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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 12 Review and Recap


1Wah, this is such a boring episode !!! After drinking some wine, my WC disappeared until he collapsed in the end 😦 With so little on WC, I can’t write much as my mind was blank 😛 You would have noticed I got lidge to translate the boring parts of the novel, lol. However, don’t run away as I’ve included something extra on things you might not know about My Sunshine compiled by bong !!!! It comes with spoiler so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled 😛

 My Sunshine Episode 12 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

Just like in the novel, the magazine publisher is having a meeting on how to increase sales. The editor-in-chief decides to feature Yi Chen who has just won a high profile case recently in the first edition of their Elite Men special. This is because he is the most handsome one and surely can attract the females to buy the magazines. Heehee, great minds think alike! Tao Yi Jing volunteers to do this feature but Xiao Hong also wants to do it which is different from the novel. She wants to do it for Mo Sheng’s sake but Mo Sheng refuses to do it. Thus Yi Jing gets to do the feature but Yi Chen declines to take her call.2

Lao Yuan comes to lament that Yi Chen doesn’t act like a partner in the firm as he seldom attends business functions. Then to his surprise Yi Chen agrees to go with him. On the other end, Mo Sheng is thinking about her last confrontational conversation with Yi Chen. She remembers Yi Chen said bitterly, “Zhao Mo Sheng, can you guess how much I hate you in all these years?” Then she breaks down in tears, sob sob…  Some readers left comments as to who should be blamed for the breakup. I think both were at fault. Due to some misunderstandings and the immaturity of youth, both sort of gave up a rather weak relationship. Then 7 years later they are given another chance. Since the feelings are still there, will they be able to appreciate each other better after 7 years of growing up?4

Next, we have Yi Chen drinking with the clients. Then we see him drinking with Xiang Heng. I wonder if Yi Chen is an alcoholic since he drinks so often. Rio Wine must be laughing its way to the bank with the excessive exposure in the drama 😛 They talk about Mo Sheng. Xiang Heng says, he is not sympathetic because Yi Chen made trouble for himself for failing with the same girl twice. There are so many girls after Yi Chen yet he is only interested in Mo Sheng.


Mo Sheng returns to her hometown to visit her mum. While walking in the rain, she reminiscences of Yi Chen refusal to give her his home phone number. Thus the young Mo Sheng strolled the street daily until she met Yi Chen. Similar to the novel, she meets aunt Huang who tells her that her mum is still living here but has just gone on a tour. She chides Mo Sheng for leaving her mum all alone for so many years. Then Mo Sheng reminiscences of her frosty relationship with her cold and detached mum. She recalls her mother very calmly said to her: “In future, you don’t call again and also don’t return home. Your father already ruined part of my life. Finally, I can live a quiet life now so I do not want to see anything related to him.” Then she goes to visit her dad’s cemetery. Her soliloquy with her dad is similar to the novel so you can check it out if you want to know. This part is sad and boring so I didn’t pay much attention.5

Mo Sheng returns to the office and sees Yi Chen’s interview with Yi Mei on tv. There is a question from the audience asking if he is still single. He replies, he is currently single but his marital status will change pretty soon. I wonder why Yi Chen said that? The editor-in-chief tells Mo Sheng to work with Yi Jing to do the special by taking pictures. Then she asks Yi Jing to change the first edition of Elite Men to an architect since Yi Chen is not responsive and time is pressing. However Yi Jing is adamant only Yi Chen will do.6

Later, Yi Jing invites Mo Sheng to have lunch with sister Li who has worked with Yi Chen in a tv program before. She asks sister Li to help her to ask Yi Chen for an interview. It follows the novel closely so you can read their conversation here. Sister Li says Yi Chen is rather busy lately and would he want to be featured in a woman magazine? But he may do the interview if he gets to stand in a prominent spot. Then Yi Jing suggests getting Yi Mei to help but sister Li advises her not to do so because Yi Chen is good at hiding her brother and sister Li suspects she has a crush on him. Yi Jing is feeling dejected and asks sister Li how she managed to get him to host Legal Time with her? Sister Li remembers when she invited him to host the program 2 years ago, he asked “Does this count as standing in a prominent spot?” Yi Chen wants to stand in a prominent spot so Mo Sheng can go and find him. Arrrrrgh, Yi Chen can be so romantic. When seeing people decorating on the stage, Mo Sheng  suddenly stops and remembers she said to Yi Chen, “If I still can’t find you, I’ll have to climb up and stand on the stage.  Since I couldn’t find you, I would have to stand in an eye-catching spot to let you find me.”7

While having a meeting in the law firm, Yi Chen suddenly is in pain and collapses. Yeh, more interactions between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng in the next episode. Those who have read the novel should know what will happen 😛8

Funny facts perhaps you don’t know yet about My Sunshine with Spoilers

1. The film director also likes the university parts acted by Tang Yan and WC. But the production company has the last words and they chose the version acted by the young artistes (3 episodes). Tang Yan and WC filmed 90 mins of the uni parts because uni has commenced at that time so they can film the campus parts easily. Anhui TV will show the footage later. Oh, so disappointed that they don’t get to be incorporated into the drama. Actually it could be done but I guess the director doesn’t know the novel back to front like me, lol.



