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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 22



Bongsd told me not to turn the blog into a 18+ website but I seldom listen to her, lol. To all the hungry ladies out there, you get to see Lu Jun with his bath towel again, plus more, haha………

Chapter 22: Bathroom

I am fuming while sitting at the back seat of the car. Not long after that, I begin to feel sleepy as the scenery outside the car window gradually becoming fuzzy until completely pitch-dark ……

“Xia Ye, wake up.”

I am sleeping soundly, but suddenly one of my ear feels itchy. I instantly wake up with a start and see Lu Jun’s enlarged face. He is smiling very gently at me and says: “We’ve arrived at the hotel.”

I am no longer sleepy anymore and notice that my whole body is leaning in his embrace. My head is resting on his chest, and he is holding a thread which I do not know where he got it from. Presumably, he used it just now to scratch my ear.

I am shocked by this intimate gesture and quickly sit up in embarrassment. My face is a bit red when I say accusingly: “General manager, how can you ……”

He looks at me with no sense of shame: “You were the one who fell asleep and moved towards my body. Since I can’t let you lean on my shoulder, it became like this.”

I think for a while, realizing this is really my fault. Since I am in the wrong, I stop talking and quietly get out of the car.

We walk into the hotel lobby and go to the reception desk to take the room card. This immediately exposes that I’ve booked only one room. Lu Jun seems a bit surprised and gives me a meaningful glance. I quickly show my repentance face and express it is my mistake in booking one room less. Only then, he stops giving me the weird stare. He looks very cheerful and says: “What to do now?”

I sigh: “What can I do? There is only one room now, so I can only rely on you for my accommodation for the next few days!”

He says with a smiling expression: “Okay, let’s go.”

My eyes light up: “You agree?”

He smiles and nods his head: “I can’t let you have nowhere to stay.” While saying that, he walks elegantly to the direction of the elevator. Whereas I happily walk in the opposite direction from him.

After taking two steps, both of us turn around at about the same time and ask simultaneously: “Where are you going?”

I look distracted, point ahead and reply: “Go to the front desk to get another room ah!”

He frowns: “Didn’t you just say you’ll rely on me for your accommodation for the next few days?”

I nod: “Yes, rely on you to pay for another room ah. Otherwise, what do you think I was saying?”

He: “……”

After giving me his credit card, Lu Jun with a cold face, goes to his room first. I go to the front desk in the lobby to try to get another room. The receptionist points to someone behind me and says apologetically: “Miss, I am sorry but we’ve too many bookings recently. The last room has been taken by that gentleman.”

Looking at the direction of her finger, I see a bald middle-aged man. He appears to have a rather close female companion with him.

I feel dispirited and sigh: “It seems I’ve to go to find other hotels.”

After saying that, the gentleman helpfully interrupts: “Miss, it is the peak tourist season now. I’ve searched all the hotels nearly and they are all full today. With great difficulty, I only managed to book a room here ……”

“Didn’t you say, you’ll go shopping with me? Let’s get going.” His female companion glances at me, impatiently urges him and drags him away.

After they’ve gone, I could not help but start to feel sad. As a regular customer, he has gained an advantage in getting a room in this hotel. Thus it is evident that I’ve no hope of getting a room in other hotels. It seems I’ve no better option but to sadly go and share a room with Lu Jun ……

The dispirited me takes an elevator to find Lu Jun’s room. The door is opened, so when I walk in, I see him sitting on the sofa and fiddling with a stuffed doll.

I am curious so I go over to ask: ‘General manager, what is that ah? ”

He looks up and says: “It is a souvenir brought by the hotel attendant just now. He said it is a very efficacious wishing doll.”

I look at his facial expression and is very surprised until I open my eyes wider: “Don’t tell me you’ve made a wish?”

He nods without being evasive: “I’ve nothing to do just now, so I conveniently made a wish.”

I am so astonished that my jaw almost drops. As an elite as well as a successful person, big boss Lu will actually do something so naive!?

I am about to ask him what he wished for but he beats me to it by suddenly asking: “How is your booking for another room?”

I immediately feel depressed, pout sulkily and say: “Don’t mention about it. I was one step behind, so all the rooms in the hotel are full ……”

He looks at the wishing doll in his hand and starts to laugh inexplicably.

I could not help ridiculing him: “I did not expect such a mature looking person like you, will make a wish in front of this stuffed doll. How could it come true?!”

“Who says it can’t come true?” He smiles, glances at me and says: “The wish I’ve just made, has already come true.”

I: “……?”

Lu Jun has gone into the bathroom to take a bath. I am bored so I look around the room to find something to do. Generally speaking, the decoration is very luxurious, the layout very elegant, the lighting is very warm and the room is very well equipped with basic electrical appliances. In addition there is a large-screen LCD computer, placed next to the TV. I go and switch on the computer, wanting to log in to my QQ account which has not been used for a long time. I’ve to think for a long time before remembering the password. It is Sen Yu Ming’s name phonetic alphabets. There is also the old fashion 520 (means I Love You in Chinese) added at the back.

