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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 34



Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  My back is on a slow but steady road to recovery. 🙂  Luckily, I had this chapter translated already and just needed to do edits and the song translation, so I still managed to make this post. 🙂

Now that Sheng Sheng is officially Toupai’s girlfriend, how have things changed?  Or have things changed?

Chapter 34 – Floured Beef Steamed in a Cup (4)

Amidst the waves of comments pouring onto the screen, the background music finally switched over to “Overturn the World.”

When he opened his mouth, the first word he sang was already the chorus of the song:

[1:07] “This picture of a blood-stained landscape, how can it even compare to the vermilion mark between your brows?
I have overturned the world, but so what? In the end, it is no more than a fleeting moment of opulence ––“

Blood has stained the land, yet in the end, it cannot even compare to a single backwards glance cast by the beautiful maiden.

The world. The beautiful maiden.

The beautiful maiden. The world.

His high notes coupled with the accompaniment easily brought out the feeling of an emperor’s aura, one of indifference to the entire world as he looked down upon the country’s thousands of miles.

Gu Sheng did not even dare breathe as she listened to him. All of her senses were captivated and led by his voice, and she instantly fell into this sorrowful story. Soon, his one voice joined together with the other three.

Qiang Qing Ci’s tenor voice combined with Jian Jian’s clear voice, plus the other two singer’s harmonies…

Truly too perfect!

These four people. These four gorgeous voices. That was truly what it meant to overturn the world.

The song was nearing its end. At the last part of the song, all of the music and voices unexpectedly ceased.

Gu Sheng was taken aback for two seconds.

And then suddenly, the background music started again.

The sudden silence and then sudden emotionally charged accompaniment captured everyone’s heart.

His voice finally appeared again to give this song, “Overturn the World” its perfect conclusion:

[4:02] “In my dreams, standing upstairs, under the moonlight, is you, your face still the same as before.
Brushing the snow off our garments, we stand side by side and look upon the vast world –– ”

Stand side by side and look upon… the vast world.

She suddenly remembered that day in the recording studio when he had stood beside her. Those eyes, black like they had been dabbed with ink, and so beautiful they took your breath away…

“I can’t take it anymore.” Die Die turned on her microphone again, her voice charged with excitement. “Dou Bing, let’s trade. My association’s Wu Meng for your Toupai? Wait, no, let’s throw in Wwwwk too. Exchange, two for one, how about that?”

“That’s a little too unfair to you,” Dou Dou Dou Bing burst out in a giggle. “Die Die, why don’t you just quit your association and come join Wanmei?”


Even she was used to it by now.

Toupai was always the subject of all the jesting and teasing.


All throughout this exchange, Qiang Qing Ci had not made a sound, and even his microphone indicator was off. Gu Sheng noticed this and found it rather odd… She sent a private message over to him: Busy?

Qiang Qing Ci: Mm. Have to get offline soon. Something’s come up.

Sheng Sheng Man: Hurry off then ^^

Qiang Qing Ci: Go have fun yourself for a while. When I’m done, I’ll give you a phone call.

Phone call…

(⊙v⊙) Um, phone call, right… K, she had only been his girlfriend for a few hours, so she still needed to work on her ability to react. Gu Sheng quickly typed a smiley face.

Then she saw Toupai leave a message in the public comment screen: I have something to do and have to leave first. Everyone, I’ll say my goodbye now.

The people on the microphones were at the peak of their euphoria with their teasing when the subject of their jokes ran off.

“That Toupai really goes and overturns the world with his one song… then doesn’t take responsibility for what he did and just takes off,” Fu Sheng Wu Meng immediately laughed.

Luckily, with so many “beauties” present tonight, they had no problems taking care of the rest of the late night event.

Seeing that he had already left, Gu Sheng also exited the room.

She had nothing to do, and before she knew it, she had logged onto Weibo. Since that time she had expressed that she was “so happy” and had been virtually surrounded by a mass of onlookers, she had been psychologically traumatized and had not posted anything else on Weibo…

She recalled that when she had first started getting more familiar with Toupai, she had also worried about being badmouthed or having her details dug up. But, afterwards, she had thought it through. She did not often show up in the 2-D world, and on the rare occasion she did, it was only to forward the songs she had composed or sung, so there should not be much for people to bash… And anyways, the ancient-style music circle had started up relatively late and was rather small, so even if there was gossip, it usually focused on the well-known celebrities. She was just an insignificant composer and singer and should not even have a turn in the limelight.


