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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 3



Blessed holidays everyone! I’m very thankful for the support you guys have showered on Blazing Sunlight however the next chapter will only come out in February. But the wait will be bearable because Peanuts and co will be covering the drama adaptation of Silent Separation so keep a lookout for that!

Chapter Three

After spending a night at my uncle’s place, I returned to A University the next day. Only because I was fast running out of time to complete my thesis.

My graduating thesis paper was on the topic “Analysis of The Internet’s Economic Oligopoly”. In essence … Up till then, I didn’t even know what the topic was about. Before March, I spent my days loitering in the firm and did not get started on my thesis. I finally knew what it meant to be anxious. I called my mentor who gave me a merciless shelling. After that, I was even more worried and spent the subsequent days in the library.

When Xiao Feng messaged me, I was still in the library hunting for references. However, when I saw the message “Pavilion. We are three lacking one.”, I hurriedly borrowed some useful texts and rushed there without hesitation. I was going to save them from their miserable situation!

Amongst the graduating students, the card game Bridge was the latest trendy game. There were six people in my hostel room. Apart from Rong Rong who did not know how to play, Xiao Feng and I were beginners while the remaining three were addicts.

Note: The game mentioned in the story is not Bridge but Sheng Ji. However, I’m not acquainted with the rules of Sheng Ji and I think international readers may be more familiar with Bridge. 

When I reached the pavilion, the first thing I saw was Zhuang Xu’s back. Rong Rong was seated next to him and was glancing at his cards. She had probably heard my footsteps because she turned in my direction.

“Xi Guang you’re here.”

“Yeah” I nodded and slowed my hurried footsteps.

They had already begun to play, why on earth did they call me?

Xiao Feng looked up and hollered “Watermelon, Watermelon! Come tell me how I should play this round.”

I walked to her side and looked through her cards. It was a lousy hand, one that was utterly hopeless. I advised “Play as you wish.” Because there was no way she could turn that around.

As expected, Xiao Feng and Si Jing lost by an embarrassing margin. Boss, who partnered Zhuang Xu, was over the moon. She chuckled as she shuffled the deck before turning to me “Why are you here?”

What a depressing thing to hear …. “It was you guys who summoned me…”

Xiao Feng replied apologetically “I’m sorry Watermelon. When I had just sent the text, I saw Rong Rong and Zhuang Xu approaching so I asked them to play.”

“It’s fine. Just treat me to Spicy Ma La Soup tonight. I’ll return to the hostel to put my books.”

While Xiao Feng was objecting to my plans, I turned to leave. Just then, Boss received a call. When she hung up, she yelled in frustration “That horrid man! Fancy him asking me to go to the department office now. I’m on a winning streak!”

“Who was it?” Si Jing queried.

“Mediterranean.”  Mediterranean was the adorable nickname everyone gave the balding department head.

Boss threw her cards down in a pique. She looked at me before turning to Rong Rong. She hesitated before asking “Rong Rong, take over?”

Rong Rong shook her head and smiled “You know I don’t know how.”

Boss laughed but when she faced me, her expression had changed and she commanded me fiercely  “Watermelon, take over. You are only allowed to win. Losing is not an option!”

…. Partner Zhuang Xu?

I froze and couldn’t speak. Si Jing immediately teased “What kind of expectation is that? With her standard?”

Since moving to the hostel early this academic year, I had grasped about 80% of the game. My standard was equal to that of Xiao Feng’s – we were both incorrigibly bad. Whoever partnered me always felt tortured. Those with tempers like Boss would even launch into a tirade about my mistakes mid-game.

Zhuang Xu … did not have such a temper surely?

Boss dragged me to her seat and I shuffled and dealt out the cards wordlessly.

In my very first round, I won the bid.

I loathed winning the bid because then my role was elevated in importance and I would be expected to deliver. Thankfully, my hand was pretty good. There were many picture cards and numbers on the higher end.

