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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 8 Review and Recap



Ah, now I know why you guys have been commenting that you love this episode so much.  Two kisses, several sweet university flashbacks, and some intense gazes from Yi Chen.  My longest recap yet!

My Sunshine Episode 8 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by chewy won)

Yi Chen is meeting Wen Min (Editor Wen) at a restaurant for business.  In the same restaurant and just around the corner, Xiao Hong and Mo Sheng are waiting for their blind dates to arrive, having shown up more than half an hour early.  When Wen Min and Xiao Hong both head to the restroom, they run into each other and immediately begin squabbling, one making fun of the other for having an unfaithful husband while the other counters by mocking her that no man has ever wanted her. Yi Chen is listening in amusedly when he hears Mo Sheng, who has come over to the bickering women.  He looks delighted that she is here until he hears Wen Min ask if Mo Sheng is here for the blind date as well.  Our two leads lock eyes briefly, but Yi Chen makes up an excuse and hurriedly leaves.


There is a backstory to Xiao Hong and Wen Min’s enmity.  Wen Min stole Xiao Hong’s first boyfriend but after he got in a car accident and ended up crippled, she broke up with him and married a wealthy man.  Now that Wen Min is filing for divorce, that former boyfriend has asked if she wants to get back together.  Xiao Hong’s tears are flowing unchecked, mourning that her true and faithful heart is not treasured by anyone, when the subjects of their blind date arrive.  Immediately, her tears dry up and the “blind date fanatic” Xiao Hong is back.

Mo Sheng is zoned out during most of the date.  All she can think about is her first meeting with Yi Chen and photographing him.  A clearly upset Yi Chen sits in his car, remembering as well.

*Flashback* In university, his dorm mates tell him “the girl from the chemistry faculty” who is pursuing him actually is at their law building several times a day.  Xiang Heng tells him, she had asked if she was disrupting Yi Chen’s life, so Xiang Heng seems to think that she may be starting to give up on her pursuit and Yi Chen is going to be “free” soon.  Yi Chen actually does not seem happy with the news.  Xiang Heng then says, “If you don’t want to be “free”, then why have such a sullen face?”


Back in the present day, Yi Chen calls Xiang Heng out for a drink.  By the time Xiang Heng arrives, though, he has already downed more than several drinks.  Xiang Heng tells him, he heard a huge piece of gossip: their great Lawyer He has a girlfriend!  This news has spread fast around the entire legal industry.  However, Yi Chen is not listening and only knocks back drink after drink like they are water.  Xiang Heng says, he saw Mo Sheng a little while ago and then asks if they are together again.  He does not get an answer, but assuming it to be an affirmative, he offers his congratulations.  Yi Chen walks out on him, telling him he will pay for the tab and Lao Yuan would be coming to keep him company.


One of the blind date surgeons escorts Mo Sheng home, but her distant demeanour causes him to swallow his attempt at getting a second date.  In the stairwell of her apartment building, Mo Sheng seems to notice something and turns around.  As she does, Yi Chen suddenly appears from a corner and presses his lips onto hers, forcing her up against the wall.  His mouth roves urgently, his kisses rough as they travel insatiably from her lips to her cheek and down to her neck. (*covers my face shyly* How’d you all like my “artistic flair” in describing that kiss? Hahaha.)  All of a sudden, his kisses stop.  His head rests on her shoulder as he breathes heavily.



Yi Chen: I still ended up losing. After so many years, I still lose to you.  A complete and crushing defeat.
Mo Sheng: What are you saying, Yi Chen?  Are you drunk?
Yi Chen: I’m not drunk.  I have gone mad.


He backs away from her, picks up his jacket, and leaves.  That backside view of him is so forlorn.  Most of us have seen this kiss in the trailer, so it should not have surprised you, but now with the context of what had happened, I was still caught up in the strong emotions of the scene, despite knowing and anticipating what was going to happen.