She should be… safe for now, right? T.T……

That night, she slept all the way through until past six o’clock, when she groggily seemed to hear the alert of her mobile phone indicating a WeChat message, but yet, it also seemed like it was just a dream. When she finally saw the message later in the morning, she discovered it was from Mo Qingcheng: Finished up, but it’s too late now so I won’t call you. Sweet dreams, or maybe I should say, good morning.

Her eyes were still only half-open as she read the text message.

She stared at it for a while, then wordlessly rubbed her cheek against her pillow while grinning foolishly.

Right at that very minute, Geng Xiaoxing, who was rubbing her wet hair with a towel, happened to be walking by down below her bed and saw her. Geng Xiaoxing eyes glimmered as she gazed at her and immediately exposed her actions. “Oh my god. Are you yearning for love?… Oh wait, no, you’re yearning for Toupai…”

A pillow was very successfully tossed down from above.

She hugged another pillow and climbed out of her bed, unable to contain her good mood.

She could not say why, but anyways, she just wanted to smile… The sun today was so round and so beautiful, ah…


Since she and Geng Xiaoxing were heading straight into post-graduate studies without doing an internship this term, this semester, the teachers in their faculty of course took advantage of this to exploit their time. They started the task of organizing the library for the faculty. The dean of the faculty had personally brought in sponsorship for this library, and the plans were for it to officially open next semester. As a result, this semester, the work mainly involved organizing and cataloging, and the people present were all from within the faculty.

So everyday, the two of them would be on the top floor of their faculty’s building with four other male students who were also heading directly into post-graduate studies. Breaking off into groups of two, they would each hold an iPad and verify the books on each row of the bookshelves.

A lifestyle of working when the sun rose and then resting when the sun set.

Mo Qingcheng was already out in the working world, and she was still in school. It seemed there had been no real change resulting from the change in their relationship.

But… it had only been three days. What could change yet?…

Oh no. Gu Sheng, your mind wandered again.


She stole a glance at Geng Xiaoxing, wanting to ask where she had counted to just now. Apparently, though, that person was not focusing on the task either, for she was holding a book in her hands and browsing through it with great interest. “Our faculty is so open. There’s even a young adult fiction section…” Geng Xiaoxing pursed her lips as she stood on the stepladder, her eyes fixed on the book. “I read the online version of this, but this published one here has a newly added epilogue. Wait for me. I’m just going to read it and then we can go have lunch when I’m done.”

She was so hungry she could faint but that person on the ladder still wanted to read a romance novel’s new epilogue…

She almost wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. Exiting out of the inventory document, she used the iPad and logged into her QQ account, wanting to check her email and calculate how many song compositions and recordings she still owed. To her surprise, however, the first thing she saw was Zou Diao’er’s chat message: Little Golden Master, are you still okay?

What a strange way to ask…

“Pretty good. Why? Did you want to change shifts with me on YY?”

(╯▽╰) I noticed you haven’t been posting on Weibo, so I thought you saw those posts and were affected by them.”


(╯▽╰) You know, only the tall tree attracts the wind. As Toupai’s little golden master, it wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t thrown into the wok and fried a few times. So… hang in there, Sheng Sheng Man.”

“Huh?”  She had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, Zou Diao’er quickly copied and pasted a critique from somewhere and sent it over.

It was completely directed at some songs she had arranged when she first entered the entertainment circle. The choice of words was vicious, and she was criticized to the point where there was nothing good to say… It was very professional, so professional it made her blush with shame. But the mocking and ridicule that could be read into the words were also very obvious. Sure enough… she did feel affected by this, didn’t she?

Gu Shen leaned against the side of a bookshelf and watched as Zou Diao’er kept pasting critique after critique for her.

This particular entertainment circle was small, and songs that became famous usually involved a strong line-up of people, from the song arranger to the singer. Therefore, songs she had composed or arranged in the past had, at most, been forwarded two or three hundred times only, and that was already considered a great accomplishment. So if a song was not become popular, naturally, no one would have analyzed and dissected it so professionally like this…

To have her own children thrown into the frying pan like this. It was impossible to not feel upset.

