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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 6.1


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 After seeing the cover picture found by bongsd, are you curious to know what is going to happen in this chapter lol? I think next part will have more of Mo Ting so be patient 🙂

Chapter 6.1: Right and Proper

A picnic at the weekend was hard to come by, so when Qiang Wei found out that her older sister will be coming, she instantly felt dispirited.

Mao Mao: “What does your sister look like?”

Qiang Wei: “According to folklore, she started to fight at a very young age, even fought with bricks before. Apart from scaling the roof to rip the tiles, she has done everything, according to folklore, a lot …… standard level wounding power is 5000, nightmare ah …… my cousin brother has been living under her shadow for a lifetime. Speaking of which my cousin brother was very handsome in his early years but in recent years — aiya, not going to say anymore. Actually, it is nothing …… just grew old three decades earlier only.”


Zhao Yang was terrified: “She is just here to watch you in the talent contest, so would not do any other thing, right?”

Qiang Wei shook her head in a profound manner: “You grew up in a greenhouse, so you would not understand.”

Mao Mao turned around to look somewhere: “How come we’ve forgotten there is still a person with hidden wounding power 1000 here?”

At this moment, everyone called out for the person who was leaning on the tree trunk and sleeping. When she opened her drowsy eyes, An Ning saw three pairs of shinning eyes in front of her and watching her attentively, “Oh …… already time to eat?”

The day that Fu family’s big sister came, which was the next day, everyone in Qiang Wei’s dormitory lined up to respectfully welcome her. Mao Mao and Zhao Yang were also there. Only An Ning was absent because she has a project team meeting at that time …… In fact Meow Meow would rather be there to warmly welcome her.

“Anymore questions?” The familiar Xu’s style government official intonation. At this moment, the person who took the seat at the head of the table was their consultant who was arranged to join their team at the last minute. Hence, he can also be considered a team member but frankly speaking he was the team leader behind the scene ……

An Ning sat at the seat at the end of the table, whereas the other two collaboration partners each sat on the left and right respectively. One of the male team members appeared to have the intention to compete with the one who was sitting at the head of the table because he repeatedly raised tricky questions. The guy at the head of the table did not mind and calmly answered them. Ultimately the male team member was defeated because he has run out of question to ask. He has a pretty good private relationship with Meow Meow, so he made eye contact with her to try in vain to get the support of the “team leader”. An Ning really wanted to tell him that by asking him questions, he had already lost. Also, did she look like someone who will voluntarily go and look for trouble, moreover the other party was him ……

The female E spoke up: “Senior, is it possible to ask you a personal question, have we met before?”

The male member exclaimed: “Your question is too cliche.”

“Why you bother?” The female member looked a bit annoyed because it was most hateful to be undermined in front of the opposite sex who you were interested in.

An Ning tapped lightly on the tabletop, to prevent the two team members from opening fire. The man who sat at the head of the table looked through two pieces of paper and raised his eyes to glance at everyone who was present. Finally, he spoke to E: “I’m not really your senior. As to whether we’ve met before, it is possible since we are studying in the same university.”

An Ning thought he was really thorough in his answer, but whenever he talked to her, he always can’t express himself well. Alright, sometimes she also can’t express herself well ……

“Li An Ning, why you didn’t fill in your details completely?”

He was looking at her, so An Ning recovered her composure, “I filled in very completely, ah ……”

“Date of birth and home phone number.”

These were irrelevant to the project la …… “Can I not fill them?”

The expression in his eyes became more serious: “What do you think?”

The male team member seized the opportunity to swiftly speak in support of An Ning: “Actually it is all right not to fill them. Moreover Li An Ning is our team leader.” His meaning was very explicit, you have to listen to her …… It was obvious Xu Mo Ting did not mind, “I didn’t say she is not.”

Although the reply was tantamount to not replying, he can’t nitpick. Thus the male team member was nursing a grievance and looking at him who was from the Faculty of Foreign Studies.

“Okay …… I’ll add more.” An Ning felt that she was currently a typical grass on the top of a wall which swayed with every wind (fence-sitter) …… when she walked to his side to fill in the missing details, she thought he was browsing the information and will not pay attention to her, “Here.”

An Ning stared blankly, “What?”

His slender finger pointed at “Place of birth.”

“Oh ……” Why did she has to fill in this as well? Well, this felt like the census ……

That day, after they finished discussing the main points of the project, the male team member left first. E has to rush to the graduate department, so An Ning was responsible to finish off. Whereas the male who remained, closed his eyes to rest.

After filing away the amended information, she glanced at the person who was resting on a chair. The soft light was reflecting on his cheeks making his complexion appeared a bit transparent. Remembering he may not have recovered completely from his cold, yet has to come here to get busy for the whole afternoon, she instantly felt guilty.

“Xu Mo Ting ……”

“Yes?” He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Well …… is your cold better?”

He seemed to break into a smile, “Yes, thank you for your concern.”

