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My Sunshine’s Posters & Broadcast Date



Updated: Newly released posters will be added to this post.

Updated: Posters released to wish you Merry Christmas. The broadcast date is officially 10 January !

Updated: This post has been updated with 6 new stills released to celebrate Thanksgiving Day 🙂 I want to wish Happy Thanksgiving & enjoy your turkeys, to my American readers.

My Sunshine is scheduled to be shown on 10 January 2015 at 7.30pm. Oh no, I won’t be able to watch the first few episodes since I’ll still be on vacation overseas:( Two episodes will be broadcast per night for 18 nights. Wah the post production time for this drama is even shorter than Boss & Me. I think they gonna do the same like Boss & Me and will only release the long trailer and advertise like mad a few weeks before the broadcast date. Wallace Chung will usher in 2015 at Dragon TV together to advertise for the drama. He maybe singing the ending theme song, Why Love?

I am sure you’ve seen the 6 official released character’s stills so I’ll show you the character’s relationship chart translated by bongsd instead. I think there are another 6 stills to be released later. I hope they look better, more sunshine. The stills were released on Singles’ Day or Guanggun Jie in Chinese which is a day for people who are single, celebrated on November 11 (11/11).  The theme for the stills is ‘Only Love Can Heal One’s Wound’.

I don’t really like the character stills because they look kind of ordinary and bleak. The expressions on Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s face are kind of weird and not appropriate. Lidge wrote “Tang Yan looks like she’s praying for good ratings. As for WC putting his fingers near his lips, recalling that cow manure task makes me shudder….I hope he used the toothbrush well to clean his fingernails lol”. On the other hand, the supporting casts portrayed their emotional turmoil better. I prefer the fan-made character still below.



Tang Yan has already finished dubbing her parts.




I think this guy is the one who is working hard to dub WC’s Yi Chen’s voice. I think he also dubbed WC’s Lu Li Cheng’s voice in Best Times. He may not be as good looking as WC but he looks pretty young so his voice should be appropriate as Yi Chen.


All is not lost, as we will still get to hear WC sings the sub theme song for the drama. He has already finished recording the song. Oh, I can’t wait to hear it. I hope it sounds good and melodious. I think Tang Yan is gonna sing a duet with him or maybe she is going to sing solo.


It is still unclear if the 3 young actor and actresses parts will be cut entirely from the drama. I think their parts will still be shown but will be connected by Tang  Yan and WC’s university parts in order for Yi Chen’s photograph of Mo Sheng in his wallet to look like Tang Yan. You can’t change much in 7 years unless you’ve plastic surgery 😛 Anyway, we’ll wait and see.


Bongsd read that Tang Yan often sent Gu Man private messages to ask if the clothes she was wearing as Mo Sheng were okay or not. Hence GM really appreciates TY for putting her heart completely into the drama. I wonder if GM went to visit them while they were filming. GM must be ecstatic to meet WC who is her favorite actor. I bet they took a picture together but I am sure she’ll keep it private and treasure it.

I’ll end this post with some newly released BTS photos of my eye candy Wallace Chung, lol.





Is he advertising for The Body Shop, haha?


When Yi Chen and Mo Sheng visited Yi Chen’s family home during Lunar New Year.


When Yi Chen and Mo Sheng visited C University for the centennial celebration.


When Yi Chen asked Mo Sheng to give him back her photo in his wallet.


When Yi Chen and Mo Sheng met in the supermarket seven years later.


When Mo Sheng counted the grids on the ground while waiting for Yi Chen.


When Yi Chen and friends were at the university during the centennial celebration (when Ying Hui was also there).

Are these the remainder of the 6 posters? Why Americans get special treatment :P? Haha, just kidding. The scene stills were released as a way to say thank you to the fans for their continuous support. They look so much better than the 6 character’s posters released last time. But I am still waiting for my official trailer 😦

According to Won who edited the above stills, fans can vote which still they like best, then a teaser will be released base on that still. I’ll vote for the most happy looking still 🙂 As you can see, the supermarket scene is leading so we’ll probably get a teaser on that.

















Posters released to celebrate Thanksgiving !







Posters released in conjunction with the release of Tiffany’s description about her role as Mo Sheng.





Posters released in conjunction with the release of Wallace’s description about his role as Yi Chen.



