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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 9 Review and Recap


1This episode is mainly scenes that are extra to the novel.  As opposed to their student days, we now get to see Yi Chen doing the chasing.  🙂

My Sunshine Episode 9 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)

Xiao Xiao and Yuan Feng are looking at handmade little trinkets, and Xiao Xiao tells Yuan Feng to buy one for his girlfriend.  She suddenly stops and mockingly says, she doubts someone would have such bad taste to be his girfriend..  Yuan Feng is indignant and declares that he has a girlfriend… someone Mo Sheng knew from university.  Xiao Xiao asks him to spill the beans since she knows everyone Mo Sheng knew from university.  When Yuan Feng bashfully tells her it’s He Yi Mei, Xiao Xiao turns up her nose at this and scorns, “Miss Princess Syndrome?”  Yuan Feng is offended that she would insult his dream girl.  Xiao Xiao picks out a flower trinket that “Miss Princess Syndrome” would like, then walks off.  Yuan Feng denies that she would like something like that, but when Xiao Xiao is gone, he picks it back up…

Trouble at Treasure’s office.  Thugs have stormed in looking for Wen Min.  Wen Min’s husband owes loan sharks a large sum of money and has sent them to his wife to collect.  The thugs won’t take no for an answer, and Xiao Hong is injured during the pushing and shoving.

The three big lawyers are having lunch.  Lao Yuan is complaining that he wants to stay in Shanghai and not go on business trips anymore, so that burden will have to fall on Xiang Heng.  Xiang Heng protests that he’s single, and going on business trips means even less time to meet girls.  Their gazes shift over to Yi Chen because, after all, his ex-girlfriend has become his girlfriend again and he’s not worried about her running off, so he should have plenty of time to go on business trips and give them, the poor lonely chaps time to go on dates.  See Yi Chen’s little smirk when he hears that Mo Sheng is his girlfriend!  A call comes in to Yi Chen, and Lao Yuan remarks, “See, see!  When you have a girlfriend, tons of phone calls come along with it.”

Peanuts: I can’t help but fangirling the way WC eats and drinks lol.


The call is actually from Yi Mei asking him to help Wen Min.  She explains several people at Treasure’s office were injured by the thugs and Wen Min needs legal advice.  Upon hearing that people were hurt and taken to hospital, Yi Chen immediately becomes concerned.  After promising to help and hanging up with Yi Mei, Yi Chen immediately calls Mo Sheng, but she has forgotten her phone in her office in her hurry to take Xiao Hong to the hospital.  Worried now that it was Mo Sheng who was hurt, he quickly dashes off to the hospital.  Lao Yuan observes, “Not calm.”  “Huh?” Xiang Heng says.  “He is so anxious. Do you think it has to do with that ‘Miss Not Calm’ that you mentioned?” Lao Yuan asks, to which Xiang Heng agrees, “Very likely.”  LOL. I enjoy Yi Chen’s business partners.


While Yi Chen runs through hospital corridors looking for Mo Sheng, she is in emergency with Xiao Hong getting Xiao Hong’s noggin treated. The on duty doctors happen to be the two blind date surgeons.  When Dr. Zheng, the one who had accompanied Mo Sheng home last time, heard injuries had occurred at Treasure’s office, he anxiously asks if Mo Sheng is okay while she tries to sidestep his hands that reach out concernedly to her. Right at that moment, Yi Chen happens upon them and pauses in… jealousy, you think? Putting on his Lawyer He face, he nods politely and asks for Wen Min. (Sure Yi Chen, you’re here just for business and not because you freaked out when you thought Mo Sheng might be hurt.) After Mo Sheng tells him Wen Min’s whereabouts, he goes off to do his legal counsel duties.


Wen Min’s husband is having an affair and is also a gambling addict. He owes a large sum to the loan sharks and refuses to divorce Wen Min until she pays off his debts for him, sending the collectors after her.  Since he was from a well-to-do family, the two had signed a prenup prior to marriage.  Wen Min has had no access to his money but yet has been paying his debts for him.  Yi Chen reminds her that the prenup does not require her to pay back gambling debts, but the difficulty will be in proving that these debts are truly from gambling.  Yi Chen spots something and ends their discussion.

