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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 6.2



The translation is taking longer than expected because it is quite hard 😦 Thanks bongsd for her continuous help. You can try using google to read it and you’ll understand why. Hence, update will either be on Thursday or Friday depending on the level of difficulty and length. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. I don’t have a turkey for you but I’ve Mo Ting and he is no turkey 😛 You’ll find out in this chapter, he is actually an abalone or shark fin lol. Thus, enjoy your feast 🙂

Chapter 6.2: Right and Proper

At night, An Ning went out for her appointment. She picked a restaurant in the city center. It was recommended by Zhao Yang, saying that it was renowned for its unique taste in X City …… Well, for safety reason, An Ning brought enough money. Taking a taxi from the front gate of the university there will take about twenty minutes. Originally, she wanted to come with him to save taxi money and also more reasonable, but Xu Mo Ting was not in the university these past two days …… very good, uh …… very unfortunate …… An Ning arrived half an hour earlier, and chose a quiet spot to sit down. However, the moment she sat down, she began to be lost in thought. Then she also became nervous and suddenly wanted to run away just before the battle …… but she was the one who invited him, so if she really slipped away, she reckoned she’ll be shoot on sight tomorrow  …… right?

Twenty minutes later, Xu Mo Ting pushed open the door. His eyes lazily looked around and saw the person sitting beside the window. He put both of his hands into his pants pockets and slowly walked over.

When he stood beside her, he could not help but sighed softly. He pulled the chair across the table to sit down leisurely. His clean fingers resting freely on his thigh …… staring at the person lying asleep on the table.

Li …… An Ning.

For Xu Mo Ting, if  he still could not forget a person after five or six years, then he might as well remember her for a lifetime, because he clearly understood, it would be impossible for another one to appear.

In fact, An Ning did not fall asleep, so when she sensed some movements, she opened her eyes and saw the person sitting opposite her. She was actually trying to adjust herself psychologically but crumbled instead. She raised her head and pretended to be calm when greeting him: “…… Hi.”

“You didn’t sleep well last night?” His tone sounded indulgence.

“Oh …… occasional insomnia.”

Mo Ting seemed to remember something and said to her, “I never thought you would have insomnia. Do you have a lot of activity at night?”

An Ning seemed completely unaware of anything and said pitifully: “I also don’t want to go out at night ah.”

When Xu Mo Ting heard these words, suddenly he felt truly …… Unexpectedly, he’ll easily enter into a state of imbalance now. He pressed at the space between his eyebrows and called the waiter to order food.

“Oh …… A few days ago, when I was looking for stuff, I found my birth certificate. As it turned out, I was born at noon time. Moreover it was highly likely to be the hour of the horse ……” In order to lighten up the atmosphere, An Ning started a topic of conversation.

Xu Mo Ting raised his eyebrows, “Oh?”

“…… Yang energy too strong.”

At this moment, the waiter who was standing there glanced at An Ning. Xu Mo Ting asked: “So what?”

An Ning: “The hour of the horse was when prisoner were executed in ancient time.”

“Pop” the sound of the waiter dropping his pen. He picked up his pen and left. Xu Mo Ting said: “Oh.”

An Ning: “……”

Then he smiled, lowered his head slightly and asked softly: “How do you know that today is my birthday?”

An Ning lightly said “ah”, not sure if she was blushing: “Information from the project…… you also filled in. “To overcome the embarrassing situation, she tried to brighten up the atmosphere, “15 October, then you should be a Libra.”

Xu Mo Ting looked at her and smiled faintly, “Libra, so what?”

An Ning: “According to the constellation, your protector God is God of Love …… my protector star is Venus.”


“Well …… In Christianity, Venus represents the devil. The devil and the God of Love …… have you read John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” before?”

He smiled and she continued: “The child of the devil and the God of Love is …… Satan.”

Xu Mo Ting: “Oh, that is very good, I’ve no objection.”

“Huh?” What no objection?

“You said our future offspring will be Satan, very good.”

“……” I did not say ah …… Furthermore, when were they already discussing about their child?

At this moment, two people came over. When they got closer, they discovered another person sitting opposite Xu Mo Ting and said abruptly, “So there is a beautiful woman here, sorry sorry.” One of them, a pretty girl sheepishly waved at Mo Ting.

Xu Mo Ting looked at her and smiled: “Just came back?”