I mentioned this in the press conferences post, but Tang Yan said she was very grateful to Wallace for this scene.  Did you notice, when she was shoved into the wall, Wallace’s hand was there supporting her neck and head so that she would not be injured? During filming Tang Yan was too caught up in character and did not notice this, and it was only after the fact, when she saw the trailer that she realized how thoughtful and gentlemanly Wallace had been.




Peanuts: WC needed personal guidance from the director to act out this emotionally charged scene? He doesn’t know how to kiss someone forcefully 😛 ? Did you notice he was chewing bubble gum in preparation for the kiss lol? Poor WC, it is so difficult until he had to time travel to The Amazing Race, screaming “Too Difficult”, haha…..


Xiao Hong’s blind date has resulted in a second date with her surgeon, so she and Mo Sheng are skipping work and out shopping to help her create a lady-like image.  Mo Sheng’s mind is not in it as she spends most of the time distracted and in a daze.  Xiao Hong is worried that there may be awkward silence on her date since she is not very familiar with her surgeon yet and wonders if singing to him might help.  She demonstrates, singing a couple lines of “Do you love me?  May I ask you that?” to Mo Sheng, but Mo Sheng advises, “Silence is also a very lady-like trait.”  Xiao Hong probes about “the man who was with Wen Min at the restaurant,” recognizing that he was the one who had come looking for Mo Sheng at the magazine company office. When Mo Sheng confirms this, she declares, no wonder Mo Sheng isn’t interested in the surgeon, but Mo Sheng says they are not “that type” of relationship.  Xiao Hong does not believe her, though, saying she has eyes to see.


Xiao Hong receives a phone call from the office informing them that someone from Wen Min’s family had been at the office causing trouble. When they hurry back to the magazine’s office, it is in complete disarray.  Editor-in-chief Zhang asks Wen Min, what is going on, how did she manage to become entangled with such thug-like people, but Wen Min only answers that it’s a personal matter in her family.  The staff members are all avoiding Wen Min.

The three big bosses of Yuan Xiang He Law Firm are discussing Xiao Xiao’s case.  Pin Jia Magazine’s attorney is suggesting to resolve the case out of court and will provide monetary compensation.  The proposed compensation (Lao Yuan shows them what it is using two upraised fingers) is stingy, however. Yi Chen is clearly not focused on their discussion and only snaps back when Xiang Heng addresses him.  Immediately back in Lawyer He mode, he says about the compensation amount, “Add a zero.” Xiang Heng wonders if that would be a little too ruthless.  Lawyer He explains, Pin Jia Magazine has been in financing talks with other parties lately and is desperate to resolve the negative image that Xiao Xiao’s case has brought about, so they can use this opportunity to “loot their burning house.”  They move on to discuss the next case, but Yi Chen’s still seems preoccupied.


Later, Xiang Heng states that Yi Chen has been preoccupied the whole day, and when Yi Chen gives in and allows him to interrogate, Xiang Heng immediately asks, “When did she come back to China?”  At Yi Chen’s surprise that he knew about Mo Sheng, Xiang Heng explains, “You have been acting too obviously uncharacteristic of yourself, Lawyer He.”  But joking aside, he explains he saw Mo Sheng earlier and notes that she seems to have changed quite a bit.  Yi Chen cuts the conversation short, but then they overhear the discussion of two female employees.  One of the girls had broken up with her boyfriend only three months ago, and now he is already going on match-making dates.  They hear Mei Ting, the other girl advise, “The key point is not about time, it’s about whether you still like him.  If you still like him, you should go try to get him back… Look at you, you’ve always been ordering your boyfriend around, thinking he was the one who chased you so he should always be the one to try to make you happy.  If you still have feelings for him, you should take the initiative and do something…  If you keep being prideful like this, just wait, you are going to regret it.”  This seems to resonate with Yi Chen…  Before they leave, Xiang Heng speaks to the girl, although his eyes are actually flicking back to look at Yi Chen. “Mei Ting is right.  If you really do have feelings, then take the initiative because that person may not always be chasing after you your entire life, right Lawyer He?”