Through the window, Yi Chen sees Dr. Zheng offering to fill prescriptions with Mo Sheng. She turns him down and tries to leave first, but Dr. Zheng stops her.  While Yi Chen moves closer to listen in, Dr. Zheng asks Mo Sheng out on a date the following night (using the excuse that he and the other doctor were having dinner with Xiao Hong to help her feel better).  Mo Sheng turns him down politely, and he hopefully asks, “How about the day after tomorrow?”  When Mo Sheng turns him down apologetically again, he gets the hint.  “Miss Gu [Xiao Hong] had said last time, you were only keeping her company at the blind date, but I didn’t want to give up that easily.”  Yi Chen is listening to this around the corner, and after Dr. Zheng leaves, we can clearly see the tension is gone from his face when he meets Mo Sheng’s eyes.

Yi Chen: Last time, you were going along to someone else’s blind date?
Mo Sheng: Mm.
(Yi Chen nods, a relaxed smile on his face.)
Mo Sheng: Um, weren’t you going to find Wen Min?
Yi Chen: We are done talking.
Mo Sheng: That fast?
Yi Chen: I’m much more efficient than you.
Mo Sheng: (nods) Mm.
Yi Chen: From now on, don’t do something so stupid again.
Mo Sheng: What?
Yi Chen: Accompanying someone on their blind date.
Mo Sheng: Um… I’ll go fill the prescription.


Yi Chen catches up with Mo Sheng as she walks off.

Mo Sheng is helping Xiao Hong understand all her medication dosages and instructions while Yi Chen waits patiently off to the side.  However, Xiao Hong is extremely anxious that Mo Sheng is keeping such a handsome guy waiting and urges her to leave.  “Hey, handsome guy, Mo Sheng still hasn’t eaten yet and is hungry.”  After Yi Chen willingly and happily takes the hint, Xiao Hong whispers incredulously to her, why should they bother with Dr. Zheng when she’s got such a good catch waiting for her.  “Treasure what you have,” she tells Mo Sheng as the two of them leave.


Yi Chen proposes that they go out for dinner, but Mo Sheng turns him down saying she will just go home to eat.  “I still haven’t eaten dinner yet,” he tells her softly.  “It’s just on the way.”  Right then, a gurney whips around the corner that they are approaching, nearly running into Mo Sheng.  She quickly dodges, backing right into Yi Chen’s arm that has reached out to support her.  Yi Chen, his arm still around Mo Sheng’s shoulders, is reprimanded by the nurse, who tells him to be more careful and to take care of his girlfriend. Presumably taking the nurse’s admonishment to heart (a great excuse, right? 😉 ), he slowly stretches out his hand to Mo Sheng, who slowly places her own hand into it.  At that exact moment, Yi Mei, who probably has come to see Wen Min, sees them and watches with a sorrowful expression as the two of them, hand in hand, walk away.





Wandering the hospital corridors, lost in her thoughts, Yi Mei brushes past Yuan Feng without even knowing.

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng go for seafood. (*drool*)  Dinner is quiet, but harmonious and content… They are peacefully enjoying each other’s company.  Such a change from the anger, tension, hesitation, and uncertainty of previous meet-ups between the two.  Mo Sheng seems to be having problems peeling her shrimp, and noticing this, Yi Chen, without saying anything, peels some for her and place them in her bowl.  (Mo Sheng, you do know that Yi Chen’s hands have been stuffed in and kneaded a whole bunch of cow manure patties in The Amazing Race, right? LOL)

Peanuts: Oh, I like this addition to the novel a lot. WC waiting patiently for her, so sweet. Another chance for me to drool at WC’s attractive eating habits, haha…. This is in sharp contrast to his The Amazing Race’s days. He can eat at ease because he needs not eat live but cooked octopus now 😛 Himmy doesn’t allow me to post those pictures here, afraid that it’ll spoil his image.



Yi Mei sits dejectedly on a bench in the hospital with tears streaming down her face as Yuan Feng walks up to her, then slowly sits down beside her.  Grief stricken, she borrows Yuan Feng’s shoulder and allows her sorrow to flow out.

