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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 14 Review and Recap


1This is one of my favourite episode because plenty of WC from beginning to end, haha……For those who did not read the novel, such a shock for them to get married, right after that heart breaking confrontation. Then such an anti-climax for Yi Chen to leave for a business trip. Luckily got that cute conversation at the end of the episode.

My Sunshine Episode 14 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)2

This episode begins with Mo Sheng going to Yi Chen’s place for another emotionally charged confrontation. The dialogue is exactly the same as the novel but I’ll reproduce it here because this is such a classic scene between the OTP. Probably because I’ve read and translated the novel into English, I feel more for the novel than the drama 😦 Also, the editing is choppy so I can’t feel the connectivity. As a WC’s fan, of course I’ve to say he acted well here or else Himmy will complain that I am disloyal 😛  Actually, from the bottom of my heart, he did portray his role very well and deserve a big applause!3

Yi Chen: Come in. I only have pure water here. Why did you come to look for me?
Mo Sheng: I, I went to the hospital today. The doctor said you have already left the hospital ……
Yi Chen: If you’ve come to visit a patient, then you can go back. If I didn’t hear wrongly just now, you seem to want an affair. I am very honored to be chosen by you.
Mo Sheng: I did not.
Yi Chen: Did not what? Could it be that you did not get married? It was just an excuse for you to resist me? Okay, tell me what you want me to do? Be your secret lover in China or your shameful extramarital affair partner? Zhao Mo Sheng, I tell you this, don’t even bother to think about it!
Mo Sheng:  …… I …… I and him ……I and him…..I’ve divorced. Yes, I’ve divorced.

Yi Chen: Divorced? What makes you think I, He Yi Chen, would want a divorced woman?
Mo Sheng: Between me and him, it is not what you think.
Yi Chen: Enough. You do not need to describe to me the relationship between you and your ex-husband. If you want to get sympathy and comfort, then I think you got the wrong guy.
Mo Sheng: I’m going. I’m sorry for disturbing you.
Yi Chen: Wait. I’ll send you back.
Mo Sheng: No need, I can go home by myself.
Yi Chen: Indeed, you can. Then, if you are not careful and an accident happens, I would be the prime suspect. At that time, we really would be unable to stay clear from each other.
Mo Sheng: I’m sorry to trouble you.
Yi Chen: This is the last time in this lifetime.


The conversation in the car is just like the one in the novel.

Yi Chen: Give me a reason.
Mo Sheng: What?
Yi Chen: Tell me, you love me.
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, I ……
Yi Chen: Don’t say anything! Just go, I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.

5The closing theme song is sang by WC, nice or not? Objectively, I prefer it to the opening theme song 😛 On the other end of the earth, Ying Hui is invited to attend the university centennial celebration. For those who’ve read the novel, I am sure you know Yi Chen has come to take Mo Sheng to register their marriage. When I first read the novel, this came as quite a shock for me. Before that, he took the time to dress immaculately for the special occasion. Why is he always putting on his shirt, tie & suit but I’ve never seen a scene of him undressing lol?

Yi Chen: Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
Mo Sheng: Civil Affairs Bureau?
Yi Chen: Yes, we are going to register for marriage.
Mo Sheng: Marriage? Yi Chen….
Yi Chen: Get out of the car if you don‘t want to go.
Mo Sheng: I’ll go.
Yi Chen: Are you sure?
Mo Sheng: Do you still remember what you said to me? If you are destined to be my husband in the future, I might as well exercise my rights earlier.
Yi Chen: Facts have proven that kind of thinking would only bring about mistakes so do you still want to repeat a mistake?
Mo Sheng: Let’s go.6

Reception Guy: Divorce?
Mo Sheng: No.
Yi Chen: Marriage.

Muahaha, they look so gloomy and grumpy until the reception guy thinks they are there for a divorce. They supply the required documents and is asked to take a photo together. What kind of wedding photo is this with the T-shirt Mo Sheng is wearing? It is rather cute but inappropriate for such an important occasion. Such a mis-match of clothes when Yi Chen is in his suit but Mo Sheng is so casual. Anyway, we can’t blame her since she doesn’t know they are going to register for marriage. Hey, loosen up, why look so tense?7

Hoju: *facepalm* Um, what grown woman wears two giant eyes over her chest area on normal days? I’d like to hear what Mo Sheng has to say about her marriage license photo 10 years later.