Much to Lao Yuan’s surprise, Yi Chen is not going to work overtime tonight because he has “more important matters”. When Lao Yuan comments that he did not know there was anything more important than work to the normally workaholic Yi Chen and asks if there is some problematic, urgent matter he has to deal with, Yi Chen replies, “It is indeed a bit of a problem and a little urgent,” then hurries off.


Yi Chen may not be doing overtime, but Mo Sheng is working hard from home. Dinnertime has passed and with nothing in her fridge, Mo Sheng heads downstairs where she sees Yi Chen standing, waiting for her.  “Could you take a walk with me?”  (Oh my goodness, which window curtains did Mo Sheng cut up to make her outfit? >_<)  Yi Chen leads her to a bus stop and asks her for some coins for the fare.  On the crowded bus, it is standing room only.  As Mo Sheng awkwardly tries to maintain some space between the two of them, she suddenly lurches forward with the rocking motions of the bus and Yi Chen reaches out to steady her.  He lets go again, and they stand, side-by-side, not making eye contact.  (Think their hearts are racing from this brief contact?)

Strolling down a quiet street, Mo Sheng is confused where Yi Chen has taken her.  He is somewhat disbelieving and disappointed as he asks her, does she really not remember?  He points at a street sign: Old North Street.  This street witnessed many happy memories from their student days as they walked down it and enjoyed street food.  But the little street stands have all been moved away and the hustle bustle is gone.  When he asks her has she not come back to have a look, she grasps for an excuse, saying work is busy.  “You don’t need to say any more… I understand,” Yi Chen tells her.  They walk over to a snack shop they used to frequent, but the owner had long since changed.  Mo Sheng thinks to herself, “It turns out… I’ve been gone for so many years already.”


They sit beside the running track, nibbling on snack food.  This track was the site of Mo Sheng’s most painful memories…

*flashback* On that running track, an exhausted and breathless Mo Sheng runs to the finish.

Yi Chen: 4 minutes, 25 seconds.
Mo Sheng: Wha…? Even slower than yesterday?  How about this Yi Chen? Next time, you run in front and I’ll chase you from behind.  I will definitely run especially, especially fast!  (Yi Chen only stares at her.)  It’s a great idea!  How about, then, next time… in front of you… no, in front of my face, dangle one of your photos.
Yi Chen: Zhao Mo Sheng, do you even feel shame?
Mo Sheng: I’m serious!
Yi Chen: Fine… rest for 20 minutes… and then go run another time.
Mo Sheng: Huh… waaah…



*back to present day*

Yi Chen: The 800 metres
Mo Sheng: Mm-hmm.  It took me 4 minutes, 10 seconds to run the 800 metres.  You asked me in a very incredulous way…
young Yi Chen’s voice echoing in their memories, turning into a flashback: Zhao Mo Sheng, you say, you run so slow, how did I manage to let you catch me?


They spot one of Yi Chen’s former university professors, and he runs over to say hi, saying he came back with a friend just to look around. The professor recognizes Mo Sheng straightaway as “the girl who sat beside you.” When Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng that Professor Zhou remembered her, Mo Sheng comments that she probably left a deep impression on him.

*flashback* Professor Zhou is lecturing on criminal law at the front of the classroom and addresses a question to the class.

Professor: I want to ask, these four persons, person A, B, C, and D, what type of responsibility should each bear and how should each be sentenced?  Who can answer this question?… The girl in the third row… Yes, you.  You answer.  How should these four persons, A, B, C, and D, be sentenced?
(Mo Sheng tugs at Yi Chen’s sleeve.)
Yi Chen: (from the corner of his mouth) I wasn’t listening.
Mo Sheng: (whispers angrily at him) Won’t even rescue the dying.  So petty.
Professor: Hm?  Such a simple question and you cannot answer it?
Mo Sheng: (desperate) Toss them all in jail!
(whole class laughs)
Classmate X: Professor, she’s not from our faculty!
Professor: So, you are very interested in my criminal law class?
Classmate Y: Professor, she’s here attending class with her boyfriend.
(whole class laughs)
Professor: May I ask, whose girlfriend is she?  Could you stand up and let me know?
Yi Chen: (stands up) Mine.
Professor: Student He, it’s useless if only one of you studies well.  Education of the family is very important too.  The girlfriend of one of the top students in the Faculty of Law is actually completely ignorant about law.  When we are out and about, we will all be embarrassed.

