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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 18



Thank you everyone for the many comments and support. Our guest translator has a minor accident so I’ll continue with the translation. Since I’ve to translate 2 books now, the book with the most comments will be updated faster 😛 Following last week nose bleed, Lu Jun decides to let Xia Ye and you see what is beneath the bath towel, so are you ready lol?

Chapter 18: Embarrassed

After finished eating the dumplings, I stand up and clear the table: “I’m going to wash the dishes!”

Lu Jun also gets up from the sofa and says: “I’ll help you.”

Originally, I was going to say that it wouldn’t take long for me to wash three plates and three pairs of chopsticks, no need him to help me but as my eyes look at the bath towel drapes loosely on his waist, I acquiesce without hesitation.  With him going back and forth into the kitchen, if he is not careful, that towel may fall off on its own…after all, he saw me completely naked just the other day, so if I don’t get to see him naked, it is unfair. Moreover, previously he looked down on my lack of a bosom and said that my upper body is no different from a man. I can use this opportunity to look down on him for the lack of a “little brother”, so he is no different from a woman!

On the way to the kitchen, side by side with him, I keep on looking at the bottom half of his body, but no accidental exposure happens. I am dejected, depressed plus furious, really don’t know what kind of knot can be so tight!

When we are in the kitchen, Lu Jun looks at my complicated face, raises his eyebrows and asks: “What kind of expression is that?”

I keep quiet because my desire is not satisfied and look at him.

He asks with interest: “I saw you’ve been staring at my bath towel, are you eager to see that thing behind the towel?”

He can guess my thought, I feel a little embarrassed so I pretend as if nothing had happened: “Hehe, how could that be true, don’t think too much!”

He looks like he can see through me: “Don’t pretend, in fact I am very open-minded. As long as you promise me one thing, not only see but also can let you take picture for keepsake.”

I look at his serious appearance, it doesn’t look like he is joking. I immediately feel my blood rushes forth and my heart beats incessantly. However, suddenly I recall my past experiences with him and the lessons I’ve learned. Thus I hold back from my urge to nod my head and agree immediately, to avoid being tricked again. I cautiously seek verification: “Your whole body from top to bottom is really only covered by a towel, you didn’t wear anything inside? ”

He nods: “Of course.”

My blood is boiling, but I still take cautious step, maintain my rational and be vigilant by asking: “Tell me what you want me to promise first, then I’ll decide whether I’ll agree or not!”

He smiles very gently: “Actually, you don’t need to be so nervous. I just feel a lot of stress lately and want to ask you to accompany me to go out to relax a bit.”

I continue to ask: “How to relax?”

He ponders for a moment, then says: “Such as watching a movie.”

Watching a movie is certainly not something difficult! I am so excited so I quickly take my mobile phone out of my pocket to prepare to take pornographic pictures. Fearing that he’ll renege, I quickly agree: “Okay, we’ll settle like this.”

Lu Jun doesn’t say a word and only nods his head, then he slowly curves the corners of his mouth. His pair of bright and black eyes narrow slightly to show intoxicating smiling expression. After seeing that, I unexpectedly shudder.

Five minutes later, I hold my mobile phone and quietly shed tears all over the face ……

Just now, Lu Jun asked me if I want to see the thing behind the towel. He also said as long as I promise him one thing, not only see but can also let me take picture for keepsake.

I really did take photo, but the picture is of a pair of pale slender and strong thighs ……

As it turns out what he meant by “the thing behind” the towel is simply the thigh. This scoundrel who loves to play word games, scoundrel, scoundrel ah!

I’ve been so cautious and careful in my dealing with him, yet I am still tricked ……

Damn it!

With a seriously injured glass heart, after I finish washing the dishes, I come out of the kitchen and is not willing to stay a minute longer. Thus I say good-bye and want to go home but Lu Jun continues to ruin me by saying very gently and gentlemanly: “It is late now, so it is not safe for you to go home alone. I’ll send you back.”

The chance of me having an accident on my way  home alone is very small, but if you send me home, my spirit is highly likely to be injured once again!

I am scared and quickly shake my head: “No need la, you have to change clothes to go out, so inconvenient!”

He totally ignores my resistance and says: “You wait a minute, I’ll finish changing my clothes very fast.”

