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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : Dubai



Hey everyone Himmy is here! If you read the last post of TAR(India) you will know that I’m in charge of TAR Dubai (United Arab Emirates) challenge but mostly will be me fangirling Wallace. 😛

At first I thought what Peanuts mean by writing as guest for this blog is we write it TOGETHER so I said yes to it since I think it will be fine even if I suck because she will balance it out, but it takes two days(and after a few conversations with her) for me to realize that what she means is I write it by myself… and my expression at that time is like Wallace’s face when he found out he has to speak Hindi for the Bollywood challenge….

Peanuts: Why would I abandon Himmy & my beloved WC lol? Of course, I’ll write something 🙂 A big welcome for Himmy and please leave plenty of comments to support her!

They finally came to Dubai and have a breakfast with the clue card in the hotel room before starting their first mission to reach Burj Khalifa Observation Deck to choose one out of the four flowers on the first floor that inspired the design of Burj Khalifa and bring it to the Observation Deck to get the next clue.

Peanuts: Being the caring brother, WC ensured Jackie will look good before setting out for their race.


Wallace picked a cactus in the first round which at first look was the closest one but of course it was not that easy, turned out they’ve chosen the wrong flower. Thus they picked the white flower for second round which was the real answer. The flower is called Hymenocallis.

Peanuts: Not very impressed with WC’s scatter gun approach and impatient. Cactus is too obvious and doesn’t look like Burj Khalifa. Jackie did tell him to read the description first. Luckily not much time was lost but this little time could make a big different.


The next challenge they needed to choose between skiing across and drop all 10 bowling pins at Ski Dubai, plus to complete the mission before 10.30am or driving between obstacles in 48 seconds at F1 router, Wallace chose ski since he knows how to ski but I think he made a terrible mistake because it’s not like what he thinks. They needed to use their body to push down the bowling pins, but they didn’t know how to control the direction while skiing down. After N times of trying still no success…  Poor Wallace, he tried so hard even hit his pretty face many times  😥  He seemed really frustrated.


Calvin and the uncle arrived later, whereas the others team all went for driving. After trying a few times, the uncle changed to driving. Thus Jackie asked if they should change too but Wallace thought they’ve used too much time here to give up now. After awhile Calvin managed to strike using a different technique and left first. Wallace said he wanted to use rude words at that time lol. Calvin’s partner said woman can’t do it but Jackie proofed her wrong with a strike too using the same technique as Calvin! Yay go Jackie!


Peanuts: I think WC is good at speed skating and he thought snow bowling is similar which is a big mistake. Luckily Calvin showed them how to do it right and Jackie managed to replicate his success. I am very impressed with her. Initially I though WC will be the dominant one but he was too fixated on his method. It is not one size fits all so WC needs to be more cautious and think carefully in the future. Poor WC, tried more than about 36 times and nearly got disfigured 😦 Look at his downcast face until Jackie hit them all 🙂



The next challenge, they needed to have a camel polo match with another team. Then the winner can proceed to the next challenge and the loser needed to compete with another team. The two guys reached first proven that the driving challenge is faster and easier, but they needed to wait for another team in order to compete with them. Hence, they kept calling ‘Jackie le, Jackie le’ lol. They wanted to compete with Wallace team that much? 😀 But the team that arrived was the couple. They chose green team since the two guys have already chosen red team but it seems that the green team was stronger because the two guys lost to green team twice so they changed to green before their match with Calvin. They won and told Wallace to pick green. Calvin’s partner heard it and said she wanted to change to green too but she was too late since Wallace has already put on the green shirt. However she kept whining that she wanted to change color. For people who think that Wallace is spoiled, I think we finally see who is the most spoiled here lol. Wallace is so matured compare to her 😛

Although Wallace was on green team this was not an easy match for him either. I felt so tensed watching the match, like guys watching World Cup 😀 He finally won with 3-2, really close!

Peanuts: I honestly can’t stand Calvin’s girlfriend. At the beginning she tried to dupe Ekin’s team about the flower but luckily Calvin revealed the truth because he appreciates that they helped them before. WC gave the 2 guys the U-Turn is part of the game but what she did is rather underhand. Then she insisted to go skiing but was pretty useless. She should thank her lucky star to have someone like Calvin to save the day. For the rest of the race, all she did was complaining and throwing tantrum, such a scary woman 😦

I have to agree she’s very annoying in this episode so she is getting a lot of hate after this episode was aired… But she’s not Calvin girlfriend… In fact they haven’t met before this race so they’re not really friends either.

Wallace was really hasty lol. He kept patting the jockey’s back.

The next challenge was to perform skydiving from 4,000 feet lol. Wallace and Jackie decided who to do it with rock-paper-scissors and the winner (WC) will do it which means both of them wanna do skydiving. Although Ekin finished the camel polo and speed bump challenge first but they needed to wait for taxi to come. Hence Wallace left first because he asked the driver to wait for him since he have extra money from last leg’s prize and able to catch up.

On the other hand, the two guys did not have enough money to pay for their taxi fare and tried to borrow from Wallace. They grabbed him and talked about how he gave them U-turn in India so he should lend them money. Wallace said no problem but Jackie was in charge of money. Then when they turned to Jackie, Wallace gave Jackie signal not to agree haha :-D. But Wallace agreed to lend them with conditions like cannot U-turn WC in the future. Of course, they will agreed to it first in order to get the money but whether they will do it or not we’ll see in the future.


Peanuts: Doesn’t this look like two gangsters trying to extort protection money from WC lol?

