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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 13 Review and Recap


1This episode is an improvement with more WC but still not enough lol. The only highlight in this episode is the confrontation in the hospital and at Yi Chen’s home. Otherwise a rather flat episode for me 😦

My Sunshine Episode 13 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by bongsd)

Last episode ended with Yi Chen collapsing during a meeting. Then we’ve Yi Mei and Yuan Feng having their dinner date in a Japanese restaurant. As it turns out Yi Mei doesn’t eat raw food. At that time, Xiao Xiao calls to complain that she has not received her photo shots yet. Urgh, his relationship with Yi Mei is so boring, zzzzz. Then Yi Mei receives a call from Lao Yuan that Yi Chen has been admitted to the hospital due to stomach bleeding. Yuan Feng wants to go to the hospital with Yi Mei but is rejected. Huh, what kind of girlfriend is that?

In the office, the colleagues are gossiping about Yi Jing inability to get an interview with Yi Chen so they should change the featured elite man. Then Mo Sheng receives a call from Xiang Heng to meet up. He got her number from Yi Chen’s mobile phone. Just like in the novel, Xiang Heng talks about how surprised he was when Mo Sheng managed to become Yi Chen’s girlfriend, since there were so many better quality girls who were after Yi Chen in the university. The flashback is on a bet to see who will win Yi Chen’s heart. Everyone was shocked when he said he’ll bet on Mo Sheng. Yi Chen was so happy on his birthday that he washed everyone’s clothes in the dormitory. Back to the present, Xiang Heng tells Mo Sheng that she is too cruel and gives her Yi Chen’s hospital address. Oh, Xiang Heng is such a good friend. I quite like him and Lao Yuan. The drama should have expanded their roles and let them get their own girlfriends in the end 🙂


Similar to the novel, Mo Sheng meets Yi Mei in the hospital and they go to Yi Chen’s house together. Their conversation follows the novel very closely so you can read for yourself. Heehee, I’ll only translate dialogue between the OTP only. Many readers don’t like Yi Mei and feel that she owes Mo Sheng an apology. I guess it is akin to an apology when she says, “In the past, I was ignorant to say those words to you. Afterwards, I only found out there are some things we cannot fight for. Regarding Yi Chen, I‘ve long given up hope. Probably because I cannot wait as long as him. He can continue to wait year after year in an almost hopeless situation, whereas I cannot.” Then she shows Mo Sheng, Yi Chen’s scribbling on a book and many other books: Quietness is my farewell music, for Cambridge tonight is silent! It is a poem by Xu Zhimo where Mo Sheng’s name originated.


They return to the hospital and talk about Yi Chen’s parents, words for words like in the novel. Yi Mei tells Mo Sheng to go into the room by herself and in parting she says, “I did not lose to you, but I lost to him.” All these serve to highlight Yi Chen’s devotion.


Mo Sheng goes into the room and can’t help but gives Yi Chen a kiss. Oh, who can resist from stealing a kiss from WC :P?



Mo Sheng thinks: It was said that most of the people with this kind of lips are fickle in love. Yi Chen Yi Chen, why aren’t you like that? Don’t you understand that we could not return to the past. Seven years, everything has changed ……

Yi Chen: What are you doing? Zhao Mo Sheng, what do you mean? Say something. Zhao Mo Sheng, you dare to go!

Then Yi Chen wakes up and Mo Sheng runs away. Why does she need to run away? I am so familiar with this part until I can recite every lines to bong. She asked me if I am too free lol. Maybe because I’ve read and seen this part too many times, I am not excited anymore 😦 Or, is the chemistry between the leads weak?


No prize for guessing Yi Chen discharges himself from the hospital and immediately returns to the law firm to work since it is written in the novel. Then we’ve Xiang Heng questioning Yi Chen’s decision to get discharged earlier from the hospital. As I’ve written many times before, the dialogue in the drama is very similar to the novel so I won’t repeat everything except Yi Chen telling Xiang Heng, “I will not treat my health as a joke.” Then he thanks Xiang Heng, “I want to thank you. If not for her giving me a heavy blow, how could I be completely clear-headed? Our relationship has completely ended. No, it should be said, my own wishful thinking is completely over.”