Then he walks toward the bedroom. A bright idea suddenly occurs, the road in front has been blocked but I can use another escape route. Thus, I walk quietly toward the front door, ready to make my escape first. When he has finished changing his clothes and come out, I would have been long gone!

Suddenly, Lu Jun stops and turns around, but not to look at me. Instead he instructs little brother Lu who is sitting on the sofa and watching the cartoon channel: “Little Qian, guard the front door properly.”

After saying that, he walks into the bedroom and closes the door to change clothes.

Lu Qian glares fiercely at me, then furiously stands up from the sofa, walks to the front door without saying a word and guards the door like a watchdog.

Hence, I feel grief and indignation, that he has even cut off my escape route!

Lu Jun really comes out very quickly, wearing a well-ironed like new shirt making him appears in glowing spirits. He is also wearing a well-ironed trousers,covering his slender legs. His hair is already dried, looking natural and jet-black. He has a gentle smile and looks cultured and refined, exuding an elite temperament.

He looks at me who is being trapped in the living room. Seeing that I look depressed, he nods with satisfaction and says: “Let’s go.”

Once again, I sit on the passenger seat of his stylish car. Lu Jun steadily and skillfully drives the car while soft and lyrical music can be heard.

I lean back on the comfortable seat and all of a sudden, I think of the number of times, I’ve sat in his car and went to his home. It seems too frequent to appear a bit strange. No matter how you look at it, also doesn’t look like a normal relationship between a boss and an employee. Remembering that warning from supervisor Tang when I first joined the company, I feel a little uneasy. Thus, I tactfully convey it: “General manager, I’m merely your ordinary employee, so you don’t have to treat me so well. Purposely sending me home is so troublesome ah. Furthermore if by any chance, a colleague sees us, it is no good! ”

He frowns and asks in a displeased tone: “Who said I purposely send you home?”

I ask doubtfully: “Is it not?”

He pauses for a while, then slowly says: “A fast food eatery  has just been opened near your neighborhood. I heard that the pizza there tastes pretty good. I have not eaten tonight, so I want to go and buy one. Hence, I simply send you home in passing.”

I suddenly see the light, utter “oh” and also let out a sigh of relief. Oh yes, he didn’t eat anything tonight, so coming out to buy food is very normal. I must have thought too much!

Lu Jun looks at my joyful facial expression, his face a bit dark.

Seeing that his face is black, I dare not talk to him anymore. Thus, I lean back comfortably on the seat, listening to the music and close my eyes to rest.

After a while, the mobile phone suddenly rings with Ai Li’s call.

“Ai Li, why are you calling me?” After I answered the call, I ask her straight away.

“Xia Ye, I lied to my mother that I am with you tonight. If she calls you to verify, you better don’t spill the beans!”

“Don’t worry, this is not the first or second time I’ve done something like this. Anyway, your mother trusts me very much!”

“Okay, I’ll go and have a romantic time with Zhi Hai!”

Then she hangs up the phone.

I hold my mobile phone in grief because Ai Li is currently overflowing with love but when will my love come ah!

Who know not long after hanging up Ai Li’s call, the phone rings again and this time is Ai Li’s mother.

“Xia Ye ah.”

“Yes, hello Aunt Liu!”

“Is Ai Li with you?”

“Yes ah!”

“Oh, then I can feel reassured.”

Then she hangs up the phone.

At this moment, the car stops in front of a traffic light. Through the open window, my pair of sharp eyes see Aunt Liu and her friends are walking over here from the street in front. If she walks a bit nearer, she’ll definitely see me in the car. I am so scared, I immediately lie down on Lu Jun’s lap!

Lu Jun asks: “What happened?”

I’m in a panicked state and say: “That middle-aged woman in red dress in front is Ai Li’s mother! If she sees that I am not together with Ai Li. I’ll be in big trouble!”

He is silent for a second, then with a commanding tone, says: “Get up!”

I am annoyed with his uncaring attitude: “How to get up when she has not passed through yet!”

His voice unexpectedly sounds like laughter: “Okay, then you just lie down like this la.”

