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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 4 Review and Recap


1 copyI’m a sucker for innocent love, so I must say I have been very much enjoying the younger Mo Sheng and Yi Chen’s story.  One of my wishes for the novel was that Gu Man would have written more on the two’s young, dating days, and it looks like, as screenwriter for this drama, she has fulfilled my wish.  Can you see why Yi Chen called Mo Sheng “my sunshine”?

My Sunshine Episode 4 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by chewywon)

The university days flashback continues…2

The university debate club is recruiting new members, and Yi Chen is on the selection panel as is Xu Ying (the catty female lawyer from the first episode).  Xu Ying does not want to accept Mo Sheng into the debate club, on the grounds that she is from the faculty of chemistry and her debate skills would not be up to par.  She calls on Yi Chen for support, but he disagrees with her.  Xu Ying, who is obviously romantically interested in Yi Chen, later confronts and accuses him of bringing his own girlfriend into the club, to which he rebuts, “First, you, Assistant Club President Xu were the one who accepted her in and I only voted in agreement, and second, she’s not my girlfriend,” and then continues to criticize her for making the crucial mistake as a lawyer of accusing someone without doing proper investigation.  Snubbed!  Haha!

YiChen:   "She's not my girlfriend."

YiChen: “She’s not my girlfriend.”

Xu Ying pulls Mo Sheng aside and in a high-and-mighty tone, warns her that the debate club, with its illustrious history and numerous triumphs, is not a place for pursuing boys… Basically, back-off from He Yi Chen!  Mo Sheng very gladly declares that she understands… and that she will separate business from personal and continue her pursuit of Yi Chen outside of the debate club.  Laughter rings out from outside, and it turns out, other members of the debate club had been listening in on Xu Ying’s failed attempt to “teach” the new member.  The eavesdroppers leave, but before they do, they joke to Xu Ying, she should set an example of separating business from personal issues within the club, too.3

Mo Sheng is basically being used like a lackey in the club by Xu Ying.  Yi Chen watches as a sick Mo Sheng brings 40 boxes of takeout lunches to the law building, and when she is doing random clean-up jobs in the club office, she discovers a box of cold medicine.  Running out, she sees the outline of Yi Chen’s back leaving down the hallway.  However, he still tells her, if she is in the debate club because of him, everything she is doing still means nothing to him.4

An injured Shao Mei is supported back into the dorm room.  Her entire month’s wages earned from her night job had been stolen.  With the dangers of working so late at night, her roommates encourage her to quit, but Shao Mei needs the money to pay for tuition.  Mo Sheng promises to accompany Shao Mei off work.

Mo Sheng runs into law student and Yi Chen’s good friend, Xiang Heng (one of the partners in Yi Chen’s present day law firm), who encourages her in her pursuit.

At the debate club meeting, we find out Mo Sheng has not shown up at the club for several days.  Xu Ying takes advantage of this opportunity to declare, in her annoyingly catty voice, that she knew the new, first year student would not have the persistence to push through the hard work and would give up easily.  Yi Chen abruptly leaves to go to his intern job at a law firm, and it is apparent to the viewers that he is peeved, especially upon seeing Mo Sheng sitting relaxedly in a coffee shop (the same shop adult Mo Sheng waited in for an entire rainy afternoon in episode 2) next to his workplace taking photos of a slice of cake.  Mo Sheng spots him as well, and waves excitedly to him.  When he goes in to greet her, she reveals that Shao Mei works in the vicinity, so she has been waiting there for her to get off work at night.  She runs off to meet Shao Mei, and as she happily waves back goodbye to him, a long-awaited smile finally flicks onto the corner of his lips!5

Every night, as Mo Sheng and Shao Mei return back to the dorm, they go out of their way to walk in front of the boy’s dormitory where Yi Chen lives.  Just thinking that she is walking on the same pathway that he walks makes her giddy.

Yi Chen runs into Mo Sheng at the same coffee shop waiting for Shao Mei once again.

Yi Chen: Must you spend money here everyday?
Mo Sheng: Heh heh.  I was here today and… had a glass of plain boiled water.
Yi Chen: How long has it been since you went to the debate club?
Mo Sheng: (guilty look) I have to wait here every night for Shao Mei to get off work, so I might not be able to make the debate club meetings at night.
Yi Chen: So what you’re trying to say is, you want to resign?
Mo Sheng: No!
Yi Chen: Did you know, I had voted in favour of your acceptance into the debate club?
Mo Sheng: (delighted look on her face) Wha…?
Yi Chen: So, if you back out halfway through, it would be very awkward for me.
Mo Sheng: (nods vigorously) I will go for sure!… But, what about Shao Mei?
Yi Chen:  *Ahem* I’ll be doing internship work at the firm for the next while. If your classmate doesn’t mind, I can accompany her back at night.
Mo Sheng: No way!  A boy and a girl alone together… Senior Brother, you don’t like Shao Mei’s type, do you?
Yi Chen: What nonsense are you talking about?
Mo Sheng: Phew.  That’s good, that’s good… Senior Brother, it’s okay if you don’t like me, but you absolutely can’t like anyone else!

