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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : India



At last, I’ve updated the latest race in Jaipur. If you are a WC’s fan, you must not miss this 🙂

The next destination is India. Their first stop is Delhi. There are 7 teams now and another team will be eliminated in this leg. This means more time will be focused on WC, lol. Heehee, sorry la but without him in the race, don’t expect me to watch & write on it 😛 Actually I am a busy as well as a lazy girl but lidge keeps on pestering me to write something so I’ve to indulge her. See, I am also very nice like WC, lol. Thus, enjoy my brief review and don’t expect too much from me 😛


The first task was to take a tuk tuk to Qutb Minar to find a beautiful woman, say hello to her in Hindi and accept her blessing. Before departing, the dad & daughter team asked the 2 guys for one of the Express Pass and they gave it to him. This old man was sneaky as WC also has intention to request for the pass but it should be given to him, taking into consideration of his age. WC has never been to India and Jackie has been there once. A bindi on WC’s forehead kicked start the race in India.


Then, you’ve 2 choices to either go to the fish market, catch and carry 25 fishes on the head to a predetermined venue or go to the flower market and make a flower garland out of 178 flowers. WC chose to go to the stinky & dirty fish market. It is not a difficult task but too dirty and smelly 😦



Take a look at WC & Jackie, all wet due to the water from the fishes & the worst part is they smell !!!! Yuck, I’ll choose the flower garland task even though it’ll take longer as experienced by the couple team.


None of the team gave U-Turn except WC’s team. He was reluctant to give it to the 2 young guys but Jackie persuaded him to do so as being in a competition, one needs to respect its spirit and play to win 😛 Poor WC, he felt really guilty about it especially when he was caught red-handed immediately lol. The 2 guys were rather annoyed and used their Express Pass so in the end they didn’t really lose much. Well, I guess they could have used the pass later if not because of this but all is fair & square in a game. WC should have given the U-Turn to the couple team as I don’t find the  2 young guys that much of a threat.


This is the hardest part of the race in that it took WC’s team the most time to complete. The dad & daughter team used their Express Pass to skip this task. They’ve to go to Eagle Films Studio to act out a scene from a Bollywood movie to the satisfaction of the director. They’ve to say their dialogue in Hindi as well as dance. Those who are following the game will know that Jackie is bad at dancing. Why are there so much dancing, they’ve to dance in every country? WC kind of cheated by guiding her in Cantonese as to what to do during the dance segment. They also didn’t do that well in reading their dialogue in Hindi because they can’t help laughing when the script was about a pair of lovers 😛 How can they whisper sweet nothing to each other, incestuous :(?

All the actors and actresses didn’t do well because the director cared more about their Hindi pronunciation and dancing than the actual acting. Thus, the couple team did very well and clawed back a lot of lost time. Haha, so funny that the 2 young guys finished this task faster than WC and kind of said serve you right, this is your retribution for giving us the U-Turn 😛



WC really loves to dance, doesn’t he look like a Bollywood star lol?


Next, they each get a tattoo which said Defence Colony Club Sport Complex. The dad & daughter team squandered their lead after using the Express Pass by going to the wrong place. The two young guys also nearly got eliminated due to their poor direction asking and communication skills. They should have taken a proper car taxi. WC has no problem finding the sport complex to get the clue to the next stop.

In the New Friends Colony, WC has to look for the woman in the photo while being blinded by the colored dyes. He attempted quite a few times before finding her. Calvin was even worse than him. He should have let Jackie do this task because I think girls have better memory than guys.


WC lamented the task was too hard which I don’t really think so. Oh my goodness, look at WC !!!! He can look so crazy & ugly 😦 His hairstyle is really ugly and with it uncombed & messy, he looks like someone who has just escaped from the mental asylum, lol. Since this episode was broadcast on Halloween day in China, some audience commented that WC looked like a mad wizard. haha…Can that be the calm and collected lawyer He Yi Chen 😛 ? Ya, he destroyed his handsome image in my heart but I feel closer to him now, heehee….


Inspite of all the obstacles, WC arrived 3rd at Humayun’s Tomb and earned the first flight to the next destination. Wah, what an improvement. WC, you’ve done well 🙂 The Olympic champion couple won this leg so they’ll also get a personal driver for the next leg. Come on, that guy was an Olympic gymnastic champion as well as younger than WC. In addition his wife can dance better than Jackie so it is not unexpected for them to win this leg. Jordan’s wife Cherrie & friend’s team was eliminated in this leg so only 6 teams left for next week. WC will dirty his hands in the next leg, go go go, lol.


