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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 10 Review and Recap


1Yes, peanuts is back lol. Before I start the recap/review, I want to address a few issues of interest to many fans. Unfortunately the ratings are not as good as what were expected 😦 Why, my WC’s dramas never rated well, sob sob? The ratings are also not as good as Boss & Me. However the online ratings are very good. This means the drama is very popular online with the internet savvy young audience while their mums or grandmas are hoarding the tv to watch The Empress 😛 Yes, WC is being defeated by his former flame in Best Time, Janine Chang 😦 Another reason why the official tv ratings is low is due to the fact that the drama is being broadcast on 3 channels in China. Thus it is only fair to combine the ratings of these 3 channels. Anyway, after roughly added them up, it’ll still lose to Hunan TV, one of the most popular channel in China which is broadcasting The Empress.

Some possible reasons compiled by bong as to why the drama is not doing as well as expected:

– the lighting is too dark, so the actors and actresses don’t look good.
– the decorations (Yi Chen’s office), props and Mo Sheng’s clothes look bad (someone said this is because the production coy spent too much money in hiring the 2 leads).
– one episode is too short with too many advertisements. I watched it live on Dragon tv with heaps of advertisements featuring Huang Xiao Ming & Yang Mi (the movie Yi Chen & Mo Sheng).
– lacking in plot making people who didn’t read the novel or are not the actors’ fans feel disinterested.
– the story is moving too slowly and draggy.
– not enough angst.
– no suspense/climax at the end of each episode.

Although many praised the drama to be faithful to the novel, especially He Yi Chen played by WC, is like he has stepped out from the novel, the story doesn’t suit the taste of the majority of the audience in China.

This recap took me ages because of the shift from present to flashback on and off so many times until I’ve lost track of my thoughts, lol. This is actually a rather sad episode towards the second half, when Mo Sheng telling Yi Chen she has married and her life in US. With such experiences, I can understand why she has changed. But from such an optimistic and sunny girl to a quiet and gloomy woman is too hard to take.

My Sunshine Episode 10 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

To my surprise as well as Yuan Feng’s surprise, Yi Mei agrees to give him a chance to date her. She asks if he minds if there is someone else in her heart all along. He is so happy that he replies he doesn’t mind as he is confident she’ll only have him in her heart later. I quite like Yuan Feng and his acting is also pretty good and earnest. I’ve been thinking he will make a better Ying Hui if he is older. However can age him with the appropriate clothes and make-up. I’ve nothing against Tang Kai but I still remember his role in Too Late To Say I Love You, also as WC’s rival so I can’t seem to like him one bit 😦2Mo Sheng and Xiao Xiao are reminiscing the good old university days. Then Xiao Xiao tells her that Yuan Feng is courting Yi Mei and if he is successful, she’ll jump down from here. Haha, let it be a lesson to all not to look down on others. Even Xiao Xiao laments, Mo Sheng has changed too much. Mo Sheng expresses her doubt on the status of her relationship with Yi Chen. Xiao Xiao wonders if she is really smart or pretending to be smart because if the cool and aloof male God doesn’t want to reconcile with her, would he waste his time on her? Mo Sheng is still doubtful as to why Yi Chen will want to get back together with her. Xiao Xiao advises her to ignore everything and reconcile with him as long as she still has him in her heart. Since she has drunk so much today, go and look for him now. Yet, Mo Sheng is still worried that they’ll break up again. While in the US, Mo Sheng often dreamed of him wanting to break up with her, instead of their sweet moments. Xiao Xiao is surprised that it was Yi Chen who broke up with her. Mo Sheng continues to express her insecurity. Hey, doesn’t this sound like Shan Shan expressing her worries to her friend and cousin?

3Wen Min is resigning because she doesn’t want her personal problems to affect the operation of the magazine publisher. Although Yi Chen is helping her to settle it, this will take a long time as they are dealing with her unreasonable ex-hubby. Her story with the guy Xiao Hong used to have a crush on is slightly different in the drama. She is hesitant to accept him now because she is a divorcee. Whereas in the novel, it is because that guy didn’t love her. Let the beautiful past be bygone, don’t destroy it. Otherwise you may find out that both also had changed. After hearing all these, it makes Mo Sheng even more hesitant to reconcile with Yi Chen.4

Yi Chen is informed that Xiao Xiao’s lawsuit has been settled. Xiang Heng questions him if he accepted the case because she is Mo Sheng’s friend since the remuneration is low. Yi Chen replies, of course 😛 Yi Chen receives a sms from Mo Sheng, telling him she is busy with work assignment. Suddenly his mood turns bad and tells Xiang Heng and Lao Yuan that he is not going to the dinner organized by Lian He Law Firm. Both of them are discussing about Xu Ying from Lian He and want to watch a showdown between her and Yi Chen. Oh, Xu Pi Li in the novel is now Xu Ying. Why need to change her name?

