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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 42


anime girl with strawberryMo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng are “intensely and passionately” immersed in their dating life, but Qiang Qing Ci is still a 2-D world identity.  Back to headsets and computers, but this time, they’re together in the 3-D world, hanging out in the 2-D world.

Chapter 42 – “Splendid” Rice with Pickled Vegetables and Pork (1)

After dinner, she pulled out some fruits from the refrigerator, washed any that required washing, cut them up, and stabbed some toothpicks into them. She handed a small plate of the prepared fruit to Jue Mei and then brought another large plate into Mo Qingcheng’s room.

When Gu Sheng walked in, he was already sitting in front of his desktop computer and wearing his headset. Every time he put on his headset, he had a habit where he would only turn on a single desk lamp, as if this way he would be completely transported into a different world and be free from distraction.

The warm orange glow of the light cast his entire shadow onto the wall. Quiet, calm, and not troubled by anything.

He was honestly so handsome when he was wearing his headset, ah…

Gu Sheng stared at him in starry-eyed silence for a moment.

By now, Mo Qingcheng had noticed she had come inside the room. He tilted his head to the side to glance at her, then brought his index finger to his lips in a gesture that indicated she should remain quiet. She nodded and then noiselessly walked over, setting the plate down in front of him. Pointing at the fruit on the plate, she motioned to him that when he had the time, he should eat some.

He nodded.

Gu Sheng grabbed a strawberry off the plate and stuffed it into her mouth. Sitting down on the sofa behind him, she opened up his laptop, logged in with her alternate ID, and entered the YY room.

Tonight was the night that the final results of the voice acting competition were going to be announced. To put it frankly, this was basically the collective curtain call for all the winners, and they would give a final closing performance. These people, who had managed to ultimately triumph over everyone else, were no longer unknowns, and many had even become extremely popular now. In the previous rounds of the competition, they had been highlights, and now as they all gathered together, they were not simply highlights but a vast sky of shining stars.

And he, tonight, was part of the judging panel that was sitting in as spectators. However, as long as Qiang Qing Ci’s ID merely hung there silently in the YY room, it was already sufficient.

In the room below, there were, of course, several thousand fans and the ten top-level administrators all accompanying him, making no noise and causing no disturbance, simply quietly accompanying and listening with him.

As for her…

As soon as she entered the 2-D world, she would immediately revert to the mindset she had as his hardcore fangirl.

Here before the ID, “Qiang Qing Ci,” her heart would start to race and she would still be that Sheng Sheng Man … This feeling … was truly very remarkable.

Inside her headset, a girl, who was one of the twelve winners, was singing. As she listened, Gu Sheng pushed herself up on the armrest of the sofa and reached for the strawberries on the plate. Her hand crossed in front of him, and just as it touched one, he noticed her. With a smile, he picked out the biggest one on the plate and placed it in her hand.

Sticking her tongue out impishly, she retreated back into the sofa and continued munching.

When she had taken a couple bites, the girl had finished singing.

Her singing was truthfully quite good.

She silently gave her approval.

“Congratulations to our Jin Xiu Ru Hui [Beautiful As Ashes],” the hostess said with a smile in her voice before starting to move into the next segment of the program. “Well then…”

“May I express some thoughts to the judges?” the girl suddenly interrupted the hostess.

The hostess right away laughed and replied, “Absolutely, you may. I was wondering why no one making any love declarations tonight. Could it be I’m acting overly serious and everyone’s forgotten how to throw their dignity out the window?”

The girl gave a cough and was slightly embarrassed. “Because Teacher Qiang Qing Ci was only a judge in two of the competition rounds, I never got a chance to cross paths with him…”

“Oh yes, Qiang Qing Ci Dada is just too busy,” the hostess jokingly complained. “From the preliminary rounds to the finals, we spanned a period of four months, but we were only able to get two days of his time. Luckily, luckily, he made it out to this last round tonight. Little sister, add oil and go make your confession. Oh wait, that won’t do. I remember Toupai has his own little golden master now. Your confession will need to be more reserved now, dear.”