After logging in to QQ, a lot of the avatars are flashing. A few of my former classmates are asking for my contact information and current situation. There are also several group messages. I subconsciously look at Sen Yu Ming’s avatar which I’ve placed in a separate sub-group, it is gray.

After replying my QQ messages, I open the mailbox and discover that there are actually a lot of e-mail sent by Sen Yu Ming. The content of each of them is very short and ordinary, such as the weather has turned cooler, so be careful not to catch a cold. Do not stay up late at night to ensure getting enough sleep. Girl should drink less, do not go out alone at night, and so on ……

I patiently read each and every one of them and think about the past. I feel a bit depressed, so I am eager to look for a movie to watch to relax myself. Coincidentally, there is a folder called “gun battle” on the desktop. Thus, I open it, turn and walk quickly toward the sofa, intending to enjoy watching it.

After walking halfway, I suddenly hear behind me, “ah …… ah …… ah …… ah” sound of yelling. I stiffly turn around and see a tall man and a petite woman on the computer screen, are intensely, wildly and lively XXOO!

Damn it, I am really OUT! As it turns out, this is also called “gun battle”!?

As I am feeling ashamed, the bathroom door suddenly opens ……

“What kind of sound is that?” Lu Jun’s questioning voice transmits out with the sound of the opening of the door.

At this time, it is obviously too late for me to turn off the computer. After all, it only takes the blink of an eye for him to come out. Fortunately, I am standing just s short distant away from the bathroom so I can easily walk over and block the doorway. By doing that, I push Lu Jun who is still wrapped in bath towel back into the bathroom. Then I lie to him with my eyes wide open: “Nothing ah, the movie is showing a man fighting with a woman. Listen, the woman is being beaten until she is crying out!”

“Really?” He seems to be pondering about it and raises his eyebrows. He is really bending his ear to listen.

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……” The sound seems a bit softer in the bathroom, but if you listen attentively and carefully, you can still hear the ecstasy and lively moans.

I break out in a cold sweat, laugh foolishly and say: “Hehe, that woman is beaten so badly, so badly!”

I don’t know how much he believes because he twitches the corner of his mouth and nods slightly: “Yes, quite badly.” While saying that he squints, then changes the subject: “Why did you push me in here?”

Seeing that he looks at me strangely, I quickly show my concern by saying: “General manager, the wind is very strong. With such a flimsy bath towel, you’ll easily catch a cold. You better get dressed before coming out!” Then I’ll have enough time to switch off the computer. Hence, I can put an end to this humiliating situation!

My plan is good, but Lu Jun’s doesn’t buy it. He raises his eyebrows and rejects my suggestion: “Xia Ye, you really know how to talk foolishly. The door and windows are all closed so how can the wind blow in? There is air conditioning in the room so how can you be cold? Moreover, my change of clothes are still in the luggage.” While saying that, he seems to want to bypass me and walk out of the bathroom to go outside to get his clothes.

“General manager, don’t ah. I’ll go and get your clothes for you!” Thinking that my sterling reputation will be ruined soon, I instinctively reach out and try to pull him back. However, I only manage to grab his bath towel, thus a tragic incident takes place ……

I am holding the entire bath towel that I pulled from Lu Jun’s body in my hand. I quickly glance at that quite voluptuous and sexy buttocks. I immediately feel the blood surging and the swelling of the brain. Then I turn my body over, cover my eyes and say in repentance: “General manager, I didn’t do it purposely, I really didn’t do it purposely!” When I can’t see, I want to see. But when I get to see now, I don’t dare to see. I’m a typical case of someone who dares to think but dares not act.

The man behind moves closer and when speaking, his warm breath, sprinkles on the side of my ears: “Xia Ye, you pushed me into the bathroom first, then ripped off my bath towel. You dare to say you didn’t do it purposely?”

My body becomes stiff and I nervously clutch the bath towel in my hand: “You, you, you, why are you leaning so closely to me!?”

He stretches out one arm and gently hugs my waist: “I am a normal man, so what do you think I want to do?”

I immediately put on my guard. After all, we are a single guy and a single lady staying together in a hotel room. Moreover, we are confined in a small bathroom. Furthermore he is naked with nothing on now. It is said that it is easy to arouse a man’s beastly desire ……

Due to our proximity, I can smell the fragrance of his after shower body. My heart is beating faster and I am blushing when I say: “General manager, I know that you are a normal man, and also know what you want to do. However, I’m not so casual, thus …… you better go and look for others! ”

When I am feeling very nervous and start to stammer, Lu Jun’s hand around my waist is not making any further movement. Instead, he directly takes away the bath towel in my hand, so I am stupefied.

Lu Jun’s calm voice, comes through from behind: “What I meant just now is, when a normal man encounters such a situation, he’ll want to get back his bath towel and wraps himself again. Otherwise, what do you think I was saying?”

I: “……”

Bah! You are teasing and playing me?

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