She had been reading in silence and had not noticed when Geng Xiaoxing had come down off the stepladder.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling well?” Geng Xiaoxing noticed that her complexion suddenly did not look very good.

“Huh?” Gu Sheng shutdown her QQ and exhaled lightly. “Nothing. Just hungry.”

Let’s eat, let’s eat.

A full stomach can solve all worries!

She looked over at Geng Xiaoxing. “Lunch is on you. So hungry. I want to eat a pot of ground pork vermicelli and soup!”

“Huh?” Geng Xiaoxing completely could not keep up with the pace of her thinking. She made what she believed to be the most reasonable guess for what was wrong. “Did you and Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen have an argument?”

“……” Gu Sheng wanted to say, they had not even seen each other, what could they possibly argue about? But right then, the mobile phone in her pocket started ringing.

It was Toupai…

She made a shushing noise, then took her phone, ran to the window, and answered the call.

‘I’m home now.” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was not very clear. In fact, it sounded very raspy. “I might need to sleep a little longer. Probably two hours or so and then I’ll call you again.”

“You’re… sick?” Listening to this voice of his inexplicably made her heart twinge.

“Mm.” His voice was fading in and out, like his phone was being moved around. “Sore throat. Might have a bit of a fever.”

“Fever? Have you checked your temperature?”


And then… quiet.

Those two “mm” were filled with exhaustion, and hearing them in her ears caused a slight sense of worry as well as a slight ache in her heart… And also a slight bit of restlessness and anxiety. She did not dare continue questioning him for fear his throat would hurt, but she also did not know how high of a fever was “a bit of a fever”… Seriously, shouldn’t doctors take even better care of themselves? T.T……

“I’ll sleep for a couple of hours and then call you.” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was honestly very hoarse, raspily scraping her heart away, yet he still did not forget to tell her again when he would contact her.

She felt like… her heart was going to be ground away into tiny little pieces soon…

They hung up their call.

Geng Xiaoxing walked over to her and saw that her face had changed from the forlorn and dejected expression a moment ago to one that now looked… like anxiousness? They really got in an argument? She did not even get a chance to open her mouth to ask, though, before Gu Sheng had already stuffed the iPad to her. “I’m not coming back this afternoon. If the teacher asks, just say I have a stomachache…”


Gu Sheng had already dashed off to the elevator with her mobile phone in hand.

“Didn’t you say… you wanted to eat… ground pork vermicelli in soup?……”

Geng Xiaoxing’s mind could not move at the same rate as hers at all and could only watch as she disappeared out of sight…


Additional Comments:

If you didn’t make it to the end of my looooong post last time, here is the explanation I wrote of why everyone knew 倾尽天下 Qing Jin Tian Xia [Overturn the World] was the next song.

This particular album was very popular, and ancient-style music fans should be quite familiar with it and the backstory within it.  Qing Jin Tian Xia is the second last song and the climax of the album.  It is about Bai Yan, the man who overthrew the previous dynasty and “overturned the world,” and now, after the world has changed hands and he is emperor, what are his thoughts, what is his story?  This is the logical concluding song to the medley.  Also, the 倾 ‘qing’ in the title is the same as in 倾国倾城 “beauty/ability that causes the downfall of a country/city” (and what I have simplified as “unrivalled allure”), so what could be more suitable for Toupai to sing?

There are actually some good fan made MVs out there for this song that tell the sad love story of Bai Yan.  I just couldn’t find one that didn’t have some sort of fan-inserted dialogue to post in the main part of the translation.  I particularly like this one, with Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei or this one, with Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei.