The next morning, Yi Chen awakens and preps himself. (Look at sleeping beauty there.  Weibo rumour has it that that pillow next to Lawyer He is out for rent.  Now ladies, don’t hurt anyone as you climb over each other trying to get in line!)

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In the restaurant by Treasure’s office, he meets Wen Min, who brings some information he needs for her case.  Wen Min is apologetic that he has come all the way there to meet her, but he tells her he has other matters in the vicinity later in the day. Her husband’s gambling debts have indeed been falsified as loans, but Yi Chen is confident they will be able to find evidence to disprove their validity. When business matters are done with, Yi Chen, after declining her offer to treat him to lunch, asks Wen Min, when she goes back to the office, could she let Mo Sheng know that he is waiting there in the restaurant for her because her phone was off when he called her.  (Oooooh… so that’s your “other matter in the vicinity”, Lawyer He?) Wen Min asks if he and Mo Sheng are very familiar with one another, and he answers yes.  She tells him Mo Sheng is actually at the studio for a photo shoot today.

Someone is watching Mo Sheng from behind as she does her work in the photo shoot.  Her model tells her after that a good-looking guy had been there and had eyes only for her, but when Mo Sheng looks over, there is no one.  She finishes up her work and leaves the studio.  Outside, Yi Chen stands, waiting for her.



Yi Chen: That was the first time I saw you working.
Mo Sheng: Oh.  Was it very amusing?  Sometimes, when you’re taking photos, your movements can be a little weird.
Yi Chen:  No.  It was very novel and… felt a little strange and unfamiliar.
Mo Sheng: Why are you here?
Yi Chen: I asked Wen Min.  I met with her today to talk about her case.
Mo Sheng: So… you’re here…
Yi Chen: We’ll chat while we walk.

Professor Zhou has asked Yi Chen to deliver some real-life examples of cases to him and told him to bring Mo Sheng along to have dinner at his place.  Yi Chen and his former professor are playing Chinese chess, but Yi Chen is distracted, his eyes always drifting off to another room.  He makes a novice mistake and loses, much to the amusement of Professor Zhou, who laughs at him saying his heart is elsewhere.  Mo Sheng comes back into the room with a plate of fruit. (Yi Chen, is your heart back now?) Professor Zhou tells Yi Chen, the dean of the Faculty of Law wants to invite Yi Chen to be a guest professor and asks him to consider it.  He then addresses Mo Sheng.  “Family member [of Yi Chen], from what Little He tells me, all these years, you have been studying over in America.  These years, you two have been separated. A long distance relationship is not easy… Who would have thought, the two of you managed to persevere through in your relationship.” Yi Chen does not deny this and only says that when work gets busy, you don’t really think about it. Professor Zhou starts telling some gossip to Mo Sheng about the girls who had tried to chase Yi Chen, and there was one who even went charging into his dorm… Yi Chen looks down embarrassedly.  “Little girl, for you, Yi Chen kept himself pure and honest.  You should treasure him.”  Mo Sheng can only answer with an “oh” in affirmative, and then she hurries away to help Professor Zhou’s wife in the kitchen. Faithful Yi Chen, but this situation is so awkwaaaaard…


Mo Sheng’s conversation with the professor’s wife turns to hers and Yi Chen’s home city, Yi City.  Mo Sheng says, somewhat sadly that it has been many years since she has been back there.  Mrs. Zhou asks about her parents, but Mo Sheng tells her that her father has passed away, although her mother still lives in that city.  Trying to change the subject, Mrs. Zhou says she really likes Yi City and is excited she’ll be able to go there when Yi Chen and Mo Sheng get married.


