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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 5.2


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Beside Lu Jun, Mo Ting is also sick and as requested by some readers, An Ning goes to visit him with some medication. She is a better girlfriend than Xia Ye, right lol?

Chapter 5.2: Unusual Joint Road

Because she said she had caught a cold, as expected Zhao Yang dragged her to the store to buy medicine …… looking at the few boxes of cold medicine in her hand now, An Ning has a headache. Having a plan was one thing, but putting it into action was obviously a little more difficult. Must she really go and look for him, then give these few boxes of medicine to him in order to apologise?

In the end she was undecided …… went back to the dormitory together with Zhao Yang. An Ning was somewhat dispirited and saw a familiar figure downstairs of the dormitory building. Jiang Xu who has his back to her was talking to Mao Mao, her familiar voice can be heard saying, “Why don’t you follow me? Otherwise, I also can follow you ah.”

Ai Ning pressed her forehead, recently, some mental fatigue. She had better take a detour, but she forgot Zhao Yang was behind her, “Mao Mao!?”

Mao Mao made an “ah” sound, smiled and jumped over, “This young man came to look for Qiang Wei, so I said how about I chat with him and he agreed.”


At this moment, Jiang Xu has already walked to An Ning’s side, “Long time no see.”

An Ning also replied, “Long time no see”. Then it seemed he wanted her to start the topic of conversation so she asked, “Are you looking for Qiang Wei?”

“It can be considered so.” His reply sounded a little deep.

An Ning said ‘oh’ and bowed her head. Then her mobile phone rang, so she said sorry and went to the side to answer the call, “Hello?”

“Are you looking for me?” His voice was hoarse but she can still recognise it.

An Ning’s first reaction was to recall her earlier reckless behavior, then she immediately denied what she had done, “No ah ……”

The other party paused for a while, “Really?” An Ning was shocked by his extremely brief and indifferent reply.

Mao Mao: “Meow Meow, who is that? Is it Qiang Wei? lf it is her, ask her to come back quickly, as someone is waiting for her.”

She wanted to pretend to say something else, but she was not good at it. At this moment, Jiang Xu came over and said: “Have you finished talking on the phone? I’ve something to say to you.”

An Ning frowned and subconsciously took a step back. The other person on the phone seemed to have said “Forget about it” and wanted to hang up. “Hold on”, after saying that out, she felt she has no reason to do so.

“I bought some cold medicine.” She spoke it out, a little nervous …… if the other party was not Xu Mo Ting, her behavior will be a lot more calm. No matter what, An Ning hoped she could at least be frank, “En …… where are you? ”


“I am coming, you wait for a while.”

He only replied okay and didn’t say any superfluous words before hanging up.

His indifferent attitude made An Ning felt she was doing more than was required, He had already gone to the hospital, so how could he still not have a prescription ……the moment she turned around, she found three pairs of eyes were fixated on her: “What’s going on?”

“Is it that person?!” Mao Mao smiled, seemingly she knew the inside story first-hand, “What did that handsome guy say to you?”

Zhao Yang started to realize, “Oh Meow Meow, just now you said you’ve a cold but in fact, it is someone else, right?”

It was rare for An Ning to look embarrassed. Then without hesitation, she walked out, “I am going out for a while.”

After going out, she only remembered she did not know his dormitory number. Since he was not feeling well, after careful consideration, she decided to call his roommate. The outcome was the moment the roommate picked up the call, he transferred it to him, “Mo Ting, your girlfriend’s phone call.”

An Ning: “……”

“Building 4, room 217.” His original frosty tone seemed to have melted now. Wah, he possessed very remarkable ability? She has not even asked yet and he already knew.

This was the first time, An Ning has gone to the male dormitory so inevitably she felt a bit frightened. Before she got to press the door bell, someone was one step ahead of her. Zhang Qi’s smiling face appeared in front of her, “You moved really fast. The leader asked me to go down to pick you up. Come in!”

An Ning gently smiled and tried to look calm, “Sorry to disturb you.”

“Oh, it is our pleasure.”

“Old Zhang!” Someone inside pretended to be waiting impatiently and blurted out, “Quickly let the beautiful woman come in ah.”

