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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 19



Due to the overwhelming comments, you get your update faster 🙂 In fact it is because this chapter is slightly shorter, lol. It is still funny but not as hilarious as last chapter. Both of the male leads in my novels also have a cold this week, such an overused plot device, haha…..

Chapter 19: Breakfast 

The next day I get up earlier than usual, feeling clear headed and fresh smelling, my vitality multiplies. Then I make a thorough search all over the place to try to find the ingredients to prepare the loving heart breakfast wanted by Big Boss Lu. After trying for a long time, I only manage to find a few eggs but I can’t find any ham. Since the ingredients have been reduced, don’t blame me for doing a skimpy job. Thus I plan to make heart-shaped fried eggs only.

The first fried egg is round shaped, so I eat it.

The second fried egg is oval shaped, so I eat it again.

The third fried egg is irregular shaped, so I continue to eat it.

The fourth fried egg, I really cannot eat the whole egg anymore. Thus I eat a little of the edge of the egg white. As I eat, I discover I’ve accidentally bitten the bottom of the fried egg into sharp angle. If I take a small bite at the top, it’ll become a heart shape!

Haha, successful!

Following this set pattern, I make ​​five heart-shaped fried eggs. I rummage through the cupboard and find a plastic container. Then I put them into the container and happily go to the office.

When I arrive in the office, it is still early, so the place seems very quiet and cheerless. Once again like before, I put the breakfast I’ve prepared for Big Boss Lu on the desk. Then I start my work for a new day.

As my colleagues come one after another to the office, the atmosphere gradually lives up. When I am cleaning the office, I hear a few colleagues cracking jokes outside. I listen enthusiastically. While working, I get to laugh silently at their jokes ……

“Why are you so happy?” A familiar voice can be heard from the doorway. Lu Jun who is wearing a neat and smart suit, walks in. His face looks pale, stomach trouble again?

In order not to let him exploit my shortcoming that I don’t concentrate on my work, I quickly flatter him by saying: “I am especially happy because anticipating to see you in the office soon!”

He seems quite satisfied with this answer, the corner of his mouth curves up: “In that case, you wish to see me every day?”

I go with the flow and can only nod: “Yes ah! Of course!”

Then he gives an enigmatic smile: “You have to remember what you’ve just said.”

I don’t know why but I subconsciously feel a little numb and shudder. Thus, I quickly change the topic: “General manager, eat your breakfast while it is still warm. I worked very hard to produce these!” Using my hand and  mouth, it is really hard!

Lu Jun with a smiling expression, walks toward the desk. Sitting on his special leather swivel chair, he slowly opens the plastic food container on the desk. Then he picks up a so called heart-shaped fried egg with the chopsticks. When he is about to put it into his mouth, he stops and suddenly yells: “Xia Ye.”


I quickly respond: “Yes?”

He looks thoughtfully at the fried egg: “Why there are teeth marks on top?”

Such bad luck, at that time I was preoccupied with the shape so I did not notice this detail. Obviously it is too late now to want to destroy the evidence, so I can only shake my head and play dumb: “What teeth marks? I don’t know ah!”

He beckons to me: “Come over.”

Thus I tremble with fear and walk over to him. He moves the chopsticks that is holding the fried egg to the corner of my mouth and coaxes me like I am a child. Then he smiles and says softly: “Come and take a bite.”

I feel fearful and wave my hands: “General manager, you don’t need to be so polite, I’m not hungry.”

He looks at me: “Perhaps you want me to feed you?”

I subconsciously shake my head fiercely. To prevent the possibility of being penalized by him, I’ve no better option but to yield to his demand and take a bite. Then he compares my teeth marks with the teeth marks from the other fried eggs. He seems to have confirmed something. Then he starts to eat, one, two, three, four, five. The food container quickly bottoms out.

After finish eating, unexpectedly he is quite satisfied and says: “It is quite tasty. In the future, all my breakfast should be prepared like today.”

Consequently I feel embarrassed ……

It is said that there are a few very important planning cases today. My colleagues are all busy working. In comparison, my work is much easier today, only need to send and receive faxes and organize office documents. Also, to help everyone to go upstairs to photocopy. Normally, I would rather run errands than be bored in the office, but it is very painful to make photocopies today. This is because the lift suddenly broke down and is still being repaired. This makes me realise, climbing the stairs is a tortuous activity!

After running back and forth, up and down for an unknown number of times, when I go upstairs to photocopy again, suddenly the buckle belt on my shoe snaps. Thus I immediately put the files on the side of the stairs and bent down wanting to fix it. However after trying for a long time, I still can’t fix it. I feel rather depressed, not knowing if my pair of torn shoes can be reimbursed as work expense?

At this moment, I hear the sound of footsteps. I look up to see little brother Lu with one hand holding the mop and the other hand holding a pail of water, arrogantly shouts: “Get out of the way, I want to go downstairs!”

