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My Sunshine (Silent Separation) Teasers & Broadcast Date



Updated: WC talking about his character Yi Chen. I subbed that for you so stroll down. The official posters are in the other post

Updated: Bah, no long trailer was released but another short teaser with Tiffany talking about her character Mo Sheng. I’ve no time to translate it since it is not really part of the drama and I’ve seen almost all the scenes in this teaser before so no surprise 😦 But I got bongsd to sub from Viet to English for you so stroll down 🙂

Updated: The official trailer has been released but it is the same as the leaked merchant copy except better picture and sound quality so I’ve subbed it. You get to hear WC’s real voice which is not often so enjoy it 😛

Updated: The 1 minute teaser was out!!! The teaser was released to celebrate lidge’s birthday lol. Thanks to bongsd for making the banners 🙂

Breaking news ! The drama will broadcast at 7.30pm on 10th January. It’ll have 35 episodes, showing 2 episodes a night for 18 days. It is so fitting to watch My Sunshine in summer at my end 🙂 If you live somewhere that is covered with snow, may the sunshine melt them away. If this is true, then my WC gonna beat lidge’s WH’s The Journey of Flower’s broadcast date. The early bird catches the worm 😛 As for rating, this is subjective as they are both of different genre. Mind you, The Journey of Flower spent a lot more money in its production. Anyway, 1 more months to go, aren’t you excited? It’ll be broadcast  on Jiangsu TV (the one which broadcast Boss & Me) as well as Shanghai’s Dragon TV. I’ve both channels at home so I shall be able to watch it live 🙂 I’ve enclosed 2 mini trailers.


Seven years of unwilling to compromise and persistent waiting,
Wrapped a layer of maturity and icy determination in his body.
Perhaps he did not deliberately wait, but except her,
There was no more sunshine shinning into his heart.
I looked closely at him as an observer,
This obsession made me feel inconceivable.
Then, I was moved emotionally.
How many 7 years can a person’s life has?
Yet he chose to step back to wait for that sunshine.
A sunshine which he was not certain will even come back.
His devotion, willingness to endure loneliness,
Maturity and steadfastness,
When facing happiness, he held on to it tightly.
In his body, there were too many interweaving temperaments.
Perhaps, in the eyes of many people,
This is merely a ‘male God’ character.
Another experience to be admired by many people.
Meeting He Yi Chen, I am very grateful.
May this be the ‘Silent Separation’ that you love.

The camera accidentally took a photo of that someone
Resulting in a scenery that can’t be erased from her life
She shamelessly courting him
But when faced with reality, she was hesitant and indecisive
Running faraway to escape
Everyday she also thought of the scenario for their reunion
But the path in life always never follows the predetermined route
Objectively and subjectively, all are hopeless.
In the end, it took quite a toll on her body.
Used to be the sunshine in people’s heart
Seemed to be covered with the darkness of the night
Returning to the familiar city
She never thought
She wasn’t greedy to expect
The place that she had shone
Had been empty for 7 years
Closed for 7 years
Even if 7 years had passed
That deep love from the beginning
Is still here
The 7 year period made her to be more reserved
Sealed her heart
Until the final outburst
Meeting Zhao Mo Sheng, I am very lucky
Hope this drama
Will be the ‘Silent Separation’ that you love.

Announcement: For passenger flying from US to Shanghai

Yi Chen: Why did you choose to come back?

Why did you give up your established career?

And come back to start over?


Do you want to come back to me now?

You can……

Mo Sheng: I’ve married.

Yi Chen: I’ve lost.

After so many years !

I still lose to you !


What are you doing?

What is the meaning of this?


What makes you think?

I, He Yi Chen, would want a divorced woman?

Mo Sheng: We are not what you think.

Yi Chen: Enough ! You don’t need to tell me the relationship between you and your ex-husband.

Tell me !

You love me !


Name of affiant: Zhao Mo Sheng

Name of affiant: He Yi Chen

Ying Hui: We are a legally married couple.