The next destination was Jaipur. They had an early flight and from the picture above, WC looked like he had a scary ride or was scared to take the plane, lol. The first stop was Jantar Mantar, an observatory. When they arrived, it was not opening time yet so they waited outside. WC planned ahead and checked out the surroundings to ensure they can get away the fastest. Planning is very important so he is doing the right thing at the very beginning.


They’ve to search for someone whose turban held the clue to the next stop. Initially, all of them did not know the clue was written on the turban, they thought there would be a paper in the turban. WC was the first to find the clue because he dared to take the risk to unwrap the turban. If the turban you’ve unwrapped did not have the clue, you’ve to redo the turban which was no easy task as experienced by Ekin’s team. WC seemed pretty experienced in it so I suspect he has put up a turban before for a drama? Anyway it is rather funny, seeing him put up the turban because that Indian guy seemed gloomy, lol. I guess he is also lucky and more careful after some well-learnt lessons during the US leg. They nearly overlooked the clue but because of WC’s attentiveness, he noticed there was writing on the turban while he was trying to put up the turban again. The couple team can only stared at him in awe because they were too cautious so lost the lead.

For those who can understand Cantonese, you’ll notice WC uttered a rude word, ‘deng le ge fai’ after he said ‘shit’ around 7.28 minute. I don’t really know how to translate it into English but it is slightly more severe than ‘damn it’ lol. I am surprised WC is so real in that I get to hear him swear, haha…It didn’t get censored because I think those in China were not aware that it is something impolite 😛



The next task was of course one of the most popular sports in India, cricket. WC was wearing a nice white shirt and black pants which matched his cricket sportswear perfectly, making him look so much more dashing compared with other contestants & I am not being bias here, lol. WC said he has put on the cricket sportswear before except the ‘mouth protection’. It turned out that it was not to protect the mouth but to protect the most important part of his body, so embrassing lol. Ekin’s team followed very closely behind so WC felt really stressed out. Yet, he still managed to perform well and hit the ball first which impressed Jackie greatly.


Because WC was first, he chose to do the fast forward task because the winner of the task can skip all other tasks and go to the pit stop immediately. However the loser(s) will need to go back and do all the other tasks like everyone so will definitely lose some time. Both WC and Ekin’s team arrived at the fast forward task place at about the same time. This is a case of HK vs HK 😛 When he found out the task was to do with cow manure, he has a mini break down lol.


Since they’ve come so far, he has to solider on to try his best to win this or else they’ll have to go back to square one. Jackie told him to treat them as flour, haha…


The task was to paste 50 round shaped cow manure on to the wall. They must be big enough and not fall from the wall. This was one of the most memorable experience for WC because he is a clean freak. He said he’ll not do it a 2nd time in his life and has to painstakingly use toothbrush to clean each & every one of his fingernails thoroughly, lol. Although the cow manure didn’t really smell, it was still a yuck yuck task to touch and knead them, so dirty 😦


When Jackie pasted the cow manure too hard on the wall, some backfired and stuck on WC’s face, eeeeeeee………..However he didn’t waste time to hunt for someone to wipe it away for him. He endured and persevered !!! This is the winning difference in a neck to neck race. When the cow manure was stuck on Ekin’s hair, he went around looking for someone to wipe it away. That wasted valuable time which he could not afford. Needless to say, ultimately WC’s team won this & can fast forward to the pit stop whereas poor Ekin and Jordan have to go and do yoga. WC worked well with Jackie to complete this hard task.


Then Jackie helped WC to clean up his pretty  face, such a cry baby lol. While doing that, she jokingly told Ekin & Jordan, they grew up living next to the toilet, lol. Both siblings do have a sense of humor. But his sacrifice really made all the difference. After this leg, Jackie seemed to look at his elder brother with more respect and admiration. I believe  WC contributed tremendously in this leg, the shinning star. On the other end, the 2 young guys were so silly to even bother to want to go and give the fast forward task a shot because they were quite behind. Haha, when they arrived and saw WC has completed the fast forward, they were pretty disappointed saying WC is their black star lol.

