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My Sunshine Short Trailer with English Subtitles




Updated: Thanks to Won for encoding the English subbing into the trailer.

The official short trailer has just been released. It is not Wallace’s real voice anymore 😦 The dubbing is okay but is it the same voice as Lu Li Cheng in Best Times? I’ve briefly subbed it but I’ve to put a disclaimer in that I can’t read Chinese so the subbing is based on the dialogues only. Hence, I’ve used a bit of creativity on some parts which I can’t hear properly due to the background music, lol. I can see that the drama will follow the novel very closely but maybe slightly better as Gu Man’s trademark humor is evident, haha….

I’ll be flying away soon so Won will update the latest released posters. In addition, I have asked hoju to sub any trailer and start the recap for you so you can watch it as soon as possible. Won will also help out with recapping the pictures, banners and posters. If you want English subtitles then you’ve to wait longer for viki or other subbing team as it is very time consuming. If you can understand Viet, I am sure you’ll get your sub within 24 hours 😛

Attention: The flight A198 from US to Shanghai has arrived.

Yi Chen: With such good job opportunity, why did you choose to give up your established career and come back to start over?

Xiao Xiao: The first few days when you went missing, he looked for you until he nearly went crazy. Until now, I can still remember the way he looked at that time, like a person falling off a cliff.

Yi Chen: Do you want to come back to me now? You don’t need to give me a reply immediately, you can….

Mo Sheng: I’ve married.

Yi Chen: I’ve lost. After so many years! I still lose to you!

Yi Mei: You’ve decided it is still her?

Yi Chen: If in this world that person once appeared, other people will just be a compromise. I do not want to compromise.

Yi Mei: Regarding Yi Chen, I‘ve long given up hope.

Mo Sheng: Why?

Yi Mei: Probably because I cannot wait as long as him.

Yi Chen: What are you doing? What is the meaning of this?

Mo Sheng: I’ve divorced.


Yi Chen: What makes you think I, He Yi Chen, would want a divorced woman?

Mo Sheng: We are not what you think.

Yi Chen: Enough ! You don’t need to tell me the relationship between you and your ex-husband.

Ying Hui: You may think what was between us had ended but for me, it has never ended. The thing I did which I regret most is to let you return to China.

Yi Chen: Give me a reason. Tell me that you love me!

Name of affiant: Zhao Mo Sheng

Name of affiant: He Yi Chen

Mo Sheng: From today onward, I’ll concentrate on organizing the wedding banquet.

Yi Chen: Eat your meal.

Mo Sheng: Why are you not the least bit excited?

Yi Chen: I’ve already married you so what is so exciting about organizing the wedding banquet?

Mo Sheng: People usually say a marriage is a tomb of love, so it’s true. How many days have we been married, you are already so dispassionate?


Yi Chen: You are not satisfied with my performance last night?

Ying Hui: We are a legally married couple. A legally married couple recognised by the law in US. Also, a legally married couple in compliance with the PRC’s law. If she is willing to be a kite, I can be the person who pulls the string. But this game should come to an end!




Mrs. He, your husband is physically and mentally healthy so for the time being, he has no intention to live apart.

19 thoughts on “My Sunshine Short Trailer with English Subtitles

  1. Thanks peanuts 🙂 awww what a question is that Yi Chen 😀

  2. Lol YC XD
    Bleh not Lu Li Cheng voice…. no like

  3. YingHui, biggest mistake was indeed pursuing MoSheng to return home. Whether she’ll love him or not, she was not planning to return to China. In a way, he’s very similar to YiChen. Both are outstanding (acedimec & look wise), maybe perhaps, MoSheng could of learn to love him too.

    Finally, I got a good laugh at that ‘dinner table’ scene. I hope to see MoSheng more upbeat (YiChen loves her that way too).

    Peanut, you have worked hard, so we could indulge 😌.

  4. Why do they have to dub his voice?

  5. I just watched it for few minutes ago. T~T the content is not as same as the story in some scenes 🙂 . Moreover, it’s not Wallace Chung’s voice, so I felt quite disappointed.

    • It is not 100% or else no surprise but at least 75% similar to the novel. The drama will have abt 25% more content than the novel.

      From the beginning, I knew WC’s voice will be dubbed. I also want to hear WC’s voice but honestly his Mandarin is not any better than me lol.

      • You’re right. While WC’s spoken Mandarin is good enough for everyday use but his HK accent is actually quite off-putting for prime time tv, especially in Mainland China. His voice is also too soft for the kind of manly roles that he plays in his drama series. Having said that, I’m quite disturbed by all those voices of dissent over his hairstyle and choice of dubbing voice for this drama. I honestly think this hairstyle is really suitable for Lawyer He as it gives him a very young, stylish and contemporary look befitting a high-flying lawyer. While the dubbing voice for Lu Li Cheng absolutely nailed the part but it wouldn’t do to use the same voice for a different character like He Yi Chen(especially when there are some similarities between the two). Nobody would be able to tell the difference between the two characters if the same hairstyle and dubbing voice are used here. Perhaps WC’s fans and fans of this novel should be more concerned about the fact that this drama will be aired in the same time slot as a certain Empress of China drama series currently enjoying smashing tv ratings that are unprecedented in Mainland China.

        • When I first read that the dubber for LLC will also dub for HYC, I was thinking it’ll mix up the characters so I m glad they’ve diff dubbers. Well, I’ve only heard max 3 mins so I can’t really say he is not good but maybe he is not that experienced so I can hear some rawness in his voice.

          HYC’s hairstyle is no doubt worse than LLC but at certain angles it is not that bad. I can accept it. It is better than his messy hairstyle in TAR, lol. His clothing also okay. I personally feel the biggest let down is Mo Sheng’s clothes & hair. Her wigs & clothes with the exception of two, are really awful 😦

          Ya, I read abt The Empress competitor. I don’t understand why they are in such a rush to broadcast Sunshine. Should spend more time to polish up the drama as well as advertise. Boss & Me didn’t need dubbing but was aired abt 5 mths after they finished filming compared to 4 mths for Sunshine. You can look at it this way. Empress seems like a drama that will appeal to the more matured audience. Sorry I don’t like to watch historical drama that is long winded (80 episodes) no matter how big is the budget or pretty is the costume. I feel that they’ll capture diff type of audience. Anyway it is a forgone conclusion that Sunshine will lose to Empress since their budget is pole apart. Obviously money talks 😛 For those who are sick of long ancient drama, Sunshine will offer an alternative.

  6. cant wait!!! thank you so much for translation 🙂 ahhh 🙂 so happy, its so soon

  7. Just realized it. oh my bad!

    love it. im a fanatical. i have no complaint. sigh. should i have some complaints? lols..
    just cant wait 🙂

    thank you for the engsub.. it helps me a lot ^^

  8. I m a dumb. I can’t understand this line ” If in this world that person once appeared, other people will just be a compromise. I do not want to compromise”. i even couldn’t understand when i was reading book.. can u plz tell me……….

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