That last line manages to eek out a little laugh from him this time.  Slowly melting him…


But it turns out, worried that she would be inconveniencing Mo Sheng, Shao Mei has quit her job.  Mo Sheng drags Shao Mei back with her to convince/beg for the job back from the irked shop owner, but the position has already been filled.  Mo Sheng has lost her opportunity to see Yi Chen everyday before picking up Shao Mei… until they come up with a plan to not tell Yi Chen about this change.

It is the weekend and pouring rain, but still, Yi Chen hurries to the law firm where he is working as a student. (Because somebody is waiting for you, right, Yi Chen?)  He has already gotten approval from his supervisor that he would be bringing someone in at night, so as Yi Chen works away, Mo Sheng is also studying in that quiet, dim office with him.

A loud banging at the door of the law firm brings an emotionally distraught man demanding to see Lawyer Mao, Yi Chen’s supervisor. He had been given legal aid by Lawyer Mao but his case had lost out in court and now, he is furious, suspecting he had been lied to and the law firm had taken bribes. Yi Chen recognizes his case and, with Mo Sheng watching, tells him they have new evidence and will be taking it to court soon. He gives his promise to keep an eye on the case. Together, they send the man home in a taxi and Mo Sheng even gives her umbrella to him so he would not get wet in the pouring rain later. Despite acting displeased that she now had no umbrella for her own return journey, we can see Yi Chen is touched by her actions. They lament together that there are so many unfortunate people in the world, and with Mo Sheng’s encouragement, Yi Chen vows to help as many as he can.2015-01-12_22h08_19

Mo Sheng fibs that Shao Mei left work and went back to the dorm by herself already. They head back together, but Mo Sheng cannot handle the guilt and confesses to Yi Chen that she had lied to him so she could spend time with him. “Isn’t there a saying, ‘leniency for honesty’?” she requests but he replies that only works with cops, not lawyers. He turns away, acting angry and telling her not to follow him, but his hidden smile shows the viewers he is just playing with her.



Mo Sheng works at getting Yi Chen’s forgiveness but he won’t give, until Mo Sheng shows up at a debate club meeting and is berated by Xu Ying for missing all the meetings.  Just as Xu Ying is about to announce that Mo Sheng is to be kicked out of the club, he stands up and states that he had asked her to come. Xu Ying is stewing in her jealousy and accuses them of using the club as a way to be lovey-dovey, stating that Mo Sheng has no useful skills to the club. However, the club’s president jumps in and declares that they have a need for her photography skills, especially for the upcoming debate competition.  Clearly, most of the club members are on our female lead’s side. 🙂

Mo Sheng happily thanks Yi Chen for standing up for her, but cool Yi Chen merely replies, it was all about business, her photography skills are indeed good. Exhilarated with his compliment, she promises to make sure he will be “super, unbeatably, exceptionally handsome” in her photos.  “No need.  Just make sure I look like a normal human being and that will be good enough.”  (Is Yi Chen making a joke?!)10

Yi Chen’s roommate, Zhao Liang (anyone else think he looks like an Asian version of Steve Urkel?) brings back a ridiculous amount of lamb skewers to share with everyone.  Asian Urkel and Xiang Heng spend the whole night clutching their stomachs and dashing to the bathroom, likely from food poisoning, but Yi Chen seems to not have been affected.

The next day is the debate competition, and as everyone loads up onto the bus, Mo Sheng asks Yi Chen to save her a seat.  On the bus, Yi Chen’s stomach seems to be starting to act up, although he grits his teeth and still heads into the competition.  Thinking his discomfort was because she had bumped into him on the bus ride, Mo Sheng insists on carrying all of his things.  However, right before the start of the debate, Yi Chen’s notes for the competition goes missing, and Xu Ying immediately jumps to the conclusion that Mo Sheng must have lost it when she had his bag.  Amid her annoying yelling, Yi Chen states, “Someone who can only win by relying on his notes is not a competent debater.”

The debate opens.  The topic is, “Are morals only essential after having one’s basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing fulfilled?”  Yi Chen’s team is arguing the negative.  Blah, blah, blah…  Down below, Mo Sheng is taking photos while being a starry-eyed fangirl of Yi Chen as he adeptly argues his points.  Yi Chen is called upon to make the conclusion for his team.  But as he does so, a look of discomfort comes over his face… and…11

“To know what happens, please tune in to the next episode…”

25 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 4 Review and Recap

  1. I had a blast capturing the stills for this episode. The gradual love between young Yichen and MoSheng makes me happy inside. MoSheng is especially too cute for words.