Mo Sheng is being put on a plane to the United States by her father for “vacation to help her get over all the unhappy things that have happened.”  She protests, saying that she hasn’t arranged anything with her school and when will she be back, but her father cuts her off quickly and tells her he has spoken to her school already. He seems very anxious and hurries her onto the plane while trying to put up a happy, excited front…

In the United States, an elderly uncle figure tries to talk to Mo Sheng, but she can only murmur, “That’s not possible.  Not possible.  My father could not have committed suicide…”  The elderly uncle tells her she cannot return to China for the next three years. Friends will take care of her father’s funeral arrangements.  When Mo Sheng cries that she does not believe her mother would do something like that and she needs to go back to see her, he merely says, “Your mother may not want to see you.”  Mo Sheng’s passport had been given to this elderly uncle to take care of when she first arrived in the US, and he tells her, according to her father’s last instructions, he will not give it back to her for the next three years.


*back to present day*

A crash is heard from the kitchen.  Yi Chen hurries in to see a teapot shattered on the floor and a flustered Mo Sheng apologizing. He apologizes for Mo Sheng’s clumsiness as well.


In the car, Mo Sheng apologizes for causing Yi Chen to lose face at Professor Zhou’s house.  “I’m used to it, and I think Professor Zhou is used to it, too.”

The two head to the supermarket to buy a new tea set for Professor Zhou. Mo Sheng has a hard time deciding between two: one is exactly as the same as the one she broke but the other, in her opinion, is nicer.  Yi Chen tells her to buy both, then, and when she asks why, he replies, holding the set that she thought was nicer, “We’ll keep this set for us to use.”



Xiang Heng is in charge, giving out instructions at the company meeting because Lawyer He no longer works overtime.  The receptionist comes excitedly into the meeting with food that Yi Chen has ordered for everyone, to everyone’s disbelief.  “No way.  He wouldn’t have poisoned it, would he?” “Why do I feel like he got it for free?”

Yi Chen is actually at the recording studio for his interview with Yi Mei.  “Currently I am, but very soon, I shouldn’t be,” Yi Chen says in answer to his final question of the interview before the program ends.  (What question do you think he was answering?)  As they finish up, Yi Chen receives a call from Professor Zhou, who asks about Mo Sheng and tells him to bring her again.  Yi Mei’s ears prick up when she hears Mo Sheng’s name, and she seems a little saddened when she hears that Yi Chen has brought Mo Sheng to his professor’s house.


In the car park, someone hops into the driver’s seat of Yi Mei’s car as she is unlocking it. It was a man who had tried to court her for more than half a year and was probably snubbed before.  She tells him to get out or she will call police, but he scoffs at her.  Yuan Feng suddenly arrives, drags the jerk out of the car, and gives him a beating, but when the man runs off, Yi Mei tells him to let it be.  Yuan Feng all of a sudden feels pain in his elbow but states, it is worth it to suffer injuries twice if it is for her.  He then tells Yi Mei, he wants to date her, presenting her with the flower bracelet from the little rural town.  “You want to date me?” Yi Mei asks…


9 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 9 Review and Recap

  1. Lol I fangirl at the exact some scenes as Peanut! XD
    So I’m sorry but I still need to fangirl a little bit here 😛
    Wallace was sooo handsome in this episode! OMG! He look so attractive while eating, so attractive while waiting for MS. And I ate a shrimp just now, and suddenly though of the scene YC help MS with her shrimp, ahhh where is my YC~~ I can totally watch him eating for half an hour but I also want the story to progress, so conflicted lol.
    YC has different kind of hotness compared to LLC but both are managed to make me drool lol.

  2. Hey Peanut I didn’t say anything like that 😛 and I don’t think you will so obediently listen to me lor

  3. Ahh! my favorite scene was when Yi Chen helped her with the shrimp. he is such an attentive boyfriend. Where can I find one of him? Lol.

  4. Aiyoo, this is the scene I was talking about. I’m one episode ahead. Got all mixed up with the recaps, watching it raw and watching it with subs. Got all confused. LOL 🙂

  5. I love the added scenes…and the moving are always EPIC.hahah…thanks you guys…

  6. To think I spent all these years not knowing that a man can look that attractive while eating!

  7. I laughed out loud at the image of women “climbing over each other” to get to that pillow. More like scratching and clawing their way. The only site that I am able to actually watch this with subs only has two eps, so I am relying on you guys to give me the Wallace Chung fix that I did not realize I needed. Yum.

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