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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Preface & Epilogue 3.1)



You won’t get Lu Jun or Mo Ting this week but you’ll get Yi Chen, lol. I’ve only made you waited for about 7 weeks but this epilogue was written 7 years after the book was first published. I’ve been very busy and also sick so I am posting the last translation I’ve stocked up 😦 I think a proper trailer will be released for My Sunshine this week to advertise for the 10 January 2015 tv broadcast, two days before my birthday, haha…. I want to express my gratitude to Bongsd for the Xmas banners and Won for the other My Sunshine banners.

FYI, there will be a movie version of this novel with Huang Xiao Ming & Yang Mi as the leads. They will really go to US to film in 2015 and it’ll also be released in the same year. However there are some controversies with this adaptation between the film company and Gu Man and I am too lazy to write about it. Suffice to say, I only accept Wallace Chung as Yi Chen and I don’t like to watch movies 😛 You can follow the updates of this in cfensi or a virtual voyage as HXM  & YM have plenty of fans there.

Lastly, I welcome fans who want to translate the novel into other languages, base on my English translations. For those who can read Bahasa Indonesia, you may want to check this out. However, I don’t want to see my English translation in pdf or floating in other blogs because I always edit to improve my translations, so I don’t want another outdated copy online. Unfortunately, lidge translated some of the chapters so she has the right to post her translations in her own blog. If you don’t already know by now, we’ve separated because she feels that this blog can’t accommodate two Wallace!!!

China Edition


Taiwan Edition


Republished – 7th Year Anniversary Edition Preface  

I always felt I’ll not write anything on ‘Silent Separation’ anymore. All along, I felt that I’ll not be able to reproduce my state of mind at that time, fearing it’ll damage the previous feelings. Perhaps I felt that their happiness could already be foreseen, so why should the author ruin the effect by adding something superfluous?

However, for this reprint, the demand for a new epilogue has been overwhelming, so I said I’ll give it a try.

As a result, I let myself immersed in ‘Silent Separation’ once again.

This is really a dangerous thing, yet inexpressible wonderful.

I once again walked back to think of the situation between He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng. A variety of their scenarios appeared again and again. There were sweet ones, making people could not help but giggle. There were also possibly sad ones. The more I wrote, the more unplanned the plot started to develop. Initially, I did not want to write about the child, but in the end I wrote it. Initially, I only wanted to write a happy plot, but suddenly I wrote about the past and even made myself cried.

In the cafe, I could not bear but wet my eyes, very embarrassing. It was not because the waiter walked past and looked at me curiously. Rather, I felt that it has already been so long, yet I was still so engrossed in it, really very embarrassing.

I’ve clearly said my goodbye, already bid farewell for such a long time. I was clearly getting old.

Yet, I was easily captivated by them.

Why would I think that I would not write about them anymore?

They are Yi Chen and Mo Sheng, the result of my most stubborn desire rooted in my heart. No matter how much time has eroded, they will also not change. No matter how long the separation, they will also not be unfamiliar.

Hey, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng, we met again.

I still remember my first meeting with them in the crowded supermarket, just like what I wrote in the later part of the novel, suddenly that kind of emotions gripped me. Maybe one step earlier or one step later, they will not be them and I’ll not be me. Who knows, fate is always such a mystery within a mystery.

I still remember my summer holidays in my third year of university, I was at my old desktop computer, writing over and over again of their reunion. I wrote more than a dozen times, and finally I was satisfied and they were also satisfied.

I still remember I was queuing up in the computer room in the university, but I cannot wait so I took out a piece of paper first to note down the plot, fearing my inspiration will quickly disappear.

I still remember when I was attending my lecture, they were not obedience. I continuously imagined them in my head, giving me no option but to become a student who lacked concentration. I wrote their names over and over again in my notebook, to vent before attaining calmness.

For a moment, I came to realize.

Like a blink of an eye, but it is already very far away.

Time is truly the world’s most cruel and also most beautiful thing.

From the time I started writing this novel until now, seven years have already passed. It is the same amount of time Yi Chen and Mo Sheng separated, also very long.

Hey, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng, we met again.

But we have to say goodbye again.

However I think, as we walk in the bustling crowd, we will certainly meet again.