2. There will be more sweet scenes in the drama compared to the novel, the bed scene will be very hot. The director said he will include NG (No Good) shots.

3. Mo Sheng portrayed by Tang Yan is different from what the director imagined. He was really surprised by Tang Yan’s acting. He was shocked by WC. (Because he is so like Yi Chen in the novel!!)

4. The script written by Gu Man has so little dialogues. It stunned the director and the lead actor and actress.

5. Lu Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao will be a couple. Yi Mei will marry someone else (heard that he is very handsome)

6. About the dark lighting. The film director explained he wants it to feel real. He doesn’t want it to be refreshing and beautiful like other idol drama. The artistes have very little make up, sometime even no make up at all, not like in Boss & Me. The director even bought his lighting stuffs from Korea. However, WC is too tanned, he can’t change that!! LOL but he praised dark like this is handsome and looks healthy.


Heehee, some cheeky fellow think Leo looks like a snail turtle lol. (Thanks to bongsd, I kept on thinking he looks like a snail :P)


Wallace Chung vs Leo Luo Yun Xi, who do you prefer?


The husband of WC or the novel’s fan protesting that his wife is spending too much time watching the drama. Thus, you better watch this while your hubby is at work 😛

28 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 12 Review and Recap

  1. I see resemblance between Leo and the snail. Btw, what is NG?

  2. oh My God, when he’s drinkng wine.. he looks soooooo SMEXY.. i cant concentrate working after seeing those pics.. LOLs..

    Leo? emm.. i still prefer Wallace. i like the mature one 😛

    Im so sad that the rating isnt doing well, but then, i watch for the storyline, for the novel and for wallace. so wallace, fighting! i still love you!

    thanks peanuts 🙂

  3. Awww… They looked so cute! How I wish they would use the parts acted by WC and Tang Yan for the uni days. Will they include that parts if they ever release any DVD? Hmmmm….

  4. WC and glass of wine…love that scene. Just like in Best Time. So attractive. I wish they showed the university version of WC and TY. Looks so cute.

  5. Point taken, Leo does have a really long neck. That wad tgr first thing I trully noticed about him.
    As for who I prefer, Wallace of cause (not a Wallace fangirl, but his acting skills trully deserve recognition). He is so mature as an actor, where else Leo STIFF in his movement and delivery of lines.
    I love Wallace’s tanskin. His complection is tres bein. It’s refreshing.

  6. Definitely Wallace…they both look very cute as university students and makes more sense…Leo does look like a snail..and to me leo and the girl that played young mosheng (although I think she is very cute and does a pretty good acting job) looks more like highschool students than university students….I think Wallace bangs and haircut makes him look like a true law university student….wonder what the producer was thinking…

  7. I know a little off topic….was he a good guy or bad guy in Best times…never saw the series but the trailer seemed like he wasn’t the main actor of the series and was a bad guy?

  8. leo is also too skinny….back to the series…after telling her that he never wants to see her again…the next few days he actually never sees her again…well I wonder if he was in pain because he really loved her that much that or due to arrogance and ego can’t believe she actually “left and dumps” him (in his perspective) cause he’ so used to female chasing after him…

    Is he gonna get very jealous when her ex-husband comes out?

  9. are so funny….

    How are you watching episode 20? youku has only up to episode 18…hhhmm…

  10. funny they let Wallace sing the ending song yet his voice gets dubbed….wouldn’t his mandarin be good enough by now…

  11. oh can’t wait…I love seeing men jealous…lol…the thing missing in “boss and me” was shan shan never got a third chaser…hah…they used almost all the same places in this series make reminds me of boss and me scenes…Wallace’s office is shan shan’s jewelry store, Wallace’s apt was zhang han’s apt, hah…

  12. dear peanuts, i feel lucky my friend introduces me to this piece. it is my first hello to WC and he is way too charming. i am too much into him now lol!

  13. I like the young MS and YC, but I think this whole thing would have worked so much better if they showed WC and TY playing their younger parts. I think it wouldn’t feel so slow…because as I’ve said before the older MS is taking her time adjusting to things, too much time.

  14. thanks peanuts…saw episode 20…hah can’t wait till you recap that episode…not to spoil if people haven’t watched… one would hate yi chen for his force to her……although they took out more than what was in trailer…and changed what was from the novel….

    Wallace’s acting was superb though in episode 20…uuggh but tiffany’s head down is driving me nuts…why didn’t the producer say anything while she was acting? I saw her in perfect couples and thought she did pretty okay there…in the novel she is a bit submissive but not to this extent…

  15. Did you say they were gonna release the young yc and mosheng played by Wallace and tiffany?

  16. Oh my gosh, this episode is so boring… It’s funny that I can’t understand the English that those “Americans” are talking.. 😳

  17. im watching this episode right now… and i feel so stress to see too many extras they use in street for certain scenes..
    i’ve noticed this since uni days episodes, the extras are so annoying, and they walk way tooo fast like being chase by somebody.. it’s so suffocating to see too many extra robots walking around!!!!!

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