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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 5.1



Due to a technical problem, Lu Jun won’t show up today but you get Mo Ting instead 😛 A big thank you to Won for making 5 pretty banners, especially the super cute one on the 4 girls on this novel for me. An Ning doesn’t want to talk to Mo Ting, so he is (love) sick?

Chapter 5.1: Unusual Joint Roads

In the past few days, An Ning was a little lost in a reverie. Although the symptom was not obvious, her thought was really preoccupied ……

For example, when she was talking to her female cousin, “Today, someone called me fairy sister!”

Meow Meow’s answer was: “Fairy sister ah ……”

Then, her female cousin no longer bother about her ……

An Ning felt her simple life, like all of a sudden being tied down by something. Hence, she decided to cultivate mentally for a period of time, until the situation improved …… She was quietly walking in the campus, Qiang Wei who was beside her, was talking about what song to sing in the semi-final of the contest. An Ning was watching the autumn dried leaves falling slowly and can’t help thinking …… en …… Xu …… eh, no no…… thinking about, why the leaves will fall in autumn ……

An Ning weakly drooped her head: “Too implausible.”

Zhao Yang: “I heard the winner of this talent contest will get ten thousand as prize money. Qiang Wei, you have to strive hard ah, so that you can win and treat us to a five-star hotel dinner.”

Qiang Wei: “Certainly.”

Mao Mao: “I wonder if that handsome guy  who we saw last time, will make an appearance again?”

Zhao Yang was annoyed: “Apart from thinking about men, what else can your brain do ah?”

Mao Mao: “Stop pretending, as if you don’t think?”

Qiang Wei smiled and said: “As for me, I really don’t dare to think.”

“Fellow student, please wait a moment!” A voice called out to them, …… a rather healthy looking guy was slowly walking nearer ……

Mao Mao: “Is he strolling in space?”

The guy stood in front of An Ning, he looked a little shy, “Hello.”

An Ning: “……”

Qiang Wei and Zhao Yang automatically retreated one step. The guy looked at Li An Ning…… the breeze blowing on her long hair, this kind of gentle girl only can be considered beautiful ……

Mao Mao chuckled and said: “Student, what is the matter?”

“Nothing important ……” The guy hesitated and touched his cheek, then looked at Meow Meow again: “Why you didn’t attend music appreciation class anymore?”

Uh, she did not need to purposely go to the wrong classroom once again ……

The guy clenched his teeth, and finally said: “My name is Liu Chuyu, a second year graduate student. If you have any difficulty, you can come and look for me any time.”

An Ning: “En …… I am a second year postgraduate student and currently I don’t have any difficulty.”

At this moment, her mobile phone rang. If it didn’t ring at this point in time, An Ning will normally look at the number then only pick up, or not answer the call …… but now, all she could think of was how to end this conversation earlier, so without any hesitation, she answered the call, “Hello?”

“If you are not going to class, you can come and watch me play basketball.” After hearing the soft tone, An Ning shivered and subconsciously sensed something. She turned around and saw the basketball court on the left side …… about ten meters away. Xu Mo Ting was sitting elegantly on the bench, with one of his hand resting on his knee and another hand holding his mobile phone, one can feel his distinctive appearance.

“It is him!” Mao Mao who paid close attention to her surroundings was very excited, yelled out loudly and tugged at An Ning’s clothes, “Look, handsome guy!”


What happened afterwards on that day was …… the handsome guy walked towards their direction, Zhao Yang sneaked to An Ning’s side and asked in a soft voice: “How come he seems like …… he knows you ah?”

It was obvious to everyone that Xu Mo Ting’s eyes were locked only on one person, and that was our poor Meow Meow.

An Ning has not regained her composure yet to answer but he has already put his hand ​​on her shoulder, and asked the three persons there in a respectful and courteous tone: “Can I talk to her alone?”

An Ning used meaningful glance to tell her friends they must unite unanimously. As a result, Zhao Yang and Mao Mao pretended to be busy whereas Qiang Wei called out to a teacher who by chance passed by, “Lao (Old) Liu, busy (pronounced as mang in Chinese)?” (Old rogue (pronounced as lao liu mang) ……)

Lao Liu calmly turned around ……


An Ning reflexively pulled Xu Mo Ting and walked quickly away from this humiliating place.

He looked at her hand grasping his sleeve, a hint of a smile forming at the corner of his mouth. He did not want to admit, just ten minutes ago, he actually stood on the basketball court and was jealous of an unknown guy!

