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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : Abu Dhabi



Peanuts: Fresh from the oven, the race has just finished filming today and I know who won 🙂 

The next destination was Abu Dhabi and as usual WC came from behind to give everyone a pleasant surprise 🙂 WC is the best, lol.

All the teams arrived together at a luxurious bungalow to complete their first task, ‘nose-touch greeting’ with a cub. Since only one person needed to do it, being the brave one Jackie completed it easily like the others. In this episode every team started their task at the same time which means there was no advantage or disadvantage from their placings in the last leg.


After that they needed to choose between spotting 5 pairs of eyes on the cardboard out of 15 ladies in the bungalow, with their hands tied together or doing a Tanoura dance and stacking up the cups in two vertical line in 30 seconds.


Wallace was just telling us the task he has chosen but he acted all sneaky so other teams can’t hear him which I think is pointless lol

Peanuts: Some fans said from his mouth shape, WC looked like he was saying I Love U in Mandarin lol.

To be honest I don’t know which one is harder… But at first most of the teams chose the first one. However, once they entered the bungalow and realized everyone looking alike, they thought this will take a lot of time, so they changed to Tanoura dance including Wallace.

The dance already made them very dizzy and they still needed to stack up the cups which is really hard. 😮 Wallace taught Jackie to look at one spot when spinning but it didn’t help much.


lol Wallace still looked cute even when he was dizzy. 😀

Since Ekin’s team finished the task after trying many times but the judge still gave them a no. Maybe due to them dancing too slow, so Jordan Chan threw a tantrum and changed back to the eyes spotting task. Wallace tried to encourage them by asking them to try one more time since they almost succeeded in the last try, but Jordan was too furious to listen to reason. See, my Wallace is so nice. In this challenge I finally heard Jackie’s complains haha. Because Wallace kept telling her what to do so she told him to stop being noisy (in a nice way). She also used a not so rude word when the cups fell because Jordan has broken some of them before so some were different now. They finally succeeded in the next try!

Peanuts: I find Jordan really behaved like a gangster, so rude. No matter what he should not have torn the clue card and threw it at the judge, low EQ 😛 I feel WC made a mistake. The spotting the eyes task is not as difficult as it seemed as proven by the successful completion of other teams in a short time. He shouldn’t be influenced by the 2 guys team when they left and should give it a try. It would have preserved his energy for latter tasks. Anyhow WC really has the determination of a steel to complete this task successfully, unlike the 2 guys team who gave up.

Next, they needed to ride the camel to the dessert where they will use a metal detector to find a ‘magic lamp’ buried under the sand together with other junks to get the next clue. They also needed to keep the lamp in good shape until the pitt stop or they’ll get 30 minutes penalty. Since Wallace was too dizzy from the dance and didn’t take lunch, Jackie volunteered to do this task.


lol But Jackie what were you doing? Were you moping? 😀

Calvin’s partner once again annoyed me in this task because she kept giving Calvin orders to go here and there…. I think that’s why in the next task, Wallace was reluctant to team up with them.


Peanuts: Jackie is such a considerate little sister. Did you notice that she was the only woman out there under the hot sun (40 degree) for about half an hour? After WC, I like Calvin the most because he is so nice and patient. He has to wait for his partner to put on make-up, give in to her demands, listen to her orders and complains and also do all the hard tasks in the race. He told his partner he’ll do this hard task and she should go under the shade, such a sweet guy.


Wallace was so enthusiastic that he ran first without waiting for Jackie. 😀


After they found the lamp they needed to team up with another team to do the next task. Since Wallace was the 4th team to arrive, Calvin was already waiting for them. However Wallace seemed hesitant to team up with them by telling Jackie, they can choose to accept or decline their invitation. But, since no other team was around, they’ve no choice but to accept.

The task was to build and decorate a tent just as the sample provided. Wallace was the shining star. 🙂 He became the leader and assigned tasks to others. Surprisingly, they cooperated really well! Wallace really gave it all, doing everything! Such a good leader. 🙂


Peanuts: WC worked so hard with the hammer even though he didn’t eat lunch, such a strong man. I also want to be in his team lol.



Peanuts: WC sounded so girly in his Taiwanese accent lol. He was lamenting about the speed of the Olympic couple. Himmy translated it to English as something like ‘so annoying~, can’t they slow down a bit?’

After they got a yes from the judge they proceeded to Wadi Adventure. They needed to ride on an air-filled raft in high wave to get 3 different color flags hanging above them during the ride. They needed to complete the task in 3 laps or else have to queue up again. Wallace arrived 4th so he needed to wait since only 2 teams were allowed in the water at any point in time.

