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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 17



I hope you don’t get nosebleed from reading this chapter because I didn’t buy insurance so no compensation for you lol. Girls, don’t get too excited and don’t scream too loudly 😛

Chapter 17: Little Brother (translated by Dree and edited by peanuts)

My head starts spinning as I hear the cleaner calls my boss. Didn’t Liu Meng Xi say that the general manager’s brother is coming to work at our company, and if not as a department head, then certainly as a department manager ah! How on earth could he be working as a cleaner! What kind of logic is this ah~

While I am still stunned, Lu Jun leans forward, pats his head, and says laughingly in a mild and cordial manner: “Little Qian, do you feel okay on your first day at work?”

Little brother Lu pulls off the mask, revealing a delicate face. Although he is replying to his brother’s words, his eyes stare at me fiercely: “Today’s work was very fulfilling!”

When Lu Jun sees his brother’s grieved face, he seems rather happy, and says to him indulgently: “Whenever you want to resign, you can come and tell me anytime.”

Little brother Lu’s eyes become resolute: “Don’t even think about it! Even if you tell me to clean toilets, I will still not resign!”

Lu Jun smiles: “Ok. Then starting tomorrow, you can clean the toilets.”

Little brother Lu: “……”

I listen to their conversation and realize that little brother Lu must have insisted on working here for some reason and the Big Boss for some reason wants to force the resignation of his brother. Hence, Big Boss used me to increase little brother Lu’s workload to force him to quit!

If I had known earlier that this would have led to a feud with little brother Lu, would I still dare to not offend Liu Meng Xi…..?

At this time, Lu Jun’s hand pulls me over to his side: “Oh, I forgot to make the introduction, this is my secretary Xia Ye.”

I look down depressed as Lu Jun smilingly points to the person holding a mop, “He is my little brother, Lu Qian.”

The boss’s brother is someone I cannot offend, so I try to smile naturally and actively reach out a hand to greet him: “Hello, how do you do?”

Little brother Lu doesn’t bother to shake hand with me, only mutters a response, and continues to drag his mop around. I withdraw my hand and say to the person at my side, “This kid is really cute!”

As soon as little brother Lu hears that, he turns his head back to stare at me.

In my heart, I secretly think, “Pahhh…this troublesome child is not cute at all!”

Lu Jun’s hand rubs my head, and says casually with a smile: “Silly you, holding so many things, aren’t you tired? Let’s go.”

I am furious! Said I am silly? Who made me carry so many thing with both of my hands full?

I carry a large stack of files behind Lu Jun as we walk to the company’s underground parking lot. I get into the passenger seat out of habit, and place the files there with my already numb hands.

Lu Jun looks at my hands trembling like chicken’s claws, raises an eyebrow and says, “Is it that bad?”

I deliberately tremble more to gain sympathy, “General manager, whatever you tell me to do, I will not complain, but you should know that a woman’s strength is relatively weaker then a man’s, so it is only right for men to do the heavy lifting!”

After saying that, I look starry eyed at him and await expectantly.

He ponders for a moment and says, “What you’ve just said makes sense. Ok, then I won’t let you carry the files.”

I almost cry out, “You actually have a conscience!”

He continues on to say: “Instead, I’ll get you to do something within your capability.”

I instantly feel wary…..

He touches my head again and kindly reminds me: “For example, going to buy groceries and cooking, stuff like that.”


Tears ah ~ I have been hoodwinked. This is what I get for trying to be clever. Originally, I just need to deliver the files to his house and can leave after that. Now, it seems that I have to feed him before I can leave! Because I dug my own grave just now with what I had said, I can’t even complain now…..

“Brother, wait for me!” Lu Jun is about to start the car, suddenly a loud shout can be heard. I look out of the car’s window and see little brother Lu Qian.

He trots over, his cap has already been removed and the hair looks supple like a lovely child. His face looks delicate and fair like a girl. If not for his Adam’s apple which is moving as he is grasping for breath, I truly suspect this is not little bother Lu but little sister Lu!

He looks like a pleasant and lovely child, but he runs forward and directly shouts at me: “Why are you sitting here? Get down!”

My previous esteem for him is immediately reduced drastically and I snap back at him: “That action is too difficult, I don’t know how to do it so why don’t you do it first for me to see.”

“You!” Lu Qian looks angry and changes his target by asking, “Big brother, didn’t we come to an agreement that this seat should only be given to our family members to sit?”

