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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 23



Okay, at long last, we’ve reached the halfway mark of the story. The relationship between Xia Ye and Lu Jun is starting to progress further. However, you’ve to be patient as December and January are busy months so update will be on alternate Monday from now onward 😦

Chapter 23: Mishap

When I turn around in anger, I can’t see Lu Jun in the bathroom anymore. However, I can still hear that ‘en en ah ah’ cries of ecstasy, which are giving me goosebumps. Oh no, that wicked media player is still on!

I quickly walk out of the bathroom to chase after Lu Jun. As expected, he is staring at the computer’s LCD screen. Hence, my heart silently flows with tears of shame and remorse. He has seen it, he still saw it ……

Big boss Lu turns to look at me, raises his eyebrows, points at the screen and asks: “Didn’t you tell me just now that a man and a woman are fighting?”

I nod my head weakly: “Yes ……” They are really fighting as their evil spirits are fighting.

He walks over and sits on the leather chair in front of the computer desk. Then, he calmly moves the mouse to turn off the media player.

The yelling which makes people blush and  the heart beats faster, comes to a screeching halt. I immediately feel relieved …… I am not going to watch gun battle film anymore!

At this time, Lu Jun suddenly blurts out: “Do you know what I want to do right now?”

I look at him in puzzlement: “No?”

The corner of his mouth breaks into a smile and he says genuinely or in jest: “I really want to beat you.”

I: “……”

Damn it! You are really addicted to teasing me?

Although I know that he is evil and deliberately tease me, I still blush once again ……

After all, “I really want to beat you” is originally a very harmonious sentence but when you listen to it in continuation of what was spoken before that, then it is no longer harmonious.

For the next half an hour, Lu Jun has been playing with the computer. He appears to be concentrating hard, but I don’t know what he is doing.

I feel awkward because of that embarrassing mishap just now. Thus I feel embarrassed to look for him to strike up a conversation. Moreover, seeing him so focused, I also dare not disturb him. Hence I idle my time away by looking at a magazine. The magazine is filled with words and the text layout is quite dense, so my only pleasure is to look at the few pictures. It can clearly be seen that I am very bored. At this moment, the mobile phone rings. It is a call from Ai Li. I don’t want to bear the high roaming charges, so I hang up her call. Then I use the land line in the room to call her back.

Ai Li immediately asks loudly: “Xiao Ye, I went to your house today to look for you but your mom said you’ve gone to Guilin. Is it true?”

I reply in a very weak voice: “True ……”

“With that handsome guy who I met last time?”

I continue to reply weakly: “Yes”

“Aiya ……” She sighs, then suddenly says: “Sen Yu Ming came to see me.”

I frown: “What did he want?”

“He asked me about your relationship with handsome Lu.”

I subconsciously ask: “Then, what did you say?”

“Of course, I told the truth. I told him that you have a very good relationship with handsome Lu!” She pauses, then says in an analytical tone: “Judging by the way he appeared, he seems to still carry a torch for you.”

After hearing that, I subconsciously look at Lu Jun and inexplicably start to feel irritating: “Ai Li, don’t mention him anymore. Can you say something else?”

She immediately changes the topic: “Okay, I’ll say something else. Remember to bring back Guilin’s Three Treasures for me!”

I ask: “Huh? What are Guilin’s Three Treasures?”

“You don’t even know this? They are Guilin three-flower liquor (Guilin san hua jiu), Guilin chili sauce, and also Guilin pickled tofu ah!”

I immediately start to feel the pinch, as well as annoyed: “Aiyaya, if I had known earlier, I’ll not ask you to say something else!”

She laughs bitterly and rebukes me: “You are so petty, it won’t cost you much money! Tell me, what is it like there in Guilin?”

As a result, we talk about this and that, talking non-stop on the phone ……

While both of us gossipy women are chatting enthusiastically, Lu Jun suddenly comes over and says: “I’m hungry.”

I turn a deaf ear to him and continue to chat happily with Ai Li.

He very patiently, says again: “I’m hungry!”

I pretend not to hear him and still chat with keen interest with Ai Li.

He speaks lightly like a feather: “I remember, this hotel seems to charge additional payment for the telephone calls.”

I am immediately startled and quickly say my concluding remarks: “Ai Li, suddenly I’ve something to do, so we’ll talk again next time!”


I walk, side by side with Lu Jun out of the hotel. He looks at me, smiles graciously and asks: “Xia Ye, what do you want to eat?”

I feel pleased and quickly confirm: “I get to eat what I want to eat?”

His black and bright eyes were flashing with soft light: “Yes”

I stare straight ahead at the fast food shop KFC, which is not far away. I say very clearly: “I want to eat drumsticks and chicken wings!” I love deep fried food the most.

He readily agrees: “Okay, listen to you.”

Seeing that he is so reasonable and respects a lady, I am immediately moved until I am starry eyed: “Thank you, general manager!”

As a result, half an hour later, we sit in a small private room in a mushrooms stewed chicken hotpot shop ……

I look at the clear soup hotpot, feeling somewhat indignant. I can’t complain because after all, there are drumsticks and chicken wings, so what can I say?

At the beginning, I’ve no appetite for the healthy free range chicken in front of me. I keep thinking about that tasty and crispy fried chicken. Big boss seems to be able to read my mind. He slowly and deliberately says about the harm of fried food, how it can easily lead to obesity, seriously damage the nutrients, can cause diseases and so on. Moreover his serious and earnest face, makes me feel what he had said sounds reasonable. Thus, I obediently start to eat the mushrooms stewed free range chicken. (Being frightened by Lu Jun once again ~)

I pick up a chicken thigh, lower my head and take two bites. I discover that even though the soup looks clear and light, the taste is pretty good. When I am ready to eat my drumstick, I vaguely hear the sound of someone swallowing saliva. I immediately raise my head to look at Lu Jun, but he points to my back. I doubtfully turn to see a roughly seven years old chubby little boy standing in front of the doorway of the private room. His eyes are fixated on the drumstick in my hand.

