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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 24



Wishing all my readers an early Merry Christmas with a kiss from Xia Ye, lol. Most of the readers are smart enough not to trust Lu Jun but you can’t blame Xia Ye since she is not fluent in English 😛

Chapter 24: Kiss

It is easier said than done, so when it is time to fulfill my promise, I feel shy, embarrassed, blushed and at a complete loss.

Lu Jun is sitting on the sofa in the living room and playing with his mobile phone. I nervously stand three meters away from him and dare not be near him. Suddenly, he raises his head and asks: “Xia Ye, how long have you stood there? Still not ready yet? But you promised me just now.”

I am shivering, and quickly say: “Wait, wait, wait a while more! Soon, very soon!”

He purses up his lips and gives a gentle smile: “There is nothing to fear, just move your mouth only.”

I retort with grievance: “I am the one who has to move the mouth, not you, so of course you feel relaxed!”

He raises an eyebrow and continues to play with his phone without speaking anymore.

I am thinking, I can’t continue to nervously stand here anymore, better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony. Thus, I take out a small bottle of Guilin three-flower liquor from the pile of special local products I’ve bought today. In order to make myself more courageous, I drink a big mouthful. Very soon, my head feels dizzy so I use this opportunity to rush over to the sofa: “General manager, I’m ready!”

I observe and make sure of the position of his side face. Then I close my eyes and move my mouth closer over to him ……

My lips feel elastic, warm and soft. This is still considered normal, but the question is why there are two parts?

The moment I open my eyes, I see a pair of black eyes. A pair of eyes that looks somewhat surprised and with a twinkle of a smile. When I realize what had happened, a hand is propped on the back of my head to deepen this kiss.

At this point, I hear “a snapping” sound, the mobile phone has recorded this historic moment.

“Why did you suddenly turn your head over?!” I blush and accuse him angrily. Originally, I am supposed to kiss the face, but he suddenly turned his head slightly, so I kissed the wrong place.

“You suddenly shouted and rushed over, so my reflective action was naturally to turn my head to look at you.” Lu Jun looks at the hot kiss picture on his mobile phone’s screen and smilingly says: “Xia Ye, I really did not expect that you’ll be so passionate, to actually take the initiative to kiss me.”

I am so angry until my whole body trembles: “You, you still have the nerve to mention it. If it were not for you to ask me to do this, will I do such a thing?!”

He asks innocently: “When did I ask you to kiss me?”

I feel indignant at the injustice: “Have you forgotten? When you paid for me just now, you wanted me to express my gratitude to you with sincerity like the little boy!”

He speaks slowly: “I mean to ask you to praise me like how he praised you.”

I: “……”

It turned out when he said, “Can you remember how the little boy showed his gratitude to you just now?” and “There is nothing to fear, just move your mouth only,” he did not mean for me to move my mouth to kiss him, but to move my mouth to praise him ah!

Damn it, another misinterpretation has occurred, a big loss ah!

I kissed a man who is not my boyfriend, and also let that man recorded it with his mobile phone. Moreover, for initiating the kiss, I’ve acquired a bad reputation as YD (yin dang – lewd, obscene, dirty or perverted). The more I think about it the more depressed and miserable I feel. Taking courage from the liquor that I just drank, I dash to the sofa and shout at Lu Jun: “Get off the sofa, I want to sleep!”

Originally, he is sitting on the sofa, but after hearing my roar, he does not get off but on the contrary lazily lies sideways on the sofa. He put both of his hands behind the neck as padding, looking very at ease and comfortable.

I stubbornly storm over and burst into a violent scream: “You get up, get up, get up, get up!”

He does not move, raises his eyebrows and asks: “Are you sure?”

I nod firmly: “I am sure as well as certain!”

He asks again: “Really want me to get up?”

I reply steadfastly: “This is a must!”

Suddenly, he changes his tone and helplessly sighs: “Seeing that you are a bit drunk, I was going to let you sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

I am stuck dumb and stare blankly: “Huh?”

