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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 43



The remainder of the month is going to take on a My Sunshine focus, so no Really, Really Miss You updates.  (We’ll let Yi Chen and Mo Sheng keep all of you company while Toupai and Sheng Sheng head off on vacation.) Regular updates for the translation will resume in February.

After this chapter, there’s only 10 more to go until the online version of the novel is complete.  Publication of this novel was delayed but it is still in the works.  There was recently a Weibo announcement with an open invitation for people to submit artwork that potentially could be chosen to be used on the cover of the published novel.  As well, Mo Bao Fei Bao mentioned the publisher did a face palm over the title of the novel, so it may not be called 很想很想你 Really, Really Miss You when it comes off the printing press. 😦  (Hoping that doesn’t come true… I’ve grown very fond of it, despite it sounding a little cheesy.)

Sheng Sheng will never look at strawberries the same way. *blush* ❤  And the poor girl just can’t seem to get away from those awkward moments.  Haha!

Chapter 43 – “Splendid” Rice with Pickled Vegetables and Pork (2)

“That’s why I must very clearly let people know, I have a girlfriend.” Mo Qingcheng set his phone down off to the side and made his concluding statement. “That will prevent a whole bunch of unnecessary problems.”

That was why… he was so high-profile about it?……

Such a thoughtful person.

Probably every girl has had this dream, that the person you like is a celebrity in other people’s eyes, yet he very plainly tells everyone that he belongs to you … When a woman flaunts her happiness, it causes the other women around her to be envious, but when a man flaunts his happiness, it causes all the women in the world to be envious …

Men actually very rarely flaunted their happiness for people to see.

She was still feeling touched by this when she felt something warm on her waist. Mo Qingcheng was really using his hands to measure. “Sure enough, just as I thought: just enough to fill the hands.”

Using his hands to measure her waist.

Such a romantically evocative action, like skin-to-skin contact … Gu Sheng was still caught up in the warmth of her emotions, and unconsciously, she raised her head to look up at him. His eyes were such a deep black, reflecting the light of the desk lamp. The contours of his nose bridge and jawline were so smooth, as if they had been drawn with a single stroke of a brush.

So ridiculously beautiful.

She was looking at him and was also being looked at by him.

And then, with a smile, he stuffed an earbud into her right ear.

He opened up the Duomi music player[1] on his mobile phone, and then just like that, a familiar melody started playing.


It was himself, Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen, gently singing “Ruo Xiang Xi” [If We Had Cherished]. So soft and tender, so relaxed, as if he was singing for only her to listen:

[1:13] “How many regrets of parting were found in the dreams of last night?
The twittering of the swallows on colorful rafters disturb the remnants of those dreams
The moon hangs at an angle above the river. Oars move. The morning bell.
The dream is a blur. The sound of waves gradually fades away into the distance.
The sound of the flute is unhurried. Spring leaves hurriedly…”

A scene was there before her eyes, appearing because of the song: a limestone pathway, the sound of the morning bell and evening drum, mist pervading the air, and the sound of a flute leisurely playing.

“When did you record this? …”

“A few days ago.”

“For one of your association’s events? Or a birthday blessing?…”

“For you,” Mo Qingcheng could not help smiling. “Besides Wanmei’s anniversary celebration, I haven’t participated in any types of those events for several years already, and I don’t record birthday or event well wishes anymore.”

Oh, right…

She had forgotten about that.

There seemed to be something in her chest that was slowly spreading outward, a feeling so warm she could not restrain a smile from rising up onto her face.

“I recorded ten songs,” he continued telling her. “All ancient-style.”

She gave an “mm” in reply.

Then, after thinking for a moment, she reached over, felt for a strawberry, and fed it to him. “To reward you.”

As he munched on the strawberry, Mo Qingcheng could not help laughing. His voice indistinct because of the strawberry in his mouth, he complained, “With just one strawberry?”

Gu Sheng also felt she was being stingy, so she immediately added, “Tomorrow, I’ll go buy you lots and lots of goodies to eat…”

Before her words were finished, the sound of her voice faded …

He had “fed” himself and the strawberry he had been eating straight into her mouth, almost half-forcing her to consume it. The sweet and fragrant flavour spread between their lips and teeth. When he finally pulled himself away from her lips, he could not help licking his own lips. “That strawberry was pretty good. Very sweet.”



She was the one who had basically eaten it all, k?

Gu Sheng nibbled on her own lip and stole a look at him. Picking up the plate, she went to the kitchen to wash the remaining strawberries that were in the refrigerator and bring them back for him to eat. Mo Qingcheng nonchalantly picked up his headphones and continued listening to the competition’s finals performance…

The moment she walked into the kitchen, Jue Mei Sha Yi ran out from his own room and set his small plate that was now empty on the table. “Little Golden Master, I finished mine, too.” Gu Sheng suddenly understood. It must have been Jue Mei who, while eating his strawberries, had… casually gossiped with that artist, and that was how that picture came about.

This practice of the entire country watching Toupai date his girlfriend…

Who was the one who started it? T.T …

Outside, the wind suddenly picked up.

