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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 38



Mo Qingchen’s protective side to his girlfriend.  ❤  And also a side of Toupai we have never really seen before!  Was it a shock to any of you?

Chapter 38 – Salt and Pepper Mushrooms (1)

Jue Mei lived up to being the leader of Wanmei. His ability to tease people was at a level equivalent to that of an old demon lord.

Her meal was eaten in a state of confusion and turmoil.

The steamed floured beef Mo Qingcheng had been longing for had only had half a bite taken out of it before a phone call came from the hospital saying there was a patient with myocardial infarction who needed surgery. She had to say, he was truly a work machine. He put his chopsticks down and immediately left.

She did not want to finish dinner sitting one-on-one with Jue Mei Sha, so she, too, put down her chopsticks and walked with him out of his community compound. Only later, when she got back to her school, did she realize that she had not had lunch and had only eaten a few bites at dinner before she had left. She was so hungry her stomach felt as if it was empty to the point that her chest was touching her back. At the main gates of her university, she bought a Shandong jian bing[1], and nibbling away at it, she headed back to her dormitory.


Jian bing

All of a sudden, someone from behind slapped her on the shoulder.

“I heard Jue Mei interrupted your bed scene today.” Holding a jian bing as well, Geng Xiaoxing took a bite.

Gu Sheng nearly sprayed a mouthful of blood on her face…


“How about this? I’ll give it a try, and if we think our ideas don’t work with each other, we can terminate the contract at any time.”

This was the reply she had mulled over for two weeks and had finally, in between the times she was organizing the library, given to Ling Long Ti Tou.

In this period when she was being fiercely criticized and denounced, the sudden news of her collaboration with Ling Long Ti Tou was certainly another huge piece of gossip. She surmised that… someone might say that Toupai had used his connections to create this opportunity and that was the reason why she had this chance.

As a result, she did not even accept the deposit, which was a standard practice, and said she would write the song first.


She stood on a small stepladder in the library, her hand tapping the books lightly, one after another as she worked her way along the row. Her mind was feeling restless as she pulled a book out and browsed through it, and her brain had already switched into a music-composing mode.

A melody was floating around in her head when a phone call from Toupai started ringing.

He was going to meet her for lunch today at her school, but it was still an hour before their arranged time? Gu Sheng picked up her mobile phone, glanced at her classmates who were working away nearby, and asked quietly, “I’m still at the library. You’ve arrived already?”

“Pretty lady.” Inside her phone receiver, it turned out to be… Mo Bai’s voice. “I begged Toupai for half an hour before he finally let me talk to you. Let me take a moment and cry first…”


Gu Sheng was somewhat embarrassed as well as a little confused.

He was bringing a troop of friends and relatives to have a date with her? … Why was Mo Bai here?

“I’m here for a photo session at your school. You’ve heard of Hatsune Miku?”


Hatsune Miku

“Uh-huh…” She remembered she had recorded covers of a few of Miku’s songs.

“We need to take some group photos with fourteen Mikus, but one of the girls stood us up and hasn’t arrived yet. There’s also another girl who got sick. But I’m in a rush and need to get this out,” Mo Bai explained as concisely as possible, worried that Toupai would not give him a chance to talk anymore. “Could you… do me a favour and sub in for one of them?”


“You want me to cosplay Hatsune Miku?” She was not quite sure that was what he was saying.

Mo Bai very happily confirmed this.

This was not a difficult favour, just that it was rather sudden. Gu Sheng had no real excuse to get out of it, so after asking for their whereabouts in the university, she soon went off to find them.

The architecture of her university was very beautiful.

It was still early in spring, shortly after the flowers had started blooming, but there were already many different sorts of associations and photography hobbyists in various corners taking pictures. Particularly on the weekends, when there were not many students in the teaching buildings, they were very suitable for using as a set or background.

Sure enough, when she followed Mo Bai’s instructions and arrived on the top floor of the teaching building on the east side of campus, she found Mo Bai and the others. There was also another group at the site, holding large flash reflectors and shooting photographs.

Mo Qingcheng and Mo Bai were standing off to the side of the top floor terrace, chatting and admiring the view.

As she followed the staircase up, she discovered that these two men had clearly become the “view” to look at in the eyes of all the girls there. The two were approximately the same height. Because Mo Bai was in his cosplay costume, he was only leaning against the railing, whereas Mo Qingcheng was sitting on top of it… From her angle, behind him, all that could be seen were blue sky and white clouds. If someone pressed the shutter right at that moment, it would be a perfectly composed masterpiece.

Of course, besides the fact that his hand was holding a bubble milk tea that was still sealed.

At the same time she was looking at him, he happened to see her and waved in her direction.

Immediately, all eyes turned toward her.

Such was the magnetism of Toupai… even though she believed that ninety-nine percent of the people here did not even know he was Qiang Qing Ci. Gu Sheng walked over to them and was just about to speak when she saw Mo Bai’s eyes widen. And then, in an instant, he had broken out into loud guffaws… His laughter was very dramatic, and even Mo Qingcheng could not hold back the smile on the corner of his lips.

She instinctively turned around to look.

And at once, she understood what was so funny.