This lyrics of the song are very poetic.  It uses short, poetic phrases that seem to just state a fact, and you need to interpret what happened.  There is very little use of pronouns like you, I, she, etc. so one must interpret who is speaking, who is doing a certain action, etc.  I suspect this was deliberate.  This song is about Bai Yan, the person who “overturned the world” and became the new emperor.  If you read the last line of the background synopsis, though, most of his personal life was a mystery.  Like the unclear view of the painting through the sheer curtains of the pagoda, we only get an unclear view of his personal life, motivations, love… but much of it still remains a mystery.  I tried at first to translate similarly, but unconsciously, I’ve thrown in some personal interpretation in there.  😉

And lastly, a note about the title 倾尽天下.  This can be translated as “the world has been completely overturned,” but it can also mean, to “throw in/risk the entire world” for something/someone.  Let’s see how you interpret the title after you read the lyrics. 😉




The emperor of Zhou, Bai Yan died on a snowy night, ten years after declaring his reign as emperor.
This emperor, who had risen up from amongst the common folk, did not bask in extravagance. After forcing the previous emperor to abdicate and claiming the throne for himself, he abandoned the magnificent palace of Emperor Jing of the previous dynasty. Instead, every night, he retired to sleep in the Nine Dragon Pagoda that was on the imperial palace grounds. Even when he died, he was in one of the stone chambers of the pagoda, sitting cross-legged on the rush cushion before a long table, facing a portrait painting on the wall.
Maidservants who had also served in the palace in the previous dynasty all would be able to recognize that the woman of unrivalled beauty in the painting was the last woman to be bestowed the title of Imperial Consort by the previous dynasty’s Emperor Jing.
As it turns out, ten years after the country changed hands, Bai Yan finally follows that person into eternity. He did not leave behind any words. And so, all the mysteries regarding the founding emperor of the Zhou Dynasty were buried, along with that portrait, hanging behind the sheer curtains on the top level of the Nine Dragon Pagoda, within the thick history books.

[0:39] 刀戟声共丝竹沙哑
The clash of sabres and halberds can be heard and it silences the musical instruments
Who brought you to view the fighting outside the city?
七重纱衣 血溅了白纱
A silk garment of seven layers. Blood splattered on the sheer, white silk.
An army at the city gates, but none of its six regiments have moved forward yet
谁知再见已是 生死无话
Who knew that the next meeting would be one of a separation by life and death, and no words could be said?

[0:54] 当时缠过红线千匝
At the time, bound together by a red thread wounded thousands of times
But one ill-considered decision caused (your) marriage to someone else
那道伤疤 谁的旧伤疤
That old wound. Whose old wound is it?
To still be able to outwardly remain calm and collected and sip tea
踏碎这一场 盛世烟花
Trampling over this fluorishing era of prosperity

[1:07] 血染江山的画
This picture of a blood-stained landscape
怎敌你眉间 一点朱砂
How can it even compare to the vermilion mark between your brows?
(I have) overturned the world, but so what?
始终不过 一场繁华
In the end, it is merely a fleeting moment of opulence
Blood taints the peach blossoms
Wanting only to see you again. Tears fall like rain
The sound of blades is dying down
高楼奄奄一息 倾塌
The tall pavilions are on the verge of collapse

[1:38] 是说一生命犯桃花
It was said, “a life of ill-fated romantic entanglements”
Who made this fortune prediction?
Indeed, once a youth  flawless as jade, suave and romantic
画楼西畔 反弹琵琶
In the pavilion for paintings beside the western shore, there was a dance to the tune of the pipa
暖风处处 谁心猿意马
The gentle warm breeze was everywhere. The heart felt fanciful and restless

[1:52] 色授魂与颠倒容华
Love expressed through the eyes. Such beauty that could turn the world upside down
Yet, in the candlelight, unwilling to look at each other in the mirror
说爱折花 不爱青梅竹马
(You said you) Loved to pick flowers and did not like green plums and hobbyhorse[a] 
Ultimately, that fortune prediction came true
终是为你 覆了天下
For you, I overturned the world

[2:05] 明月照亮天涯
The bright moon illuminates the horizons of the earth
In the end, who really got to have the maiden?
A country filled with the whinnying of battle horses
But in (my) embrace is only the sound of silence
The wind blows over a land covered with war and killing
容华谢后 君临天下
After beauty [maiden] has faded away, an emperor overlooks the world
Stepping up into the pagoda of nine levels
To stare up for a night at a sky filled with meteors

[3:04] 回到那一刹那
My thoughts have been brought back again to that moment
The noiseless passage of years is frightening
Even withered vines have grown new branches
It turns out, time has lightly brushed past us and flown quickly by

[3:19] 梦中楼上月下
In my dreams, standing up at the top of the pavilion, under the moonlight
Is you, your face still the same as before
Brushing off the snowflakes on our garments
并肩看 天地浩大
We stand side by side and look upon the vast world.