Actually it was quite “harmonious” today, but an unexpected incident occurred when they were about to leave. When An Ning opened the door of the small classroom, she discovered someone was in the adjacent laboratory, a man and a woman, moreover, uh …… pictures not suitable for children. Although night time was approaching, it was not dark and stormy yet ah …… Meow Meow stood frozen on the spot. The person behind gently grabbed and pulled her back a step. When she subconsciously wanted to speak out, the other party quickly covered her mouth.

“You are being foolish ah.” His voice seemed to sound a bit like a sigh and a laugh.

An Ning regained her composure, but …… the breathing of the person behind was caressing her neck. Her back was completely stuck to him so she can clearly feel the ups and downs of his chest …… An Ning was actually feeling more nervous now compared to when she saw that scene of the entangled fervent kisses just now.

Mo Ting laughed softly and said near her ear: “Don’t lick my hand.”

Where got? She just wanted to say something …… when she has just decided to pull down his hand, the two persons outside seemed to sense their presence, “Who is there?”

An Ning dared not move at all …… as time passed by, listening to the gasping for breath sound from outside, made her blushed scarlet red. Oh, just let her die.

So far, this was Li An Ning’s life most awkward moment.

That night, she talked about this incident with Mao Mao and others. Of course, the premise was to protect herself at that time. Then the conclusion they arrived at was: The students in X University were really increasingly more open and unconstrained in their sexuality! Like what sister Fu said: “Hate to be born in the wrong time ah.”

The main reason sister Fu came to X city was for work and  incidentally to visit her little sister. After two days, she got to know Mao Mao and gang well. At this moment, she was leaning against the window of dormitory 315, between her fingers was a burning lit cigarette. She was looking at the sky, half sunny and half gloomy.

Mao Mao: “These past few days, there was a big parade in Qingdao, many sailors ah! I wish I could fly there to watch and molest them!”

Zhao Yang: “Aiya, you won’t even spare the servicemen ah.”

Qiang Wei chuckled: “Mao Mao, you are getting more and more promiscuous.”

Mao Mao: “If I am not promiscuous (seize all the opportunities that come my way), I would have wasted my youth.

Sister Fu: “Who is more promiscuous than me?”

“Well …… someone like Chiang Kai Shek.” An Ning said in a slow and pensive voice: “Still a young boy at the age of 14 but already married a 19 years old wife. At the age of 24, cohabited with a 23 years old prostitute. At the age of 32, he met a 14 years old ‘Lolita’  in the Whampoa Military Academy. Finally, at the age of 34, he successfully courted the 16 years old ‘Lolita’. At the age of 42, under political pressure, he had to marry a 30-years old royal sister. ”


Sister Fu squinted: “Little girl, you are a writer of novels?”

An Ning smiled and pointed at the computer, “Written by someone else, very interesting and also considered to be consistent with historical fact.”

Qiang Wei: “Sister, let her go. She did not mean it!”

Sister Fu: “Are you out of your mind?”

That night sister Fu dragged Meow Meow to go and watch movie. Sister has always looked at people based on first instinct to see if they can hit it off! Pity Meow Meow, this diurnal animal, having to move about at night was akin to mental torture. However she was not good at refusing people. Moreover all her friends were in hiding, no spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice at all. Hence, she has no choice but in the middle of the night ……  actually, it was only seven o’clock at night to go and watch movie.

They were going to watch “Scorpion King”. For a person who liked textual research, this was very painful. The story took place before the pyramid era …… According to the earliest historical evidence, the pyramid was built in the 27th century BC, it should be the third dynasty period. At the same time, the patriarch of the Yellow River basin clan, Ji Xuan Yuan was in the process of supporting the Jiu Li tribe. “If the movie was set before 27th century BC, then it should be a distant era similar to legend or fairy tale era. Were there stirrup and gunpowder in those eras? Well, although they claimed to be the magic powder from China, the Yellow River basin was still a society clan ah ..…. ”

Meow Meow was sleeping throughout the second half of the movie. Until the person next to her coughed, “Miss, the movie has ended.”

An Ning opened her eyes and discovered sister Fu was no longer on the right side of the seat. Whereas she was leaning on the shoulder of a man on the other side. She immediately sat upright and said in a very embarrassed voice, “I’m sorry.”

The other person smiled, “Is the movie very boring?”

“…… Okay.”

His smile seemed a bit more obvious, when he stood up and said: “Your friend went to the toilet. She asked you to wait for her outside the door.”

An Ning nodded to express thanks and followed this well-dressed man out. The other person saw her yawn repeatedly so could not resist teasing: “You’ve slept for one hour, still not enough?”

An Ning was a bit shy, so she did not say anything. She was considered quite matured in handling things.

When she was waiting outside the road, unexpectedly she saw a familiar person, uh …… they must have brushed past each other five hundred times in their past lives because they even ran into each other in a place like this. Xu Mo Ting who was walking out of the building across the road also saw her. An Ning immediately shivered with cold.