I’m really worried, since I knew a lot of people were injured here from watching the trailer. I don’t want Wallace to get hurt, not even a small cut… 😦


Wallace looks really cute with the safety helmet. 🙂

Nobody was successful before Wallace’s turn. Remembered I wrote Wallace was the shinning star in this task? As it turned out, my worry was for nothing, since Wallace once again used his intelligence to analyse and calculate the jumping time accurately lol. He succeeded in just the second lap! He didn’t even fall into the water! He looked really macho here!~ ❤  (especially the 3rd picture 😀 )



He’s better than the Olympic world champion here! hehe

I found a fan comment that echos my sentiments  ‘That moment when WC grabbed the red flag, that picture was so beautiful! Watching it in front of my computer, I could not help but applaud! This wasn’t done with any special effects! Small Wa (WC’s nickname), you are so courageous and intelligent. Small Wa, I am in awe and is really proud of your achievement!

Actually, Wallace did get a small cut on his elbow but he didn’t say anything about it at all. Of course, he might think this was nothing to mention about. He always kept all the pain to himself… 😦

Although sometimes I think he made some wrong choices and he was also the clown of the race (not this episode), I think he was also one of the smartest person in that he always thought of an easier and faster way to complete the challenges. Thus, he deserved to win. 🙂

Of course, the two tall guys also completed this task easily since their hands are so long. But not as macho as my Wallace~


Peanut: From The Amazing Race, one can see that WC always gives his best in whatever he does. He disregarded his idol image and did his best in all the tasks, be it dirty, dangerous or tough. WC, you are my hero lol. He is one determined guy which shows why he can last so long in the entertainment business and is popular in Taiwan as well as China for such a long tme. Hopefully Johnnie To will make him popular in HK. If he was trained to take part in the Olympic from a young age, I bet he can also be a champion 😛 I also have to praise that Olympic champion for his determination and never give up attitude. Both of them always competing neck to neck which makes this race so interesting to watch.

Wallace completed this task first so Jackie drove to their final destination, Al Jahili Fort. When they arrived it was already late evening (I hope Wallace eat something on the way). The host wanted them to show him their lamp. See how carefully Wallace wrapped it with towel to make sure it’s in perfect condition. 😀 I wanna be that lamp.


Needless to say, they’re first!! Yay!! Himmy is very happy! 😀
But this leg have no prize for them…

The uncle didn’t complete the last task because his daughter was injured, so they got 1 hour time penalty and was eliminated from the race.

Peanuts: WC is the bona fide winner for this leg, no help from fast forward or U turn. He may not start off well but he is growing from strength to strength, just like his career. Before watching TAR, I am fond of WC but after TAR, I’ve truly become his real fan because of his endearing characteristics. He can be goofy, childish, noisy and bossy but he is also brave, determined, smart and funny. Why is there no prize for this leg??? Probably because nobody wants the milk lol. Jackie said she doesn’t drink milk.


Next destination is Greece! Lets go!!


Peanuts: Yeh, WC was still in the race & they’ve gone to Greece !!!! Lidge & her crow mouth, touch wood, touch wood lol.


Peanuts: WC has the highest jump so he is the champion 🙂 At least in my heart, lol.

Author: himmy

I'm a sunflower & Wallace Chung is my sunshine. I'm here mainly to fangirl Wallace Chung & maybe others things in the future. :-D

30 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : Abu Dhabi

  1. Yes, I’ve just finished watching it on YT two hours ago! WC is really macho & a good mix of brains-&-brawns! Me like!! LOL! Jackie is a real trooper ~ my favourite female particiapnt. Agree with Himmy that Calvin’s partner is the most annoying person in this race and Calvin is my second favourite male person in this race after WC. All the complaining, the ordering, etc. She is lucky that Calvin is so patient. Jordan Chan really needs to get a handle on his temper. Ekin Cheng’s good temperament was a pleasant surprise.
    I am hoping WC and Jackie will win this too. Go, go, WC & Jackie! 🙂

    • I really wanna know who won the race but don’t want spoiler…. what should I do… Actually Ekin is my second favorite hehe he’s my childhood crush 😀

      • If you want spoiler email me lol. I saw the winning photos heehee…Ekin is ok. He is pretty quiet and low key in TAR so I forgot abt him lol. It may be better if he was partnered with Yoyo 😛

      • Ekin was my childhood crush too, until his love life got too complicated for my taste. This TAR programme has elevated his coolness level again for me. Haha. But Wallace Chung is not only handsome with excellent physique (yeah, I am superficial like that 😉 ), I like that in TAR, I am seeing his mental toughness and focus too.
        As for Calvin, it was really because I am so awed at how much he can take from his absolutely irritating partner. I would have told her to put a sock in it or at least, ignored her a few challenges ago.