He smiles: “But since you are so insistent, then forget about it.”

I am tearing: “General manager ……”

He stands up, rubs my hair, smiles at my warm and harmless lips and says: “Good night”. Then he turns around and walks directly to the big bed. After walking two steps, he suddenly turns his face and softly reminds me: “By the way Xia Ye, it is best not to turn over when you are sleeping on the sofa, otherwise it is very easy to fall off it.”

I silently grab a bunch of my hair, this scoundrel ah, scoundrel ah, scoundrel!

Perhaps because the alcohol affects the brain, my head feels more and more heavy. After lying on the sofa for a short period of time, I fall asleep ……

I vaguely feel, someone is stroking my cheek lightly. The soft touch makes me feel very comfortable and the familiar odor makes me feel very at ease. Suddenly I feel very light, as if I am floating on the air. I subconsciously feel uneasy, but I feel steady once again very quickly. Consequently I fall asleep soundly again, but that familiar odor still lingers in the air for a very long time.

When I first woke up, although I’ve both of my eyes tightly closed, I can still feel a strong light through the eyelids. Thus, I know the sky is already bright, but I am too lazy to open my eyes. While taking a deep breath, I stretch the four limbs of my body and also habitually turn my body. Suddenly I remember I’ve been sleeping on the sofa, but why didn’t I fall down when I made such a big move to turn my body?

I quickly open my eyes, and to my surprise I am covered with a thin quilt. I am lying on a spotlessly white, soft and spacious big bed. My heart instantly lifts up. It is unlikely that I am acting in a melodramatic story where I woke up and found out that I’ve been sleeping on the same bed with another man, right?

Biting at the corner of the quilt, I summon up a lot of courage to turn my head and look beside me. Fortunately, it is empty.

After breathing a sigh of relief, I quickly look at the sofa. As expected, I see Lu Jun is lying still on it, seemingly soundly asleep.

When I look at his lips, I suddenly remember the hot kiss photo that was taken last night. I cannot help but feel ashamed and resentful. After all, it is the proof of my crime. In the future, he can always use it to threaten me, and also to poke fun of my wolf behavior.

Needless to ask, he’ll definitely not agree to delete it, so I can only secretly take action. It is a great opportunity now!

With this in mind, I quietly crawl out of bed and walk softly to the sofa. Then I slowly stretch my hand to the pocket of his pants, wanting to take out the mobile phone. However, when my hand is at his waist, he suddenly opens his eyes and looks at me. The fact is he is staring at me intently.

I immediately become a little flustered: “General manager, you are awake?”

“Yes” he answers, then thoughtfully asks: “Xia Ye, what are you doing with your hands stretch out?”

I quickly withdraw my hands: “That …… I ……”

Without waiting for me to give my reason, he suddenly smiles: “Oh, I know. You take pity on me for feeling sore after sleeping on the sofa, so you want to give me a massage?”

At the spur of the moment, I could not think of another reason, so I go with the flow: “Yes, yes, that is why!”

He nods and praises me: “Very good idea.”

I scratch my head in puzzlement and give a hollow laugh: “Heehee, I should do it!”

He: “Then, continue doing it.”

I: “……”

Thus, Lu Jun turns over and lies face down on the sofa. I tried to steal a chicken but ended up losing the rice used to lure it, so I’ve to give him a massage.

While giving him a massage, I ask him in puzzlement: ‘General manager, I remember I slept on the sofa and you slept on the bed last night …… ”

He pauses before replying: “Yes, you are right.”

I continue to ask: “Then, why it is the other way round now ……”

He thinks for a moment before giving an explanation: “Because you were suddenly roaring drunk in the middle of the night and insisted on sleeping on the bed. I can’t restraint you, so have to go to sleep on the sofa.”

I am angry: “I don’t believe you! This is absolutely impossible, how can I be roaring drunk!?” This is simply an insult to my alcohol drinking ability!