A legally married couple recognised by the law in US.

Also, a legally married couple in compliance with the PRC’s law.

If she is willing to be a kite.

I can be the person who pulls the string.

But this game !

Should come to an end !



The premier right was bought jointly by Jiangsu TV & Dragon TV. Then it’ll be shown on Guizhou TV and Shenzhen TV and finally on CCTV, most probably when it is summer in China.

Yi Mei: Don’t you want to go and say hello?

Yi Chen: Let’s go!

So bad!!! The teaser is so short, didn’t even have this famous line “She has not been a part of my life long ago.” I also want to say, the production coy spelled Mo Sheng’s name wrongly, so brush up your spellings please because Boss & Me are full of spelling errors 😛

What do you think of the trailers? A lot of kissing, right lol? Most of the fans in baidu are very excited about the kisses. Bongsd complained that WC is very aggressive in the trailer. Come on, he was just following the script so don’t shoot the messenger 😛


“After so many years, I still lose to you, suffering a crushing defeat.”

Can you remember this kiss? If not, time for you to refresh your memory 😛





My WC looks so sad, the tears in his beautiful eyes, sob sob….. Oh, how I wish WC will speak in Cantonese so I’ll have no problem understanding him 😛


Wah, even getting married also looked so solemn 😦

ac9d041b9d16fdfa9fef7b8bb78f8c5495ee7b42 (1)

The famous opening scene in the supermarket. A 1 minute teaser has been released.



Finally, sunshine in Hong Kong 😀











62 thoughts on “My Sunshine (Silent Separation) Teasers & Broadcast Date

  1. Tsk tsk tsk Your blog is filled with “hot” Gifs recently. XD Last time it’s LJ taking a shower now it’s YC & MS. No need to buy blush anymore.

    In January??? Don’t tell me each time you are back from vacation I will have good drama to watch. Then go more often. Go, go, go!!!

    • Ya, I like to give gifts to my readers lol.

      Wow, I forgot to mention this point & u remembered every time I come back fr holi, I get to watch good drama. That is bcos they wait for me knowing I m such a die-hard fan haha….U and lidge can compete to be my online bestie since both of u know me so well 😛

  2. Waiting ….Waiting…..

  3. Peanuts, where i can read manga eng translation?

  4. ahhhhhhh!! Im so so so looking forward to it!!! cant wait!! thank you for telling it will be so soon, excited 🙂

  5. Wuhu next year in cold winter there is something to watch 🙂 thanks peanuts 🙂

  6.…wee….some ferocious action there…slurpppppp…..slurppppp….I can’t wait. Very rare that I ever get so excited over C dramas….sure looks hot….

  7. Delicious! i dont know what word to describe this trailer. all i remember is his kisses! haha… ouh, excuse my wild thought.. a good way to start the day, LOLs..

    i can’t wait for next year.. i really hope the broadcast date won’t change.. 😀

    Terima kasih Peanuts! Semangat! ;P

    • Aiyo, why u so late ah lol? We’ve all eaten our fill of WC, left u the bones only lol.

      I am also looking to watch it. But after I’ve finished watching then what am I gonna do? I don’t need to stalk WC’s weibo & baidu anymore for news & pics of the drama, I’ll end up having withdrawal syndrome 😦

      Hey, I read your comment in another blog that u r fan of What Happened in Bali? Haha, why you’ve such similar taste as me :P?

      • last nite, my internet connection was sooo bad.. huh, not only couldn’t read this, i also couldn’t exist on social media 😛 lol

        ouh.. i like re-watch my fave dramas, sooo.. i just hope the storyline would be as great as the novel. so i will watch it until i get bored.. hehe
        btw, wallace acting is daebak here.. really really enjoy watching it.. 😀

        LOLs, i forgot where i wrote that comment.. but yes, i like that drama so much.. one of my fave next to AAE and Hotelier.. 😀
        i dunno.. we like the same thing again, aiyooo haha 😛

  8. There are 3 scenes that really stood out to me.

    1st it’s the reunion. Hmmm… it seems they both will actually met face to face at the market place. This is actually good because we got to see YC’s expression when he first encounter w/ MS (good job Wallace..I love his natural glance ).