My cards were simply too good. And Zhuang Xu was an excellent partner. When I still had three cards left, the conclusion was already finalized. Xiao Feng and Si Jing were no match for us and they were served an overwhelming defeat. I breathed a sigh of relief; at least I didn’t lose face in front of Zhuang Xu. Again. Thank God!

As the losing pair groaned, Si Jing suddenly piped up “Wait, how many cards do you have now?”


“Why do the rest of us have four?”

Zhuang Xu counted the cards and said “You’ve somehow played 9 cards.”

Xiao Feng and Si Jing laughed uproariously at the turn of events. “You’ve automatically lost.”

Zhuang Xu was also smiling faintly as he said “Be more careful next time.”

I thought that even if he didn’t scold me, he would give me a cold stare. However, he was in such an unexpected good mood. Could it be that my careless playing was viewed as comedy?

The second round, everyone’s hand was average. I paid careful attention to the cards that Zhuang Xu played and tried to assist him as much as possible.

In the subsequent rounds, I played every game with full concentration. I analysed how Xiao Feng and Si Jing tried to lead the game and tried to deduce the cards that Zhuang Xu had … It was the first time that the game was so exhausting. Previously, whenever I lost, I would blame it on the hand and absolve myself of all responsibility. I never used as much effort as I did now.

Seeing their nth consecutive defeat was imminent, Xiao Feng said with an air of defeat “Hey! You guys have such insane telepathy.”

Truthfully, it was a simple statement with no teasing to it but my heart still skipped a beat. I peeked at Zhuang Xu who was concentrating on arranging his hand. The corners of his mouth seemed to be upturned but it vanished almost instantly.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When we had utterly destroyed them, Si Jing tossed her cards in frustration “Let’s stop playing. Treat us to dinner!”

“What?! Why should we?” It only seemed logical that the losers paid for the meal.

“We agreed on this before playing. The winning pair would treat the other pair to hot pot.” Si Jing giggled “You can ask Boss if you don’t believe me. Zhuang Xu is also aware of this.”

*Once again, the story didn’t actually mention hot pot but I’ll leave Hoju to describing food.

I almost fainted and couldn’t help but question Zhuang Xu “In that case, why did you play so seriously?! For me, winning is never a guarantee but I’m pretty skilful at losing. If only you told me.”

Zhuang Xu smiled gently and said “Cheating is not honourable.”

… Was he joking? I glanced at Rong Rong in suspicion. Rong Rong was also smiling. Both were in a good mood today. They must have had a good time yesterday.

Actually, it was good like this. It felt pretty nice talking and laughing and playing as normal friends.

So what if we were not a couple. It was not the end of the world.

“Hey, you don’t have to be so downcast! What kind of forlorn expression is that?” Xiao Feng said in a despising tone. “You’re so rich, don’t be so petty! Furthermore, you already have emotional satisfaction from such a crushing victory. It is only right that you balance this out with some material loss.”

However, my emotional state was in a mess. And now I was being robbed too =.=

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I muttered all the way to the eatery. I ordered a tray of pork and Xiao Feng commented “Watermelon, you’re always eating meat. You must really lust after meat.”

Lust after meat …

I was drinking when I choked at her statement and had a coughing fit. Friend, there is a man in our midst okay.

Xiao Feng feigned innocence. Si Jing thumped her and asked “Xi Guang, have you found a job?”

“Yup.” I nodded “It’s the same accounting firm I interned at.”

“Family connections?”


“In Wu Xi?” This question was from Zhuang Xu.

I continued to nod my head.

“Your life is so good.” Xiao Feng sighed.

“Your life is the envious one! From being last in class to getting accepted by the East China University of Political Science and Law! ” I glared at her “Furthermore, it’s pretty tiring working at the accounting firm. I’ve heard at its peak, one has to work overtime till three in the morning. Also, the starting pay leaves much to be desired.”

The eatery was filled with the delicious aroma of food and I was drooling. I checked to see if my pork was cooked only to hear Zhuang Xu suddenly say coldly “If you’re not satisfied, you should find a job based on your own merit. You have no right to whine about a job that was delivered right into your lap.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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