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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : HK & Shenzhen




All good things must come to an end, so this applies to TAR as well … I’m not happy about it, even the winning result can’t cheer me up. 😦

They started off their race in Hong Kong, the home of the Chung siblings. When they were leaving Seoul, Wallace quoted from ‘Silent Separation‘ 🙂 ‘Silent is the music of separation. Lightly, I am leaving.’ Jackie added, ‘Didn’t leave any trace, because already used up all the money.’ lol

Peanuts: WC misquoted  Xu Zhimo’s poem slightly but it is nice of him to advertise for his new drama lol. Obviously, I’ve a better memory than him 😛

Original: 悄悄別離的笙簫. 悄悄的我走了

WC’s version: 沉默離別的笙簫. 轻轻的我走了

lol clap clap for Peanuts, I’m not familiar with Chinese poem though. 😛


Every team was given HKD300 as fund. Their first task was to reach Kowloon park and get information from some people dressed in Qing dynasty costume. Then they’ve to identify and say the full name of the 10 persons around the emperor in 90 seconds. To everyone’s surprise, the emperor was the uncle who got eliminated earlier.

Wallace volunteered to do this task. He needed to ask, ‘Do you know people from the Palace?’ to get their clues. After asking a few people, Wallace said ‘I’m dead, I’m really dead.’ He said he is good at memorizing things visually only.


This girl here, I suspect she’s a fan of Wallace. She tried to get him to continue with her poem and she touched Wallace’s face and hugged him too. 😡


The girl kept saying she wanted to find her lover who was the emperor’s bodyguard and asked if Wallace was her lover. Wallace said he was the one and that was his bodyguard pose. lol

The boy from the 90’s team Xiao Bai was really funny. The guy told him a name and the next second he said a completely different name 😀


Wallace was so shocked when he saw the uncle, he immediately went down on his knees lol. The uncle was unhappy that except Wallace, everyone had found out he was the emperor. Thus, no more surprise at all. Wallace was the first to succeed. Before he left, the tall guy paid him back the money he lent them in UAE.

Peanuts: This segment is a bit draggy but rather hilarious because of WC 😛 He was so comical, complained about that girl who kept on pestering him and gave his money bag to the grandma 😛 The tall guy was also funny, telling the grandma he has no money but he’ll give her a kiss, lol. Why did they return the money to WC now?

The next destination was Jumbo Floating Restaurant, but Wallace reached there third because their taxi driver didn’t know the way so they got another taxi and wasted some time there. The task was to find a fake dish among 70 dishes on the table. If the chosen dish was a real one, the partner has to eat all the food on the dish before continuing to search again. They were so shocked to find out the Olympic couple had already completed the task when they reached the harbor. Angel was really observant, getting it right immediately. They were again shocked when they saw the tall guys were already there and ate a lot already.


Wallace was the one eating, but I feel they should swap since Wallace is good with details and he’s a vegetarian! As expected, Wallace ate a lot of meat and looked tortured. Xiao Bai was so nice to help Wallace to eat some of it since Wallace revived them, even thought he might get eliminated.

I tried to count the plates and I think Wallace ate about 10 dishes before Jackie chose the right one. Right after they succeed, the 90’s team also succeeded. Jackie didn’t dare to look at them when they left with the boat without waiting for them. They felt terrible but the fourth team will get eliminated so they’ve no choice.

Peanuts: Oh poor WC, had to eat so much meat as well as spicy and oily food 😦 I complained before about how useless the 2 youngsters were but I’ve to admit they’ve improved a lot. Also, they are grateful and helpful so WC made the right choice in reviving them.

Wallace was the second team that reached the final destination at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The two tall guys can’t find any taxi and reached very late, almost the same time as the 90’s team. Wallace saw the two tall guys were right behind the 90’s team and shouted out at them to run faster. The two tall guys can’t catch up with them and hence were last and eliminated.

Peanuts: WC was really lucky and street savvy, typical of a Hongky to find a taxi that was willing to drive him to the pitt stop. I am a bit skeptical about the appearance of that taxi out of nowhere so they can jump the queue even though I believe in WC’s capability. In contrast, the tall guys and the youngsters had such a hard time finding a taxi and nobody will let them jump queue. Normally Caucasians in the western world are quite nice and will let them jump queue but I guess the competitive and restrictive environment in HK changed them. Actually if the 2 tall guys ran from the taxi, they may be third but I don’t understand why one of them kept fiddling with his backpack, losing precious time. An exciting finishing. If I didn’t read the spoiler beforehand, I may have a heart attack, lol.


