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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 7 Review and Recap


Thank you, bongsd!

A friendship is restored!  And how would Yi Chen react if Mo Sheng potentially is interested in someone else?

My Sunshine Episode 7 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)

Mo Sheng is intently searching online and finally finds the source photos from which Xiao Xiao’s scandal photos appear to have been photoshopped.  The comments upon comments, though, over the scandal are staggering.  Mo Sheng tries to call Xiao Xiao but her phone is off, so she calls Yi Chen hoping, as Xiao Xiao’s attorney, he would be able to contact her.  It turns out Xiao Xiao is at Yi Chen’s office, and upon hearing this, Mo Sheng tells them she will bring prints of the source photos to the law firm.  Meanwhile, Yuan Feng is busily working on writing a professional analysis to post online that proves the scandal photos are bogus.


An impassive Yi Chen is waiting for Mo Sheng at the front when she arrives.  Relieved after seeing the source photos, Xiao Xiao’s manager is ready to take action and asks Yi Chen for legal advice.  The unsubstantiated scandal story and photos had first been released by Pin Jia Magazine and then subsequently reprinted by multiple newspapers and  internet news sources. However, since Xiao Xiao’s career is directly linked with news media, Yi Chen advises that they only file a lawsuit against the initiator and one with the most widespread influence, Pin Jia Magazine.  This way, they do not anger the entire industry but still show they are not pushovers.  Mo Sheng comforts Xiao Xiao, who asks her why, even though she is suing her company, she helped her.  When Mo Sheng tells her, none of that is important and she never took it to heart, Xiao Xiao breaks down.  “Then what did you take to heart?  Your good friend?  He Yi Chen?  Neither of us was ever in your heart, right?  That’s why you could just up and leave… I am not Xiao Xiao, I am Lin Shao Mei!  Did you know, if you had not left, I may not have become what I am today?  During my most difficult times, my best friend was not by my side!”  Mo Sheng does not know what to say and can only apologize.

Xiao Xiao retreats to be alone but Mo Sheng goes to find her.  Xiao Xiao apologizes for her outburst.  She wonders, how many people will actually believe those photos are fake?  Mo Sheng answers “As long as the people who know you, the ones who support you, and the ones who like you believe in you, then that is enough.  Ask not for everyone to understand you, but only that your own conscience is clear.”  Xiao Xiao agrees, declaring that, for the people who love and support her, she needs to get back on her feet and furthermore, stand even taller and shine even brighter.  Mo Sheng expresses faith in her but then tells her, “The most important thing is that you are happy; do not force yourself.”  The last bit of the wall between the two friends comes down with that statement.  All these years, Xiao Xiao has only been able to keep ploughing forward, and it has been too long since someone has told her to put her own happiness first.  The two agree that they will not talk about the past anymore.


I admit, I grew misty-eyed at this scene. It was not only Yi Chen who had his sunshine taken away when Mo Sheng left.  In the novel, no one besides Yi Chen and her father seems to treasure Mo Sheng.  It was frustrating to read about everyone blaming her for her departure and no one asking for her story.  I am actually feeling relieved that in the drama, Mo Sheng is valued as a friend as well, and though angry at her, Shao Mei is willing to work past the pain of the past and start over with their friendship.

Xiao Xiao has her fight back in her, ready to hold a press conference the following day and file the lawsuit, and she leaves to prepare.  Mo Sheng also bids farewell to Yi Chen and turns down his offer to see her out, saying there is a bus route right in front of the firm that will take her straight to the door of her place.  On the bus, Mo Sheng is caught up in the memories of her student days, while a white BMW drives up next to her bus and keeps pace with it.  It is not until the bus reaches the final stop on the route that Mo Sheng snaps out of her daze and learns that she had gotten on the wrong bus and was far away from home.  As she stands beside the road, not knowing what to do, the white BMW pulls up in front of her.  Lo and behold, it’s Yi Chen, who tells her to get in the car.