“I have already been back for more than a month, but, as always, you are completely indifferent ah. No wonder Cheng Yu always says you ‘freeze’ her.” At last, the pretty girl could not resist and looked curiously at An Ning: “Since we ran into each other, aren’t you going to make an introduction?”

“An Ning.” Mo Ting pointed at the two persons standing, “My colleagues from Control Yuan.”

The pretty girl said “ah” in admiration and came up to shake An Ning’s hand in a friendly manner: “I am Su Jia Hui, nice to meet you.”

“Oh ……” An Ning finally remembered who was the person next to the pretty girl. He was the man who she encountered when watching a movie yesterday …… what a coincidence. He has already greeted her.

Jia Hui was amused by An Ning’s “oh,” so she laughed heartily. Then she questioned Xu Mo Ting closely, “Your girlfriend? Haha, I think a lot of girls in Control Yuan will be heart-broken.”

Xu Mo Ting smiled and did not deny it. Later, after they’ve left, An Ning could not help but asked: “That …… why don’t you explain?”

Her question was a bit vague, but he could understand and answered: “Explain what? This should be the truth, isn’t it?”


An Ning ate the meal in a daze. When she went to toilet, she ran into Su Jia Hui and they chatted briefly, “It is hard to get close to Mo Ting, right?” “…… Okay.” “When did both of you start ah? ” ” …… Just now.” When she came out, Xu Mo Ting was waiting at the payment counter. Both hands were inserted in his pockets and his posture looked relax. Because An Ning was careless, she stumbled a bit, but fortunately Xu Mo Ting held out a hand to support her in time. Then he lectured her, “Don’t look around when you are walking.”

“It is the carpet ……” she said innocently.

Mo Ting smiled and took out a tissue for her, “Wipe your hands.”

“Oh ……”

Su Jia Hui looked at this scene, her heart felt a bit bitter.

Whereas An Ning suddenly thought, “You have already paid?”

Xu Mo Ting can read her mind. He just smiled and said: “Next time la, there is plenty of opportunities.”

Oh, when was the next time? Furthermore he really smiled a bit too much today ……

After Mo Ting sent An Ning back, he went to his own dormitory to get something. When he entered, he saw a lot of presents on his desk. Zhang Qi has just walked in and smiled the moment he saw him, “They are all from your admirers. Even my girlfriend gave you one.”

Xu Mo Ting’s mood was really good today, “I’ve a few cans of beer with me, so drink with me, okay?”

“Okay.” Zhang Qi went to the sofa, sat down and asked: “In past years, you were awfully busy, only free to go with us to have a meal the next day. It seemed you are full of celebration programs this year. Just now – went out to have dinner with Li An Ning?”

Xu Mo Ting said yes and handed a can of beer to his friend.

“Frankly speaking, I really did not expect you to move so fast. You always don’t get close to girls, but in the end, so fast get a girlfriend!”

Mo Ting drank some beer before saying: “It is not considered fast.”

Zhang Qi patted him on the shoulder to indicate everyone knew the rules, “How the little girl chased you? To one’s surprise, she managed to capture the top man in our Faculty of Foreign Studies, not simple ah.”

“She is at the same level as us, so no need to call her little girl.” Xu Mo Ting gave a faint smile: “Also, I am the one who is chasing her.”

Zhang Qi said in disbelief: “You must be kidding!”

In the eyes of other people, it seemed Xu Mo Ting was shield  by his family. He has an Ivy League’s degree and was also ranked as one of the best young talent. Be it academic, career or friendship …… he could accomplish them easily, without a doubt …… only he personally knew, his only deep affection for somebody …… was rejected once before. What he was doing now can be considered “forcing hard tactic” to make the other party accept him …… Mo Ting pressed his forehead. Nowadays, every time he thought of Li An Ning, his heart can no longer be calm like before. From time to time, he’ll think, where was that person now and what was she doing …… really frightening.

Zhang Qi was really a bit touched, and finally smiled and said: “Lao San said wrongly last time, that little girl Li is the incredible one.”

The next day, incredible Li An Ning went out early in the morning to catch the subway to work. Suddenly she felt like being reborn—— not because of the early morning air or morning sunlight and so on. Rather …… why nowadays the BMW and Mercedes-Benz were parked in front of the primary school? Whereas the high school students …… why they looked more mature than an office worker like her? They wore suits as their school uniforms and the female students put on light makeup. In contrast she was in jeans, T shirt and athletic shoes plus without makeup ……

At a loss …… she sent a text message to her cousin sister in the subway: Am I supposed to learn some makeup techniques?