Without waiting for Big Boss Lu to respond, I open my mouth to preemptively say: “Your brother has considered me a family member for a long time now, do you still not know?”

Then I look nervously at Lu Jun, and with cheeky pleasure, I see him just smile and does not deny what I’ve just said so I feel relieved. He just raises his chin with a self-satisfied look. As a result, Lu Qian can’t say anything to refute and just glares at me with great bitterness and deep hatred.

Lu Jun says to his brother sternly, “Why are you here?”

Lu Qian’s wandering round eyes widen: “My car broke down, can I not even get a ride from you?”

“Nope.” Lu Jun does not give face to him and rejects him outright, “You and I aren’t going the same way.”

Little brother Lu says as it should be by rights: “I’ll stay at your place tonight, so we’ll be going the same way?’

Lu Jun glances at him, then directly steps on the accelerator and drives the car away.

I rejoice and secretly snicker in the car but I act like a good person outwardly by saying: “He is still your little brother. Isn’t it a bit too much to do this to him?”

Lu Jun looks at me with interest and asks: “Then, should I go back and pick him up?”

I quickly wave my hands, “Better not, I think the more ruthless a man is, the more manly he is!”

In fact, I am thinking if little brother Lu is to come, I’ll have to cook one more person’s dinner tonight. If I’ve to cook more, I’ll have to buy more food. If I’ve to buy more food, I’ll have to spend more money given…

Lu Jun looks like he is smiling faintly: “Then, what do you think of my treatment of you?”

I: “In my eyes, you are the most manly of men.”

He: “……”

The car runs out of petrol, so he follows the winding roads to get to the petrol station. Eventually, we spend twice as much time to get to the apartment and by then, the sky is getting dark.

I walk behind Lu Jun like an attendant and take the elevator up to the apartment. Once we arrive on his floor, he pulls out a key to open the door but before he could slide the key into the slot, the door mysteriously and miraculously opens on it’s own!

A big boy-child acting like the owner of the apartment is standing behind the door, his right hand is holding the door’s handle. He appears calm when he complains: “Big brother, how is it that you only come home now? I took the taxi yet is still faster than you!”

For a moment, my expression is frozen. The person next to me has a very black face…..

sasuke_after_shower_by_byblackrose-d5za3x8Little brother Lu seems to have just finished bathing as he is using a towel to wipe dry his wet hair with one hand. He is wrapped in a bath towel but his upper body is bare like a gleaming hawthorn fruit . Crystal droplets of water drips down from the tips of his hair to his smooth chest. The fragrance of the shampoo and body wash emits from his whole body. I have always thought that men are most attractive when fresh from the shower, particularly when they are only wrapped in a bath towel and with their hair wet. Plus, little brother Lu is really quite handsome. After my first glance, I could no longer look away, lost in looking at the exposed parts of his body and shallow my saliva.

Suddenly, Lu Jun deliberately blocks my  line of vision. I still want to see so I shift a bit but he also moves to obstruct the view in front of me. I inwardly despise him. What is the harm in looking? Besides, the person I am looking at is your younger brother, not you. Why are you so nervous about?

At this moment, little brother Lu shifts his attention to me who is standing behind his brother. He immediately frowns and says in a cocky manner: “How is it you again? What are you doing in my house?”

I immediately feel he is not that seductive. I calmly look at him and say: “I came here to look at a monkey.”

He: “How can there be a monkey here?”

I: “I’m looking at it!”

He: ………

After entering the apartment and shutting the door, Lu Jun then starts to talk by asking: “How did you get in?”

Lu Qian continues to rub his wet hair with a towel and somewhat proudly says: ”Mom gave me the keys. You know how much she loves me. Is there anything I want that she doesn’t give?”

Lu Jun frowns and stares at little brother Lu with an ice-cold expression.

I pretend to ponder on the side, and say with nodding approval: “Ah, mothers do tend to spoil children who cannot grow up.”

Little brother Lu’s face stiffens and fiercely glares at me.

I do not want to enter a staring war with this troublesome child so I move my gaze to Lu Jun’s direction. As a result, the three of us are like the food chain cycle, one looks at the next one.

Being together with the two nasty brothers, the atmosphere becomes really weird. Thus, I quickly obtain a pink bank note from Lu Jun and flee to the wet market straight away.

Initially, I intend to cook the usual set that I did before: four dishes and one soup. Familiar, easy and also simple and save money, but because of how late it is, by the time I get to the wet market, the hawkers have all closed!