Sorry Hanny, I am lazy so I will fast forward to the pit stop like WC lol. I’ll only comment Ekin shouldn’t have wasted time at yoga then went to do the transporting the ceramic barrels task. If he truly believed they can’t do it, they should have left immediately. Otherwise they should persevere and after a few tries, I believe that judge will finally let them through. I do pity Ekin’s team as they were really unfortunate to have the tire punctured at the very beginning, then losing the fast forward by a little bit and in the end has to give up yoga and do the other task which was also not easy.


WC’s team arrived at the pit stop but the driver stopped them quite a far distant away so they went to the wrong place. Luckily they realised this and ran all the way to the pit stop to secure their lead. I guess it was very hot so WC has to wrap a towel on his head to cool down. Can you spot any difference in WC’s appearance between the 2 pictures? They were taken 8 years apart. OMG, WC is so well preserved, he never aged 🙂


Hold up your hands and lift up your head as winner takes all !


Finally WC and Jackie won this leg, congrats !!!  When Allan Wu announced that they’ve also won a year supply of milk, WC looked like he pretended to look pleased lol. Then he really looked happy when Allan told him he’ll get an extra RMB2000 for the next leg. Come on, why would he be thrill to be given free milk, haha? He would prefer an Express Pass 😛 This program is very exciting because the strength of the top 4 teams are quite evenly matched as they’ve won one leg each. Subsequent race will be very tense and thrilling. WC said giving the U-turn to the 2 young guys really made a difference as he has leveled the playing field for everyone since nobody has an advantage anymore. Hanny said the team who gave the U-turn has never won the race. Well, I can’t say if WC will win in the end but at least he won this leg so giving the U-turn did turn out to be a strategic move.


WC & Jackie, you are the best !!!! Lidge has to eat her words, saying my WC will get kicked out early and will never win because of poor communication with Jackie. By winning this leg, WC has proven lidge wrong. She is too judgmental & called the shot too early. WC needed time to warm up and adjust since he has not been close to the sister due to him spending most of his working time in Taiwan then China. WC & Jackie, Himmy and I are proud of you so keep up the good work ! Add oil, haha…


Next week, we’ve a new destination, Dubai as well as a new writer, Himmy to write about it so stay tune 🙂

37 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : India

  1. I understand hindi lmfao I’d love to see this episode!!!

    • So, did they pronounce their Hindi correctly 😛 ?

      • XD there was this one time when Wallace’s sister pronounced everything correctly but they kept laughing! I think Calvin and some others pronounced it a bit better but they really didn’t know that certain words are separate but it makes sense no one can easily speak chinese either xD haha Wallace and the others’ dances were cute!! Omg I never knew that Wallace is almost 40 😮 he looks so young!

  2. Hahaha he once again ruins my li cheng image.. Such a baby cry! But i love him still..
    Wah.. His bolly dance haha.. Funny! I havent finished watching it yet, gonna continue this morning..

    Jacky is so sweet to her bro.. Lols wallace oh wallace.. Speechless.. He’s just too childish yet funny! Lols

    Thank you Peanuts

  3. I found the Bollywood filming the funniest so far because even the strong teams struggled. The director was a bit much scolding the teams to not recite their lines without an accent. Hello, they don’t know the language so normal to have an accent. And him yelling at them to not have an accent when he had a bad English accent himself. Also, some of them aren’t professional performers like Wallace’s sis so of course they will laugh because they’re nervous and embarrassed when having to act and dance.

    You are such a bad nut, don’t use me as an excuse to bombard us with WC :P. I’ve pestered you to do other things, but you never indulge me :D.

    • You are an ungrateful girl 😦 Your fav couple team did very well in the Bollywood filming. Luckily your bad mouth didn’t work & WC managed to come up 3rd to get the 1st flight to the next destination 😛

    • lolol but it wasn’t exactly the accent they sometimes just read the whole line together without stopping xD This comes from someone who speaks hindi and understands chinese! I agree the director was a bit too much but that’s how most directors over there are :((

  4. Lol I think Wallace is the most laughable person in this show 😀 if he’s eliminated the show will be so much less laughter and fun to watch so he gonna stay til the final destination!

    • Thank you for your support 🙂 Ya, WC is the clown in this contest but I doubt he can win 😦 Hanny said the team who gave U-Turn card has never won TAR 😦 I hope he gets to go to Sth Korea.