Hoju: Xu Pi Li in the novel is probably not her real name but a nickname/title given to her in the legal circles.  She is known to be very aggressive. Pi Li means thunderbolt or a loud clap of thunder, and when describing someone, it means that person is very shocking or terrifying, i.e. she is very forceful when she is in court. They probably felt leaving her unnamed in the drama was not appropriate so they gave her the name, Xu Ying.


Just like in the novel, Lao Yuan manages to get Yi Chen to attend the dinner. Yes, they’ve to drink their Rio Wine. Do you notice WC talk on his mobile phone, drink Rio Wine and eat more often than working in the law firm lol? Sorry for the excessive gifs but WC looks really good and appetizing while he is enjoying his food and drink, haha.. All the delicious looking food on the table, making me feel very hungry. As expected, Yi Chen engages in a war of words with Xu Ying. Then Yi Chen sees Mo Sheng taking photos outside the window and excuses himself.




Mo Sheng: Huh? Why you suddenly appear out of nowhere, give me a scare?
Yi Chen: It turns out that you are really here to take outdoor photos. I though you want to…… You wait for me here, I’ll come back soon.


Similar to the novel, the people at the dining table are surprised that the cool and detached lawyer He can act as intensely as anyone. Following the novel closely, Yi Chen comes back to take his leave but instead is asked to bring Mo Sheng along. Mo Sheng reluctantly follows him and is introduced to everyone at the table. When it comes to Xu Ying’s turn, she is being sarcastic when she mentions that although Mo Sheng was not in the Faculty of Law, she was well-known as Yi Chen’s girlfriend. Furthermore she tries to embarrass her by asking her to share her dating experience with Yi Chen with everyone.

Mo Sheng: Actually, Yi Chen is very easy to chase. The crucial point is you need to have a thick skin to shamelessly pester him. First try crying, then try screaming and lastly threaten to kill oneself, guarantee he will hold up his hands to surrender.
Xu Ying: I always feel, as a woman, one needs to have some dignity.
Mo Sheng: Uh …… At that time, I did not think that far.
Lao Yuan: I’ve nearly forgotten. I didn’t have a chance to ask until today. You’re the one who dumped Yi Chen to go to America, right?
Mo Sheng: Ah? (Dumped Yi Chen? How to explain?) No, I didn’t.
Lao Yuan: Didn’t you go to America?
Mo Sheng: Yes.
Lao Yuan: Were you his ex-girlfriend?
Mo Sheng: Yes.
Lao Yuan: There you are. You were the one who dumped him.

Ouch, all these lawyers are so sharp. Luckily Xiang Heng is there to save the day.5

Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, why didn’t you say something?

Yi Chen: What to say?
Mo Sheng: They seem to think …… I broke up with you, but obviously that was not the case. Why didn’t you explain?
Yi Chen: How to explain? Even I think that too. To this day, I still doubt if those words I said at that time conveniently gave you an excuse to justify your running away to a faraway place.
Mo Sheng: What do you mean?
Yi Chen: (How to tell her? Truthfully? Cannot)

*flashback* Yi Chen meets Mo Sheng’s dad and he offers to pay for him to go to America to study together with Mo Sheng. He is not looking down at Yi Chen but wants to help them to forge a better future but he feels that Yi Chen is hostile towards him. Yi Chen rejects his offer and leaves.

*back to present day* 
Yi Chen: That day, your father came to see me. I did not expect my girlfriend to turn out to be the daughter of a rich man.
Mo Sheng: You should know about my dad‘s matters?
Yi Chen: Yes.
Mo Sheng: What did my dad say to you?
Yi Chen: I am a poor student who depends on my part-time job wages and scholarship to survive, so what do you think he said?6

*flashback* Mo Sheng’s dad is anxious to know more about Yi Chen’s background. Mo Sheng replies he is very very good. The dad warns her not to tell Yi Chen who he is.