*back to present day* Yi Chen is reminiscing as he says, “Indeed, a deep impression.” Mo Sheng looks at the slight smile on his face. “Is he smiling? He finally does not have an icy look on his face and is not treating me like a stranger,” she thinks.  She remembers with him, saying it was his fault for not helping her out.  “I really wasn’t listening.  I remember, we were in a fight then.”  Mo Sheng recalls, they had been in a cold war over him not giving her his phone number.


*flashback* At the train station, Mo Sheng is upset that Yi Chen refuses to give her his home phone number and walks away in a huff.  However, when she turns around to look, Yi Chen has already left and is nowhere to be found.

*back to present day*  It is late, so Yi Chen takes Mo Sheng home.  Downstairs of her place, they bid their farewells.  Mo Sheng is about to leave, but then turns around.

Mo Sheng: You…
Yi Chen: About yesterday… I’m sorry.
Mo Sheng: It’s okay.  You were drunk yesterday.
Yi Chen: Was I?
(OMG, check out that intense gaze in his eyes as he leans in for a kiss. Brief, sweet, gentle.)q2nnSFNTkAbEzA

Yi Chen: Mo Sheng, I’m very clear-headed… I’ve been very clear-headed the whole time.


From the bus ride all the way through to this good-bye, the drama follows the novel very closely, even down to much of the dialogue.  In fact, this whole section feels very much like how the novel reads, with memories interspersed with present day.  The biggest differences are, they added one extra flashback memory of the train station (the novel ends the reminiscing on a sweet note with present day Yi Chen saying, how could he focus on listening to lectures in class when he was in the middle of a cold war with her) and the kiss! But I don’t think you guys are protesting an additional kiss between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng, are you?


At work the next day, Mo Sheng has covered some of Yuan Feng’s work.  He is not in the office because he has gone to some place called Xishan rural area.

Xiao Xiao and Yuan Feng arrive, bickering as usual, in a less modern location.  Xiao Xiao is exceptionally happy and in a good mood, while Yuan Feng is adjusting to the bumpy roads and less modern settings. While Xiao Xiao kneels down and carries out a conversation with an old lady, Yuan Feng takes out his camera and captures the moment and her contented expressions.  It turns out, this is where Xiao Xiao grew up.  She is there to take photographs as a way to promote her hometown. Yuan Feng, her photographer, is not being paid for this job (guilted in to do it after causing her injury last episode). As they sit and chat, Xiao Xiao reflects on how this place has not changed all these years. Yuan Feng can tell she misses home, and remarks that he never believed she could have such a simple side to her.  Of course, shortly after, they return to their bickering…

33 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 8 Review and Recap

  1. Love this ep! The scenes and emotions are intense and spot on. WC is amazing!!! And oh so handsome, right peanuts? 😄

  2. this is by far one of my favorite episodes and the second kiss made me so giddy. Like you, i cringed at the outfit she was wearing. LOL. Thanks for the caps.

  3. Aiyo, watched Ep 1 to 4, skipped Ep 5 to 7 and waited for Ep 8 only to find a ‘deadwood’ looking absolutely REPULSED at being French-kissed by the most gorgeous lawyer in the whole of China. Any girl in her right mind would have grabbed him by his tie, dragged him upstairs, locked the door and threw away the key. LOL!
    And yes, Peanuts, Joe Chen would have been the perfect choice for the role of ZMS – she has the right average looks, right height, right age to pair up with WC and awesome acting skills to boost. At least she would have made it look like ZMS actually enjoyed being kissed by Lawyer He every time.
    My three favourite WC dramas- TLTSILY, Best Time and The Stand-In.

    • “Aiyo, watched Ep 1 to 4, skipped Ep 5 to 7 and waited for Ep 8 only to find a ‘deadwood’ looking absolutely REPULSED at being French-kissed by the most gorgeous lawyer in the whole of China.”