However, it was not over yet for the 3 remaining teams. They got a clue card to continue their race, where they needed to reach Shenzhen and figure out their own accommodation for that night.

This part about the night at Shenzhen was edited from the broadcast race.

Although they had enough money, Wallace wanted to save the money and try to get a free room in a 5 stars hotel using his reputation, but Jackie thought it’s impossible because she doesn’t think Wallace is that popular. She said ‘You thought you’re that popular?’ lol

When they reached the hotel, the Olympic couple were already there and got the last room free of charge using TAR’s reputation. There was no more room in that hotel as well as the hotels nearby. Luckily some guests in the hotel recognized Wallace and asked to take a photo with him. Hence, Wallace took this chance to ask them if they can give one of their rooms to him and they agreed immediately! His reputation works! lol


Since the room only has a queen bed, Wallace put a what’s that (shoe rack?) in the middle to prevent any unnecessary incident that might happen when they were deep asleep. But there was not enough room for Jackie anymore, so she ended up sleeping on the sofa bed.


Wallace, what was your worry? What would you do while sleeping? Hug people? lol

Poor Jackie, Wallace should let her sleep on the bed and I don’t mind if they sleep on the same bed since they’ll have a lot of skinship later on. 😛

Peanuts: Poor WC, he felt so embarrassed, having to ask the 3 guys to give them one of their rooms. Although he got the room, he should be a gentleman and let Jackie sleeps on the bed even though Jackie will still let him sleep on the bed. Actually most elder brothers do bully their younger sisters so I guess WC is no exception 😛 WC usually covers his face with the quilt when he is sleeping?


On the next morning, they needed to choose their car and drive it straight out of the sliding puzzle to get their next clue. Since Jackie always helps others to look out and gives direction while parking and Wallace drives very well, they cooperated well. Hence, they were the first to succeed.

When Xiao Bai reversed his car and let their car went first, Jackie said she loves him so much. 😀

Peanuts: I think WC is a guy who sweats easily. Look at his T-shirt all soaked! Indeed Xiao Bai is a nice guy.

The next task was to abseiling from the roof of a 42 floors building to get the clue card hanging in the middle of the building. The person that did the Qing dynasty task cannot do this task, which means this was an all females showdown lol.


Haha, Wallace, what can you see through that bottle?

Wallace’s heart was beating very fast even thought he wasn’t the one doing it. When Jackie got the clue card, many bystanders cheered for her but Wallace told them not to make noise because he worried that it might affect her. Wallace does care a lot about Jackie, he kept telling her no need to be fast, safety first. Thanks to Jackie being so brave and finished the task very quickly, they have a huge lead here.


Peanuts: WC was waiting anxiously for Jackie to complete this task. He may look relaxed but you can feel he was really worried and tried to act goofy to calm his nerve. No wonder Jackie is a fire-woman as she is really brave and confident. In contrast Angel wan’t as courageous. I do applauded her for doing it but looking at her was really painful 😦


The next task was to find 6 globe balls in a pool of 1,600, which marked the 6 different countries that they had visited for the race. Then, they’ve to place the globes in the correct order to succeed. Only one person can go into the pool at one time.

Apparently Wallace is very familiar with global map lol. But not good enough because the Olympic couple nearly caught up with them.



Peanuts: Poor WC, nearly fell down 😦


Here comes the Chung siblings skinship~lol Hand-holding, shoulder gabbing and later the infamous head rubbing. >.<


Every time they said ‘confirm answer’, Wallace will grab Jackie’s shoulder. I almost ship them. lol

Peanuts: I am surprised WC seems to be better than Jackie in recognizing world map in view that Jackie traveled extensively as a backpacker. Anyway they are also pretty bad since they only found out their Greece map was wrong after taking a peep at Angel’s one. They also took a long time to find UAE. They were lucky to finish this task ahead of the Olympic couple team.