*back to present day* Mo Sheng wonders if the dad said something awful to Yi Chen which made him broke up with her.
Mo Sheng: I am sorry.
Yi Chen: Who are you saying sorry for? For yourself or your father? If it is on behalf of your father, then there is no need.
Mo Sheng: I …… did not know at that time.
Yi Chen: Then why didn’t you come and ask me? You did not even bother to ask me before sentencing me to death. Zhao Mo Sheng, can you imagine how much I hate you all these years? Now, I just want to know if at that time you knew everything, would you still leave?7

*flashback* Mo Sheng’s dad urging her to board the plane to go to America for a holidays. Then she is not allowed to return to China.

*back to present day* Mo Sheng thinks even if she did not want to go at that time, she would also be forced onto the plane.
Mo Sheng: I am sorry.
Yi Chen: What about now?
Mo Sheng: What about now?
Yi Chen: Do you want to come back to me now? I’m not going to waste too much time on this. I am also not interested to get to know another person all over again and have a relationship so you are the most suitable, right?
Mo Sheng thinking: Why he wants to be with her again? (She is remembering what Xiao Xiao told her that as long as she still has him in her heart, she should reconcile with him without the need to know the reason. Yet she is afraid they’ll eventually break up) So, he wants to be back together again because they know each other, they are suitable for each other or there is lack of time. But Yi Chen, do you really know the Zhao Mo Sheng in front of you?
Mo Sheng: I am sorry.
Yi Chen: You do not need to give me an answer so fast, you can ……
Mo Sheng: I was married.
Yi Chen: What did you say?
Mo Sheng: I married three years ago in USA.8

When I read the novel, I like this emotionally charged scene. I shed a tear or two looking at my WC’s pained and pitiful face. The drama shows that Mo Sheng was sort of cheated to go to US on the pretext of a holiday and can’t return. This is more acceptable than leaving Yi Chen willingly to go to US to study like in the novel.  Did Yi Chen say in the end, Zhao Mo Sheng, I must be mad to let you trample all over me like this, another of my favorite quote from the novel? I fast forward all the flashback of Mo Sheng’s life in US so I could have missed that in between 😛

*flashback* Mo Sheng is sick and being taken care of by sister Juan. She chides her for donating all her money away, leaving herself without money to see a doctor. This is because she doesn’t want to use her dad’s money obtained in exchange of his own life. Then they started to talk about her donation to Ying Hui. Sister Juan says Ying Hui could be a swindler but Mo Sheng defends him by saying he can’t be since he is also from the same university as her. The reason why Mo Sheng helped Ying Hui is because of Yi Chen. He reminds her of Yi Chen who is also someone who is capable and outstanding. The drama is more fleshed, telling us why Mo Sheng helped Ying Hui. Sister Juan has made an early appearance in the drama.9

Xiang Heng tells Yi Mei, Mo Sheng has left for US to study. Yi Chen also didn’t know and only found out when people went to move her stuff and told them she will not be coming back. Yi Chen’s friends start to complain how heartless Mo Sheng is. Yi Mei wonders if Mo Sheng left because of what she told her. Also, she is worried whether Mo Sheng talked to Yi Chen about it. At that moment, Yi Chen comes back and asks Yi Mei for Mo Sheng’s library card as Yi Mei’s books were borrowed with her card. Oh, the young Yi Chen looks so pitiful. Leo is not bad looking but of course not as handsome as WC 😛 His acting also needs some polishing.10

On the other part of the earth, Mo Sheng is working part-time as a waitress. Hey, why the customers in US speak English with a foreign accent lol? Poor Mo Sheng, being scolded by the boss for being poor in English after being in US for such a long time. Then got demoted to wash the dishes, sob sob… Oh, I like the song here. When I’ve time, I’ll go and find out the name. Anybody knows?

Mo Sheng sees sister Juan and her son being abused by her hubby. Sister Juan tells her about her back story which you can read here. Three years later, they are cooking together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Sister Juan asks Mo Sheng if she is thinking of her boyfriend. Mo Sheng replies he should be working now and wondering if he has a new girlfriend. The episode ends with sister Juan’s hubby coming home.11

15 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 10 Review and Recap

  1. Peanut, I don’t think he ever said that line about being mad to let her trample all over him like that.

  2. You know, I might be one of the very few people who has read the novel who doesn’t blame Mo Sheng for fleeing to the US when she did. If I were dating someone, and one day out of the blue they lost their temper and blew up on me, ““Go away, I do not want to see you!” “Zhao Mo Sheng, I wish I never knew you!” For no apparent reason, whatsoever, I would have been confused and hurt as hell. Let’s be real, Mo Sheng has always been the one who was doing all the chasing, all the grabbing, being shameless, etc and for this this after her confrontation with Yi Mei she probably felt completely insecure in her relationship with Yi Chen. And the time when she needed that assurance and security the most, she is met with unbridled hostility. At this moment, when she is at her lowest and has no idea what to do or where to go, an opportunity presents itself for an escape – whether in the novel or the drama, I don’t blame her for taking that opportunity and getting the hell out of dodge.