Gu Man

November 2010

Epilogue 3.1: Year After Year (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

A pair of young lovers in the law firm recently have differences in opinion. Lawyer Yuan, who was suspected as being someone who asks others to work but did nothing himself, cared about that more than proper business. He constantly followed closely for the latest developments and broadcast them to Yi Chen from time to time.

Yi Chen was really not a good gossip object, but Xiang Heng had gone on a business trip so Yi Chen reluctantly indulged Lao Yuan. After Lao Yuan gossiped about the news he heard in high spirits, he asked Yi Chen: “Do you think Xiao Wang will go?”

Seeing that Yi Chen did not answer, Lao Yuan immediately acted like a senior, saying meaningful and heartfelt words: “Yi Chen, after all, Xiao Wang has worked under you for more than a year so you should be more concerned with your subordinate.”

“Okay.” Yi Chen said in a perfunctory voice: “My wife is unlikely to want me to show concern for my female colleague’s private life.”

Ever since Yi Chen had a wife, he often liked to let his wife be made ​​a scapegoat, such as my wife was strict and forbid me to drink, my wife said that I cannot go home late and so on…….

In short, after lawyer He got married, he did not need to dig his brain and can directly use his wife as an excuse. Speaking of which, he had already started using this tactic on the third day after his marriage.

Furthermore, this tactic was really good as the males will immediately sympathize with him for having a similar experience —— ” What is the use of looking handsome? What’s the use of earning a lot of money? Still being controlled strictly by the wife. My wife can’t control me, so I am better than him in this sense?” Such thinking more than offset the hatred feelings of envy and jealousy.

Whereas the ladies immediately added brownie points. A man who loves his family and wife is very reliable. It can clearly be seen that his character is trustworthy, so you can rest assured to hand over your case to lawyer He.

Hence, Mo Sheng, completely ignorant, started to have a reputation as a shrew and jealous woman in the judicial circle in A City.


Such tactic was peculiarly useful on Lao Yuan. As expected, after Yi Chen’s remark, the bachelor Lao Yuan immediately burst out in anger: “Such a big deal to have a wife!”

Lao Yuan felt very desolate in his heart. Aiya, men, they are different after getting married, start to work overtime at home and try to decline to attend social niceties. Moreover, learn to arrive late and leave early……

Late ah……

He also thought of days of hugging his wife to sleep until late for work! (This was purely Lao Yuan’s speculating irresponsibly.)

But when can he have a wife?

Lao Yuan was depressed.

Lao Yuan arrived in high spirits but went back depressed. When he was going out, he ran into Xiao Wang who coincidentally came in to deliver documents to Yi Chen. Lao Yuan patted her on the shoulder and said meaningfully: “Think about it properly, when you get to my age, you’ll know it is not easy to get a love relationship.”

Before Xiao Wang had a chance to react, Lao Yuan had already gone out. She froze for a moment and walked towards Yi Chen. He took the documents and while flipping through, he asked: “Xiao Wang,  have you decided to go abroad?”

Yi Chen had no intention of advising her, just inquiring in a businesslike manner. After all, she was his subordinate, whether to leave or stay, naturally he needed to know about it. In these few days, his female assistant had already been advised by countless people and after listening to his question, she thought lawyer He also wanted to advise her, so she can’t help but said impulsively: “Lawyer He, you also think that I should not go abroad?”

There was a hint of stubbornness in Xiao Wang’s eyes, “Why does everyone also think that I should stay? With great difficulty, I only managed to apply to this university, so it is such a pity if I don’t go. Moreover, it is only for two years. Lawyer He, didn’t you wait for your wife for seven years? Hence, why can’t he even wait for two years? If he can’t even wait for two years, this proves that he doesn’t truly love me!”

Yi Chen did not expect her to mention about Mo Sheng and him. The expression in his eyes shifted slightly and he didn’t say anything anymore. He lowered his head, quickly finished flipping through the documents, signed and handed them back to her.

“Lawyer He, if there is nothing else, I’ll go out first.”

Xiao Wang was aware that she had a slip of the tongue and was impulsive so she felt regretful now. After taking the documents, she wanted to leave quickly.

“Wait.” Yi Chen stopped her.

Xiao Wang turned around.

“I do not have the intention to stop you from going. Every person has the right to pursue their own dream. However, this has nothing to do with proving whether the love is true or not.”