[3:33] 回到那一刹那
My thoughts have been brought back again to that moment
The noiseless passage of years is frightening
Even withered vines have grown new branches
It turns out, time has lightly brushed past us and flown quickly by

[3:48] 梦中楼上月下
In my dreams, standing up at the top of the pavilion, under the moonlight
Is you, your face still the same as before
Brushing off the snowflakes on our garments
并肩看 天地浩大
We stand side by side and look upon the vast world.

[4:02] 梦中楼上月下
In my dreams, standing up at the top of the pavilion, under the moonlight
Is you, your face still the same as before
Brushing off the snowflakes on our garments
并肩看 天地浩大
We stand side by side and look upon the vast world.

[a] 青梅竹马. A Chinese idiom in which the green plums and hobbyhorse represent a boy and girl who have known each other since the innocent times of childhood. Often used to describe childhood sweethearts. This entire line has multiple interpretations on the Chinese forums. One interpretation is, after staring lovingly at each other, they shyly are unwilling to look at each other in the mirror and then, she tells him, she’d rather “pick flowers” (she believe in love at first sight, i.e. she fell in love with him) than have “green plums and hobbyhorse” (the stereotypical childhood sweetheart type of love). Another possible interpretation is, they once stared lovingly at each other, but something happened through the passage of time, and they could no longer even look at each through the mirror. She declares to him, she is going to “pick flowers” (she has fallen in love with someone else) rather than have her “green plums and hobbyhorse” (i.e. him).

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  1. Seems as the doctor is getting a nurse… it makes me another painful waiting…. What will happen, what will happen…..????? A KISS ?? good to hear that u r recovering…. take some rest….

    • LOL. A kiss would certainly satisfy the readers, but I think Sheng Sheng’s mind would overload. Three days of dating and then a kiss?!

  2. Thank you Hoju! Even while you’re recovering, you’re still able to finish this post. 🙂

    It’s nice to see that Sheng Sheng is finally going to “react” towards what she’s feeling and running to Toupai. Aww.. finally acting like a gf. Will this warm his heart? He’s been working hard.

    Lol. Liza, though a kiss may be swoon worthy, but maybe not when he’s sick. The doctor might not to pass along the germs. And that’s waaay to fast for Sheng Sheng.

    I’m so sad that her earlier songs have been critiqued and analyzed harshly. I would prefer only professional work be critiqued with high standards while amateur work be critiqued with genuine encouragement. After all, she’s only doing it for fun and not getting money out of it. But I guess nowadays, everything can be overly analyzed if people want to do it. It is accessible to the public. It’s just sad how fan bases attack each other. But thankfully, Sheng sheng’s disappointment was quickly replaced by concern for Toupai. Since she is now in the entertainment world, she’ll have to be use to these kinds of attention, whether positive or negative. And Toupai is a great example of one who doesn’t let public opinion affect him. 🙂 Sheng sheng, you’re one lucky girl. ^^

    And once again, thanks for the lyric translation. It’s a little depressing knowing that the girl in question committed suicide by jumping off the building to die for her country when it was a former lover who conquered it. I rather want to think that she moved on, else, it’s even more depressing that she died because she still loved him and didn’t want to be his downfall.

    • It’s the harsh reality of dating a celebrity. It’s unfortunate that Sheng Sheng is getting bashed because of the attention she is getting as Toupai’s golden master. People can hide behind their computers and say all sorts of mean things without having to take responsibility for it, and someone like that certainly would not consider whether Sheng Sheng was a professional, how long she had been in the entertainment world, etc. As Toupai said, though, when she shuts off her computer, all that “noise” online becomes nothing.