By the time she placed the freshly replenished plate of strawberries beside Toupai’s hand, the gusting wind had already changed over into a torrential downpour.

When Mo Qingcheng heard the clap of thunder, he remembered that he had lent his car to Wk. He looked out at the wind and rainstorm. Neither taking the metro nor the bus would be very convenient in this weather. His eyes turned toward Gu Sheng, and it seemed as if he was mulling over something. “The rain is coming down so hard. It won’t be very easy for you to get back. How about staying here tonight?”

That did not seem very appropriate. She tried to think of another option…

“If it’s still raining this hard by ten o’clock, then stay here.” Mo Qingcheng carried on, “You can sleep in my room. I’ll go sleep with Jue Mei.”

That seemed… still not very appropriate…

She continued to wrestle with herself over it.

“I have to get up very early tomorrow morning. When you wake up, you can head back to school yourself.”

Huh? He had to get up early?

Oh, right! He needs to get up early. If I head back so late, he’ll definitely accompany me. Going there and back, out in the gusting wind and pouring rain will be so exhausting.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything.” He even gave his promise.

Gu Sheng struggled for a little while longer but finally agreed.

When you are about to sleep in a room, that room will definitely take on a different meaning and significance to you.

For example, the feeling she got from seeing the light blue blanket covering Mo Qingcheng was completely different from the one she had when she was lying under it herself … In a state of confusion and turmoil, Gu Sheng finished up her shower. Wearing the button-up shirt and sweat pants he had given her, with the sleeves and pant legs rolled up three or four times, she stood by the bed and stared blankly at it for a long while before finally sitting down on it.

It was soft. As soon as she laid on it, she sank right in.

He liked sleeping on soft mattresses? Why had she never noticed this before? … That actually wasn’t very good for the spine… Gu Sheng’s thoughts were jumbled as she pricked up her ears to listen to the sounds in the next room. It was quiet.

He should have gone to bed already?

But, the soundproofing here in their place was very good, so even if they were not sleeping, she would not be able to hear anything, right?

She turned off the wall lamp at the head of the bed. The room fell into pitch-blackness, and there was only the sound of heavy rain outside the window. She sniffed. The blanket smelled like him, a light scent, slightly fragrant. The instant she thought about the fact that this bed was his, she, for some reason, would grow anxious… especially while she was wearing his shirt and sweat pants… T.T …

She couldn’t sleep at all, you know? …

Battling between the two ideas of “sit up and go play on the computer” and “knock it off and just sleep,” she dozed off. She was one who did not adjust well when sleeping in a bed other than her own, and as a result, her slumber was rather restless. After several vivid but chaotic dreams, she was suddenly startled out of her sleep by something. Carefully, she tried to sense what it was. It seemed someone had entered the room…

She immediately tensed. Rolling over lightly, she tried to boost her own courage.

“Did I wake you?” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was right there beside the bed. Bending over, he explained quietly, “Jue Mei is too noisy in his sleep, and he kicks, too, so I came back…”

“Mm…” She grasped the covers lightly.

“You go back to sleep. I’ll go sleep on the couch,” he told her softly with a smile.

The little details of the expression on his face could not be seen. He was only a silhouette outlined in the dark. In this moment, his voice seemed even more mysterious and captivating, carrying in it an obvious sense of drowsiness. Extremely captivating.

So close.

So close that you dared not speak.

“How about… you sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch? You have to go to work tomorrow. It’ll be too exhausting if you sleep on the couch,” she suggested softly.

“No, it’s alright.” He stroked her hand that was gripping the blanket. “Sleep now.”

A tone like he was coaxing a little child to bed.

When he finished saying this, he walked to the closet, pulled out an extra blanket and pillow, and went to sleep on the sofa.

As for when he actually fell asleep, she was not too certain. All she knew was, after he came back into the room to rest, she slept even more nervously. That sort of anxiety, where you were worried that the way you looked when you slept was embarrassing or that you would make strange noises when you were asleep, lasted all the way until the morning light began to show… The second Mo Qingcheng’s mobile phone alarm rang, he immediately shut it off and sat up.

At the same time, as if she had finally been set free, she also sat right up.

It’s just five o’clock.” Mo Qingcheng let out an amused chuckle when he saw her like this. “Don’t you not have class? You can sleep until you wake up naturally.”

Gu Sheng was so embarrassed she could die and immediately scrambled for a reason. “I want to make breakfast for you…”

He smiled, not exposing her excuse.

He needs to change?

I need to change, too, ah…

When this thought popped into her head, she immediately grabbed her clothes that were beside the pillow, opened the door, and was about to head into the washroom to change.

But she had not expected, when she pulled open the door…

Wwwwk was standing right there beside the kitchen, cupping a large bowl of noodles in one hand and holding a pair of chopsticks in the other as he ate. On the sofa was Jue Mei, biting down on a slice of bread while cutting open a bag of milk with scissors, and beside him sat Fei Shao, who was wearing a pair of headphones and fiddling with the DVD player… Everyone’s movements were very quiet, not making any noise at all, as if they were in a silent film…

Speechless, she gaped at them.

They seemed to sense something and all turned to look at her.