The awful cast poster has just been released and it looks so much like Boss & Me but worse. Bongsd suggested to fire the person who did that poster for lack of creativity.  The poster is so not ‘My Sunshine’, where is the sun? It looks like a melodrama on the rich. Why is Tiffany in her party wear like a Cinderella? Although her clothes in the drama are pretty awful, this is a nice one but so not Mo Sheng. WC also looks weird. I don’t get the ‘My Sunshine’ vibe. Any poster on this post is better than that 😦




Posters released in conjunction with the release of the opening theme song.

Posters released to wish the drama fans Merry Christmas ! Each of them is holding a thing which they hold dear.


Camera: Zhao Mo Sheng, I must be mad to let you trample all over me like this.


Wallet: As long as you don’t think about it, superficial happiness is really very easy.


Photo of a city in US: If you are not returning to the U.S…….best if we temporarily don’t keep in touch with each other.


Yi Chen’s criminal law book: A person’s flower bloomed. A person’s flower withered. All these years from start to finish, nobody asked about it.








Bonus: WC dancing for you on Christmas day, lol.






























46 thoughts on “My Sunshine’s Posters & Broadcast Date

  1. I can’t wait. I sure hope there will be English subtitles or maybe you can do recaps just like Boss and Me.
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Haha! I agree with peanuts’ remarks about Wallace and Tang Yan’s stills! Their expressions are sort of out of place.

  3. LOL He sure look like advertising The Body Shop 😀 Yes! I like Lu Li Cheng’s voice so happy get to hear it again 🙂

  4. will this be shown on any channels in the US??

    • I don’t know abt Chinese channels in US but you can always watch it on youtube.

      • true but if its broadcast on chinese language channels on dish/uverse etc then it usually has subtitles.

        • You’ll probably has to wait for subtitles. In the meantime, you can still watch WC’s great acting skill in youtube if you’ve read the novel lol.

        • ref: ur comment below peanuts
          by read the novel you mean memorized it right? 😉

          You all have done such an excellent job translating all the novels that I cant help but be hooked. I read and write 4 languages and do know how easy it is for things to get lost in translation so the nuanced translations are nothing short of amazing.

  5. handsomeeee.. aiyooo… he’s just too handsome and hot.. and aaahh.. i can’t wait for watching it asap! lols..

    hope someone will sub this, even if there’s no engsub, i will watch it no matter what, since i read the novel already 🙂

    thanks for those beautiful pics 🙂

    • Since Best Times was subbed, I am pretty sure viki or someone else will sub it. Just that u’ve to wait whereas I can watch live so u eat my dust lol.

      • like seriously, i watch the trailer again and again.. and again.. oh My God.. this is what i waited for! i’m so excited yet disappointed.. but then.. i love this novel to the point i neglect my disappointment.. *such a hardcore fan* lols thank you peanuts..

  6. Hi everyone. I accidentally see this website. That’s kind of surprise. Why is the website written by English. I am wondering where is it from? Where are most of you from?

  7. very handsome…. drooling…. hopefully someone will sub it and fast too. ^.^

  8. When will Mo Ting show up? I am eagerly waiting for it!

  9. How come Mo Sheng’s clothes look so frumpy? 😦

  10. oh, why does this guy dubs for WC? I thought WC always use his voice in his drama
    p/s: sorry if my english is bad

  11. I like the photo after the body shop advertorial! Such intense emotions ~ Can’t wait for the drama next year! 😀

  12. This is airing right after Tiffany’s other drama Lady and the Liar, so double doses of Tiffany for me! 😛

  13. Just wondering when are you going to finish translating the epilogues? I hope you’d be able to finish it soon, I have been waiting for months. :p thanks!

  14. Thanks peanuts 🙂 oh someone has birthday january 😀

  15. im checked in soompi thread for this drama.. i hope someone in doramax264 will encode this drama coz i dont want to streaming..

  16. those new pics.. aaaahh.. so beautiful.. *teary eyes* i really do hope, this drama will be good! thanks for those beautiful pics of them.. so lovely..

  17. so so so cant wait!!! it will be soon 🙂 so happy

  18. Ahahahaha, so true about the poster! My immediate reaction was that this is a Boss & Me imitation but worse. lol, yes, they need to fire the person who made the poster!

  19. Thanks for yr dance WC! LOL
    Hope they update every week to fill my WC thirst.

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