We switch to Yuan Feng happily telling his parents that he is currently dating. His parents are very excited but warn him not to date a model. They have a premonition of imminent disaster? He reassures them that if he ever dates a model, he doesn’t need them to break his leg because he’ll personally break his own leg. Then his mother starts to talk about Xiao Xiao’s recent rumor. Yuan Feng defends her making his parents suspicious. Hence, he quickly reassures them that their future daughter-in-law will definitely not be Xiao Xiao. Wah, such harsh words which will come back to hunt him. Yuan Feng comes to invite Yi Mei to dinner when she is about to go to the hospital to visit Yi Chen. Hahaha, Yuan Feng is so ignorant to think that she made the soup for him and tells her not to go through so much trouble to cook for him. Yi Mei tries to dissuade him from drinking the soup by saying it was boiled in the morning but Yuan Feng says it is okay since it is his favorite soup. Needless to ask, Yuan Feng says the soup is delicious and Yi Mei is a good cook. Yi Mei asks Yuan Feng about Mo Sheng’s current condition and he tells her she is on leave.

The episode ends with Mo Sheng running to Yi Chen’s place. When Yi Chen gets home, he sees her waiting outside his house’s door. Anybody knows the name of the song? I plan to translate all the songs in the drama later. Goody, like in the novel, next episode should be the climax 🙂

Hoju: Wah, you didn’t ask me!  “The Road Not Taken” composed and sung by 高姗.  There’s only a poor quality recording on Youtube at the moment, so here’s 高姗 music page on Weibo.



Mo Sheng: Do you still want me?

Yi Chen: Let go of your hand!


11 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 13 Review and Recap

  1. Wow thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recap n review..really help me in understand the eng sub for the drama thus this is realy helpful..thank you3x!!!

  3. Lemme do an overall comment for the show so far… I fast forward a lot so I find the parts I do watch enjoyable. I have to say though, I only remember the gist of the book since I skimmed through it (modern novel not my thing) so I’m only watching the drama as it is and not as a comparison to the book. I super like Xiaoxiao here, so much spunk. She and MS’s coworker make a hilarious pair. I always get excited to see them on screen. Don’t like how MS becomes so droopy and bashful as an adult though. But for OTP purposes I am still camping out for all the OTP scenes. Yes, I’m still waiting for bed scene. I thought it happened shortly after they got married in the book? Or at least he tried. Ahh where is Lichuan anyway? Why no airing yet? That one’s got lots of OTP smooches. Hmm and Godfrey Gao yumminess. Sorry am I digressing? My brain is useless when it comes to OTP make outs 😍

    • The Viet has bought the right for Li Chuan so you may watch it b4 the Chinese. Wait for my post on Li Chuan in Feb, I’ve something to share with all of you lol.

      No bed scene, not even in epi 20, before she goes to HK 😦 But got Yi Chen vs Ying Hui, interesting showdown.

      • I’m waiting for ur post then teehee. I just rewatched the trailer for the nth time and it’s so deliciously sweet n angsty.
        Ahh ep 20 and still no bed scene? Aiya these two are too slow. I tried watching Best Time to see more Wallace but it’s just not my thing. Don’t get why female lead is so bent on chasing her college crush when she hardly even knows him. Poor Wallace. And then I watched a kissing compilation vid of Too Late to Say I ❤️ You which was really hot but I worry about the SE so Imma skip that one too. Leh sigh.

        • Patient ah, WC doesn’t always take off his clothes lol.
          Yes, BT is bad bcos only a blind girl will overlook my WC 😛
          Go & watch TLTSILY. HE, diff from the book SE.

  4. Anyone else besides me annoyed with the way Yi Chen is treating Mo Sheng after their marriage in the drama? I feel like novel Yi Chen is a tad bit nicer and considerate.

    With the way Yi Chen is currently treating Mo Sheng in the drama makes me want to slap him upside the head. 😑

  5. Does Anyone have issue with the way Tiffany is acting MS? She feels like a deadpan to me, especially in the scene before she left for HK!! And why always the head down? Makes me want to slap her and tell her to be more ‘alive’

  6. what does what he writes in book mean ” Quietness is my farewell music, for Cambridge tonight is silent!”

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