A beautiful maiden had just come up the stairway. She wore a wig of Hatsune Miku’s signature long, blue hair, and her pretty oval face was covered with heavy cosplay make-up. Underneath the jacket draped over her shoulders was a midriff-baring girl’s outfit that very much showed off the figure. Standing all around the terrace were a dozen or so Mikus, all dressed in various outfits, but this one was absolutely the finest… The problem was… “she” was actually Mu Mu…

She could not help wanting to laugh. This Mu Mu DaRen had only done some male-to-female crossplay when he had first started cosplaying. Who would have thought that this time around, not only was he willing to set aside his pride but… he even wore an outfit that was “suitable for mature audiences only”? …

With his jacket draped on him, he came over to them. He could not help rubbing his eyes and muttering, “These circle lenses are uncomfortable to wear…” When he finished saying this, his large eyes with blue irises swept silently over to Gu Sheng. “Your man said you can’t wear such revealing clothes.” Mu Mu felt his midriff-baring outfit was a little uncomfortable and very miserably wrapped his arms around his own bare waist. “So, I had no choice and had to wear it instead.”

With a “pfft,” Gu Sheng burst out in laughter.

Mo Qingcheng put his arm around her shoulders and gently pulled her close in front of himself while placing the nice, warm milk tea he was holding into her hand. “It’s too cold out for girls to wear clothes that don’t cover their abdomen.”

Mo Bai only gazed at him with a look of despise where it seemed, on his left eye was cleary etched the word “old” while on the right eye, “fashioned.”

Mu Mu had a bitter look on his face, and he, too, was looking at Toupai. Written plainly on those blue eyes were the words, “I don’t believe you.”

In the washroom of the top floor, Gu Sheng changed into the one and only costume that was a full-length pair of pants. The make-up artist smilingly complimented her on how her skin was just as nice as Mu Mu’s while at the same time carefully applying make-up onto her face. The two of them had not managed to exchange many sentences of casual conversation when, from outside, someone could be heard saying something in a taunting and derisive tone. From the sound of the voice, it was a man.

“Whoa, you’ve followed me all the way here?”

“I couldn’t find you, I couldn’t find you anywhere.” It was a girl.

“Haven’t you found me now? I seldom get a chance to go out with friends, but when I do, your source of information is pretty good.”

“Didn’t you say you weren’t going to fool around anymore?…” The girl had started to cry. “Didn’t you say you weren’t going to hang around with A’Yu and them anymore?…”

“Do we know each other that well?” The man sniggered a couple of times.


She was separated from this scene by only a single wall, and even if she did not want to, it was impossible not to clearly hear every word.

What followed was somewhat unclear.

She blinked, feeling for the girl. This guy was not worth it.

Next time, be more cautious. *sigh*…

“Stop blinking. Your mascara isn’t dry yet. I’ll put another layer on for you.” The make-up artist continued working on her. “That guy is a scumbag. When I first heard of him, he was still relatively unknown. Now that he’s got a little bit of fame, he’s starting to fool around with all sorts of young girls. Sheesh…”

“You b*stard!”

A sudden curse carrying a sob in it rang out.

Gu Sheng gave a start. The make-up artist was startled as well, and the mascara was brushed onto Gu Sheng’s eyelid instead.

“I’ve always been a b*stard. Aren’t you the one who likes good-for-nothing b*stards?” the man sneered. “You’ve found me, but it’s pointless. I have no education. I’m not working. I don’t have money. You figure out for yourself what to do… You’re past the age of fourteen now. Even if your mom and dad sue me, it’ll be no use, get it? Eh?”


Gu Sheng fumed with rage as she listened with gritted teeth.

Slap! A very clear, crisp sound.

Her and the make-up artist’s eyes widened simultaneously. They’re fighting?

And then, there was the sound of someone slamming into the wall.

Oh no…

The young girl would be the one who suffered if she fought the man!

She did not care about make-up or anything now, and immediately, she rushed out.

But to her surprise, it was not just two people out in the hallway. There were actually four people?!

The girl who had just gotten hit was now being shielded behind one of Mu Mu’s arms.

But Gu Sheng’s eyes were focused on the one who was supposed to still be out on the terrace right now — Mo Qingcheng. In that instant when she had dashed out, he had already thrown out a punch. Bam! His fist slammed into bone and flesh, not holding back in the least.

The girl being protected was stupefied.

The make-up artist was stupefied.

The man who had fallen forcefully to the floor was completely stupefied.

Mo Qingcheng half-crouched down and looked down at the stunned scumbag of a person. “You would go so far as to hit a girl. You can’t really be considered a man.”

Wide-eyed, Gu Sheng stared in disbelief at this Mo Qingcheng who was in front of her.

So unexpected.

So shocking.

So violent.

So satisfying…

When the warm, gentle doctor rips off his necktie and instantly becomes a hoodlum……

That’s just T.T … So attractive!


[1] 山东煎饼 “Shandong jian bing.” A popular street food. Traditionally, a whole grain, thin, crepe-like outer layer is used to wrap inside of it leek, various vegetables, meats and sometimes, even various other delicacies. There are many spins and variations on this street food nowadays.


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