He has always been proud and arrogant …… at that time when he wrote her that letter, it was something he did …… that was the most unexpected.

He didn’t get a response, so what was his feeling at that time? Angry? He felt a little angry but more of frustration due to his failure ……

Over here, An Ning coughed once, “I’m sorry.” She has already let go of his hand and her face clearly looked really embarrassed.

Mo Ting frowned but still said gently, “Never mind.”

On the other hand, that trio turned around after five steps.

Qiang Wei: “This won’t do, it is too obvious. We’ll do it one by one. Mao Mao, you first.”

Mao Mao: “Oh, that slight frowning eyebrows and that sexy lips …… Why I did not discover such a man in our university before ah!”

Zhao Yang turned her head: “If he is from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, the university undergraduate course is at the main campus …… speaking of which, that little boy who was here just now, has fled?!”

Qiang Wei turned her head: “Hug her, hug her, hug her, hug her ……”

Zhao Yang endured, “Wei Wei, your expression is like a pimp.”

Mao Mao: Meow Meow is coming over!”

Thus, the three of them pretended to be admiring the falling leaves ……

An Ning: “Waiting for me?”

Everyone: “……”

Qiang Wei chuckled: “This time, you should at least say something, right?”

Zhao Yang also felt a bit unwilling to let An Ning off: “Say la, who is he?”

Mao Mao: “Even his back is so attractive ……”

An Ning suddenly thought of something and smiled, “Song of the Southern dynasties also has a person called Liu Chuyu, the most beautiful woman —— If I remember correctly, she was also called Princess Shanyin.”

Everything started to be irrelevant ……

An Ning: “This young and beautiful princess is well-known for keeping mianshou (handsome male companions), as well as committing incest with his own younger brother, uh …… do you want to hear?”

Qiang Wei: “Are mianshou male prostitutes ah?”

Mao Mao: “Commit incest!?”

An Ning laughed: “The princess’s husband was called He Ji, from the historical point of view, he was a rather tolerant person. Speaking of which, during that time Princess Shanyin has taken a fancy to a court official called Chu Yuan. She requested the emperor who was her younger brother, to give him to her and locked him at home for ten days.”

Mao Mao: “Imprisonment?!”

Zhao Yang and Qiang Wei: “After that?!”

An Ning:. “After that Chu Yuan would rather die than submit, he did not surrender to Princess Shanyin’s tyrannical abuse, but together with her long suffering husband produced some kind of …… revolutionary feelings.

Everyone was in the middle of YY (fantasizing or thinking strangely) ……

At this moment, An Ning glanced behind and nibbled her lower lip …… Oh, he must have deliberately done that …… appearing so righteous and upright, just to say “never mind” ……

It was a certainty, she will arrive late at the laboratory, but it was rare for the harsh professor not to pursue the matter.

Mao Mao later laughed: “It seems my recent belief in Buddha is useful.”

Zhao Yang shook her head: “Remembering your loud cry in front of the temple gate last time: I want to eat meat! …… I think it should not be your credit.”

Mao Mao: “Things will work out if one has faith. Moreover Meow Meow said that many celestial beings are originally human beings. They’ve been humans before so they are someone who can empathize with my suffering.”

Qiang Wei smiled faintly: “If I want to be a celestial being, I don’t even need to practice asceticism, I’ll directly become a devil!”

At this time, a male classmate came and talked to Qiang Wei, “Wei Wei, I heard you know Jiang Xu pretty well, so can you introduce him to me as I am interested in him?”

Mao Mao can’t help but utter “ya” as she was reading BL (Boy Love) novels recently. Thus, whenever she sensed something ambiguous, she’ll think in that direction, not to mention he was simply too obvious about it .

Mao Mao said in earnest, “My child, you are still young.” He replied, “I’m not young.” Mao Mao said, “He would not be interested in you. He said, “It is enough that I am interested in him.” She said, “You better give up” but he replied, “I’ll not give up.” She said again, “This will be fruitless” but he replied “I just want to try.”


In the end, it turned out that this man actually only wanted to interview Jiang Xu ……

The professor on the stage has great difficulty controlling his temper and finally burst out: “Fu Qiang Wei, you think this is the food market!?! If you want to talk, go outside!”

Qiang Wei felt depressed, “Meow Meow, I merely said one sentence!?”

The professor frowned and was about to get up, so An Ning quickly pointed at the blackboard: “En …… professor, you wrote your formula wrongly.”