I smile affectionately: “Little kid, what’s the matter?”

He timidly comes over and says in a childish voice: “Sister, I want to eat drumstick.”

I look at the only drumstick left in my hand and is reluctant to part with it. Thus, I talk softly to him in a coaxing tone: “The most important thing is to nourish a child’s brain, so how about I let you eat the chicken head? You’ll nourish whatever you eat, so after eating the chicken head, you’ll be very clever later!”

Lu Jun silently glances at me. Suddenly, he puts a piece of chicken beast into my bowl. I am puzzled so I ask: “What are you doing?”

His composure remains the same when he says seriously: “Nourishment”

I: “……”

“I don’t want chicken head, I want to eat drumstick!” The little boy looks depressed and seems like he will burst into tears right away.

I fear he will start to cry, and make people think that I am mistreating a child. Hence, I quickly bent down to put the drumstick into his hands and repeatedly compromise: “Okay, give you, give you.”

“Thank you, sister. You look very pretty and is also very nice!” To show his gratitude, he gives me a light kiss on my cheek. Then holding the drumstick, he turns and walks away.

After hearing his praise, I am over the moon. Whose child is this, really cute ah!

At this time, Lu Jun casts his eyes over me and looks at my cheeks with a meaningful glance which I can’t decipher.

I intend to show off by shrugging my shoulders and sigh helplessly: “Ai …… there is really nothing I can do since 99% of children are fond of telling the truth?”

He agrees by nodding his head: “Yes, usually children don’t tell lies.”

Hearing that he said something which is equivalent to praising me indirectly, I am so happy until I grin from ear to ear and feel immeasurably self-satisfied.

Suddenly, Lu Jun says slowly: “But the object of the little boy’s praise is you, so he is likely to be the 1%.”


I should know that no good words will come out of his mouth! I stop smiling, glare at him and lower my head to eat the chicken meat grumpily. I am going to ignore him!

After finishing the meal, I feel that basically most of the free range chicken in the pot went into my stomach. Whereas big boss Lu only ate a little of the mushrooms and chicken meats.

When we are walking out of the hotpot shop, we pass by another private room. Through the half-open door, I see that chubby little boy again. He is taking a drumstick from the hand of a forty to fifty years old auntie and says sweetly “Thank you, sister. You look very pretty and is also very nice!” Then, he also gives her a light kiss on the face.

I immediately feel my world has turned dark. Damn it! Lu Jun is right after all ……

I feel depressed when I come out of the hotpot shop. I also feel very full, so I suggest taking a stroll. Lu Jun gladly nods his head in agreement.

We walk side by side on a pedestrian street. I glance around to look at the night view. After a while, my mood starts to improve. This place is worthy to be known as a famous tourist city as well as a historical and cultural city. There is unique scenery everywhere and special local product shops are on both sides of the street, too much for the eyes to take in.

While strolling, I suddenly remember my promise to Allie to help her buy Guilin’s Three Treasures but I am reluctant to spend my own money, so I gently and cautiously ask: “General Manager, since we are in Guilin, shouldn’t you at least buy some special local products back?”

Lu Jun ponders, nods and says: “Yes, I should.”

I say with persistent: “Prices are not expected to be expensive, probably just a few hundreds dollars.”

He is all smiles and his tone is very gentle and calm: “Only a few hundreds dollars, that’s not much.”

Seeing that he is so easy to talk to, I quickly bring up my topic: “Then, you don’t mind spending this little money, right?”

He replies without thinking: “Of course not.”

I cheer: “Very good!”

Then I head into a special local product shop. I won’t feel bad when I am spending other people’s money. After selecting carefully, I’ve taken everything I ought to buy. When I am holding the things to go and pay, suddenly Lu Jun says: “Buying so much, you are really generous.”

I casually say: “It is you who are generous. Please pay.”

He changes his tone: “Why should I pay?”

I stare blankly and say righteously: “General manager, didn’t you say you don’t mind spending this little money?”

He sounds even more righteous than me: “I said I don’t mind, but I didn’t agree.”

Hence, I keep quiet. I breath in and breath out repeatedly several times until I am finally able to suppress my urge to strangle him ……

With the shop owner’s urging, I grit my teeth and endure the pain, intending to pay. Suddenly big boss Lu speaks up: “Actually, I can help you to pay for them, but you have to show your gratitude.”

My eyes light up, as I quickly and sweetly say: “Thank you, general manager, really thank you very much!”

He shakes his head: “It is not enough to say thank you only, too lacking in sincerity.”

I wonder: “Then, how would you consider it to be sincere?”

He smiles: “Can you remember how the little boy showed his gratitude to you just now?”


Although this request is unreasonable, after hesitating for a moment, I still nod my head in agreement. Only a kiss to the face to express my gratitude! A seven years old little boy can do it, so don’t tell me I am no better than a kid? (Can compare like this? ~) Moreover, he kissed me only in exchange for a drumstick, but I can get a few hundreds dollars just for kissing Lu Jun, a lot more worthwhile! (Can measure like this? ~> _ <)

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  8. Thanks for the translation! I like Lu Jun but I am not sure I like Xia Ye… I find her a bit too manipulative to be endearing… Am I reading her incorrectly?

    • Yes, you are reading it correctly. Xia Ye is not your typical nice and sweet female lead like Shan Shan. She may be a dummie but she is also calculative. I feel that she is rather flawed which makes her more real & endearing, not the perfect lead 🙂

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