    They were both in the wrong for reacting to the situation the way they did, however, it annoys me that seven years later he seems to not accept his role in this whole fiasco and the fact that she apologizes to him as if she is the only one at fault – irks me to no end. I can understand his shock at finding out the father of the girl he loves is the man responsible for basically ruining his and his entire families lives, but there was no need to react that way to poor Mo Sheng. Truth is, he probably thought that he could say/do anything to her and a few days later she would shamelessly be by his side again, never in a million did he expect Mo Sheng to pull a disappearing act. And the fact that seven years later, he’s on his soapbox preaching, “To this day, I still doubt if those words I said at that time were the real reason that justified you running away to a faraway place.” As if all he told her was that he didn’t like the dress she was wearing or she put on a little weight. How can someone as smart as he is, a lawyer no less, not understand the powerful and destructive nature of those words, spoken without provocation (by Mo Sheng) or explanation (to Mo Sheng). Him asking her, “Then why didn’t you come and ask me?” Had me shouting back at the screen (LOL! Yes, I do that! 😛 ) “Why didn’t you explain yourself?!?!” Why did you lash out at an innocent person?!?

    What annoyed me the most, though, is this line: “You did not even bother to ask me before sentencing me to death. Zhao Mo Sheng, can you imagine how much I hate you all these years?” Because the way I see it, it’s the other way around – he sentenced Mo Sheng to death, without just cause, and without an opportunity to plead her case. If you ask me, the one who should be hating all these seven years is Mo Sheng and the fact that the author made her such an airhead that she doesn’t even recognize the absurdity of him basically blaming all of this on her and having her apologize is just, “Wow!”

    I hope no one takes my ramblings to mean that I don’t like the novel or the drama. I enjoyed the novel and I am enjoying the drama, so far. However, there are just a few things that annoyed me that I can’t seem to shake off, and this just happens to be one of them. Anyway, thanks Peanuts and Hoju (1-9) for the awesome reviews/recaps of the drama so far. I am watching raw (ep. 16 atm) and it’s good to get a somewhat complete picture of what’s going on. Although I don’t speak Chinese, I can follow at least 80% of the drama based on the novel and reading the scene, (gestures, reactions, etc) it’s surprisingly easy but it’s good to know what going on, especially for those parts that don’t follow the novel. Also, huge thanks to chewywon & bongst(?) for the awesome illustrations! 😀

    • I’m totally on your side as well. Until now, YiChen never admits (believe) that he was the one who broke up with her. He pulls that “blame her father” card game on her and she feels even more guilty as result. Her previous marriage & realizing that she did throw everything away made her feel worthless for YiChen.

      In YiChen defense though, Mosheng should have really talked it over with him before leaving for good. He’s probably thinking, “we were perfectly fine the day before and just because I shouted at you for no apparently reason, you’re just going to throw our love away without even coming back to find the reason why.”

      BTW: Finally we got some super cute interaction between our leads in ep17-18.

    • Man.. Right to the point. I agree…

  3. I really like the drama adaptation and appreciate the work that goes into doing these recaps. I check the site everyday for new updates. Shout out to the team for getting these recaps out so quickly! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Sage couldn’t have said it any better about my thoughts on the whole situation. Everyone should read her comment.

  5. Hi Peanut 😀
    Is it this song 华晨宇 – 微光 ?

  6. Sage, Totally agree with u…..He was too used to moshing always running back to his side whenever they got into argument….man’s arrogance..

    I don’t think he realized how much she meant to him until he lost her….

    well i can forgive him at least not many man will wait and wait and wait..for a girl….

  7. The problem I have with this drama is there’s too many flashbacks of the same scenes….over and over again. I just saw Episodes 17 & 18, and again the same scenes repeatedly shown. The novel has a great flow to the progressioin of the story, but the episodes in the drama, I felt the director is just trying to fill up the episodes. These repeated flashbacks just don’t add to the value of the storyline…my pov.