He was wearing a formal black suit today, looking like a member of an elite group. An Ning looked a little absent-minded because her mind has wandered to that day in the small classroom …… He lowered his head and kissed the area between her shoulder and neck once …… She was blushing, an intimate feeling bubbled up in her heart. Whereas he slightly nodded his head at her and followed the group of people he came out with into a black car and left together with them.

When sister Fu came, she saw Meow Meow lost in thought, “What?”

An Ning lifted up her head. Sister Fu was actually stunned for a moment by the sparkle in her eyes. At this moment, Meow Meow said: “Want to sleep.”

After the assignments for this semester were on the right track, An Ning’s usual practice was to go to work in Long Tai as an intern. Mrs. Li found this job for her. Because the place was quite far, so basically she has to wake up at 6:30 everyday and leave the house with her backpack before 7:00. Then queue up together with the primary school students to buy breakfast and crammed together with the high school students to take the subway …… every time this work schedule also made her felt like she had returned to her Lolita student era …… aiya.

An Ning: Have to start to go for internship.

An Ning: Can’t go home at the weekend.

An Ning: May have to work overtime ……

An Ning: Too miserable.

Cousin: ==!

Cousin: I am on vacation every day.

Cousin: When I come back from my work trip this time, I’ll buy another camera to play.

Cousin: Carl Zeiss (a renowned German manufacturer of optical systems) lenses are very beautiful.

Ning: I hope I can go to Jiuzhaigou alive this year ……

Cousin: Really pitiful …… I can go anywhere I want, anytime.

Cousin: Oh, Freedom ah!

Cousin: I accompanied the tutors to have fun in Shenzhen last week. Once again, I’ll accompany a group of people from my company to visit Hong Kong this week.

Cousin: Dead tired.

Cousin: If I study physics, I would not have this kind of tragic life.

Cousin was put on a black list that night …… for a week.

Mao Mao ran in, out of breath: “Exercised for one hour, then ate a lot. Damn it, might as well don’t exercise so don’t eat!”

Zhao Yang: “Mao Mao, did you touch my portable hard disk?”

Mao Mao: “Who touched it ah? Probably descended to the world to be a demon. Already three days, even USB was also born already, right?”


Zhao Yang and Mao Mao subconsciously looked at An Ning who was lying on the table: “What’s up?”


An Ning was thinking about …… Xu Mo Ting. After adjusting her mood, she finally took the mobile phone out. This was her first time taking the initiative to dial his number. When he received the call, he was working late into the night. Mo Ting saw the caller ID and signaled to his two colleagues to stop the discussion. Then he turned around and walked to the window to answer the phone.

“Hello.” He said with not the slightest change in his voice, but the corner of his mouth has already curved slightly.

“Well …… I just want to ask, if I invite you to have a meal tomorrow, you prefer to eat Chinese or Western food?”

Xu Mo Ting looked distracted, then said: “Anything will do. You decide la since I am not picky.”

An Ning knew she must be blushing and her heart was beating more rapidly, so she quickly ended the phone call: “Then, see you tomorrow.”

It could be said this phone call was a distraction for Xu Mo Ting’s fluttering heart. A colleague stood up and saw his gentle and bright expression, he can’t help coming to a standstill. Xu Mo Ting who has never been known as someone with tender sentiments, his eyes seemed watery at this moment ……

“What’s up?”


After finalising  the official time to start her internship, An Ning was encircled: “The so-called insider doesn’t speak layman’s language. In the course of your work, you must pay attention to any potential target to attack and report back at all times!”

An Ning did not know whether to laugh or cry: “I’ll try my best.”

Due to some kind of reasons, Mao Mao started doing odd jobs in the gallery last month. She sighed with sorrow: “Recently, the people I come into contact with are all wealthy or first class painters. I really feel like having a romance ah, but …… I dare not give chase ah!”

Zhao Yang: “Isn’t the meaning of your existence is to catch a wealthy husband?! Don’t dare to give chase, then what are you living for ah?”

Mao Mao: “Easy for you to say. One is good but, usually a pair ah!”

An Ning: “Well …… what is very creepy when appeared in a pair?”

Zhao Yang: “Follow him around and try hard to make your presence felt. Then, wait for him to fall ……”

Qiang Wei: “Sad, really sad! We are so young, lively and cheerful, but live up to twenty four and twenty five years old without a boyfriend, so sad!”

Mao Mao: “Who say I don’t have? In the early years, many chased after me! I met a superb one who cast a dark shadow on me in my later years. He forced me into a corner, ‘like me or not! like me or not!’ In the end, after being rejected, he actually said violently ‘hand over the money!’ ”


Qiang Wei: “…… Consequently this contributed to your current dare to think indecently but dare not attack behavior?”

Mao Mao: “At that time I merely wanted to pretend to accept him then reject him, nothing more …… heaven ah!!”

An Ning: “Well …… there is a first time for everything.”


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