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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 21



Happy Monday again 🙂 Actually Lu Jun is a sweet and nice guy but Xia Ye always misunderstands him. Thereby annoying him so she always digs her own grave 😛

Chapter 21: Travel

After hanging up the phone, I give up all hope. When I am hanging on the cliff, I can still struggle for a little while to look for a way out. However my whole body has already fallen down the cliff now, so I can only submit to the will of heaven. Originally I believe my mom can be my lifesaver, but who know at the crucial moment, not only she did not pull me up, on the contrary she even kicked me down!

The most hateful thing is that Lu Jun is a brilliant mischief-maker. He realises the reason why my mom will not let me go to Guilin. The main point is that he and I are not a couple. He shamelessly goes so far as to let my mom misunderstands that he and I are in a relationship. He did it because he wants to enslave me. Is it necessary to ruin my reputation? Manager Wang is in front, listening to our conversation. Big boss Lu, you deliberately let the group of ruthless women in the office feel jealous and hatred for me!

Although I still have not arrived in Guilin yet, I can already foresee my miserable life in some scenic spots in Guilin! My left hand will be holding Lu Jun’s clothes and my right hand will be holding his mineral water. In addition his heavy camera will be hanging around my neck and I’ll follow him from behind like a slave!

In my self-pity state, the car very quickly arrives at the airport. After getting off, I instantly walk to the front window. I bent down, lower my voice and angrily ask: “Manager Wang, didn’t you say every time general manager goes on a business trip, he’ll also bring you along?”

Manager Wang innocently looks at me: “Yes ah, indeed every time general manager goes on a business trip, he’ll also bring me along as his assistant. However you did not tell me clearly yesterday, so how will I know this is not a business trip but travel for leisure ah!”

Huh! No matter what, everything is also my fault. I take a deep breath and ask: “Then, what to do with the hotel!?”

He shakes his head: “You ask me, I ask who?”

I hold out my hand: “You give the money back to me so that I can book another room later!”

He sighs: “I scare my wife will find out and confiscate the money, so when I arrived home yesterday I immediately hid it under the bed. I don’t have it with me now ……”

I’m anxious: “Then what to do ah!?” I also don’t have my share of the money with me!

He: “Your relationship with the general manager is already like this, how about sharing a room with him!?”

I: “……”

“Xia Ye, it is getting late. What are you and manager Wang talking about?” Suddenly Lu Jun speaks up. He appears to be in a good mood with a faintly discernible smile on his face.

I wave my hand in embarrassment: “Nothing, manager Wang is just explaining to me what I need to take note of during the trip!”

He nods and says: “Let’s go, it is almost time to board the plane.”

“Okay ……” I reply and is about to leave but manager Wang suddenly pulls me aside and says: “Xiao Xia, I still want to talk to you about an important matter which you need to take note of.”

I bent down and ask: “What important matter?”

Manager Wang whispers: “Before you go to bed at night, you must remember to turn off the lights.”

Although turning off the lights before going to bed is normal, seeing that he emphasizes that, I could not help but ask: “Why?”

He seemingly full of knowledge and experience, says: “This is for your own good. Also, for the general manager’s sake because after turning off the light, he’ll not be able to see your face. Then you also don’t need to feel inferior. In fact, doing it with the light off, all women are the same.”

“……” I understand going to bed to mean sleeping but you actually refer to XXOO! You mean my face will affect interest in sex, so only by turning off the light, big boss Lu will have appetite to eat me!, right? You really never fail to irritate me whenever you see me!

I walk side by side with Lu Jun into the airport hall. He is carrying a luggage bag in his left hand and another luggage bag in his right hand. Whereas I am light and relaxed since I am empty-handed. There is nothing I can do since today’s trip is too sudden. I am not prepared at all!

After all, remembering that he is still my boss, it is bad that I look too relaxed. Hence I say: “General manager, do you want me to help you to carry a luggage bag?”

“Gulu ……” Suddenly the stomach rumbles once. Then I remember that I did not eat anything in the morning. The rumbling is really very timely. Knowing that I am hungry, he’ll not ask me to help him to carry the luggage, right?