Hearing his harsh tone, I ignore him and continue to fix the buckle belt on the shoe.

Seeing that I am ignoring him, he seems frustrated and wants to vent his anger but his hands are full. Making use of his geographical advantage, he uses his toes to touch the top of my head and says: “I’ve already told you to get out of the way.”

Although it is a light touch and not painful, his lack of respect for people makes me angry: “You dare to kick again!”

Little brother Lu seems to be startled by my outburst and serious manner of speaking. He mutters in a low voice: “Why are you shouting? I asked you, but you didn’t give way ……” Then he turns and walks upstairs, disappearing from view like a wisp of smoke.

I pat my chest to calm my breathing, such thoughtless brat. As a magnanimous adult, I won’t bother about him!

Although there is no problem walking with the shoe’s buckle belt broken, climbing the stairs is very strenuous. After I’ve explained the situation to Lu Jun, he won’t reimburse me but very kindly lets me stay in the office to organize documents so I need not climb up and down to run errands. He is busy typing away at the keyboard and doesn’t pay me much attention.

When I am monotonously organizing the documents in the office, I feel bored listening to the monotonous noise from the keyboard. Little brother Lu knocks on the door and comes into the office. He dangles a small plastic bag in his hand and says: “Brother, this is the cold medicine that you asked me to buy for you.”

Lu Jun stops looking at the computer screen, lifts up his head and casually says: “Ah, please put it down on the desk.” Then he continues to work hard, seemingly very busy.

I’ve been keeping quiet and acting serious for a long time which is terribly boring. I don’t want to disturb Big Boss Lu who seems awfully busy. Finally someone comes and can possibly talk to me to relieve my boredom, Of course, I won’t miss this opportunity! Thus, I disregard our previous enmity and walk toward little brother Lu. I try to behave in an amiable manner by lowering my voice to strike up a conversation: “Your brother has a cold?” No wonder he looks sickly.

Little brother Lu glances at me and also lowers his voice to say: “Did a donkey kick your brain? If he doesn’t have a cold, why did I buy the medicine for a cold?”

I continue to be pleasant: “Yes, you are right. Not long ago, I was kicked by a donkey.”

Little brother Lu: “……..”

Seeing that he is awkwardly silent, I change the topic at once: “Did your brother kick away the quilt while sleeping last night?”

Little brother Lu speaks in his usual annoying manner: “Such a grown man still kicks the quilt? My brother isn’t so foolish!”

I nod in agreement: “Yes, you are right. Your brother is not like you.”

He is at a loss for words again, fuming with anger and staring dagger at me. All of a sudden, he raises his voice: “Don’t simply speculate!  He has a cold because he took a cold shower when he returned home after sending you home last night!”

This time I am at a loss for words ……

“Little Qian.” Lu Jun who has been concentrating hard on his work, suddenly speaks up and smilingly asks: “You’ve finished today’s work?”

I look at little brother Lu gloatingly, but he looks pleased with himself and says in a proud voice: “Brother, I only took the morning to clean all the men’s toilets from the first until the seventh floor.”

Lu Jun smiles, nods and praises me: “Oh, you’ve done very well.”

Little brother Lu looks glad and glances at me provocatively.

At this time, Lu Jun continues to say: “Then, you go and clean all the female’s toilets from the first until the seventh floor now.”


Little brother Lu immediately looks as sulky as an eggplant and walks dejectedly out of the office.

After little brother Lu left, Lu Jun’s suddenly asks: “Xia Ye, do you know why I’m so busy today?”

I am completely clueless so I shake my head: “I don’t know!”

He looks cheerful, smiles and says: “You’ll know very soon.” Then he calmly instructs me: “Book two air tickets to Guilin for tomorrow and also hotel accommodation.”

Indeed, I get to know very soon. I immediately understand the reason why he was busy. As it turns out, he is flying away tomorrow! Helping the boss to book air tickets and hotels is part of my duty. This is one of my favorite role, because while he is away, he can’t oppress me!

I happily nod my head and can’t stop smiling: “General manager, are you going on a business trip?”

He casually says: “It’s not a business trip but a personal holiday. A round trip is roughly about three days.”

I immediately offer my suggestion: “Travelling is good! In the midst of a busy working life, when you’ve spare time, go travelling once in a while can broaden your horizon. Most importantly is to let your mind and body relax. Moreover it can increase your knowledge and cultivate your character! Therefore, general manager, your itinerary must not be less than one week. If too short, how can you enjoy it fully?” In fact, I wish it is a month. A month where I need not cook dinner for you. Also, need not bring you breakfast. Thinking about it also feels wonderful!

He looks at me who is smiling happily: “Okay, then change to one week.”

When I hear that I feel very excited. Afraid that he’ll change his mind, I quickly say: “I’ll book the flight and hotel right away!”

While saying that, I hurriedly walk out of the office. This is the first time I am working so energetically.

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