Yi Chen looked at her and said faintly: “If you want to use time to prove love, how much time would you have to waste?”

Due to the unexpected visit of a client before finishing work for the day, Yi Chen got home a little late. The lights in the living room were on, but there was no one there. Yi Chen went into the bedroom and saw Mo Sheng with a head full of wet hair, lying on the foot of the bed and reading a book.

Mo Sheng’s hair was pretty long now, wet and draped over the shoulders, making her pajamas wet as well. Yi Chen frowned, put his bag aside, walked over, lowered his body and put his hands on both of her sides. “Why don’t you blow-dry your hair first before reading the book?”

“You were about to come back.” Mo Sheng was too engrossed in her reading because she said that without looking up.

Yi Chen rubbed her hair, had no choice but to go to the bathroom to take a hair dryer, plugged it into the socket at the bedhead and sat down.

“Come over here.”

Thus, Mo Sheng held the book, turned over her body and laid on top of him. She placed her damp head well, adjusting to a comfortable position and continued to read. While Yi Chen was enjoying this, he was also lecturing her: “How old are you? Still behaving like a kid!”

“Aiya, you are the one who want me to keep my hair long, so you should take responsibility for it.” Mo Sheng argued with the courage of one’s convictions: “Furthermore, from a legal perspective, the long hair started to grow after we got married, so it can be considered the jointly owned property of the husband and wife. Hence, you are obliged to maintain and take good care of it.”

Yi Chen felt happy and funny: “Where did you learn such fallacious reasoning?”

Mo Sheng defended her innocence: “I learned from lawyer He’s words and deeds.”

Correctly speaking, it was innate, as he did not teach her to pester him endlessly. Yi Chen had no choice but to start blowing his joint property. In the midst of the noise from the hair dryer, Mo Sheng spoke to him about the book in her hands.

“This book, which was lend to me by Xiao Hong, is very interesting. It tells the story of a thirty years old woman who is abandoned by her husband in a failed marriage, then she dies in a car accident. The outcome is when she opens her eyes, to her surprise, she discovers she is reborn as a 14 years old. After that, she starts her life afresh, so wonderful.”

Speaking until now, she was finally willing to look away from the book and looked up at Yi Chen with her bright eyes: “Yi Chen, if you go back to being 14 years old, what will happen?”

Yi Chen ignored her and refused to answer this kind of meaningless hypothetical question.

Mo Sheng, unwilling to give up, asked further: “Will you go and look for me earlier?”

” …… At that time, you were only 13 years old, a minor who just graduated from elementary school.”

“You are right. If I go back to being 14 years old, I must be admitted to your high school. After that,” Mo Sheng beaming and said, “to get you in advance.”

Yi Chen raised his eyebrows: “Mrs. He, I regret to inform you that I will not have a puppy love relationship with you.”

“Humph! You also said you’ll not date while still in university. In the end, I still got you.” Mo Sheng shook her legs and said proudly: “Loser, why speak so boldly?”

Some people must be living too comfortably, so getting more and more arrogant. Yi Chen finished blow-dry her hair in silence and put down the hair dryer. Then suddenly, he picked up someone who was still complacent.

Mo Sheng said ‘ah’ and the book fell to the floor. She was about to protest but was silenced by someone’s lips and tongue. The cold and raw masculine aroma momentary invaded all her senses.

“Mo Sheng, your hair made my clothes wet.” Yi Chen held her sitting on his laps. While kissing her, he asked: “Help me to take off my wet clothes.”

” …… What do you want to do?” In between kisses, Mo Sheng weakly asked.

When his own wife asked this kind of question, Yi Chen was clearly left speechless: “What do you think?”

Mo Sheng mumbled: “It is early in the morning already …… Moreover, I need to go out to take outdoor shots tomorrow…… ”

“What do you think I want to do?” Yi Chen raised his eyebrows, “Since I came back, I’ve been servicing you up until now, so I’ve not even bathe yet.”


“Thus help me to take off my clothes, so that I can go to take my bath.”

Yi Chen was leaning on the bedhead and watching Mo Sheng, who was sitting on his lap earnestly undoing his buttons. He pressed a button on the remote control for the bedhead window curtains.