Yi Chen: I saw you get on the wrong bus, so I followed you the whole way.
Mo Sheng: Why didn’t you just call me and let me know I was on the wrong bus?
Yi Chen: I wanted to see when you would actually notice, but it turns out you‘re just as dumb as when you were in university… Put on your seatbelt.
(“Dumb” is said rather affectionately, though.  I’m curious, doesn’t Mo Sheng find it uncomfortable to be buckled into the car with her backpack still on her back?)


The press conference opens, and Xiao Xiao appears looking emotionally drained but still maintaining a strong front.  The analysis and proof of photoshopping have already been posted online, and they are able to loudly pronounce that the photos are fake. Because of the emotional and psychological impact the irresponsible reporting has had on Xiao Xiao and the negative impact the incident has had on her management company and the entire industry, Xiao Xiao is officially filing a lawsuit against Pin Jia Magazine.  Xiao Xiao publicly vows that she will not back down, declaring war on the cowards who know only how to hide behind a screen and defame people and thanking her supporters for giving her the courage to do it.

Yuan Feng moans that he cannot believe he helped Xiao Xiao out.  Editor-in-chief Zhang gives a piece of good news: Xiao Xiao’s lawyer called to tell her they were dropping the lawsuit against the magazine.  Yuan Feng mutters, she’d be ungrateful if she still wanted to sue them.  As Mo Sheng sits down to get back to work, she receives a phone call from Yi Chen.  “As Xiao Xiao’s attorney, I feel I should let you know, we have withdrawn the complaint in Xiao Xiao’s case.”  Mo Sheng smiles (perhaps happy that Yi Chen would call her personally even though he already talked to the editor-in-chief?) and thanks him.


Since the photo scandal, Xiao Xiao has shot up in popularity and can now command the fee of a top model as companies clamour over one another to offer jobs to her.  Her manager is looking for a new photographer and wonders if Mo Sheng would be interested.

In the middle of a photo shoot (recognize those colourful little bottles that we saw all over Boss and Me, too?), Mo Sheng receives a call from Xiao Xiao, inviting her to dinner two days later to thank her for her help in clearing her name.  Xiao Xiao expresses disdain when she hears Yuan Feng’s voice in the background, but Mo Sheng discloses that he was the one who had posted the evidence and analysis that proved the scandal photos were a sham. Surprised that Yuan Feng, who normally does not like her, would help her, Xiao Xiao reluctantly opens the dinner invitation to him as well.  After hanging up with Mo Sheng, she immediately calls Yi Chen and also asks him to dinner in thanks for his help.  When he turns her down, saying there is no need because the complaint has not even been brought to court yet, Xiao Xiao tells him, “Oh, I see.  Up to you then, since I’ve already invited Mo Sheng and she did the most work anyway…  Oh right!  She said she is going to bring a male colleague with her.  I wonder… I wonder what type of relationship they have.”  Yi Chen, without hesitation, asks, “What time?  Where?” Hahaha! Oh, Yi Chen, Xiao Xiao sure knows your weakness.



Peanuts: Heehee, WC’s pictures are coming attraction of him advertising for Rio Wine in later episode. I wonder how much Rio paid the production company since I don’t think it is cheap to get WC to drink the wine, lol. Anyone drank it before? How does it taste like? Is it nice?

Mo Sheng and Yuan Feng arrive together for dinner, but before stepping into the restaurant, Yuan Feng warns that, if he has to take any grief from Xiao Xiao, he’s not going to be civil.  Someone is already there waiting in the restaurant… and to Mo Sheng’s surprise, it’s Yi Chen.  Watch Yi Chen’s awesome expressions and how he handles a potential love rival!

After some silent nudging between Mo Sheng and Yuan Feng on who will sit where, they finally settle down and Yi Chen asks Mo Sheng for some introductions.  She introduces Yuan Feng as photographer for the magazine and the person who posted the evidence that the photos were faked so Xiao Xiao wants to treat him to dinner as well.  Yi Chen nods and counters, “Xiao Xiao wants to treat him?” (and in his mind is probably asking, “Or did you just want to bring him along?”) but quickly withdraws the question.  Mo Sheng then introduces Yi Chen to Yuan Feng as Xiao Xiao’s attorney.  To Mo Sheng’s surprise, Yuan Feng tells them that he has seen him before; he’s He Yi Mei’s brother.  He points at his elbow, which triggers Yi Chen’s memory.

Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng, since the case is over, she can stop addressing him as Lawyer He because, after all, they are old friends who are very familiar with one another. This time, it is Yuan Feng’s turn to be taken aback by this revelation, and in response to his inquiry, Mo Sheng and Yi Chen speak at the exact same time: “She is my ex-girlfriend.” “Schoolmates.”  Oooh… Yuan Feng gets the awkwardness.

Xiao Xiao finally shows up, and Yuan Feng cannot hide his displeasure.  She tells him to stop looking like a fighting rooster every time he sees her, to Mo Sheng and Yi Chen’s amusement.  The two cannot see eye-to-eye, fighting over who gets to look at the menu and what dishes to order. Yuan Feng scorns, with her bad temper, how could the rumours online that someone is trying to pursue her be true?  Indignant, Xiao Xiao jumps to her feet… and into a pot of boiling water that spills all over her hand.


Their dinner plan ends up being scrapped to go to the hospital, although Xiao Xiao’s injured hand does not affect her mouth and ability to belittle Yuan Feng, who is feeling somewhat guilty.  The injury is not serious, much to Yuan Feng’s relief, and as they head to find a nurse to apply some medicinal salve, Yi Chen stops Mo Sheng. He tells her, if she wants Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao to resolve their differences, let him take care of her.  They look over to see Yuan Feng catering submissively to every one of Xiao Xiao’s requests and begging for forgiveness.  Yi Chen and Mo Sheng leave the two alone and walk away together.  (A prize to the first person who tells me where they saw that hallway in Boss and Me!).  After Yi Chen tells her not to get on the wrong bus again, they part ways.

Peanuts: I know, I know !!!! What prize? Are you going to give toupai to me lol?


Yi Chen receives a phone call from someone surnamed Zhou from the prosecutor’s office, who is under his wife’s marching orders to try and arrange a match-making date between Yi Chen and her niece.  Yi Chen turns him down, telling him he already has a girlfriend.  When Lao Zhou does not believe him, Yi Chen clarifies, this is just a recent thing for she had just returned to the country from the United States.

Peanuts: This is slightly different from the novel as the phone call happened after Yi Chen married Mo Sheng. Please note that although the drama is following the novel very closely, there are bound to be some differences as the drama cannot be exactly like the book. It’ll put me to sleep, haha…..Look at my WC smiling so happily with his sparkling white teeth, should advertise for Colgate 😛


A phone call from Yi Mei immediately follows. She observes that Yi Chen seems in a particularly good mood, and he agrees.  They had dinner arrangements with Editor Wen Min to discuss her legal needs, but Yi Mei cannot make it and tells Yi Chen to meet her by himself.  When they hang up, Yi Mei asks her young make-up artist, “If you like someone but he is happy because of another person, should you back away and just not disturb them?”  The make-up artist answers that if you like him, then go ahead and let yourself like him. If you like, then try to possess.  Yi Mei smiles at her and tells her, “You are still young.  When I was young, I had thought the same.” She thinks silently, perhaps it is time she learned to let go.


Xiao Hong is going on a blind date with two surgeons, and she drags an unwilling Mo Sheng along.  To enhance her own beauty, she first “uglifies” Mo Sheng.  (Mm-hmm… slapping on a pair of oversized spectacles is supposed to make Tang Yan ugly?)  The blind date is at a restaurant just downstairs of the magazine offices. Coincidentally, Yi Chen’s meeting with Editor Wen Min is taking place at a restaurant just downstairs of the magazine offices…


25 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 7 Review and Recap

  1. I laughed really hard at that awkward “she’s my ex-girlfriend” and “schoolmates” when I saw that scene. It’s nice that we see more interactions between the OTP than what was in the novel. They’re slowing getting to know each other again.

    • Haha… I know it’s extra to the novel, but I really feel satisfied that Yi Chen is working to try to win Mo Sheng’s affection. I had always wished we had more scenes where novel Yi Chen would demonstrate affection to Mo Sheng.