      – No, love, that is sexual assault! That is not cute!

      “Any girl in her right mind would have grabbed him by his tie, dragged him upstairs, locked the door and threw away the key. LOL!”

      – No, any girl in her right mind would have called the police and reported said sexual assault.

      “And yes, Peanuts, Joe Chen would have been the perfect choice for the role of ZMS – she has the right average looks, right height, right age to pair up with WC and awesome acting skills to boost. At least she would have made it look like ZMS actually enjoyed being kissed by Lawyer He every time.”

      – That was the first kiss btw our two leads, and it was a forced kiss by a man who smelled like alcohol, who Mo Sheng still believed hated/resented her. It is important to note that at this point, Mo Sheng’s actions/attitudes are dictated by her guilt, hurt, resentment, self doubt, etc. This is not the time to look like she “enjoys” kissing Lawyer He, because at her current emotional state – she just isn’t there yet. So, for the actress to go all swoony and starry eyed would not make much sense. Personally, I don’t watch a lot of C-Dramas so I’m not familiar with Tiffany Tang, however, I do think she has been doing a fine job so far. Just my $0.02

      • It’s ok. You have the right to exercise your two cent’s worth. Blame it on my sick sense of humour. I was just reacting to what I saw in this scene, that’s all. I really don’t take this drama or its novel too seriously. That’s why I don’t relate what I watch in the drama to the novel. I watch it from the perspective of a new WC tv drama. Therefore, my comments can be biased towards him. No offence meant and none taken. Have a good day. 🙂
        My apologies to Peanuts if my comments have been deemed inappropriate here in your blog. You do know I was just kidding, right? 🙂

        • Don’t worry, I know you are kidding. Thus, don’t feel bad abt it & don’t stop commenting 🙂 I meant to defend my WC but I was too busy recapping 😦 Strictly speaking what YC did was not appropriate but in the context that he was drunk, they dated and a lot of pent-up feelings b/w them & most importantly he didn’t go further & did he apologise the next day?, so it is forgivable.

          To be fair, Tiffany’s acting isn’t that bad. Yet she is also not good. She can’t bring MS to life for me & her chemistry with WC is weak. As WC’s fan, of course I m bias & feel WC has acted very well so it is Tiffany that is not measuring up. They are probably not the right fit for each other. Also, I think the script, direction, production etc. also let them down. I’ll mention them briefly in my post later, so come back 🙂

        • *exhales*

          In truth, my comment had nothing to do with the forced kiss and whether or not I found it inappropriate/rapey or whatever. I read the novel, I knew it was coming. Of course I know it’s fiction and I don’t really take it that seriously.

          Full Disclosure: I just needed a platform to defend TY and your comment set it up almost too perfectly. 😛
          Bouncing around a few forums and I see the actress is getting a bit of flack for her “non-acting” and thought that a lot of the criticisms were a bit unfair. I honestly believe she isn’t does THAT bad. Do I think she’ll be winning any awards for her acting? No. However, given the story line/character she was given – I think she has done an OK job, so far. And is not nearly as bad as some fans are making her out to be.

          I’m glad you didn’t take offence to anything I said. I tend to go a little overboard with my writing especially when I’m trying to defend/make a point – it’s the debater in me (can’t be helped 😦 ). *sigh*

          Anyway, thank you for not taking my comment to heart, and let me apologize for acting irrationally and handling it the way I did. I hope it doesn’t dissuade you from commenting in the future or interacting with others on the blog. 😀

    • Bingo! My thoughts exactly too, Anon. I have been thinking who would have been a moe appropriate actress for ZMS and Joe Chen came to mind too. Don’t get me wrong ~ I actually find Tang Yan’s acting enjoyable in her previous dramas and she is one of my favourite Chinese actresses. But for ZMS, IMO, she is not bringing the angst – the pain & longing of the past 7 years – now that she is facing her first love again. Hence my “weak chemistry” comment. WC is selling it as HYC though.
      Unlike Joe Chen as DFBB in that horrid Yumama’s interpretation of the Swordsman. I ffwd through that to just watch all DFBB scenes. Spoke volumes with just her eyes whenever she was with Lin Wu Chong.
      I am now rewatching TAR just to see WC. Sssshhhh…. don’t tell my hubby pls. LOL! 🙂

  4. The long awaited episode and mostly because of the kiss.
    Thank you hoju for recaps and chewy won for the spot on illustrations and esp. the gifs.