      That song deliberately left so much unsaid: What was the “wrong decision” that caused Zhu Sha leave Bai Yan to marry the emperor? Because of an argument, because she no longer loved him, because he asked her to go to the emperor, be a spy, and work from the inside to bring down the dynasty? Why did she commit suicide? Because a former love’s jealous brought about war and the downfall of her husband; she had been working with her lover to bring down her husband’s empire but then felt guilty; she knew that her status as Imperial Consort of the previous dynasty would negatively affect Bai Yan and they could never be together? All we know is, Bai Yan lived a (short) life of regret and longed to be with her again. It is depressing no matter what way you look at it…

  3. Wow, that was fast of sheng sheng, she’s gonna be a nurse in a rescue huh. Why does most of the male characters getting sick almost all at the same time..

    Maybe Sheng sheng will cook some poridge for him. ~>_<~ And feed him or so.

    • Haha. For once, Sheng Sheng is not letting her brain (which is always several beats behind) take over and is just following her feelings.

      I’ve noticed in c-novels, fevers and gastro sickness are such a popular plot device. It either results in a trip to the person’s house to take care of them or a trip to the hospital together for the IV. But the readers eat it all up… :p

  4. oh no Hoju, dr Mo Qingcheng could not come to you bcoz he had a fever 😓 hahaha I’m glad you feel better now.

    Sheng Sheng gonna take action as a gf now, I think the doctor will get better really soon 😊

    thank you for your great effort for translating this chapter but do follow your doctor’s order 👌

    • 😦 My one chance to have Dr. Mo Qingcheng make a visit to see me, and he gets a fever. *sigh* He is fated to only be Sheng Sheng’s. ❤

  5. ouh.. next chapter must be ‘something’ LOLs..
    i read the lyrics and additional comments.. why it feels so sad.. 😦 and watch the mv fanmade, and huang xiao ming.. owh.. one of my fave 😀 (but still, wallace number one, lols)

    thank you Hoju.. glad hearing you’re getting well.. can’t wait for the next chapter.. aaahh toupai *blushing*

    • And what “something” are you thinking it’s going to have? 😉

      It is a sad song… And what makes it more sad is, all the bloodshed and separations were caused, not by some righteous motive of giving the common people a better life but because of a woman…

      HXM is one of your faves too? You collect fave actors like you collect fave novel male leads? 😉

      • just something hot spicy and yummy 😛

        aaahh.. it’s so dramatic.. *sigh*

        yes, HXM, Bolin CHen, Ethan Ruan, of course Wallace Chung, Eddie Peng, Nic Tse, Shawn Yue, George Hu, Chris Wang, and many more.. LOLs.. it’s just from Chinese drama.. i have some from Kdrama land and Jdorama.. haha.. such unfaithful girl 🙂

  6. Hi hoju!

    I am so glad to hear that you are doing better. I wish you a very speedy recovery.

    I finally caught up to your translations! I LOVED the last two chapters, because they were filled with such poignant songs I remember hearing the Overturn the World song a lot on tudou and youtube, because many fans would use this song to make MVs. I thought it had lovely background music but wasn’t particularly enamored of the song until I fully understood the lyrics. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity and time in translating not only the songs but also filling us in on the fictional historical and political background relating to all four songs. It was definitely enlightening. Now knowing what the lyrics mean, I am so moved by how every song tells the story of certain players in the fall of one nation and the rise of another. The historical record only states the dry facts of what happened, but the songs are truly the life force of this sad tale of ambition, greed, patriotism, and ill-fated love.

    At your mention of Legendary Siblings, I can’t help but gush about Michael Miu and Jamie Chik. I love this onscreen couple. Michael is quintessential dashing swordsman material, and Jamie is perfect sweet, pretty maiden material. A very young version of these two would make a perfect Toupai and Sheng Sheng. 🙂 Although,,,sorry, my Wallace Chung fan craze is going to show through, but I also think Wallace Chung would make a perfect tall, dashing swordsman. If only he would have better luck with ancient drama hairstyles. 😛

    • I find that album so impressive. Every song breathes life into a character that was merely a name in the “history books.” The lyricist/person who wrote the storyline is so talented.

      Michael Miu is my favourite actor from the golden 80s and his tall build can pull off any ancient swordsman or young nobleman role. I have always thought Jamie Chik is so beautiful, yet cute at the same time. And they have both aged so gracefully.

      Although Wallace Chung looked a little scrubby in Patriotic Knights, he definitely pulled off the aura of tall, suave swordsman in that drama and completely stole the show from Chen Long. 🙂

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