Their final destination of The Amazing Race Championship was Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. Wallace drove very fast and caused Jackie to spill the water on herself while attempting to drink lol. Wallace then apologized about it. 😆


When they were running in the stadium, Jackie reminded Wallace to be careful not to fall down. The Chung siblings were really sweet. 🙂

When they reached the podium, everyone was there to congratulate them! As expected by me and many other Wallace’s fans, they won!!! 😀 I knew it! My Wallace is the best! 😛



The prize includes CNY1,000,000 fund, which Wallace decided to donate all of it. They also got two trophies and the right to drive 2 Infinate Q50 cars for the rest of their life… Why don’t they just give them the cars? 😐  Maybe it’s better since they don’t need to take care of the cars but just drive it whenever they want to. lol

When the 90’s team reached the stadium, Wallace and Jackie waited for them outside and they ran in together. Wallace said they can’t win without them. Awww~ this episode is so warm and full of love.


Peanuts: Yeah, WC & Jackie won fair and square !!! Well, without a doubt, Xiao Bai and luck did help a bit but nonetheless they are still a great and capable team that grew from strength to strength. Congrats Wallace & Jackie, you’ve done every well to shut lidge’s big mouth lol. She looked down on WC & Jackie because of their disastrous start in US. However, both of them proved her wrong by getting better and better with their sheer determination, courage and skill to win the championship !!!! I’ve always trust and have faith in him that he’ll win 😛


The most touching part was Jackie’s confession of her gratitude toward Wallace. She said the words they spoke in this few months were more than the past 20 years. Initially, she felt that Wallace was a burden and needed to take care of him but she slowly discovered his good points and started to feel that Wallace will also take care of her. She not only found back her brother but also a friend.


With this marked the end of TAR. Next week will be no more Chung siblings 😥

Peanuts: Yes, so sad that we won’t be able to see WC and Jackie in action again 😦 But, sadly all good things in life must come to an end. Even WC & Jackie were crying tears of joy. Jackie is so funny when she complained that WC always pushed her to do tasks and at that moment, WC gave her a push, lol. Anyway as they traveled along, they communicated and found their rapport with each other and their relationship has never been better than now. Hopefully, we get to see them in another reality program or competition later.





All the participants especially Wallace and Jackie having a good time at the celebration dinner after the final championship.

Wallace went to a celebration program in the morning before the last episode was aired with some of the other contestants to share how they decided to participate in the game and what they got out of the game. They’ve found valuable friendship and kinship as well as many experiences that are memorable for life. Wallace was very cheerful and have a good relationship with everyone. The Sohu (akin to youtube) CEO guy who is one of the sponsors said the whole universal have been paying attention to them now, lol.




They also got a specially made cheap backpack from Sohu as souvenir. 😛

Let us rewind and take a look at the Chung siblings’ highlight for one last time.



Author: himmy

I'm a sunflower & Wallace Chung is my sunshine. I'm here mainly to fangirl Wallace Chung & maybe others things in the future. :-D

32 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : HK & Shenzhen

  1. Aawww, don’t be sad, Himmy. It was good while it lasted, yah? Rest assured WC still has what it takes to keep his adoring fans happy for many more years to come(never mind that his hair seems to be on the thinning side but that’s beside the point…LOL!).
    What can I say – amazing race, amazing WC team, amazing sister, amazing win and amazing victory speech. I wouldn’t bother nitpicking on the coincidental appearance of the mysterious taxi or the reason why WC slept on the bed while his sister slept on the couch. Maybe they got lucky with the taxi, maybe Jackie insisted on sleeping on the couch, who knows? What matters is they triumph over an overconfident, overzealous, over-the-top LXP team and that is all that matters, right? Yeah, I’m rubbing salt into the wound here, so sue me. LOL!
    As for the debatable ‘Save’ card – I can live with it as it turned out to be WC’s saving grace in the final leg of the race.
    Many thanks to Himmy and Peanuts for providing us with a vehicle to ‘ship’ WC in this TAR edition. I had a helluva ride; hope it has been good for the rest of you too.

    • It has been great for us! Well I still have You Are My Sunshine coming within a month, but it’s not the same without hearing WC’s shout and call out for Jackie…
      Actually the reason why Jackie slept on the couch was because their camera man needed to sleep with them and of course he would sleep with WC on the bed while being the only female, Jackie slept on the couch.