That night, An Ning got a free big meal.

Early in the next morning, An Ning went to see the lead teacher for the special research and he asked her a question: “Why did you apply to do this project?”

An Ning replied honestly: “In order to broaden my knowledge.”

The teacher smiled and seemed quite pleased, then said: “Originally, your topic was not accepted but last week, a student from the Faculty of Foreign Studies came over to speak to our research team, and volunteered to be your adviser—— ”

Her male research partner said: “Teacher, the Faculty of Foreign Studies and us are not really related?”

“He has done many projects before, so very familiar with the procedures. Of course, you still have to work hard on the contents.”

The male: “Okay.”

“Li An Ning, you are the leader, so come and note down his name. Then you can contact him. If there is any problems, you can ask him.”

An Ning: “……”

The teacher seeing that she did not move, “Is there a problem?”

“…… No.” An Ning walked over to take the notebook from the teacher’s hand and slowly copied that beautiful calligraphic handwriting …… Oh, she actually managed to copy to look 70% alike. At this time, her mobile phone rang, An Ning immediately answered it, “Hello?”

The other side also very politely replied with a “hello”, his voice a bit hoarse like someone with a cold, “Where are you?”

An Ning was really taken by surprise and stammered: “I am currently writing something in the teacher’s office.’

The other party thought for a second, “How much longer will it take you?”

“En …… Can I say a very long time?” She accidentally blurted out her thought. After An Ning realised her mistake, her only train of though was: I am finished!

There was silence on the other end ……

An Ning tried to salvage the situation by saying: “Please, please, leave a message after the ‘beep’ sound ……”


Both sides paused for a few seconds, until the other party hung up the phone.

An Ning groaned: “Why don’t I be a little more stupid ah ……?”

A few days later, someone who has always been relaxed and gentle, suddenly started to make effort to work hard …… causing fear and trepidation in the people in the dormitory. Qiang Wei was the first to suggest some possibilities: “Don’t you think Meow Meow has suddenly become evil ah?”

Zhao Yang: “If she has really turned bad, I don’t think any of us can control her.”

Mao Mao was wondering, “When have we ever managed to control her?”

Zhao Yang: “……”

On the day of Qiang Wei’s talent contest semi-final, An Ning finished her matters on hand and met with Mao Mao and group at five o’clock. The contest also attracted a lot of teachers to attend. All the contestants gave it their all to win.

An Ning watched the crowd applauded, then heard someone whispered, “What a pity, that judge who was here last time, did not come today ……” “I heard contestant number 3 called Xu Cheng Yu is his girlfriend.” “Why I can’t find such a visually attractive and capable boyfriend ah?” “What impressed me most is his way of walking, especially tasty.” ” …… ”

An Ning heard Zhao Yang sighed with sorrow: This is simply a non-linear feature, cutting across every professional fields to permeate every fields.”

An Ning sighed, can’t help looking below the stage and glancing at the judging panel, a little melancholic. At the end of the contest, they waited for a long time, yet did not see Qiang Wei come out from the backstage. Thus, Zhao Yang and Mao Mao went to look for her. She went to the front door to wait for them. While playing with her mobile phone, she accidentally pressed a certain number. After ringing twice, the call was picked up, but the one who answered was not him.

“Sorry, Xu Mo Ting is not convenient to answer the phone now. Is there anything I can help you to convey to him—— ”

“Oh …… nothing.”

The other party paused, “You are Li An Ning?”

“…… Yes.” An Ning also can recognize it was his roommate’s voice.

“Ha!” Zhang Qi laughed out, “He saved your name in English, so I was unable to recognise it at first! I’ll give the phone to him ah.”

An Ning hesitated, actually, felt a little scared, “Isn’t it not convenient?”

“Hehe, he is sleeping. Leader has been extremely busy for the past few days. Moreover, he caught a cold two days ago, so he is on a drip now. It is all right, I can wake him up—— ”

“No need, since there is nothing important, I’ll call him later ……” she hung up the phone without waiting for the other party to reply.

At this moment, Zhao Yang embraced her from behind: “Girl, what are you thinking about?”

An Ning: “Where are they?”

Zhao Yang: “They are arguing with the two second year graduate female students. I really think that the longer these two persons live the more childish they’ve become. Let’s go and eat!”


Zhao Yang glanced at her: “Why do you appear to be a little dispirited and downcast ah?”

Ai Ning smiled and said, “En …… I may have caught a cold.”

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