The last button on the shirt has been undone, but Yi Chen did not make any movement to get up and go to the bathroom. Mo Sheng lifted her head to look up at him and saw him looking disheveled, leaning there and staring at her with blazing eyes.

“What to do?”

He seized her hands, his voice low and husky.

“Ah?” Mo Sheng also unconsciously lowered her voice.

“All of a sudden I think of the phrase ‘teach by words and deeds’. ”

When she was overwhelmed firmly in bed ‘to be taught by example,’ Mo Sheng was upset. How come she got deceived again? She should have known earlier if lawyer He was willing to let you take some small advantages in the battle of the mouth, you will certainly need to pay back double elsewhere.

Long ago, the window curtains had been automatically closed, concealing the activity in the room.

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  1. aaahh finally!!! thank you peanuts! and the pics! aiyoooo…i wish i were Tang yan.. LOLs.. do they need stunt woman for this scene? they can contact me and i’ll be there asap haha

  2. Hehehehehe that is quite sweet! After that long separation, they are both sweet to each other now. I love this scene!

  3. Can you please give me the link to these epilogues (in the original Chinese), I just can’t find them! And of course, thank you for translating so beautifully!!!!

    Mosheng and Yi Chen are soooo sweeeeet, I love their pure relationship.

  4. At last, thanks a million for this Christmas present, Peanuts! Was it 7 weeks? It was fun checking your blog everyday for the translation of Ms. Gu Man’s final epilogue. Jejeje… And the waiting was worth it! Indeed, after tbe tears, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are savoring the sweetness of their love! Enchanted! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! And most of all, be happy, healthy and safe!!!!

  5. I was surprised to see that it’s going to be made into movie and even more surprised knowing the leads. For sure, you’re not interested in the movie since you’re not fond of HXM :p Anyway, the two are still very sweet to each other hehehe. Thank you for the translation!

    • Wah, don’t make it sound like I anti-HXM 😛 I honestly don’t watch movies bcos too short, no time for character development so waste my time & money 😛 I remember u r his fan so I’ll tell u that he has started filming yesterday. Movie has bigger budget so his house looks better than my WC’s one, sob sob……But no matter how poor WC is, I’ll still support him and his YC, lol.

      • so, HXM is Yi Chen in the movie? huaa.. gotta check it out since both of my fave C-actors play Yi Chen character.. love it! please lemme know if there any info about this movie 🙂 btw who’s gonna play Mo Sheng character?

        but i agree with peanuts, i dont like watching movies also bcuz too short haha.. i like drama 😀

  6. thank you for the update..

    if 7 years after the 1st publish, means… this novel is already about 10~11 years?? *gasp*

    “I still remember when I was attending my lecture, they were not obedience. I continuously imagined them in my head, giving me no option but to become a student who lacked concentration. I wrote their names over and over again in my notebook, to vent before attaining calmness.”

    totally understand you guman, i now know why my result is so badddddd…

    ps: peanuts, 11jan is a day before your birthday?? qingwen, your birthday is jan12? is yes, then we share birthday!!!!

  7. 🙂 this book and couple is really masterpiece! thank you for sharing! 🙂

  8. And the sweet romance continues…
    Thanks peanuts.

  9. They are so cute. ^^ ya, my birthday is exactly 2 weeks after yours. lol Remember to watch fireworks and think abt me. I will watch the movie and report to you. Haha

  10. All these leading men, they can never do any services without wanting anything in return.

    I must admit, the 7yrs did some wondrous to Guman’s writing. Same thing can applies to Yichen & Mosheng’s relationship. MS has always doubt YC’s love when they were young, but now, YC practically wears his heart on his sleeve. There is no way MS is doubting YC’s love now. Heck, even their communication has improved. Teasing MS seems to be YC’s way of starting a conversation.

    There must be something in the air, looks like there are a few of January B-Days around here. I will be celebrating mine on New Year’s day (Yep, indeed, I’m a NY baby).

  11. What a lovely, sweet story and couple! Silent Separation will always be my all-time favorite C-novel. I look forward to watching the adaptation drama next year. Hopefully, there’ll be someone who’ll provide the English subs.

  12. Thank you so much for translating this novel–I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. It’s the first C-novel (translation) I’ve read, and I really liked it!

  13. Ah Gu Man how come all your male characters are such adorable perverts.

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