  2. Awww. It’s over so soon ): Actually just to point out, I don’t think Wallace is a vegetarian anymore cause I remember him saying that he started eating some fish. But indeed, the amazing race was amazing thanks to Wallace and his goofy actions hahaha. Will probably miss it very much :<

  3. When I heard of the castings for this reality show, I was speechless. Why is an A-list movies star (Ekin) and and A-list C-actor (Wallace) doing a reality show? Since it’s uncommon in the states and I don’t really like watching my fav actor doing reality show. I didn’t watch this show. However, I did get a few laughs from all the ‘gif’ of Wallace silly antic.

    I mean, if you’re going to be on a reality show, you might as well win it to make it worth all the image it may or may not have contribute to one’s fame after the show. In this regards, I’m proud of Wallace for taking such a risky choice. Many actors are doing back-to-back drama, so I’m sure Wallace turned down many offers to fit this show in his schedules.

    You ladies have worked hard ( 2 thumps up) !!!!

  4. Yay! thank you for sharing! I am so glad they won 🙂 and it was really neat that they ran in with the 90’s team!

  5. thank you.. 🙂

    the chibi Wallace-jacky.. ah so cute 😀

  6. I was determined to avoid all spoilers for this race and it paid off because the finale was so exciting! Of course, I nearly had a heart attack watching the two teams racing down that long tunnel toward the final destination. That was excellent editing, since it made the audience think the teams were in a dead heat, when in reality, Wallace and Jackie made it to the finish line with enough time to celebrate briefly before the Olympic couple arrived. So when are they having another Celebrity Edition of The Amazing Race? I assume ratings were fairly good for this current race, so they may wish to host another Celebrity Edition? I wonder who will participate. It is always nice to see A-list stars participate.

  7. before ur blog, i have no idea who WC is. after reading your blog and your love for him, i started to like him too LOL even tho i never watch any of his drama. lololl

  8. Arrrghhh..I wished I watched this while everyone did…I am so behind…this was such a great show…I rarely watch reality shows cause I can never tell how “real” they are…lol..

    Someone said that these shows are “predetermined”..the winner I wonder how true that is..but their actions and thought and what they say are from their self? It’s not like they got a script..? They actually did those stuff…eat live octopus..etc..

    If this was predetermined winner i wonder is that why skin and Korda. Seem so calm and unmotivated to win in the last few episodes because they were so strong at first…

    I have to admit I thought the Olympic couple was great… Oth husband and wife was smart and enduring..I would be scared freak climbing down fall building…but luck didn’t seem on their side as as they would get stuck in traffic jams etc…

    But after all..I loved Wallace and his sister the most…they really planned out their outfits for each episode…they wore the same matching outfits..what a team! She is so brave and courageous as fire women!!!

    • I meant ekin and Jordan…above

      • You never too late to fangirl WC lol. I believe there’s some pre determination, but not the winning results? WC worked really hard to win so definitely not something predetermined.
        Ekin’s team seem to lost their spirit in their last destination, maybe age have something to do with it lol.

        Chung siblings always wear matching, so cute right 🙂 did you notice Wallace wore some of Jackie’s outfit in Sunshine?

  9. no I did not notice…what outfit did he wear in Sunshine? I have to admit Jackie does look older than Wallace…I thought at first he was younger brother….how much younger is she? Man are just luckier in this front..they age so much slower……LOL…

    Yes..I have definitely became a Wallace fan! Can’t believe I missed him so many years.. LOL…should have known better to watch non-TVB series sooner…

    • Better late than never. If you want to know which outfits, wait for my fashion post 🙂

      Jackie just needs to take off her specs and change her clothes & hairstyle & she’ll look younger than WC 😛

      Aiya, I m sure he has spoken to Jackie abt donating the money b4. Anyway he is the older bro so has the right to make the decision in a traditional Chinese family 😛

  10. He donated all the monies…didn’t even ask his sister?…or his parents? LOL…well I guess he makes enough…this reality show was really more for sibling bonding and once in life time experience…

  11. Does anyone know about the song in clip? It’s sound cool but I don’t know the name.

  12. Hai fellow TAR fans, do you know that we had set up a blog for Wallace? Go and join our fangirling

  13. I mean this clip:

    Do you know this song? Thank you!

  14. Yahoo, Wallace won!

    Any news Wallace on new dramas?

  15. Count me in as a latest fan! I love Wallace Chung so much that I ended up here while digging up all possible info I can get about him. By your blog I was able to follow and more or less understand what’s going on in this TAR edition. It’s really amazing watching Wallace Chung here – he’s just so awesome – this made me love him even more.

    Thanks so much for you blog.

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