  2. Yay! More Wallace Chung fans around! *beats fist in air* I’ve only had a chance to watch up to the India episodes, but I am loving it so far. Plus, I have just finished watching that game show with all the contestants of the Amazing Race, co-hosted by Liza Wang. I loved it. It was hilarious, the way Wallace kept trying to defend himself regarding the decision to give another team the U-turn card. I didn’t realize Wallace is so competitive in real life, but I think it makes sense, since I hear that he always gives every drama/movie he is in his all, no matter how important or insignificant his role is. Are there any more of the talk or game shows regarding this celebrity edition of Amazing Race? If yes, please share the link.

    And thanks peanuts and Himmy for your debriefings on each leg of the race. The summaries really help me understand what is going on, as my Mandarin is only so-so.

    Go, go, Team Wallace and Jackie Chung!

  3. I’ve watched a lot of TAR editions but I like this one the most. Apart from WC’s participation, this edition stands out for the perseverance, tenacity and courage shown by all the participants. The white-water rafting challenge has got to take the cake as the most nail-biting one thus far. The Olympic champion looked like he was doing gymnastics while white-water rafting all at the same time. Isabella refused to quit even though she had bashed her knee real bad. Calvin’s female partner nearly drowned when their raft capsized. The editing and camerawork of this edition have mostly been amateurish but the editing of this challenge coupled with the sound effects and slow motion playback just about make up for the technical team’s inexperience. I bet WC’s legions of adoring female fans swoon with love and admiration when they watched in slow motion how he leapt into the air like a graceful dolphin to grab the red flag not to mention hitting the playback button like nobody’s business. LOL!

  4. Hi peanuts. I’m a new member of this website. I think that I really like your blog because of I’m a fan of Wallace Chung. Can you tell me something more about your blog and you. Where are you from?

    • Welcome to WC’s unofficial English fan blog, lol. I was a WC’s normal fan until I became crazy when he acted in You’re My Sunshine & took part in TAR 😛 This blog is primarily a novel translations blog with fangirling WC as its side activity since there is nothing much on WC in English compared to Chinese & Viet. All of us live outside of China.

  5. oh my bad.. i just realized that wallace has his ‘Yi Chen’ hair style. omonaaa.. lols

    oppa, annyong! saranghae.. haha 😛

    once again, im watching without engsub.. thank you, you guys help me a lot to understand this and that.. LOLs…

  6. I just finished watching this episode! Wow, I am so hyped up after watching this leg of the race. I completely agree with peanuts and himmy’s comments here. In the past, despite my very passionate claims about loving Wallace Chung, I was only kidding. 😛 I only wanted him for his handsome face and tall physique and sexiness on screen. Yes, very superficial of me. 😀 But after seeing TAR, I like the man behind the handsome face even more. And that means a lot coming from such a superficial person like myself. 😀 Like peanuts said, Wallace is goofy so that I will always be entertained in his presence. He is serious and hardworking when the situation calls for it. But it is his perseverance that is most surprising and pleasing. Most idols are pampered and weak, but Wallace has a spirit that refuses to be extinguished in the face of conflict, danger, ridicule, or cow poop. I truly love this guy now.

    I would like to say a word about Ekin Cheng. I have always liked him, after watching him in Golden Snake Swordsman from TVB. Though he was sort of wooden in that drama, I thought he was so cool and handsome. And in this race, his coolness continues on! He is calm, quiet, and just as hardworking as Wallace Chung. I love his reserved nature and his even temper.

    There are so many amazing contestants in this race, all very deserving of first place. (Probably the only person I am not fond of is Calvin’s partner. Who is she? A talk show host? She is a poor team player and has no insight at all into her own flawed character.) But alas, only one team can occupy first place, and of course, I root for Wallace. 🙂

    Thanks again, himmy and peanuts!

    • Seems like I’m the no. 1 fan of Wallace here~ Since I’ve love Wallace for who he is from the start 😛 lol, because I always looks at a idol’s personalty first before totally fond of them. 😀 Since I’m fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, I get to know him more from the watching his interviews. But of course TAR let me see his other sides that I never see before too.

      Ekin acted in Golden Snake Swords before? 😮 I’ve only watched the latest edition with Lam Ga Dung. Is it good?

  7. The first time I’ve known WC since I watched the best time. Then I knew he was gonna act you are my sunshine; I am really fond of him. The novel you are my sunshine which I’ve read 3 times. Due to loving it so much.

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