As expected, Lu Jun frowns and glances at me: “How can?”

I cannot help but inwardly praise him. As the saying goes, a good man should not let a woman sweats. It seems he can still be considered a good gentleman.

I do not expect in the next second, he will thrust the luggage bags in his hands to me and calmly says: “How can you only carry one? Carry both together.”

“……” I am carrying the luggage bags and my resentment soars. Although I do not know what is inside the two luggage bags, they are not very heavy. However I still fiercely despise him over and over and over again! How can a man give a woman all the luggage to take?

With his empty hand, Lu Jun points ahead and says: “The waiting area is there, you go and find a place to sit down. Don’t run around, I’ll come in a moment.”

After saying that, he turns and walks toward the opposite direction. He walks very fast in big steps, so not long after, I am a fair distant away from him.

I carry the luggage bags to the waiting area and find a place to sit down and rest. I inwardly wonder where is he going?

After a while, big boss Lu comes back. Due to his slender physique, plus his well-dressed, refined and handsome appearance, I can easily spot him in the crowd. He is different from before because he is holding a big box of cookies in his left hand and a small packet of milk in his right hand.

As he is approaching, I say with disbelief: “Are you afraid that I am hungry, so you purposely went to buy food for me?”

He frowns: “No.”

I am starry eyed and my voice becomes tender because I am touched: “General manager, you are so good to me ……”

His cheeks look a bit red: “I’ve already said no.”

I don’t believe: “Don’t be embarrassed. I know you’re outwardly cold but inwardly hot.”

He: “……”

Lu Jun is silent and no longer speaks. When I am still feeling touched, he quietly opens the box of cookies and starts eating. Suddenly I feel embarrassed, damn it! It turns out that he really didn’t buy it for me! I even think he is shy so he did not admit it ……

Watching him eats so appetizingly, my stomach rumbles once again. Thus I could not help but pitifully say: “General manager, can you give some to me?”

He pushes over the box of cookies, smiles and generously says: “Eat la.”

Hence, I impolitely start to eat a big chunks. Each cookie is only coin size, but sweet, crispy and very tasty. This is especially so when I am hungry, they seem exceptionally delicious. Unconsciously, I accelerate the speed I stuff the cookies into my mouth, nearly achieve a cookie per second. Because I am eating in a hurry, I accidentally choke. However a packet of milk with the straw inserted is handed to me right away. I quickly take it and drink it.

I finish eating the cookies and drinking the milk completely in a very short time. Then I surprisingly realise Lu Jun only ate a few cookies at the very beginning. Later, he was quietly watching me eat!

I touch my stomach which no longer feels hungry. I look at big boss Lu who appears as if nothing had happened and think how can this man be so awkward! He obviously gave the two luggage bags to me because he wanted a free hand to buy milk and cookies. But he’ll not make himself clear, resulting in me misunderstanding him for shamelessly exploiting my labor. It is clear that he purposely bought something for me to eat, but I don’t know why he refused to admit it and gave them to me to eat in a roundabout way!

Anyway, I also don’t know why I feel a little sweetness in my heart …… can it be because I ate too many cookies?

Not long after, a sweet female voice announces that our flight is ready for boarding. This signifies my one week trip is going to start.

Before boarding the plane, Lu Jun raises his eyebrows and asks: “Xia Ye, do you get airsickness?”

I shake my head and proudly say: “No ah! My health is good so I feel the same on the plane, just like I am on the ground. No vomiting, no headache, moreover I am in high spirit!”

He seems relieved and happily nods his head: “That’s good.”

Seeing that he is so attentive and considerate, I subconsciously feel a bit touched: “General manager, thank you for your concern.”

He suddenly says: “For this one week trip, I worked until very late last night, virtually did not sleep at all.”

I sigh: “You really worked too hard!”

He nods: “Thus I’ll like to sleep for a while after we’ve boarded the plane.”

I agree repeatedly: “You should, you should.”

He smilingly looks at me and says: “Luckily, you don’t feel airsickness.”

My mind is filled with question marks. What does your sleeping has to do with me not feeling airsickness?

Very soon, I know why it concerns me.