From the instant she had specifically stated the name Qiang Qing Ci, comments had started furiously flooding the public comment screen. They had not expected that the hostess would mention “little golden master” in front of tens of thousands of listeners, as if she was worried that the world would not fall into chaos …

“No, no.” She was already a well-known CV but still she could not help feeling anxious when it came to her idol. “It’s a very serious and proper confession. Absolutely no horsing around in it.”

The hostess laughed and indicated to her that she should continue.

Gu Sheng was listening. There were several seconds of silence in her headphones. She stole a glimpse at Toupai. The person on the receiving end of the confession was very composed…

“It’s like this … Um, let me first ask, Qiang Qing Ci Dada, are you listening? You wouldn’t be logged in but not really listening, would you? …”

“I’m here.” His voice was neither loud nor soft, just light and calm.

“It’s like this, Dada. Since I was a child, I’ve liked listening to the radio and had always had a dream for broadcasting, wanting either to be a professional broadcaster or a voice actor. But because of certain circumstances, when I had my university entrance exams, I ended up missing the opportunity to get into the specialty school. So … I have always had regrets about this.” A faint sense of sadness could even be heard in the girl’s voice. “Later, a close girlfriend found out about this dream of mine, so she told me that she frequently listened to Internet radio dramas. Even though those were mainly amateur works or done for fun as a hobby, there were a few outstanding people who ended up becoming commercial voice actors. To be honest, at first, I kind of looked down on this, thinking it was just a way to please the audience with a bunch of fluff … until my good friend let me listen to one of your works, and then I was completely convinced. And so, what I want to say is, Toupai DaRen, thank you for bringing me into this entertainment circle and becoming my goal and aspiration.”

Gu Sheng was biting down on the strawberry in her hand, but she still had not eaten it yet.

The owner of the ID, Qiang Qing Ci was actually sitting right there with his back towards her and within her reach. But yet, that name still carried an immense enticement. This name represented all of the characters he had once voiced and the works he had made, and it was the bright sunlight to many people who had never studied voice acting in a specialized school but still carried in their hearts a voice acting dream.

You cannot renounce the people who genuinely like voice acting simply because there are some thrown in the mix who only want to play around and have some fun.

These people may only have a few dozen fans and do not dazzle the listeners like the big name celebrities, but so long as they like what they are doing, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Just like this girl.

She was suddenly very touched.

She understood this feeling. It was like when she had listened to her first ancient-style song and her breath had been taken away.

That one short moment of having your breath taken away can completely change the course of a person’s life.

How many people had he changed?

The number should be very impressive.

“Thank you. I wish you success,” he said lightly with a smile, “May you be even more successful than me.”

Like a gentle, yet compelling force, his voice penetrated through headsets and into everyone’s ears.

T.T…… Just like that, that’s it?…

Even I’ve been moved by what she said, you know? Can you not say a few more words to her?

But in front of the public, he had always been this way …

When it was time for the next performance, she saw Qiang Qing Ci shut off his YY microphone and knew that she could finally speak. Right away, she set down her computer, pushed herself up on the arm of the sofa, and patted him on the shoulder. The person in front of her turned his head and pulled off his headphones, a slightly inquisitive look in his eyes.

She looked at him.

She looked at those gorgeous, large eyes of his…

Silently, she brainwashed herself: this is Mo Qingcheng, not Qiang Qing Ci…

“I was particularly touched when I was listening just now.” She still felt as if her heart was full of things that needed to be expressed. Picking up a strawberry, she held it in front of his mouth. “Why didn’t you say a couple sentences more to her?”

Mo Qingcheng smiled, opened his mouth, and bit into the strawberry she had brought up to him. “Habit. If I said too much, it actually would have been bad for her.”

She suddenly understood. He was referring to the fact that some of his fans would definitely feel that Toupai was especially favouring that girl and that might end up drawing a widespread attack on her or something along those lines … Or they would say the girl’s confession had actually been staged and her true motive was to “hug a thigh”?


She thought about her poor ID that had been badmouthed into a grave: Sheng Sheng Man.