    I agree with your views, Sage. Yi chen is too prideful. He took his relationship for granted, thinking since she’s the one who did all the chasing, she would be there for him at all times. He never knew of the conversation between Yi Mei and Mo Sheng, right before he told her off. Remember the scene in episode 1 in the supermarket where Mo Sheng acknowledged that these 2 really became a couple. But hey, look……..I really loved Mo Sheng giving him the bombshell she got married in the States 3 years ago. Served you right, Yi Chen!….for whatever it’s worth, while you were mopping 7 years of waiting, Mo Sheng was able to get on with her life.

  8. Oh Sage, I’m impressed with your long analysis. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂
    Team Fanatical, it’s a real treat. I was afraid you will skip the rcap because it’s weekend. On the contrary, there are 2 recaps per day. Wow! Thanks so much! Cheers from Holland!

  9. Peanuts….ohhhh……….Peanuts, my beloved translator! Before I forget, when are you going to continue with translating “Wipe Clean after eating”. I really, really enjoy reading this wonderful translated works of yours. I need some happy moments now………….watching Yi Mei and her depressing, sad, mopping scenes are not my cup of coffee!!! She just spoils my mood in episode 17. what the heck does Yuan Feng see in her??

    • Aiyo, no time for Lu Jun since all my waking hours are devoted to Wallace Chung lol. Wait until Feb. Aiya epi 18 very sweet, with my WC on bicycle heehee……Yuan Feng probably likes pretty & demure girl.

  10. Actually I’m kind of confused. .When they met he was a second year law student..was she just a freshman? How long did they actually date…When they parted was he almost graduate….

    for only 5 to 7 years he seem rather successful as attorney …

  11. I’ve been away for so long… I’m catching up on the recaps especially since there is so little time and suddenly there are so many…^—-^…

    Anyways I have theory that TY is not playing the Mo Sheng in the novel, an exaggerated version perhaps. It’s not that the story is slow, like most people think, I for one think that they are just it the right pace for now, it’s her that is slow. It took her what, 10 episodes to talk the talk with him, I mean no arguments, no confessions included just plain talk. Aiya, you’re so slow Mo Sheng ah. She looked aldo looked as if she’s so scared of people here when I didn’t feel that one bit in the novel. She was adjusting there too but she was somehow still able to be herself, not like this. I still like her but she frustrates me sometimes.

    WC is … what can I say… hahahahhaahahhhahaha…he’s won me over. I watched Girls, not entirely because of him, or so I tell myself, and if you haven’t watched it BIG SPOILERS ahead..
    … I thought that wow, WC can play and actually put an act at being such a jerk. That scene when he was found out and the nerve of his character to be the one to initiate the break-up… I was like… let me punch the guy for you Ivy’s character in the movie. And then that scene where she was begging him and that she’ll change and what not and the he tells her “It’s too late.” The emotion on his face, his voice, I was like, I feel for you big jerk. I just wanted to comfort him too.

    Xiao Mei is perfect and Yuan Feng is perfect when he’s with Xiao Xiao, he looks like a big fool when he’s with Yi Mei.
    I actually liked the Yi Mei in the novel, she matured, she moved on, I’m probably the one of none that liked YM. The drama version is really pretty actually, it’s just that she’s focusing too much on how to look pretty rather that act. That scene on the hospital bench, I wanted to feel for YM but she ruined it for me. She was somehow obviously trying to look good crying, FYI that’s not possible in real life.

    Ying Hui is working for me. I like him. He’s like a college professor that I can have a crush on…hahahahahahaahhaha…

    The nosy attorneys are working for me as well…especialy the college friend~slash~partner. They’re so much fun.

    I look forward to more recaps…at least until I finish the last few.

  12. Lao Yuan: I’ve nearly forgotten. I didn’t have a chance to ask until today. You’re the one who dumped Yi Chen to go to America, right?
    Mo Sheng: Ah? (Dumped Yi Chen? How to explain?) No, I didn’t.
    Lao Yuan: Didn’t you go to America?
    Mo Sheng: Yes.
    Lao Yuan: Were you his ex-girlfriend?
    Mo Sheng: Yes.
    Lao Yuan: There you are. You were the one who dumped him.

    *cry a pacific ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    i think this scene is so unfair for mosheng, why they embarrass her like that? if i were mosheng, i will tell them, yichen did say that he DON’T WANT TO SEE ME ANYMORE, AND WILL PRETEND DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL. isn’t that show he dumped me first? why yichen always play victim?? both of them got misunderstanding, open up and settle it.

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