Mo Sheng’s conversation with the other woman who is also registering for marriage is exactly like in the novel. Her hubby has a sense of humor compared to our sulky Yi Chen. Mo Sheng goes out to look for Yi Chen.

Yi Chen: You still can back out now.
Mo Sheng: Come in.
Yi Chen: Zhao Mo Sheng, this is your own choice.

Hey, why Gu Man deleted one of my favorite line, “From now on, even if we will torment each other for a lifetime, I will also not let you go.” from WC’s dialogue? Politically incorrect or it will be uttered elsewhere?8

When they are signing the marriage documents, Yi  Chen tells Mo Sheng, “Sign it! You don’t have a chance to back out now. “ This makes the staff member asks, “Miss, are you really willing?” Mo Sheng replies, “Of course. Just now, I was thinking what color to choose for the curtains at home.” Then she quickly signs the documents. After that, they take the marriage vow together. Later, Yi Chen gives Mo Sheng his house key. Oh no, even the staff member is doubtful that they are really a pair of lovers eager to get married.


Yi Chen: Move all your things to my place. As for the color of the curtains, you can change it if you want. Swipe my card. The password is 973356, remember it?

Mo Sheng: No need to give it to me since I’ve money.
Yi Chen: I do not want us to have a falling out on the first day of marriage because of this.
Mo Sheng: What about you?
Yi Chen: Me? I’m going to Guangzhou on a business trip for a week. The plane will depart in one hour.

9-Then Yi Chen goes to the airport to fly to Guangzhou. Whereas Mo Sheng goes to Yi Chen’s apartment. Hey, is this Feng Teng’s apartment? Mo Sheng is very happy so she calls Xiao Xiao to share the good news that she is married. As her best friend, Xiao Xiao can easily guess the husband is Yi Chen. She wishes her a blissful life and Mo Sheng says definitely.

I don’t need to recap Ying Hui’s part since he speaks in English. Tang Kai tried hard but his English is hard to understand so poor peanuts can’t understand as well as can’t concentrate. If you also can’t understand, then just go along with it as I am no legal eagle. He does have the aura of a successful businessman but he acted against WC before so no freshness here. Wait till you see the movie version Ying Hui who looks so young. Obviously, Ying Hui is still pinning for Mo Sheng. Urgh, I think the drama Ying Hui is not as likeable as the novel one since he appears kind of sly in not formalising the divorce and telling the lawyer to call Mo Sheng, Mrs Ying!!! Beware, Ying Hui is going back to China to attend the uni’s centennial celebration!

Xiao Xiao is helping Mo Sheng to move her stuff to Yi Chen’s place. She asks Mo Sheng why she doesn’t ask Yuan Feng to come and help out. Mo Sheng replies it is not nice to inconvenient him. Moreover he was the one who helped her to rent the place. Mo Sheng informs Yuan Feng that she is moving out. At that time, Yuan Feng is waiting for Yi Chen to send her home but she rejects his offer. Yi Mei finds out from him that Mo Sheng is moving out. Poor Yuan Feng, Yi Mei doesn’t look like she is into him 😦 I felt sorry for Yi Mei when I read her epilogue but I don’t like the drama Yi Mei especially the way she is treating Yuan Feng as a substitute.  Also, she seems like she has not given up on Yi Chen even after telling Mo Sheng she has in the hospital. In contrast, the novel Yi Mei got married before Yi Chen so that means she has truly given up on him. I think Yi Mei can sense that Mo Sheng is moving to Yi Chen’s place.10

When Mo Sheng is about to call Yi Chen as to where she should put her stuff, the doorbell rang. Yi Chen’s neighbour comes over with some wontons (ravioli) as compensation for losing something Yi Chen lent her. I thought this scene will be scrapped since the Wen Min in the drama is Mo Sheng’s colleague. The episode ends with Mo Sheng calling Yi Chen to inform him that her neighbour brought him some wantons.

Yi Chen: What are you suspecting? Rest assured, even if I had any thoughts of her before, I never pursued her.
Mo Sheng: Oh, I want to ask you whether that storage room can be converted into a darkroom?
Yi Chen: Whatever. Is there anymore important matter?
Mo Sheng: That …… ah, where should I put the things I’ve moved here?