  5. I think the main purpose of Yuen Feng in this ep was to shamelessly advertise those sponsors lol. And is that the same car sponsor of TAR? No wonder Wallace knew how to unlock it 😀
    Ahh Peanut, why you put that pic? It already ruined LLC Image in my heart now it’s gonna ruin YC’s image too >. <

    • Huh? It is funny !!! This shows how good WC is to be able to transform from a crazy guy in real life into a guy crazily in love in a drama lol.

      • Lol I never relate real life WC with any of his characters when I watch his dramas, so it’s a little bit of shock to see crazy WC here 😀 you might scare YC fans away lol.

        • Only shallow fan will get scared away. True fans like cough cough peanuts will support him even when his hair is turning white but prefer if he colors them, lol.

          • Aiya, let you saw the chance and took it. I try to let crazy uncle WC stay in TAR for the sake of his ‘image’ you know. Not that I don’t like that side of him just want to keep it for myself from ppl that haven’t watch TAR :p

          • I am promoting TAR to more people, the duty of a true fan, spread & share the love around lol.

          • I wake up very early this morning so not in the good state of mind to debate with u 😛 But everyone that haven’t, pls watch TAR lol. (I’m a true fan too) *head to class now, sigh*

  6. My favorite episode so far…muah.muah.muah.muah.muah…more please…

  7. Lol, the side comments about the kiss are so funny. Lol at the pic of Wallace looking crazy. Thanx Peanut for the laugh. Poor Yi Chen, a high point of meeting Mo Sheng unexpectedly then low point of finding out that she’s there for a blind date.

  8. Man! Who dresses Mo Sheng? What is that outfit that she’s wearing? Man, and for their registration of their marriage later, that thing that she was wearing was weird too.

  9. I have a question…when we say it would be shown everyday until the end does that include weekends??? Because I don’t think I can last the weekend without them…

  10. Ohhh…shown everyday including weekends!! *happy dance*.

    I can understand Chinese yet I look forward to your recaps. Great job to all!

    Hows the ratings do far?
    Still average?

  11. thank you so much for the fast updates it really enhances the experience for me. I subscribed to the chinese channel pkg to watch this and DVR it as usually im not free to watch tv when it airs.
    Having sad that what on earth was she wearing? Why are the female leads in chinese and korean shows dressed n such weird bag lady clothes? Shan Shan was an exception when she should be the rule. I cant get over the googly eyed dress 😀

  12. I think so far TY’s acting has been appropriate for the circumstances. Though It only happens in drama, for someone who is deeply in love for 7 years but suddenly heart-broken, had some complicated family matters, lived in a foreign country by herself, had to rescue a little boy by sacrificing herself, still in love but not sure if she can get him back, i think all of these formed the “now” MS (sad, gloomy, confused). If she is all bubbly and happy, I think it wouldn’t portray what really happened between them and her. I agree her clothes are horrible and granny-like. Could have borrowed Shan shan’s clothes 😜

    • I don’t expect her to be bubbly & happy but I feel her gloominess & sadness are excessive. Anyway, she can’t wear Shan Shan’s clothes because she may have a fever or rashes since Sunshine was filmed at the heat of summer 😛

  13. please give me a link for eps. 13 & 14! please, pretty please!!! i am begging… 🙏

  14. thank you so mych Peanuts. why does croton media blocking YAMS here in California? it didn’t happen in ShanShan…😔

  15. When you mentioned about WC eating scene, you reminded me how serious he is. I notice that other actor normally picked a piece of meat to their mouth, but WC bothered to dip his piece before eating it. He so determined on these kind of scene. lol

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