    2nd the hospital scene. Reading is another thing, but seeing with one’s own eyes is another thing. MS kissing YC without realizing that YC is aware while his eyes are fully open (…eeeeeek…the tension). Then the sick YC got super emotional (great acting Wallace).

    3rd is not the force kiss itself (although it is very satisfying), but it’s the after scene that is sooooo good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a male lead seeks comfort from the female lead like that before. The way he hugs her…I might have just die a little. It was so heart breaking (although, I’m not a fan of characters being sexually force; nonetheless, it was forgivable since their loves were reciprocated).

    Now…..I just can’t wait for the official poster.

    • Wow, you can read my thoughts 🙂 I wanted to write what u’ve written but when it comes to WC, I always end up tongue/hand tied lol. You can understand Mandarin, right? I saw your nice banners in soompi, such an efficient girl. Wanna help me with the recap next year since I nearly went crazy doing Boss & Me lol? I’ve never worked that hard & fast, not even during uni, lol.

      Yaya, WC acted so well in those scenes but he’ll be dubbed so may lessen the impact of the emotions in those scenes:( WC’s Mandarin is ok, why need to dub him :(? I read, he’ll sound like LLC in Best Times bcos they gonna use the same guy. Was he good? I can’t remember anything except WC’s face lol.

      No No, YC didn’t force MS sexually. He did stop if I remembered clearly. He did try to force her but in the end he didn’t go all the way. Hence, it is forgivable as he was in too much pain and anger.

      • I did study mandarin during my HS days, but gradually they have since disappeared. I can catch little phrases but not enough to put it into a sentence. It’s too bad on my end. Peanuts, I’m relaying on you for the recaps. As always, if you need graphic….that I can help you with.

        LLC’s voice is quite nice actually. It matches with WC pretty well, but I still prefer WC’s authentic voice. It’s more raw and emotional that way.

  9. Initially, I was worried that Wallace Chung would not look good on the screen with this hairstyle but these stills and trailers have proven me wrong. From whatever little we can see of the trailers, I’m very convinced that Wallace Chung IS the right actor to play He Yi Chen just like he was spot-on as Lu Li Cheng. Long live WC in drama adaptations for the tv or movie screen. ): ): ):

    • I was just reading some Chinese online entertainment news and most commented that WC is the prince of novel adaptation as well as romance oriented drama lol. One reader commented, she is not into WC before but the trailer changed that haha…Another said he is more handsome than the Yi Chen in the novel, lol.

      His acting is really spot on. I was used to his goofy image in The Amazing Race but when I watched the trailer, I can quickly change mode bcos of his convincing acting.

  10. Thanks for the update. I’m so excited to view the movie next year. I agree with you all that WC is the perfect YI Chen! Great acting! Hurray for WC! I’m now a fan!

  11. I never could quit understand how one can put another person down just because of their pronunciation. Seriously, people need to grown up. Instead of praising someone for knowing another language, they instead degraded that person as if it’s a crime.

    Wallace is doing a GOOD job for all I care!!!

    • You’re right. If you’ve been watching “Amazing Race China”, WC’s spoken Mandarin is really on par with the other mainland Chinese contestants compared to his counterparts from Hong Kong who can barely speak the language let alone pronounce it accurately.

    • WC has been filming in Taiwan & China for such a long time so his Mandarin is pretty good if you compare him with other actors fr HK. However he still speaks Mandarin with an accent which is not good enough for the mainland mkt. Come on, they even dubbed those actors from Taiwan who speak perfect Mandarin so it is no surprise WC will be dubbed 😦 I guess they can only accept Mandarin spoken by ppl who were born & bred in China.

      Won, I’ll count on u to do the screen recap next year so don’t run away 😛 I’ll contact you later when the airing date is out. Btw can u recap fast like daily? I hope they don’t air too many episodes each night like Boss & Me.