Yi Chen: Mrs. He, your husband is physically and mentally healthy so for the time being, he has no intention to live apart.
Mo Sheng thinks: How could she have asked such a question?
Mo Sheng: When will you come back?
Yi Chen: Friday night.
Mo Sheng: Okay, I’ll wait for you.
Mo Sheng thinks: I am such a failure!


30 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 14 Review and Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap. WC’s acting is amazing. His emotion and expression are spot on. Despite all his coldness, he really loves MS that he didn’t bother to ask about her past even though he said he didn’t want a divorced woman. He is not going to let this chance slip away once again. I guess it’s better for him (even if they end up tormenting each other) than being alone.

  2. They’re so cute even though they’re so tense with each other. haha

  3. ” Hey, is this Feng Teng’s apartment? “…………

    No, but they live in the same apartment building, on different floor. Imagine Feng Teng and Yi Chen in the same lift together, both with gloomy, sulky look, both successful. Except Feng Teng knows what he wants, plans and executes them. He has much more charisma and more manly. Yi Chen, on the other hand…is a scary man. He dives into marriage with the clouds of Mo Sheng’s past still unsettled and to use her vulneribility to take control of the situation.

    Okay, I am going to rewatch Shan Shan and Feng Teng again……..:p

  4. In truth, I was waiting for your recap of episode 14 to fully grasp what was said in that meeting between Ying Hui and his lawyer. As you said he (Kang Tai) tries hard and should be commended for his efforts, but I could barely understand what he was saying and I completely missed the last part of the conversation. As a law student, that conversation between Ying Hui and his lawyer left me confused and puzzled. Why? At one point the lawyer says Mo Sheng might THINK she is already divorced since the divorce decree was issued by the court. Now to the best of my legal knowledge a divorce decree issued by the court IS final. The fact that the court issued a divorce decree comes after both parties would have already sat down and decided the rights and obligations of each party in connection with the divorce and have come to an agreement. The issuance of a divorce decree by the courts means that the divorce has been finalized i.e. it made the termination of the marriage official. Therefore, Mo Sheng doesn’t think she is divorced, she is divorced.
    Yes? No?

    I keep feeling like I’m missing something because that conversation made no sense to me whatsoever. Anyone care to enlighten me?

    • Alright, peanuts sent me here, so I’m going to just give this an attempt. Let me preface this comment by saying that 1) I’m an engineer, not a lawyer (you have a one-up on me already), 2) I have never been divorced or involved in a divorce, and 3) I don’t even live in the USA. Gosh, that’s 3 strikes… I should quit before I’ve started. Anyways, I have no idea about the legalities of divorce in either China or US, so I’ll just try to state what was in the drama.

      Ying Hui said, in his terrible (although valiant effort) English, “I will completely not submit the divorce settlement.”
      Smith, the lawyer, protests, that’s crazy. “Mrs. Ying may think she’s already divorced. After all, she has a divorce decree from the court.”
      Ying Hui said something like (I’m guessing the English based on the Chinese subtitles), “Yes, she SAW that divorce document.” Actually, the translation of the Chinese subtitles is more like, “The thing that she believed was the divorce decree.”

      The word that they are translating as “divorce decree” is 离婚判决书. I did a quick Baidu on that, and I guess you can have a 离婚判决书 “divorce decree” issued by the courts in China but it does not come into effect until 15 days later and only if neither party appeals. If anyone appeals, then it has to go to court a second time and the divorce is still not final.

      Of course, MS and Ying Hui are getting divorced in California, but who knows, maybe the scriptwriters (ahem, Gu Man and MBFB) assumed Chinese law? Or maybe they got divorce decree and settlement confused? As a law student, you would know better than me. My friend, google, told me that some courts MAY issue a decree without a settlement, but then, can a decree be final if it does not have a settlement associated with it?

      So, the short answer is, I have no idea. LOL. If it doesn’t make sense from a legal perspective, my only advice is, suspend your disbelief and just go along with it. 😉

      • Ying Hui said, in his terrible (although valiant effort) English, “I will completely not submit the divorce settlement.”
        Smith, the lawyer, protests, that’s crazy. “Mrs. Ying may think she’s already divorced. After all, she has a divorce decree from the court.”
        Ying Hui said something like (I’m guessing the English based on the Chinese subtitles), “Yes, she SAW that divorce document.” Actually, the translation of the Chinese subtitles is more like, “The thing that she believed was the divorce decree.”