And Jackie came to rescue~ By giving them money lol


After changing into skydiving suit, WC started to practice before heading to the plane. I really wanna try this one day but I heard it’s expensive 😦  BTW I think Wallace looks hot in skydiving suit with his tall figure 🙂





Of course this is an easy job for Wallace, He loves extreme games just like me 😉


Peanuts: Oh, I want WC as my brother so I get to hug him often, haha…I really enjoy watching WC and Jackie’s interaction as both of their characters sort of complement each other and share a passion for adventures. WC is the manliest of all because he did the skydiving like a piece of cake 🙂 He is the only one who genuinely enjoyed the experience. Lidge, I dare your tofu shifu to do it, lol.

Their next challenge was to reach Burj Al Arab Hotel and clean a hotel room just like the sample room provided. I think this was an easy task since they just needed to put everything back together. Wallace has good visual memory so they finished this challenge in a short time.


Jackie said Wallace never do any housework in their house so this was the first time they did it together, lol.

Peanuts: WC & I have quite a few things in common. We’ve good memory and we don’t need to do any housework at home, lol.

Haha, Peanuts, are you trying to compete ‘who’s more alike with Wallace’ with me? ><

After this, they needed to walk to Madinat Jumeirah, their final destination. While walking they saw the couple in front of them but can’t run since it’ll break the rules. I think they did run a bit but they still can’t catch up with the couple since they were so far away and arrived 2nd! Still a great result! 🙂 Despite he was so far behind during the ski challenge.


(The view is really nice.)

Peanuts: If WC wants to win TAR, he really needs to be less impulsive and picks his tasks after careful consideration. Although WC didn’t win this leg, he still did good to catch up from behind. The couple team has always been strong and is WC’s strongest competitor. As I’ve mentioned before, that guy is an Olympic champion and also younger than WC. Anyway the winner of this leg, didn’t get much benefits except a free holidays which WC can afford but has no time to go. Next week looks very interesting & tough.

Next challenge seems to be more tense and hard 😮

They need to dance again?! Oh no…


But I’ll have faith in Wallace! Gambateh!

LOL, I didn’t realize I wrote so much already. If you guys don’t like long post, let me know and I’ll try to cut it short next time 🙂 At last I wanna ask, can anyone tell me how many times were Jackie’s name mentioned in this episode? 😀 I’m too lazy to count but I think it’s the most frequently used word in this episode or the entire race lol, mostly contributed by Wallace.


Author: himmy

I'm a sunflower & Wallace Chung is my sunshine. I'm here mainly to fangirl Wallace Chung & maybe others things in the future. :-D

15 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : Dubai

  1. Loved this episode because there was a lot of WC & Jackie 🙂 The skiing part was so funny, they struggled a lot much to our amusement. I’m surprised that girl and Calvin did not know each other before filming?! I thought they were friends?? Yeah, I didn’t understand anything said but I could tell she was complaining a lot. He should have went with Wu Chun instead then 🙂

    • Lol you were amused? I can’t feel your joy 😦 but feel sorry for my poor Wallace.
      Yeah Calvin said in one interview that they doesn’t know each other before this show but they both like to do exercise so that’s their only topic of communication at the beginning.

  2. I think this is the best episode thus far as we get to learn more and more about WC’s personality and family background. He might appear petty, impatient and impulsive but he always listens to his sister and is able to laugh and reflect on his shortcomings. His persistence and perseverance in the snow bowling task are very telling as it is exactly these personality traits of his that hold him in good stead throughout his twenty-year career in show business as well as endear him to his legions of loyal fans. I thoroughly enjoy watching WC’s improving relationship and chemistry with his sister and am looking forward to embracing more brotherly-sisterly love from them in future episodes. Many thanks to Himmy and Peanuts for recapping this show. It’s even better than all those angsty tiresome drama series out there.

    • You are welcome! I really love this show more and more now since it let us see the other sides of Wallace that we didn’t see before which make me love him even more now! 😀 Keep supporting Wallace!

    • Do you visit huaren, WC’s fan group in North America? Someone quoted your comment bcos it is very well written which I agree 🙂 Are you a WC’s fan?

      • Really? I’m honoured. LOL! I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that forum. I only post here as a show of support for the excellent work you’re doing in your blog. I’m more of a silent reader too. You can say I’m a fan of TAR + Lu Li Cheng + Wallace Chung, in that order. A good combination, don’t you think? ) :

  3. Thank God she’s not calvin’s gf.. I dunno but i used to ship him with victoria from f(x) lols

    Well back to the main topic! Wallace! Uhwow.. He’s hot in those pics.. Havent watched this episode yet.. But gotta watch soon..

    Really nice reading your comments guys! Like a pro commentator!
    Ganbatte kudasai wc and jacky! Go to korea yay!

  4. OMG, Thank you all so much for re-broadcasting the show every week. I have been a silent reader since the first episode was aired. I am lazy to comment but I think I need to show some signs of appreciation & gratitude. Thanks a lot!! Even though the show itself was great and I gradually develop positive feelings for all attendants, I would not watch the show if Wallace did not attend. Thanks to your “spoilers”, I can watch the show and understand 80% coz I think most of the activities can be visually guessed and they speak English sometimes ( thanks to Angel Li & Isabella). It may not be related, but I wonder whether the two male models are a couple ( I mean…love relationship). The Vietnamese subtitle version is up to episode 3, and I see there is significant chemistry between these 2 men with lots of “worth suspicious” words, especially in ep 1 & 2 where they constantly said ” I love you/ My mind is full of you…. bla bla ” :)).

    • You are very welcome! 😀 lol I come from a silent reader too so I really appreciate you showing your support here, haha yes this show won’t be the same without Wallace.
      😀 lol about the two guy… me, my friend & my sister also thought the same as you so you’re not alone! But I found out that one of the guy has a daughter and the other one has a gf so…. we all thought too much? Lol

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