Lu Jun sleeps very soundly on the plane, his head leaning on a soft and fragrance small pillow. This is nothing new, but what is alarming is that soft and fragrance small pillow is put on my shoulder!

What kind of people is this ah? At the beginning I was wondering what was inside the luggage bags? I did not expect that he’ll even bring his pillow!

I dare not move at all and sit upright in the seat. I quietly clench my teeth while looking at that peaceful sleeping face. This trip is a tragedy from the very beginning ……

When we are getting off the plane, Lu Jun seems to be in great spirits. His good quality suit is still as well-ironed like new and neat. His walking pace is not slow nor in a hurry. He even has a refined and polite smiling expression on his face. His extraordinary appearance is attracting the attention of many young female passengers. I follow him from behind with no sense of presence at all. I also cast countless disdain gazes at that flirty man in front of me!

After leaving the pick up area, Lu Jun and I take a taxi directly to the hotel which I’ve booked a room.

While seating on the back seat, my face looks exhausted and I weakly massage my shoulders. When I look at that high-spirited man sitting next to me, I feel a bit resentful. You are not sleepy anymore and very awake now. However I am so tired now that all I want to do is just to have a good sleep! My eyelids involuntarily droop down. I sleepily ask the driver: “How long more to arrive ah?”

The driver answers: “Miss, there is usually traffic jam at this time so normally we can arrive in about two hours. If there is no traffic jam, need at least more than one hour to arrive.”

I look at Lu Jun with resentment, how do you expect me to endure for such a long time ah!

Lu Jun notices my gaze and says with a conscience: “Xia Ye, you’ve worked hard.”

I say with some grievance: “It is good that you know I’ve worked hard. I am so tired now until my eyelids could hardly stay opened!”

He: “Then ……”

I interrupt him to continue complaining with grief: “You don’t know that my shoulders almost got damaged today!”

He: “Then you ……”

I interrupt him again to continue to sigh with sorrow: “I suddenly feel that the world’s most stupid and idiotic behavior, is to lend the shoulder to people to sleep!” In other words, my meaning is that I will never do such a stupid thing again. Don’t try to enslave me again in the future!

He: “……”

After I finished whining, suddenly I remember: “Oh ya, general manager, what did you want to say?”

“Just now, I wanted to tell you to lean on my shoulder and sleep for a while.” While saying that, he lightly gives me a sweeping glance. Then he changes his smiling manner of speaking: “But since you said it is the world’s most stupid and idiotic behavior, so forget about it.”

I: “……”

Thus I learned another lesson from Lu Jun – the more you say, the more mistakes you made! %> _ <%

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  1. thank you !! yes.. am the 1st

  2. i’m speechless.. i like lu jun but somehow, he makes me dislike him.. he needs to show ‘his love’ more and stop being so ‘rude’ and ‘smart’ haha.. sometimes, being idiot is cute la.. 😛

    thank youuu ^^

  3. 😀 he really is so loving, poor boss, she dont understand him.. and poor Xia Ye too 😀 thank you so much!

  4. [He seemingly full of knowledge and experience, says: “This is for your own good. Also, for the general manager’s sake because after turning off the light, he’ll not be able to see your face. Then you also don’t need to feel inferior. In fact, doing it with the light off, all women are the same.”] – is xia ye that ordinary-looking that Manager Wang makes remarks like this?

    i’m excited to know what could happen between the two during this week of holiday. my imagination is running wild… hahaha.. thank you for the translation.

    • I do believe Xia Ye is average looking since nearly everyone also thinks likewise but I don’t think she is ugly.

      It is a 1 week trip so it’ll span a few chapters, be patient 😛

  5. So she went with him without any luggage? It’s going to be fun when they reach the hotel

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  7. Every week I was hoping he would be openly nice and sweet to her without playing tricks but it’s always the same. She’s always on the defensive because he doesn’t explain anything.

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  9. Thank you for the translations. You write beautifully.
    I understand Chinese so went on to complete reading the Chinese version. Yet i still anxiously await your English translations.
    Really enjoy the way the right moments are depicted. So cute and fun. Absolutely hilarious.
    Thank You for taking the time to help translate! !!! 加油 : )

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    Thanks again, peanuts~

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