        ^ This makes sense to me. I’m guessing there is a divorce settlement that was signed by Mo Sheng and Ying Hui, a divorce settlement he has yet to submit to the courts. In an uncontested divorce (which this is) the courts will examine the settlement reached by both parties to ensure that the terms are fair and that one party isn’t hugely disadvantaged or being forced into the settlement. After the court is satisfied that these conditions have been met, it would then issue a divorce decree – making the termination of the marriage official. My guess is, Ying Hui, believing Mo Sheng would return to China and find that Yi Chen has already moved on (married + kids) and she would return to the US (him). So he never bothered filing the divorce settlement, but instead he sent her a falsified divorce decree. Which, if I’m right is all sorts of illegal.

        Anyway, thanks a lot for the explanation Hoju, I hope it was too much trouble for you. Also, thanks Peanuts for sending Hoju to ease my trouble mind. LOL. You’re both angels! 😀

    • This is the angst in this drama…………she is committing bigamy and she is not even aware of it. There is no divorce decree from the court. It’s obvious the scripts are written to lead us to this dramatic finale beyond the novel. We just have to see how Yi Chen is going to get her out of this mess. ….

      I seriously doubt YH is going to be the ultimate villain to get her. At this moment, he is just trying.

      • Haha… Ye Chin’s being a top-notch lawyer will prove to be a plus for Mo Sheng and a bane for Ying Hui! Atty. He Yi Chen may not be a billionaire (yet!) but he sure is not a weak enemy and he has Mo Sheng (and us, jeje) by his side. Fighting, Yi Chen!

  5. Okay…these are the parts I wish Tiffany’s head wasn’t always down and so submissive and scared..especially when he calls and tells her to get into the car….her head is down afraid to look at him….gees…maybe better acting skills there?

    I kind of want to ask the author — the part about him asking her if she loves him — what was that supposed to mean? Did he love her or really just out of severe arrogant issue that a girl dumped him…

    And was she too shocked that he asked her if she loved him to answer him? If she didn’t love him why she come back to his aptment for?

    They got married but they sure not living like a married couple — separate rooms and beds…

    Feng Teng and Yi Chen both have poor communication skills — Feng Teng didn’t explain things in beginning to Shan Shan..about valentine days and about marriage etc…and Yi Chen didn’t bother to explain either and want an explanations for her marriage…being too jeoulous that she had another man other than himself…yet I love Feng Teng. he tried to protect Shan Shan and be there for her and help her move!…whats this Yi Chen goes and tells Mo Sheng to move in herself while he’s on business trip…what kind of man is that…gees..

    Yi Chen is kind of scary…Mo sheng is way too submissive…

  6. Ahhahaahh…so cute…as I said before I liked Yi Mei in the novel but I don’t like her in the drama…she’s playing too much with Yuan Feng…just let him go to Xiao Mei already.

  7. I have so much issues with this drama…no wonder reviews are bad. At least the novel had more redemption for both leads and Yi Mei.

    I cannot stand drama Yi Mei. I skipped all of her parts as she is annoying, clingy and just unecessary at this point. Yuan Feng himself is an idiot.

    Yi Chen is an asshole. I don’t care how good Wallace’s acting skills are; drama Yi Chen is just like the above comments said, a douche for forcing marriage on Mo Sheng and then neglecting her for the rest.

    Drama Mo Sheng is waaaaay too submissive and should I say retarded. Why the hell does she always have her head down?! Does the actress think it’s cute?! Why isn’t Gu Man doing anything about it?!
    Didn’t those 7 years teach her anything? If it were me, I would have kicked Yi Chen’s ass and run away from this disastrous marriage a long time ago.

    • Calm down, YC will redeem himself later 😛 Maybe you should wait for the movie YC & MS.
      Aiya, she still loves YC so willing to be a doormat. Easy for 3rd party like us to comment.

  8. that bug eyed shirt is hideous! I love the relationship between the two renewed best friends.

    I love the younger casting of the OTP. They compliment the older cast so well.

    Thanks for the quick and fast recap/review!

  9. I am so disgusted with the wardrobe of Mo Sheng, they’re awful and inappropriate for her age. It does show they are scrimping on production costs. Also, though pretty, Mo Sheng here is so-so. Awww, it is a relief that WC is good in all aspects! Love him and he sure is the sunshine in this drama not MS!

    • Bongsd said MS consulted Gu Man on the wardrobe choice so I am not sure what happened. Should have consulted me, lol.