Cousin: Yes.

An Ning: Really?

Cousin: ……

Cousin: Last night I dreamed that my boss sent me to the headquarters for training.

An Ning: Free overseas travel?

Cousin: P! Firstly, our headquarters is in Germany. Then, I’ve only got 500 euros but because of my feverish brain, I spent 490 euros to buy a new mobile phone. I’ve registered for BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) but did not buy the service package …… My first reaction was: I am finished. Without the service package, people will think I am out of credit and is detained in Germany! !

An Ning: How about returning the mobile phone?

Cousin: ……

That day An Ning nearly connected to the company’s internet. The was because the internet signal on the way to work was unstable. In the subway, can’t even find EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution), so might as well use GSM (Global System for Mobile). When she arrived at the front door of  Long Tai, the signal unexpectedly rose to 70dbm …… across the street was a securities company. It was indeed a financial district, “Finally found an internet connection.”

When an approaching colleague heard her speak, she smiled and said: “An Ning ah, fighting as a guerrilla”

An Ning turned off the Tang and Song dynasties history on her mobile phone to say hello to her senior.

She was pretty familiar with the people in Long Tai’s laboratory since last year, so she has no problem with the interpersonal relationship aspect of the work but maybe difficulty in the technology aspect.

She received a text message at noon: I am not going back to the university today, so if there is anything, call me.

An Ning leaned against the window and thought …… Oh no, I am finished. Really fait accompli? How about resist a bit? At this time, an ‘upright’ appearance of him flashed in her mind. Hence An Ning conceded, she dared not resist.

When An Ning entered the dormitory, she saw Mao Mao holding up her dress, standing on the balcony and blurting out for the lightning to strike so that she can time travel.

An Ning: “What is wrong with her?”

Zhao Yang: “She wants to go to meet the Emperor Yang of Sui.”

When Mao Mao saw An Ning was back, she quickly ran in, “Meow Meow, quickly tell me what kind of person is my future husband?!”

An Ning  just happened to be reviewing the history of the Tang Dynasty, “Emperor Yang of Sui ah, although according to the history books, he had some great achievements, he also made some serious mistakes. Thus he can’t escape being called a tyrant, uh …… He who steals a belt buckle pays with his life, he who steals a state gets to be a feudal lord. Mao Mao, are you really sure you want to meet him?”

“Ah ha ha ha ha! Political instability? A time for a woman to change history has arrived!” After saying that, she ran back to the balcony.

Zhao Yang could not stand it anymore: “Mao Xiao Xu, if you are really struck by lightning, we will just see you in the hospital.”

Mao Mao: “The soul will time travel! All you’ll see is just a body without a soul. This is art, do you understand? It is in trend now!”

An Ning couldn’t help but smiled: “Make me recall Nero’s famous last words: Qualis artifex pereo which roughly means, look at how this artist died?”


At this moment, someone knocked on the door: “May I ask who is Li An Ning?”

An Ning turned her face: “I am.”

“Takeaway, please take it.”

“Huh? I did not order ah.” An Ning was puzzled and walked over. Zhao Yang also immediately followed: “Wow, beef dumplings and lobster pie?”

An Ning frowned: “Did you make a mistake?”

“X University, Room 315 Building 14, Li An Ning. A customer was eating in our restaurant and ordered this takeaway, the money has already been paid.” The delivery guy did not wait for her to hesitate as he handed the bag to her, turned around and left.


“Who is so extravagant ah? Moreover so attentive to order enough for four people.” Zhao Yang could more or less guess who it was from, “Mao Mao, don’t play anymore. Come and eat. Please also go next door to call Qiang Wei.”

That night, An Ning sent a text message to someone. She has been pondering for a long time but only managed to type: “Thank you.”

That someone replied: “You’re welcome.”


When Qiang Wei was eating the last lobster pie, she only thought of a crucial question: “Who bought this great meal ah?”

Zhao Yang pointed at someone: “The object of the target.”

Mao Mao was grinning: “Who wants to pick up Meow Meow ah?”

Zhao Yang also laughed: “Mao, be careful with your choice of words, you may have to pay later.”

Mao Mao: “Bah, afraid of the head and terrified of the tail. How to do big thing?”

An Ning: “What kind of big thing?”