  12. Hai Peanuts! I’m here~~~ finally decide to comment XD I agree with everyone here and about the after kiss scene! Ugh my heart can feel his pain just by looking at half his face 😥 such a great actor!

    • Welcome! Isn’t it better here where you don’t need to talk to yourself :P? Also, WC is more well-loved and abt half the blog is dedicated to him lol. We do have a lot of the other Wallace’s fans here but I am in charge so I can kick them away lol.

      I am annoyed that the production coy still won’t release the official trailer they released to the tv stations! Then, we can see WC properly & count each drop of his tears 😦

      I’ve posted the latest on TAR, have u watched it?

  13. Lol I don’t mind about the other Wallace’s fans as long as they don’t bash my Wallace 😀
    Errr can I know what TAR means? 😛 I think heard abt it before but forgot.

  14. Yer but the other Wallace look older :p
    Haha i never realized that is the short form for it 😀 and yes i read it this morning! The first thing after I watch TAR is to check your blog abt it 😉

  15. Lol thanks for inviting me, you see I’m always a silent reader I guess that’s because I’m not good with words…
    so…. I’m not confident about it :O but I can try? Don’t blame me when yr reader go away :-p

    • Don’t worry, my readers can differentiate b/w you & me 😛 Moreover my core business is novel translations. TAR is just a side business set up just for WC haha….Thus, you can stuff it up 😛 Aiya, I’ll be here to watch over u so you should be fine. I’ll supply the best pics & gifs 🙂 Also, you don’t need to write grandma’s story, just some funny and cute observations of WC. Your 1st destination is Dubai & we’ll see how u go, ok?

      Btw have u watched WC’s interviews below? Very interesting lol.

  16. Lol thanks for your encouragement 😀 I will try my best! I can’t help but think that all Wallace fans are kind and sweet ♥
    Yes! I watched those interview already. Since I join an active WC fan group on FB I always get the latest news about him! 😉
    I agree with what Wallace said in the first interview, he done everyone a favor by making the tall guys use their express card everyone should thank him :-p

    • I don’t know abt his other fans but I am definitely nicer than lidge who is the other wallace’s fan :p

      That fb group is his Taiwan unofficial fan group, right?

      Have u watched yet? I woke up at 7.30am on sat morning just to watch it, an hr earlier fr my usual wake up time lol. But I was richly rewarded. In the end that u turn greatly benefited him. I will try to do the write up later today. Next week is your turn so get ready lol. Btw I heard sunshine official trailer will be out next week, see your timing so good haha….

  17. haiii…. I’ve finished reading silent separation. I thought it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. instead really it is really good and I love it. no wonder he is likeable by every one. I can’t wait to see the drama. and I like WC too.

    • The plot for Silent Separation is nothing new but it was written in a touching way.

      Welcome to WC’s Unofficial Fan Club lol.

      • hahaha… thanks. peanuts, currently i’m translating silent separation in bahasa Indonesia from your english translation. because i can’t move on from this and i’m trying to influence my friend to read it. since my friend is to lazy to read in english so i thought i’m translating it for her. so i want your permission to use it in my blog.

        • You don’t need my permission to translate it into bahasa based on my English translation. But it’ll be nice for you to acknowledge the source is from the English translation and not the original Chinese novel. I prefer not to have my English translation re-post in other places. I’ll mention this later so those who understand bahasa can read from your blog.

          • i mention it in my post and give link directly to your blog. i’m working on it right now. I will let you know when i’m finished. I’m juggling between my works, so it’s kind a hectic. ^.^

          • I’ve just finished chapter 1.1 you can check it out in
            please comment, if there is anything you’re not satisfied.

          • My bahasa isn’t good so I am not sure abt your translation but it looks good. I’ll ask Yui to check for you since she is a superfan of this novel 🙂 In your intro, you spelt Yi Chen’s name wrongly 🙂 Also, you don’t need to put the number which is timer on the Chinese audio book as this may confuse your readers. Work hard, I hope you can finish the translation b4 the drama is aired which is rumored to be on 14 Jan 2015. Thus, add oil ah, lol.