“Did we wake you up?” Wwwwk continued eating his noodles as he very apologetically nodded at Gu Sheng. “So sorry we disturbed you guys.”

Fei Shao also pulled off his headset, and with a couple dry laughs, he said to her, “Don’t mind us, eh, Sheng Sheng. The two of us really did not know that you had stayed here last night. We had just pulled an all-nighter watching a late night movie and wanted to come here to catch up on some sleep. Who would have thought? … You say, what a coincidence, eh? We happened to be able to catch ‘The New Dream of the Mandarin Ducks and Butterfly Lovers[2]’…”

Fei Shao continued laughing dryly.

Jue Mei could not stand watching this any longer and sternly reprimanded the two flippant jokers, “From now on, if you want to come over, you need to call first. Toupai belongs to someone now. His bed is only reserved for his wife to sleep on, understand?”

Gu Sheng completely froze…

From behind her, Mo Qingcheng’s hand had already come to rest on her shoulder. “Don’t pay any attention to them. Go back into the room and change first.”

As if she had been given a pardon, with her head bowed in embarrassment, she slipped past him, darted back into the room, and closed the door behind her.


She had not even done anything…

So why did she have this guilty feeling, like she had been found out?


[1]多米. See Also available as an app, which is what Mo Qingcheng would have on his phone.

[2] 新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦 “Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng.” There are a few dramas/movies out there with the name “Dream of the Mandarin Ducks and Butterfly Lovers” (or “New Dream…”). The plot lines of these are not what is relevant here. Mandarin ducks and butterflies, in Chinese culture, are creatures that represent love, always appearing as a couple and “frolicking” together. Fei Shao is joking that he got the opportunity to catch Mo Qingcheng and Sheng Sheng “frolicking” together (in the bedroom).

Additional Comments:

Ah, don’t throw eggs at me.  I know it’s a fan made BL video between Wallace Chung (featuring one my favourite roles, Li Nanxing, he played, by the way) and Julian Cheung, but this is my favourite version of the song.  It’s a duet between two male singers, but just imagine Toupai singing it by himself, k?

Anyways, here are the lyrics to 若相惜 Ruo Xiang Xi [If We Had Cherished].  The video posted is a cover sung by 東籬 and Assen捷.

[0:24] 月瓣似乎雕謝
The petals of the moon seem to have wilted away

Their reflection seen inside the lake
Illuminating a circle on the lake surface

[0:36] 一個人的感覺
The feeling of being alone
Quietly looking up at the sky
Not knowing how far away that sky is

[0:49] 像出列的孤雁
Like a lone, wild goose that has left its
Coasting amid the white clouds
Drawing paths of imperfect arcs

[1:01] 屋檐上冒著煙
Smoke rises up above the roof
Saying farewell to the chimney
For this departure is forever

[1:13] 多少離恨昨夜夢回中
How many regrets of parting were found in the dreams of last night?
The twittering of the swallows on colorful rafters disturb the remnants of those dreams

[1:26] 月斜江上 棹動晨鐘
前夢迷離 漸遠波聲
笛聲悠悠 春去匆匆
The moon hangs at an angle above the river. Oars move. The morning bell.
The dream is a blur. The sound of waves gradually fades away into the distance.
The sound of the flute is unhurried. Spring leaves hurriedly.

[2:03] 像出列的孤雁
Like a lone, wild goose that has left its
Coasting amid the white clouds
Drawing paths of imperfect arcs

[2:15] 屋檐上冒著煙
Smoke rises up above the roof
Saying farewell to the chimney
For this departure is forever

[2:27] 多少離恨昨夜夢回中
How many regrets of parting were found in the dreams of last night?
The twittering of the swallows on colorful rafters disturb the remnants of those dreams

[2:39] 月斜江上 棹動晨鐘
前夢迷離 漸遠波聲
笛聲悠悠 春去匆匆
The moon hangs at an angle above the river. Oars move. The morning bell.
The dream is a blur. The sound of waves gradually fades away into the distance.
The sound of the flute is unhurried. Spring leaves hurriedly.

[2:52] 多少離恨昨夜夢回中
How many regrets of parting were found in the dreams of last night?
The twittering of the swallows on colorful rafters disturb the remnants of those dreams

[3:04] 月斜江上 棹動晨鐘
前夢迷離 漸遠波聲
笛聲悠悠 春去匆匆
The moon hangs at an angle above the river. Oars move. The morning bell.
The dream is a blur. The sound of waves gradually fades away into the distance.
The sound of the flute is unhurried. Spring leaves hurriedly.



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    • The music is very relaxing to go along with the image it is trying to set, that scene that Sheng Sheng saw before her eyes when she heard him sing.

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      Toupai is not implying that it is a requirement that his girlfriend’s waist must fit in his hands. It’s an idiom in Chinese that is also a hyperbole. He is merely proudly complimenting his girlfriend in an open medium that she has a very slender figure.

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    • Thanks so much for this comment! I love knowing that people read the lyrics, too.
      Yes, Overturn the World lyrics are so subtle and open to interpretation. I’m not surprised you’re having difficulties because there are tons of threads on Chinese forums with all different interpretations of the song lyrics.

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