  5. peanuts thanks oh no you are my sweet friend even wc is out you still summary yah lol . That cow manure often come in amazing race , don’t forget link for episode 3 ok this week thankssssss

  6. This is so weird looking at my own country from the perspective of people who are not from India. I mean, I know how the western world thinks of India, but watching WC in India is just too weird. Two very different worlds colliding.

    Watching them do Bollywood dance is hilarious. So strange and I was cringe-laughing all along.

    Thanks for the post and hard work.

    • Actually all the games have already been played by US TAR before but bcos I didn’t watch them & this one has WC so it is more entertaining lol. I think the best is yet to come, Sat can’t come fast enough 🙂

  7. lol i didn’t hear him swear anything except shit, i need to watch again to find it O.o
    It’s really cute that his sister fangirl him after he complete the cricket challenge saying things like ‘you’re so awesome’ ‘you’re did really great’ XD I would say it to him too 😀
    I feel sorry for the 2 young guys for being manipulated by the old man to go for the fast forward challenge but it’s partly their fault for being easy to manipulate…

    I realize that they haven’t shoot the final destination challenge, I heard they will shoot it around December do you know anything about this?

    LOL you already call out my name >< I can't have cold feet now hehe, We'll see next week!~

    • Ya, lidge complained that Jackie was the strong one & did most of the tasks in US. That is bcos WC didn’t have a chance to shine, lol. The sis was also surprised that WC was willing to dirty himself to do the cow manure task. I heard Jackie said I’ll do it bcos I think she was afraid WC won’t do it. It turned out that they worked well together to win the fast fwd.

      I think you’ve misunderstood. The 2 young fellows have already set their minds to do the fast fwd, the old man just encouraged them. They never used their brains to realise they are so far behind, what is the point? Thus I don’t find that old man manipulate, just find the 2 guys dumb, lol.

      I didn’t read anything but I suspect it may be true bcos if the winner is known now, people may not tune in anymore. Hence they’ll try to film it as close to the broadcast date as possible, more real-time. Anyway Sth Korea is just a stone throw away fr China.

      • Oh really? Maybe I didn’t realize when they said they wanna try the fast fwd challenge I thought the old man keep telling them to try… but I still think the old man is very cunning…
        I thought if they already shoot it all then maybe Wallace didn’t win cos there’s no picture of him at HK but if they haven’t shoot it yet then Wallace still have big chance to win! Go Wallace!

  8. I try to replay that part over and over again but can only hear him murmur something not sure it’s a rude word… is it something like ‘deng’?

    • Yup, it is ‘deng lei ge fai’. If you don’t believe me, you can try using it on a Hongky lol. Actually it is not very rude like the f word but still impolite.

      • I play it again at a very high volume & ask my brother to listen with me and we both heard it and laugh! XD
        lol it’s the first time I heard him said rude words, why am I so happy hearing him swear? >_< I know I can't be save anymore

        • Aiyoyo, have to replay at high volume, so dramatic lol? I heard that the first time I watched TAR with normal volume. Super fan like me noticed and heard everything lol.

      • yaya I understand what it means XD I just didn’t heard it the first few rounds since he said it in a very low voice

  9. oh and I have to add Wallace look really hot when he wrap his head with the towel~ ❤

  10. As a fan of TAR, I can appreciate the all-out effort and no holds barred attitude displayed by WC and his sister in their quest to win the race. Unfortunately, some audience not familiar with this show might find this very same attitude somewhat ‘off-putting’. It doesn’t help matters that the other teams choose to display a holier-than-thou attitude by playing it safe throughout the race thus far. For what it’s worth, without the challenge posed by the WC team in this edition, this would be a very dull race indeed.

  11. Wallace, You are my sunshine & TAR all in 1 video!!

    BTW how should I send you my writing?

    • Apa ini? Even the posters also wrong lol. Btw I don’t like the officially released posters. I am WC’s fan but it doesn’t mean I’ve to like him in everything 😛

      I’ve sent u an invitation to register but you can’t edit the draft until I change the author to you. I can only do that after you’ve accepted the invitation.

      • Yeah I don’t like those poster either… so high5! 😀 Haha I already received yr invitation, I’m very eager as well as nervous you know >_<

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