Mao Mao: “For example, XX, XX and XXX.”

Everyone: “……”

An Ning was still very curious what kind of big thing ……

Then Mao Mao suddenly made an “ah” sound: “I don’t know why my heart is suddenly beating rapidly?”

Qiang Wei: “It usually doesn’t beat?”

“Rapid, it is rapidly!” Mao Mao looked at An Ning and said in a trembling voice: “Could it be ——  I just ate the dinner bought by a certain handsome guy?”

An Ning: “Uh, is it poisonous?”


Initially, An Ning decided to simply find an excuse, but after pausing for a short period of time, she said: “Well …… His name is Xu Mo Ting, we are currently ……  seemed to be in a relationship.”

After she said that, everyone turned quiet. Two minutes later dormitory 315 was in a rage. An Ning has always been able to appear calm and collected. She looked at her friends who were in a state of confusion, yet she still felt very calm …… just that she did not know those words were so powerful.

On Xu Mo Ting’s side, it was his first time shaking his head and giving a bitter smile when he was paying his bill, he couldn’t believe he did this kind of thing. He was glad his rational was still intact and didn’t do something crazy like calling her to ask “How did it taste”. Otherwise he’ll really look like a little devil who was seeking an advantage. After leaving the restaurant, someone suggested to go to the bar for a drink. Mo Ting looked at the time: “I am not going as I still have something to do but let me pay for the drinks.”

“Leader, could it be that you’ve a date at night?” The mature male voice was obviously probing him.

Xu Mo Ting patted his shoulder and said: “I am going home, enjoy yourself.”

That night a group of people in the bar was guessing what kind of person was leader Xu’s object of admiration. Lao San and another guy had met her before, and the person with the thorough inside story was naturally Zhang Qi. However, he played it safe, as without approval from the person involved, the less said the better.

Xu Mo Ting arrived in his apartment and bathed. Then he sat on the bed and was lost in thought, which can be considered rare. In the end, he sighed and lifted his hands to cover his eyes while lying on the bed. He disregarded everything and staked all on her alone, which he also felt a little like an obsession.

Recently An Ning has to leave home at the first glimmer of light to rush to work. In her two days of turmoil at work, she did not see Xu Mo Ting. Although she did not feel anything different, she’ll occasionally self-reflect when she was writing a report. She’ll think back of past events yet without obtaining better insight. Thus, she’ll sum this up as “merely lost in thought.”

On Friday, when An Ning, Zhao Yang and group went to support Qiang Wei in the final of the competition …… she saw Xu Mo Ting   …… He seemed to have been invited to give out the awards. This man just stood there calmly and steadily, attracting a lot of attention.

Sister Fu who has just came from her hotel, could not help but lamented: “If I was born two years earlier, I’ll chase him!”

Mao Mao and Zhao Yang went to the backstage to help out. C heard what was spoken and immediately moved over to chat with sister Fu: “Really? Very stylish, right? I made some inquiries and found out that he is the top student in the Faculty of Foreign Studies, surname Xu, the only son, child of high ranking official, filial piety, ambitious and no bad habit.”

Someone who was listening was inevitably a little restless and was about to find an excuse to leave, but C  waved at her, “Meow Meow, Mao Mao said you know him. Come, come, let’s chat, information sharing ah.”

An Ning was not sure what irresponsible remarks Mao Mao had made. Facing C who was awaiting expectantly, she can only bite the bullet and said: “Actually, uh, I don’t know as much as you about him.” This was considered telling the truth.

After hearing that, C felt greatly encouraged to persist in offering her inside story: “We have two persons in our dormitory who vowed, whoever manage to catch him will give a red packet to show gratitude to the one who launched this program.”

An Ning suddenly expressed her surprise and thought ultimately shouldn’t the red packet be given to her ah? Of course, even if it was her, she also won’t have the nerve to take it.

An Ning now discovered his previous “obscurity” was revealed by her “wanting to use the back door”  …… Oh, sinful.

At the end of that day, someone’s “obscurity” has been revealed again. When Xu Mo Ting gave the award to Fu Qiang Wei who obtained third place for the first time in a competition, she spoke clearly with the microphone: “Thanks Li An Ning’s boyfriend for giving me this award! Thank you! Of course, also thanks all of you! ”


At this moment, the leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies who appeared natural and charming on stage and the focus of everyone, did not say anything to refute ……

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