  2. Sooo adorable! I love MoSheng’s response about keeping personal and club business separate. Her replies are hilarious.

  3. you are so fast! thanks for these adorable caps and re-caps. 🙂

  4. Those young YC & MS are pretty & handsome, their acting was good too. But as a shallow WC fan as I am, I hope to see WC on scene as much as I can. So I’ll admit that I will be more happy if they use WC & TY university part, but I think they will release it as special. 🙂

    • I suspect the younger days bit will be incorporated into the drama, not as special. If u read he novel, you can guess how it could be done lol.

    • Understandable from a WC fan. 🙂 And very reasonable. The poor young actors are getting a lot of criticism on Weibo, but I think a lot of it is stemming from the fact that people had been misled into believing that WC and TY would be playing the younger characters as well.
      I am looking forward to the present day scenes. I’ve been impressed with Wallace so far. 🙂

      • Well I think the young actors did a very good job so I wont critic them.
        Hehe, our Wallace’s acting was fantastic isn’t? 🙂 You should switch to Wallace Chung lol.

        • Loving Wallace Chung’s performance so far. You’re trying to recruit me? Tehe… I am a Wallace fan… just the surname is different. 😉

  5. Thank you a thousand folds!!! I finally understand what was going on…and I love those screen caps…I have saved it as my background anywhere possible…*** my brother…😒😑😫***^-^…

    • Won has amazing PS skills! Are you saving both the grown-up and university-aged Yi Chen and Mo Sheng?

      • Yuppppp!!!I have a lot actually I’ve made everything as my screensaver, background and locked screen backgrounds…in literally evry device we have…^-^…I like the younger Mo Sheng, she’s just adorable so I have both the younger and older versions everywhere even the banners from the novel with the quotes…too much??? But I just can’t help myself…I’m enjoying myself too much.hahahahhaha…

        • Tehe… Never! How could you have too much of a love that is pure, simple, innocent? Or one that shows faithfulness and persistence?

          • I know right…and the drama is really living to my expectation especially those moments that weren’t in the novel…

      • I’m using everything, even the one’s in the novel with the quotes…I’m using them as my screen saver, homescreen, background and lock screen background.hahahaha…I can’t get enough of them…

  6. Thanks Chewywon, for the great screencaps and gifs. You did a great job in giving life to Peanut’s and Hoju’s prose. 🙂
    Honestly, if i hadn’t watched the purity of first love during their university days, I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend how a highly successful and devastatingly handsome individual like Lawyer He could be so obsessed and in love with a duller than dull, plainer than Plain Jane Mo Sheng after her return from the USA. Thank god she will sport a more acceptable but not necessarily better wig very soon in the drama.

    • Indeed! Won is the best!

      🙂 I love your comments because they’re showing me that, despite the additions and embellishment, the drama has actually been doing a good job of capturing the spirit of the novel. You are right on. In the novel, everyone, from when they were in university to present day, questions why Yi Chen would ever Mo Sheng. Her achievements (whether it be school or career) are average, her appearance is “not bad, her dress is very casual, she lacks charm.. Compared to other women around Yi Chen, she is just average” (as paraphrased from the novel). Only Yi Chen knows the significance of her in his life. He is her sunshine, a bright ray that kind of forced it’s way into his life and completely lit up everything.

      Keep leaving your thoughts! 🙂

      Ugh. That wig is definitely not acceptable. I have never seen real hair that does not even so much as twitch in the wind.

  7. Thanks for the speedy updates! I really like the cute interactions about their past-it really shows how deep their relationship is. The pictures are awesome!!!!! Once again, THANK YOU !

    • You’re welcome!
      It also gives you insight into why Yi Chen, normally such a cool, reserved guy, could not move on from her. He never opened his heart for anyone, and it was her persistence that slowly helped her make her way into it.

  8. Xuying is seriously annoying, i really hate her attitude.. being negative to mosheng and bully her.. wtf.. what a waste of pretty face, pretty but ugly attitude.

    the young yichen is getting better when he start to smile n show expression, compare to the previous ep, though its not that good but previous episode was worst, i still wonder how his scene get an ‘okay’ from director..

    heyichen, please explain how drinking yogurt drink will make you stupid, i love those drinks.. 😦
    as expected the product placement would be excessive, im not annoy with it because i love the product.
    but since the yogurt drink bottle is too small its (brand) barely visible.
    and yichen’s saying about drinking them would make one stupid is not helping in product promotion HYC. xD but its okay, you are telling cold joke rite? ahahaha..

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