He tilts his head slightly and looks at me with his eyes that are like the gentle water ripple. Suddenly, his tone becomes very light: “Then if I say, I was the one who quietly carried you to the bed, then I willingly slept on the sofa, do you believe me?”

I seriously think and say with certainty: “It seems that I was really roaring drunk last night.”

Lu Jun’s face suddenly darkens.

Well, I would rather believe my alcohol drinking ability is poor, than to believe his character is good!

Today’s trip is to go to the famous Xiangshan Park, to see what is regarded as Guilin city’s emblem known as the Elephant Trunk Hill. We want to travel free and easy so we don’t join a tour group. We have a leisurely breakfast, then take a taxi to Xiangshan Park which is located in the city center.

After buying the entrance tickets, we go into the park. I see a lot of the tourists here are couples. They are talking and laughing in pairs, so just by looking at them, one can feel their sweet love. I look resentfully at those girls who are being held hands or hugged by their boyfriends. My eyes are green with envy.

I soon find out that those girls are also looking at me resentfully. Their eyes are also green with envy!

I look at the man standing beside me. He is wearing a clean and well-ironed shirt, appearing extraordinarily handsome and elegance. Immediately, I understand why those girls are jealous of me.

A male and a female foreign tourists with fair-haired and blue-eyed, walk over. They speak fluent English, so I don’t understand what they are saying but Lu Jun is able to reply fluently.

Then that female says something which I can’t understand to me. From her intonation, I can deduce it is an interrogative sentence. In order not to lose face, I put on an act by smiling, nodding and saying: “Yes, yes!”

Both of them also smile. Whereas Lu Jun looks at me in a strange way.

I ask in puzzlement: “General manager, what’s up?”

He smiles happily, points his hand and says: “Nothing, they invited us to climb together.”

I look at the direction that he is pointing at. From a distance, Elephant Trunk Hill, really looks like a majestic elephant standing on the river bank and is using its thick and long nose to suck the water. The crooked nose forms a cave on the water, which is said to be called “Moon Water Cave.” I roughly gauge that this hill is not too high. It should not be too laborious to climb it, so I immediately, say: “Okay, let’s go.”

Four of us walk together to the foot of Elephant Trunk Hill. That two foreign tourists are very chatty, as they keep talking and laughing with Lu Jun along the way. I do not get a chance to interrupt because I cannot understand their conversation.

When we are about to start climbing, the foreign male suddenly holds the woman’s hand. Then he smilingly says something to Lu Jun. As a result, Lu Jun follows his action and also holds my hand.

I ask in puzzlement: “General manager?”

He smilingly looks at me: “Since you’ve already said so, how can we not go through the motions?”

I do not understand: “What do you mean?”

Lu Jun says: “They are a newly married couple, specifically came to Guilin for their honeymoon.”

I nod in understanding: “Oh, really happy.”

He: “The lady asked you just now whether we are like them.”

I: “……”

Previously, the teachers always said, if you don’t learn your English well, you’ll come to grief when you step into society later. Indeed this is true ah!

Thus, I follow Lu Jun closely and hand in hand, we climb step by step up the hill. His hand is very slim and strong, almost can wrap my whole hand in it. It inexplicably gives me a sense of security. I subconsciously tilt my head to look at his face. His fair skin, handsome appearance and smiling eyes, make me lost in thought for a moment.

In fact, as long as this person does not play any dirty tricks, he is really quite good.

Lu Jun seems to sense that I am looking at him. He holds out his hand to rub my head: “What’s up?”

I regain my composure and quickly consider my earlier reaction as not being used to it. Then I curiously ask: “General manager, do you feel not used to it when you are holding my hand?”

“No.” He shakes his head, gives a satisfied smile and says: “When I was previously aboard, I often held Henry to go to the park to play.”

I subconsciously frown: “Who is Henry?”

He: “The dog I used to keep.”

Hence I feel grief and indignation. You think you’re walking a dog now!?

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