Mo Qingcheng seemed to all of a sudden remember something and picked up his mobile phone from the table. His arm wrapped around her back and half-encircled her in his embrace as he opened up Weibo. Countless numbers of messages immediately popped up in the “Messages” section of his Weibo and basically, they were … all love confessions and declarations. All sorts of confessions: indirect and reserved ones, intense and charged ones, tender ones, frank and direct ones …

“I normally don’t allow strangers to @ me and only accept the ones from my friends. My private messaging function is also shut off. This messages section seems to be a new function. See, I always receive stuff like this.” He explained in a low tone, “I used to think, if I got a girlfriend and she saw this, I bet she would be furious and part ways with me.”


Alright, fine. She was already a teeny-tiny bit jealous T.T……

“That’s why…” he chuckled, but right as he was about to say something, he stopped.

It just so happened that a new @ had popped up in his notifications. She glanced at the name. It was a very well-known illustrator and was also one of Qiang Qing Ci’s friends. He had hand-drawn a chibi cartoon of Qiang Qing Ci, wearing a set of headphones, holding a strawberry in his hand, and feeding… a little gold-coloured pig that was in his embrace…


Left side: Qiang Qing Ci.  Right side: There are tens of thousands of beauties in the world, but Toupai loves only that little golden pig, oh the little golden pig.

The artist did not forget to include a teasing sentence in his post: There are tens of thousands of beauties in the world, but Toupai loves only that little golden pig[1], oh the little golden pig…



Why had she become a gold pig? …

Hey, wait! How come it was such a coincidence that it was a strawberry that was being fed? …

Before she had finished mulling this over, Toupai had already cheerfully pressed re-post and typed @ShengShengMan: Thanks, but Little Golden Pig is actually not chubby. She can be considered… the type of waist that is so slender it’s “just enough to fill the hands[2].”



Really, that slim?

Wait…… ( ⊙ o ⊙) ……

When have you ever held it in your hands?….


[1] 小金猪 “xiao jin zhu1.” The illustrator is playing on similar sounding words. 小金猪 xiao jin zhu1 “little golden pig” sounds very similar to 小金主 xiao jin zhu3 “little golden master.”

[2] 盈盈一握 ‘ying ying yi wo.” The first two characters 盈盈 mean “to fill up.” The last two characters一握 mean “a handful.” So, in describing a woman’s waist, it is a form of praise by saying she is so slender her waist can be completely encircled by only two hands. (Join the fingers of your hands together so that your hands make a circle. Imagine fitting a waist in that circle… That type of slender! Meant to be an exaggeration, of course.)

Additional Comments:

“That’s why…” what? What do you think Toupai was going to say?

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  1. Kyaaaaaaaaa! My toupai daren is back! I’m twoorly thumping over him again, oh my poor heart, how envious, how shengsheng could sit beside him and have all of him. Oh, this dark side of me. T_T

    • It must have been surreal to Sheng Sheng, listening to her idol while he was at an arm’s reach away from her, ready to lick any strawberry juice she may have had on her fingers. 😉

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    • Don’t you think Toupai is giddy and smiling already because he HAS his Little Golden Master? But, indeed, I want Sheng Sheng to get over her embarrassment and voluntarily snuggle up!!

  3. Ohh, forgot to add, “thats why… i decided to that i will only be caring to that only person so she has nothing more to doubt about. That she is not the first, but the only one.” KYAAAAA!

  4. i dunno.. what toupai daren would say??
    would he say : “Cuz now im holding her waist” or “Cuz now i’m hugging her waist”
    which one? im curious.. lols..

    thanks Hoju.. i love their intimate feeling.. ^^

  5. …that’s why I was so intentional in letting all these fangirls know my heart is @ShengShengMan. ^_^ He’s way too flirtatious..but only @ShengShengMan.

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    I think Sheng Sheng needs more courage to tease Cheng Cheng back.. 😋

    • Gosh, you guys have some good answers. While I don’t think his retirement is specifically related to Sheng Sheng, I’m sure he has that in mind. 😉

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