i cant speak but i used to watch many tvb programs, so when they laugh, i laugh lols..
        Yes i watched just you, aaron and puff guo..
        Hey cousin just watched some parts cuz im not so into the actors.. While triumph in the sky 2 and line walker i like some of those handsome actors lmao..

        No mao mao la.. An ning 😛
        I read so many novels here so i get blushing easily by LJ, toupai and this MT.. Aiyooo..

  3. Keep me company tonight…. That sound skippy to me, sounds lewd, lol. I wonder how she answered.

    Thanks for the updates, kept on refreshing checking if you already posted. This novel is surprisingly short. Too bad. Which explains their fast development. They held hands already! Well, that’ considered as fast to me. :p

    And I can’t find the video of the fan made mv. Just the 2 songs, where is it? ?_?

    • Actually that sentence is not lewd, just that your thinking is not innocent :p An Ning was stupefied so speechless.

      But 1 chapter is rather long, abt 2 chapters of other novels. Pls bear in Ming Mo Ting and An Ning’s friends are joint lead so the novel only abt 50% on romance.

      Didn’t you see the embedded YouTube fan made mv with wallace Chung? Got 2 songs in there.

  4. Is it just me? I get so confused what I’m reading. What with all the three novels I’m reading at the same time, I have to paused and rethink what the story is all about. Lu Jun/Xiao Xia, Mo Ting/ An Ning and ShengSheng/Toupai.
    Just love and enjoying it all.

  5. Thanks for the update and also the mv 🙂 oh it’s only 15 chapters peanuts 🙂 well so maybe Christmas we got present from peanuts the ending of this novel 😀

  6. 😀 thank you so so much!!! loved it 😉

  7. Thank you ! I’m waiting for ur next chapter!

  8. That was a fun read! 15 chapters of Mo Ting seems so short. Oh well at least he is moving things along quickly. Poor An Ning just going with the flow and trying to understand what is happening.

    Who am I kidding? Give me that sort of thing to worry! I don’t care if I’m always in a daze.

    • 15 chapters in this novel is equivalent to abt more than 30 chapters in other std novels as this book has long chapters. But MT doesn’t appear often so in fact MT only has 15 chapters of book time of a std novel 😦

  9. good thing An Ning didn’t refuse Mo Ting in holding hands, 😀 since it has 15 chapters i hope Mo Ting would acts fast to get An Ning’s heart

  10. another great project ❤ ❤
    many thanks for the new part

  11. Went to the link to listen to the two butterflies song. Really sweet and nice lyrics. While there I also listened to a couple of Chinese language versions and liked this one (mainly because I could hear the singer’s voice)–although i don’t speak chinese i like to listen to songs in other languages–anyway this singer might even look a little like Mo Ting. is the link for those interested.

    • I chose that link bcos there is English translation. There are a lot of better version in Chinese out there.

      I think that guy you mentioned is Jam Hsiao, a popular singer from Taiwan. No, he doesn’t look like Mo Ting at all as I expect MT to be a lot more handsome lol.

      • Yes. I know why you chose that link and it is the best for your purpose and a such a sweet voice singing. Just wanted to add more–wanted to try to imagine what it might sound like if someone were singing it in Chinese even though it was just a joke in this text to suggest this song.

        I said that because this guy had a sort of anime look to me–sort of flower boy. i don’t really imagine this kind of look when i am reading. I don’t have enough actors faces memorized to try to imagine someone playing the character. But the only thing I really know about Mo Ting by description is that he is tall and he is good looking. However, that is very broad and I was afraid to watch the video yet. I’ll listen to the songs.

        Anyway, thanks for translating. Reading c-novels is my new obsession.

  12. Hello, this is a Chinese who happened to know this site.
    It’s interesting to find that there are foreigners that like Chinese romantic novels. Haha!

  13. The humor in this novel is so cute! The catty fellow students, the hysterical friends. I really like it.

  14. I’m pondering who’s more smooth Toupai or Mo Ting? lol!!

    BTW, what’s the deal with Jiang Yu?

  15. “Why, then, don’t we enjoy and make the best of life in our most youthful years?” This line is so true, it hurts.
    Thank you, peanuts~

  16. Thank you for the chapter~

  17. thx for the chapter! ❤

  18. Thnx for the translating this novel 😁… I love silent separation and this one is also so good …their romance is cute and her aloofness is adorable haha … MT subtle seduction 😍… she unconsciously falling

  19. Im kinda enjoying their interaction now

  20. what did girl A meant by ” you were the one that rebuked us the last time?
    i knew it that Mo Ting was the person she leaned on while she was napping at the bench!!! 😍😍😍😍

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