An Ning was truly a little surprised, as there were two other people who she did not know inside. As for Xu Mo Ting, he has just washed his face and come out from the bathroom, so the two of them met face to face …… he looked a little pale, his lips is also a bit dry, but the eyes still appeared deep and sharp.

A male who looked mature came over and put his hand on Zhang Qi’s shoulder. He greeted An Ning and she replied politely.

Mo Ting glanced at her, walked to the edge of the coffee table and poured himself a drink. The male dormitory was far bigger than the female dormitory, particularly this Faculty of Foreign Studies building…… the university was clearly playing favoritism, there was even a small living room.

“Where is the medicine?” He asked softly after An Ning sat down next to him. This attracted the attention of everyone there. Zhang Qi smiled and said: “Leader, shouldn’t you be telling us something?”

“Want to hear the official version or inside edition?” He has finished reading the dosage instructions on the few boxes of medicine handed over by An Ning. He took out  two tablets and swallowed them with water.

“Is it possible to tell it like it is?”

Xu Mo Ting: “I think it is enough that seeing is believing.”

The male who looked mature sighed, “Good on you.”

An Ning behaved according to convention and sat there quietly. She sort of understood their conversation, but with her intelligence she can basically not change her composure no matter what she heard. Actually she planned to go back to the dormitory right after she had delivered the medicine and asked after his well-being. The outcome was the three males kept chatting with her, gossipy was really no difference between the gender.

As for Xu Mo Ting, he went so far as to lean on her shoulder and closed his eyes to rest …… originally she wanted to quietly move away a little, but after seeing his apparent weariness, she did not dare to move anymore. At this moment, the voice of the three males were getting more and more soft …… ultimately they tactfully got up and left ……

An Ning looked at the empty bedroom, and occasionally someone walked past the corridor. An Ning wanted to cry but no tears: At least close the front door!

An Ning looked at the dark blue sky and white clouds outside the window. When she saw there was nobody in the corridor, she felt like stretching out her hand. As a result, when her hand was about to touch his shoulder, it was pulled down. Mo Ting faintly said, “Don’t move your hands and feet (it also means don’t grope).”

Meow Meow was teary, “Xu Mo Ting ……”


“You didn’t sleep ah?”


“…… My shoulder is sore.”

Surprisingly, he was very cooperative, released her hand and straightened up. When An Ning was heaving a sigh of relief, he said: “Go to the bed.”

Instantly …… she froze.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door which was opened. An Ning immediately felt very grateful and looked at that person. When that person saw her, he was stunned for a moment, then said to Xu Mo Ting: “I know you’re in today. Leader, you must help me this once! Otherwise, I’ll have to pack up and leave.”

“You are exaggerating.” He still sounded a little tired, but his mood was comparatively good. Suddenly An Ning sighed in despair, he was always very strict with her. “My cold and detached arrogance slumped and fell to the ground that was marked with your footprints  ……” She could not remember where she had read this modern poem but was able to recite it with emotion. Then Meow Meow noticed the two men were looking at her.

Xu Mo Ting actually chuckled, then turned around and replied that person, “I’ll be in the university for the next two days, so if you have any questions, you can always come and ask me.”

“Great God, thanks ah,” that person was cheerfully leaving, but he seemed to think of something: “Leader, your girlfriend is very pretty ah! Beautiful woman, also thank you la!”

…… What did that have to do with her? Meow Meow’s train of thought was a little confused. Seeing Mo Ting was staring at her, she did not know why but she started to feel lacking in confidence. Thus she decided to talk about something light to alleviate the atmosphere, “Do you know why deities have disappeared? My assumption is that the world was very unstable during prehistoric time so many deities respectfully guarded the world. However, when the world was stable, the deities gradually disappeared …… ” Under his watchful gaze, An Ning’s voice was getting softer, “Well …… after all deity is one of a kind. Although with powerful capability, the strength of character is still unstable …… ” (can understand what has been written? If substitute someone …… but An Ning was completely unaware ……)

Mute, silent, speechless …… An Ning believed she was really lucky because someone came knocking at the door again. Xu Cheng Yu didn’t look too surprised when she saw An Ning. She merely gave her cousin a little devious smile, “I heard you’ve a cold so I come to visit you but it seems redundant ah.”