      All of WC’s clothes are so fitting & well-ironed. This is bcos some of them are WC’s own clothes. Later, I’ll do a fashion post on WC like I did for Feng Teng if I can find enough material.

      • Whoa! Still shaking my head in disbelief in how bad the production is! Oh, they should have researched on the attires of professional photographers at work and off work, especially if from US. Hayyyyyy…. So impressed with how WC is so into his role, bravo!!!

  10. aiyoo.. why Gu Man added so many unnecessary stories.. sigh.. it gets boring but since im a hardcore fan of this novel and yeah, wallace.. so i commit to finish this drama no matter what.

    besides it, Tang yan is one of the problems here. her acting was.. meh. or probably, i put my expectation too high, so here i am.. disappointed..

    I wont compare Feng Teng and Yi Chen because i love Yi Chen more, and sorry to say but Boss&Me isn’t my fave, even so i have to admit that Boss&Me has a solid story based on the novel while My Sunshine is ‘too drama’. now it looks like kdrama material. T^T

    Still many episodes to watch, i hope it would get better and better in every episode. 😀

    • Hoju says I should be happy bcos more of WC to drool on lol. Aiya u always complain but continue watching lol.

      I am watching their honeymoon now heehee……

  11. I like Hoju more than Peanut now since she praised WC more 😛
    Was Yi Chen’s working bag also WC’s own property? I like it very much! What brand is it?
    I agree with Peanut, they should show YC undressing instead although he looks sexy dressing he would look hotter undressing especially by me lol. I think WC was more muscular here compared to Best Time, so he should has topless scene at least once here. 😀

    • Everyone knows I m WC’s super fan. If I praise too much, ppl will get sick and think nothing of it. Just bias & nepotism lol. But Hoju as WH’s fan, praising WC is more convincing. Since u like Hoju more, then u ask her to find out th bag brand for u 😛
      Eeeeeeee, u wolf, just like Yui lol.

      • Ehhh, pretty Peanut tell me laa~
        Don’t pretend like you don’t want to do it 😉 You might be more aggressive than me 😛 But I promise if I ever have the chance, I’ll video tape it and let you watch lol.

        • Wait for my fashion post later. I need time to research & write, can’t be sloppy when WC is involved lol.

          Which epi are u up to?

          Video tape what? I don’t watch porno 😛

      • Peanuts – I think I am following your step to be his super fan. Too bad I am very new to this site and the community. I try to figure out how does this Hoju work, I am not familiar yet. Since I’m not someone of Chinese fluent conversant, I need lot helps which may put me as annoying person because I will need to ask in order to understand the Chinese language, especially in the show without English subtitle. I see WC was in Amazing Race, also in Happy Family tv show. Do you have any English sub for those programs? Thank you, Peanuts. It’s great to be here. I feel like to read the Gu Man, don’t know where to start. And have a lot in my mind to get more on WC.

        • *shake hand* welcome my friend! Lol
          I don’t think there’s English sub of TAR and Happy Family but you can read our TAR recap here

          But I guess you already did?

          • *warmgrabbed-shake hand* thank you, my friend. No, I have just opened up the link now. I found those when I search WC on the net. Probably I am not good in using chinese character to search so I hardly find many updates on WC. Even if I use weibo or baidu and get something, my poor chinese doesn’t support me enough to understand everything. I find this may be the difference how Korean goes viral if we want to compare to chinese actor or movie and stuff. We can easily find Korean eng sub and updates. It may probably because a lot ppl translate them out as well. I really wish I can manage to get lots of update on WC. Thanks again, my friend! Nice to know you.

  12. I saw that bug eye shirt at modcloth! It’s called “clothes your eyes tee” if anyone wants to dress like Mrs. He lol.

    Speaking of FT & SS, I did notice that the hospital corridor they went to when MS’s coworker got attacked (can’t remember episode #) was the same as where SS found ot she wa pregnant (not).

  13. Other than the divorce decree discussion, what does Mo Sheng’s comment at the end about 失败了 mean?

  14. I think about the pic in Marriage Cert of them many times (MS in casual and YC in suit) and I found the deep thinking of the director, writer. YC now no need the flashy appearance, the only need inside him is urgent need of love, to compensate for the lacking love of 7 years. I think in the novel we have read but in the drama, this idea cannot be shown but I think we could think out from this scene.

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