  2. Of course that’s the place where Shan Shan tells Feng Teng she is pregnant. Pops into my mind right away when I see it.
    Oh, you miss that part where they held hands and Yi Mei saw them.

  3. I’ve actually seen a few places used in Shan-Shan herel…and for some reasonit was really fun..,like a guessing game…hahahaha…

    Thanks guys… I love that moving picture…hahaha…

    • Mm-hmm… Wonder if Yi Chen bought his apartment off of Feng Teng.

      • Feng Teng owns the building…imagine if they have a scene where Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s family meet at the end of the drama…that would be amazing!!!

        • I also wish but FT & SS are too busy as well as expensive to make an appearance lol. They should have done it, a selling gimmick like how yumama made ZLY appeared as CX’s mum in Romance of the Condor Hero. I only watched that clip lol.

  4. to be honest, the storyline is kinda slowly.. and I mostly skip the ‘unnecessary’ scenes.. except those with my Wallace 😛 but I haven’t seen any ‘great’ chemistry between Wallace and TY. Wallace and Janine in Best time was really good, but here with TY is just.. so-so.. but I keep watching and hoping the story would be more interesting..
    the part him following mo sheng is just beautiful.. aaaahh.. my fave scene in this episode!

    thank you Hoju and Peanuts and Bongsd. ^^

    My fave ep is 10 (even I cant understand anything but I could guess one or two scenes there). it’s like a roller coaster. up and down and boom ratatata tatatatata… 😀

    • I agree with you completely. Mo Sheng in the book is a lot better. She stood up for herself more and is more talkative while Tang Yan’s portrayal of her role is too weak and passive. I found myself getting frustrated a couple of times when she so readily accepts WC’s advances.

      And yep. The drama is moving way too slowly to my liking. A lot of unnecessary scenes and weird side couples.

    • I, too, wish Mo Sheng would be a bit more lively. I’m not a novel snob. I’ll accept changes if it works and still maintains the spirit of the novel, but drama Mo Sheng spends most of her time with her head down talking so softly.

  5. I love how you captured the moments with the right gif and the side notes. If the drama has followed the novel to the T’s, I would be bored too. 🙂

    • Since the author is now the screenwriter, I’ve been watching interestedly in seeing how she has modified her own story. It gives you a bit of insight into what she was trying to say originally in the book without following it like the gospel.

  6. Thanks for all the hard work on the recaps and the pics. I loved the book (again because of the translation from this site) and this drama confirms that Wallace Chung is good actor (and such a handsome one at that! 😉 . Too bad that the chemistry between WC and TY is not as strong. Agree with above poster that his chemistry with Janine Chang was better in Best Times; although that storyline sucks. I will faithfully keep watching and coming here for recaps and fangirling over WC. 🙂

    • I’m actually not going to comment about chemistry between the leads yet because up to this point, Mo Sheng has been trying to avoid any attraction with Yi Chen. Just wishing Mo Sheng would have a bit more… I don’t know, energy?

  7. Enjoying your recapps immensely. And the screenshots too. Lovely. I have never read the book and will likely only know this story through your recaps. Keep it up!

  8. For me this episode really kind Dejavu since I saw many Shan Shan’s things such as the hospital and the drink (so colorful XD ).
    Like the way you made the recap and screen shot 🙂

  9. I like WC and Yi Chen but I love Toupai. So, no peanut. I can’t give Toupai up. Even over Yi Chen.

  10. I feel like they casted the wrong person to play the character of Xiao Hong.

  11. product placement for this drama is no joke, just like in shanshan, they put Rio, vitagen, and the medicine (mosheng taking at the end of the episode, and remember when mosheng gave yichen back when they in uni days.. )

    im glad mosheng already making up with Xiao Mei, i remember their relation was so good during uni days, to the point mosheng willing to wait for her until she finish her work just to accompany her going back to dorm.

    i wish the annoying yimei will quickly give up on yichen.. is she sick? i just dont like her… and the way she speak is annoying.
    and i love everytime they flashback the passionate kiss, serve you right yimei!!

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