“Come in, or go out and close the door.” Softly said but without losing its power. Cheng Yu quickly raised her hands to declare her stand: “I am going, I am going.” Then, she continued: “Does Li An Ning also want to go back together with me?” If this was in the past, she would not have the courage to say this. It was rare for cousin brother to be frail and there was also someone who can influence him, just happened to be by his side. Of course, she can’t miss this golden opportunity, even though, she may be given a red card as warning later.

While An Ning was thinking  …… oh, she was familiar looking. Thus the usual practice was smiled and replied, if say less will make less mistake. Regarding whether to go back with Cheng Yu, “Okay!”

Cheng Yu did not expect this girl to be so straightforward, so she could not help but laughed out loud. Mo Ting lifted his hand to press his forehead, and finally said: “Cheng Yu, have to trouble you to send her back. Don’t simply say anything on the way.” The last sentence was spoken with a hint of warning.

When Xu Cheng Yu was walking out with An Ning, she was smiling all the time. To be able to snatch something from cousin’s hand, moreover this kind of caliber. This kind of experience can be considered a first. She looked at An Ning and can’t help talking to herself: “This feeling is like ‘the entire world is yours, but you are mine’?”

An Ning thought for a while and continued: “In the bar, the waiter came up and asked: ‘Mister, do you still need anything?’ He replied: ‘No, let me have a quiet moment.’ This meant: He forgot to bring the wallet.”

“…… What?”

“Aren’t we playing continue with the joke?”

A long time later, Cheng Yu only realised …… she was looked down upon? This girl was either very subtle or her thinking was really different from ordinary people.

After saying goodbye to Cheng Yu, An Ning entered her dormitory. Then, she saw Jiang Xu again, who was chatting with the teacher in charge of the dormitory. This person was really eloquence to be able to engage in small talk with people of all ages. When he saw her, he got up and went over to her.

An Ning was surprised: “Qiang Wei is still not here yet?”

“I am waiting for you.”

“Wait for me? What is the matter?”

He looked around, then lowered his voice to speak out in an incredulous tone: “Are you really together with Xu Mo Ting?!”

At night, when An Ning spoke to her cousin on the phone: “I offended a person ……”

Cousin: “We are in the same boat ah. I started work today and on the first day I already quarreled with a customer. Simply put, because the remote server has limits to authority setting, I’ve no option but to communicate with my faraway customer in a different time zone in Europe. Due to my poor language skill, as well as the customer’s extremely weird pronunciation, after communicating for twenty minutes, we each used our own language, correctly speaking dialect to quarrel!”

At this time, Qiang Wei clamored and came in, “This morning, Opera Mini continuously displayed 404 (error message). At that time, I had a bad premonition. Meow Meow! ‘Users in China, please visit to upgrade immediately to Opera Mini Chinese version which is faster and more stable.’ Stable your head! Your whole family also stable! (This is typically uttered by someone in anger)”

Mao Mao jumped down from the electronic scales: “Being hungry is really difficult to bear. If I can become thin, I’ll still be able to endure. But I’ve become even more fat!!”

Uh, who was worse now? It seemed her condition was not as bad since she only offended a well-known person in the university …… Actually …… ‘none of your business’ was not regarded as too excessive, right? Just telling the truth ah, but he went off in a huff.

Qiang Wei: “Meow Meow, please help me to take a look, can solve or not ah?!”

An Ning: “Chinese version is not good?”

Qiang Wei: “There is a generation gap between us! Moreover I am used to the English version until I can touch-type. I don’t want to adapt to the Chinese version.”

Mao Mao: “How about try to download the international version from Opera China forum then change to the domestic server version?”

“Well ……” An Ning was about to say something, Mao Mao interrupted: “Although I’ve withdrawn from the Opera world for many years, don’t consciously irritate me ah.”

An Ning: “I just want to say ——”

Mao Mao: “What do you want to do?! Meow Meow, stop ah! Control yourself, stop your atrocity …… cannot ah! It is a sin ah! It is wrong for us to continue like this ah.”

Qiang Wei: “I want to starve you to death ah!”

An Ning sighed: “Mao Mao, I just want to say that your suggestion is good.”



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