On my way back, empty handed, I hold the pink bank note and feel distressed. It goes without saying, I’ll be able to pocket the money left like before. But  this time, I didn’t buy anything so I’ve to return all the money.

As I walk sadly down the street, I suddenly smell a delicious fragrant aroma. I follow my acute sense of smell and see a written sign “steamed dumplings”. The sign seems to shine at me like a beacon! I quickly and happily go to buy three baskets of dumplings to take back to the apartment.

When I get back to the apartment, little brother Lu who apparently doesn’t feel hot, is wearing full-collared casual clothing, wrapped up tightly from head to feet. Not to mention his arms, legs and chest, even his neck is not exposed. He is watching TV and when he sees me come in, his face is full of bitterness and hatred.

As for Lu Jun, he seems to have taken his bath while I was out. Now, he is sitting lazily on the sofa and reading a magazine, with a bath towel wrapped loosely around his waist. It seems that at any time, the towel may fall off. His figure is slender and tall, very impressive. Small droplets drip from his wet hair. I almost have a nosebleed on the spot!

I walk over, raise the food bag in my hand, look at Lu Jun steadily and say: “General manager, the wet market was already closed so I brought back steamed dumplings.”

He looks up from the magazine, smiles and says softly, “ah,” a sound that sends more thoughts through my mind.

“Hmph!” Little brother Lu suddenly utters forth a very impolite sound, picks up a newspaper from the coffee table and fans himself continuously.

I look at him like I look at someone with a mental disorder and snappily ask, “Since you are feeling hot, why are you wearing so much?”

Little brother Lu grunts again and growls irritably: “It’s all your fault! If not…!”

“Little Qian” Lu Jun suddenly shouts.

Little brother Lu is used to be treated like a prince and now looks pent-up with unspoken grievances. He looks at his brother with resentment and no longer speaks, but both of his eyes are watery, as if he has suffered great grievance and oppression.

I watch with confusion, the interaction between the two brothers, makes me arrive at a conclusion that normal people cannot understand abnormal people!

I put the plastic bag with the steamed dumplings on the coffee table and go into the kitchen to take out the plates and chopsticks. Then I divide the steamed dumplings evenly onto the three plates. When I am about to call them to come and eat, all of a sudden something hit me on the forehead, it is a peanut shell. I look up to see Lu Qian is holding a peanut shell and dangling it in front of me.

He smiles arrogantly. He obviously did that deliberately but says, “I did not do it deliberately!”

I am a little bit angry and very quickly, pick up a steamed dumpling and throw it at him.

I do not anticipate what sharp reflexes little brother Lu has to catch the dumpling. He holds the steamed dumpling between his two fingers and eagerly eats it. He also raises his chin at me, looking very cocky.

I: “There is a good proverb.”

He: “What proverb?”

I: Those who engage in a meat dumpling fight will never see it return!” (Actually the proverb is used to describe a dog eating up the meat dumpling)

He: “Ahem…”

A second ago, little brother Lu is relishing his food but is now choking on it, coughing until his eyes are somewhat moist.

I hear a chuckle from Lu Jun. He sees me looking at him and gently waves his hand at me: “Come over to sit down and eat.”

“Ok.” I obediently sit down, pick up a steamed dumpling and stuff it into my mouth. Lu Jun is not eating, but just watching me eat. Little brother Lu has learned from experience not to talk while eating, and just sits across the coffee table silently gnawing on his own plate of steamed dumplings.

I am well-known to eat at a fast speed. While I am about to finish eating my share of the dumplings, Lu Jun still has not touched a single dumpling on his plate.

I am about to ask him why he does not eat, he suddenly asks me first: “Do you think these dumplings taste good?”

I pick up my last dumpling and put it into my mouth before saying, “It’s delicious! It’s a pity that I’m not full…. “

He generously says to me: “Then you can also eat my share.”

I instinctively blurt out: “You must be joking! How is it possible that you’re so kindhearted?”

His gentle countenance turns black and he unhappily says: “These steamed dumplings have chives in them. I am allergic to chives so I can’t eat. Initially, seeing that you’re not full, I intend to give my share to you. But after what you just said, I’d rather give it to a dog than give it to you to eat!”

With that, he motions to his brother: “Little Qian, come and eat!”

“Ahem ……”

Sitting across from us, little brother Lu who is still eating his dumplings, is once again chocked.  This time, the tears directly flow down on his face. This poor, abused child…

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