          • hahaha…. it’s lack in here and there since i’m using google translate to help me translate faster. I will touch it up to smooth the language better later on when i have time. thank you for your correction I will edit it right away. you know i was really upset yesterday because wordpress suspended my blog. and this morning they just removed it so i can post it as fast as i can. 🙂

    • waaahh.. you translated into bahasa? will read and comment soon 🙂

      LOLs, aiyoo.. i randomly read your comments, guys and find my name mentioned 😛
      Alright, since i have nothing much to do.. i read and comment.. ^^

  18. Yeah one of them is taiwan unofficial fan group another one is love Wallace Malaysia fan group.

    Yes! I watched it on Saturday morning too and really happy about! 😀 can’t wait to read your post.
    Lol that also mean I will be busy next week fan girling Wallace

    • Got a WC Msia fb group? Are there frequent & current updates? Are you the fb page owner lol?

      • Yes! they are very active with daily posts 😀 But mostly post in chinese so I can only understand 70% of it but I have no prblm understand if they post video since i only have trouble reading & writing but not listening and speaking, lol I’m not the fb owner & I seldom post too since most of them are chinese speaker.

  19. After watching the trailer, I immediately went to read the English translation…I put it off before because I was worried about the angst and possible bad ending. I still felt a little strange they never talked about why she left…hope that changes in the drama. So excited!! 😁😁

    • Don’t worry, I don’t translate bad ending novels 🙂 Gu Man said the drama will address the deficiencies in the novel so I think she’ll include that. Btw the broadcast date has been brought forward a few days.

  20. i guess, love is really blind.. i read many comments about this drama, their outfit, bla bla bla.. but i dont care. i just love this novel, wallace and for me personally, even tang yan’s hairstyle is pretty bad, but, i still accept it.. her dress is a no prob for me.. i think, i’m a hardcore fan of this novel and drama! lols..

    wallace voice is just soooooooooo freaking sexy to me..

    whatever people talk about this drama.. i just cant wait for it!

    • Haha, u r a fanatical & obsessed fan of the drama & novel 😛 Ya, I read all the negative comments in AVV. Diff ppl has diff taste, one man’s meat is another man’s poison 😛

  21. My biggest annoyance is , realistically, Mosheng’s style is not really Americanized. I believe she lived in the west while in the the US, so she should dress very minimal but not too baggy because it’s hot in the west. In the book, when YiMei first saw Mosheng, she described Mosheng’s style as cutesy and girly, but I don’t see it transcend into the drama. I mean it’s not hard to dress MoSheng’s character properly. Since she’s a photographer, the basic hoodies, t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoe are what’s needed. The stylist for this drama really did make a mistake on this part. I feel that they just wanted to created this whole new trend for MoSheng’s character without doing any research. Basically, if MS character has been living in China this whole time, I wouldn’t be complaining.

    OK, I’ll move on now…the pictures collage are awesome though! I must admit, “You’re my sunshine’s” fans are super fast and perhaps too excited, because I hardly see any artwork for C-drama anywhere on English site ( I’m guilty of this too). There’s this “imovie” apps on my phone and I’ve been saving every single stills of this drama and trying to make an MV of it.

    I have a feeling we are going to get new updates every week until the release date of the drama, so you better get some rest.

    • Hey, the broadcast date has been brought forward a few days to 11 Jan while I am still on vacation:( Why YC doesn’t want to wait for me, sob sob? You better get some rest as you need to work hard at recapping lol. I’ll send you an invitation so that you can upload the recaps directly onto wordpress for better quality. Also, can I’ve some banners on the drama to advertise for the imminent broadcast which is abt a mth away? FYI, WC will usher in the new year at Dragon tv. I suspect he may sing the ending theme song.

  22. im glad that i found this novel and your blog… *cryin a pacific ocean*

  23. Do you know which site that I can read other novels in english?

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