As a result I continue to lie down on his lap ……

However I soon discover something is wrong. Because below his trousers which is between his legs, there is a thing gradually becoming hard ……

The heat discharges by that hard object through the fabric quickly spreads to my brain. I cry out “ah” softly and immediately conditioned reflex wanting to get up. However the moment I leave his wicked pair of thighs, I hear a voice which makes me lie down once again!

“Don’t move, she is now only one meter away from the window.”

Lu Jun sounds a bit strange, but he gives me a timely reminder about Ai Li’s matter.  I was too impulsive just now. If Aunt Liu sees me now, Ai Li will have no less than 10 scars inflicted by the feather duster tomorrow! For the sake of a sister, I will endure! Thus I continue to lie down motionless and within touching distance with that hard  and burning wicked object.

After a few seconds, I suddenly hear a somewhat familiar voice politely says: “This gentleman, the red light has changed to green, so your car stopping here is affecting the traffic flow.”

I lift my head and see a traffic police standing outside the window. Coincidentally, he is the traffic police who checked my driver’s license last time!

At the same time, he also sees me and his face reveals that he also recognizes me. Then he looks embarrassed and coughs twice, saying with a bit disdain: “Miss, in the future, a husband and wife should wait until they’ve arrived home before doing this kind of thing. Otherwise, it is likely to cause traffic accident.”

Policeman, what do you think I am doing, lying on my stomach!?

The temperature on my face instantly hots up. I quickly sit up to explain myself: “It is not what you think. We are not husband and wife, he is just my boss!”

As a result the traffic police looks even more contemptuously ……

When I am having difficulty explaining the truth, the more I explain the worse it becomes, Lu Jun presses the accelerator and the face of the police instantly disappears from view.

The  car travels steadily on the road. My face is a little hot because of feeling ashamed as well as resentful at the same time. Lu Jun’s face also seems to be slightly flushed.

When the car stops in front of my house, I say see you tomorrow, get down from the car and trot away. Behind my back, I hear a laughing voice: “Xia Ye, don’t forget my breakfast.”

When I return home, I am exhausted. I take a bath and intend to go to sleep immediately. After all, I have to get up early tomorrow to prepare that loving heart bento!

When I am ready to go into my bedroom, my mom stops me in my tracks: “Daughter ah!”

I quickly ask: “Mom, what is the matter?”

She asks softly: “Recently, you have been coming back so late, what are you busy with?”

I emphatically say: “Working overtime in the office!”

Mom nods, then says softly: “Recently, you did not come home for dinner.”

After hearing this, I suddenly realize I’ve spent very little time to accompany her recently, often let this over fifty years old single mother eating alone at home. An image of her sitting all alone at the dining table appears in my mind, my heart immediately feels ashamed and uneasy. I can’t help but feel deeply remorseful and say: “Mom, I’m sorry. In the future, I’ll definitely try to come home earlier to accompany you to eat dinner together!”

Once I finish talking, my mom suddenly gets excited: “Don’t, please don’t! When your Aunt Liu heard that you’ve not been coming home for dinner for the past few nights, she has been accompanying me to eat at some small restaurants nearby everyday. The best part is she treated me to all the meals. I want to tell you not to come home for dinner anymore, work more overtime in the office. You can earn more money and I can take the opportunity to take advantage of your Aunt Liu, so good!”

“……” A waste of feeling again. = =

With my tired legs, I walk into my room. My mom mutters behind my back: “Hey, which restaurant shall I go and eat dinner tomorrow? I think it is better to go to a more expensive place.” While saying that, mom feels happy and chuckles.

I remember what Lu Jun said in the car, turn around and suggest: “Mom, isn’t a fast food eatery has just been opened near our neighborhood? I heard the food is quite tasty, so why don’t you go and give it a try?”

Mom stares at me: “Daughter, you’ve been confused. Our neighborhood is notoriously remote, hundreds of miles only several noodle shops. Your mom knows everything in the neighborhood very clearly. Where got any newly opened fast food eatery? Aunt Liu and I have to take a bus out to have dinner!”

Consequently I become silent ……

Lying on the bed, many confusing questions float in my mind. Could it be that Big Boss Lu is interested in me? But why is he interested in me? When did he start to be interested in me? He has got such good qualifications so how come he is interested in me? What does it mean for him to be interested in me? Thinking about this in extreme confusion, the more I think, the more pointless I feel, so I fall asleep ……

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