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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 2 Review and Recap



What is a better way to spend my birthday than recapping my WC’s drama lol? Frankly speaking this is a boring episode with additional stuff that was not in the novel, mainly on Mo Sheng’s interaction with her colleagues. I have to confess I felt asleep here and there so my recap will be brief. I suggest you skip this episode except the parts on Yi Chen, haha…Oops, I nearly forget to thank the art director Chewy Won for all the beautiful pictures and hoju for helping to write all the beautiful words 🙂

My Sunshine Episode 2 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

2Xiao Xiao is being nasty to Mo Sheng and refuses to continue with the photography session. She questions her overseas qualification and capability. Lu Yuan Feng tries to defend her by bringing out the contract. However she is not intimidated and left, leaving the magazine publisher in a limbo. Mo Sheng tries to call her but she has switched off her phone.

She goes to see Yi Chen, wanting to sue the publishing company. Yi Chen complains that this is the fifth time in a year that she has legal troubles, so he threatens not to represent her anymore next year. Xiao Xiao said she is unhappy with the photographer’s lack of local experience. Yi Chen refuses to get involved in the case and recommends another lawyer to her. However after reviewing the case, he decides to take charge of it. I guess that is because he found out Mo Sheng is the photographer.3

Xiao Xiao left Mo Sheng’s contact details with Yi Chen. Then the law firm asks Mo Sheng to furnish them with her qualifications so she goes to Yuan Xiang He Law Firm. The secretary asks her to wait in the cafeteria next door as the legal assistant is in a meeting. The sly lawyer He purposely makes Mo Sheng waits for quite a while until it starts to rain. The rain adds to the melancholic feel of the situation but this is such an old technique but nonetheless still working well haha…

He intends to let her have a taste of her own medicine as he has waited 7 years for her so what is a few hours? But his heart probably softens later because he tells his assistant to get the documents and tell Mo Sheng to go home. Oh, my poor Yi Chen, you are actually such a warm guy, pretending to be cold. Ouch, seeing Mo Sheng running in the rain, how does Yi Chen feel? Wallace’s facial expression is so spot on here !!!




He goes back to his office to look through the documents sent by Mo Sheng. At the same time, he is thinking about their happy times together. When he complained that her handwriting of her own name was very ugly, she tried to defend herself (LOL). He also asked her to concentrate on what he was saying but she replied she can be lazy for a lifetime since she has him, haha…Yi Mei comes to look for Yi Chen and sees Mo Sheng’s documents on the table.


On Mo Sheng’s end, her superior, that fierce woman is giving her a hard time in getting some cover shots. She doubts Mo Sheng has any local connection to get respectable model to pose for the magazine. The colleagues also start to gossip about Mo Sheng. Hence she feels bad and Yuan Feng consoles her. She buys supper for everyone but that fierce woman once again rebukes her for trying to get into the good book of the colleagues. As it turns out, Mo Sheng manages to get a foreign model, David Morgan to pose as the cover boy for the magazine.

Yet, that superior is still not satisfied. What else do you want, Miss Annoying? Then that serial match maker participant, Xiao Hong comes back from her business trip to rescue Mo Sheng. Can you remember her in the novel? They hit it off immediately and goes off to have lunch together. She is supposed to be a comic relief but I find her acting a bit exaggerating. It is such a small world that annoying lady is Yi Mei’s senior and she starts to complain about Mo Sheng during their lunch date. The world is really very small when all of them ended up having lunch together. It is obvious that Yuan Feng is interested in Yi Mei.

Xiao Xiao teases Yi Chen on accepting the case because Mo Sheng is implicated. Obviously Yi Chen does not look pleased and says Mo Sheng does not know he is her lawyer. Xiao Xiao is disappointed when Yi Chen said her case is too small for him to personally get involved. Xiao Xiao advises him to settle the misunderstanding with Mo Sheng. Yi Chen is unhappy with Xiao Xiao for being so nosy. Not every love story will have a happy ending.9

Yi Chen goes to the supermarket to buy Nissin instant noodle, peanuts’ favorite lol. While engrossed in thinking about his previous encounter with Mo Sheng in the supermarket, he drops his wallet. What is the chance of you losing your wallet and getting it returned? At the same time, Mo Sheng finds out from Yi Mei that Yi Chen is Xiao Xiao’s lawyer.


33 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 2 Review and Recap

  1. Happy B-Day Peanuts!!!!! Is this enough Wallace for you?????

  2. Mo Sheng’s superior is annoying indeed. I was cursing her out most of the episode. I honestly think they should have not added in her scenes. It was a waste of time. -.-

    Also, I bet Xiao Xiao is up to something with all the ruckus she has caused. Maybe she really wants Yi Chen and Mo Sheng to settle their disputes by suing? 😏😏

  3. wow.. guys, you’re the best!!! speechless! thank you so much.. happy bday 🙂

  4. haha. i was so engrossed in reading your caps that I was stunned to see it end abruptly. lol.

  5. Happy birthday Peanuts! To be honest, I also fell asleep a few times watching this ep. 😛

  6. happy birthday Peanuts! you guys are the best! 😃

  7. Happy birthday Peanuts! Thanks for the help! Now go feast your eyes on Wallace. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Senpai! lol 🙂 BTW how does Yi Chen pay his bill without a wallet? 😮

    • Phone? LOL. Aren’t there that new phone feature in Asia that lets you scan your phone at the scanner and it will deduct from your credit card or bank account. Honestly, when I watched this episode, I was more surprised by how he managed to stay fit when his diet consisted of only ramen noodles. 😀

    • Thank u foofoo lol. Aiyo, bank transfer or credit card to pay online. Nobody so free like u to pay cash lol.

  9. Happy b’day peanuts!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Peanuts…..<3

  11. Happy bday peanuts!! Where can i watch this ep 2?

  12. Happy Birthday Peanuts….Thanks for all the recaps 🙂

  13. Happy birthday peanuts!
    I find this episode boring, too with all this unnecessary characters.

  14. Peanuts happy birthday 🙂

  15. Happy birthday… keep up the good work. Enjoyed all your posting

  16. Lawyer He’s tanned makeup made him look like he just returned from participating in the Amazing Race China. LOL! Sorry, can’t help that. 😛

  17. Many more happy returns of the day Peanuts!! 🙂

    Watched the episodes without eng subs… and I wasn’t really blown away 😦 Nothing beats the novel! 😀

  18. Thank you Kiki! Up to ep 4 already on there. Can you post the link or tell me how to search on youtube (the vietnamese one) for next ep? I can only hit play but cant see the url.

  19. why they have to make this drama toooo long… it’s a very short novel, 40(?) episodes are too long for this novel.
    this makes the drama tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow…

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