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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 15 Review and Recap



I huff and puff this recap out for you so don’t complain about the quality 😛 At least I’ve included plenty of pretty pictures and gifs. After recapping 4 episodes continuously, I am exhausted and need a short break so Hoju will recap the next 2 episodes. This episode follows the novel quite closely and has a fair bit on WC so I am happy as a lark 🙂 It also has one of the classic scene in the novel where Mo Sheng is counting the grids on the ground until nine hundred and ninety-nine while waiting for Yi Chen.

My Sunshine Episode 15 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by bongsd)


After finishing his telephone conversation with Mo Sheng, Yi Chen continues his business dinner with the clients. This is exactly like in the novel. Chief Li suggests to go somewhere else to continue drinking but Yi Chen wants to go back to his hotel. When Chief Li laments that he is not giving him face, Yi Chen says, “My wife at home really keeps a tight rein on me. She just called a moment ago to check up on me. Later, if she calls the hotel and I am not there, I am afraid when I get home, there will probably be no peace.” Thus Chief Li has no choice but to let him go. Heehee, Yi Chen is such a cunning man, using his wife as an excuse. You’ll probably see him use this tactic again later. While walking back to his hotel, he sees two girls taking pictures. This makes him think back of the first time Mo Sheng took his picture.


That seven years she was away, there was another man ……
Admit it, He Yi Chen, you were mad with jealousy.




Mo Sheng has been redecorating Yi Chen’s place. She keeps sending him sms informing him of the changes she has made such as changing the curtain. However, Yi Chen keeps on working and never bother to reply them. Why he does not want to reply? Finally, he replies, “I knew la.”



Then we see Ying Hui returning to China. Yi Chen also returns home from his business trip and sees the changes Mo Sheng had made to the apartment. He finds her fallen asleep in his room. Thus he adjusts her position and takes away the phone from her hand to let her sleep more comfortably.


Oh, poor Yi Chen has to sleep in the living room. Then Mo Sheng wakes up and realizes she has fallen asleep on Yi Chen’s bed. Hence she quickly gets up and tidies up the bed in hope that he will not find out.



Mo Sheng gets ready for work and is surprised to see Yi Chen in the living room.

Mo Sheng: You……came back last night?
Yi Chen: Yes.
Mo Sheng: Then…… what time did you get back? Why you didn’t wake me up?
Yi Chen: Eleven o’clock. There was no need.
Mo Sheng: Then, did you see me sleeping in your room? At that time, I was tidying up stuff in your room.
Yi Chen: I don’t mind. Lately, I’ve to go on business trips frequently so I’ll sleep in the guest room.
Mo Sheng: No, I will sleep in the guest room.
Yi Chen: No need, it is settled. Aren’t you going to work?
Mo Sheng: I am going.
Yi Chen: I will send you to work.
Mo Sheng: No need la, I can go by myself.The The law firm and the magazine publisher are in different directions, one north and one south.
Yi Chen: I am going to the court, which is on the way.
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, if you are still in the district in the afternoon, can we have lunch together?
Yi Chen: I don’t think I will be around at noon.
Mo Sheng: I am here, bye bye.
Secretary: Lawyer He, your client is here. When can you arrive?
Yi Chen: I’ll be there right away.

See, see, Yi Chen is so nice to purposely drive Mo Sheng to work. He is actually a caring guy but trying to act cool 🙂


Xiao Hong comments that the architect featured in the Elite Men special is handsome but another colleague says Yi Chen is even more handsome which I agree whole heartedly. Yi Jing is unhappy that she failed to secure an interview with Yi Chen. Yuan Feng tries to cheer her up by joking that if he manages to court his sister and be his brother-in-law then they get to interview him. Then Yuan Feng tells Mo Sheng to treat him dinner for helping her out. On the other end, Lao Yuan is surprised to see Yi Chen back so soon. He tries to be a busybody but is not taken well by Yi Chen. You can read their dialogue here.


Yi Chen receives a call from Mo Sheng saying she has lost her house key. This is one of the classic scene in the novel where Mo Sheng is counting the grids on the ground until nine hundred and ninety-nine while waiting for Yi Chen. Yi Chen also did the same while waiting for her to come back.





Just like in the novel, a foreigner asks Mo Sheng for direction, then Yi Chen comes and helps out. Doesn’t that foreigner look like Mr Bean, lol? Wah, I can’t hear anything except the song so go and read the novel if you want to know what they are saying. Too bad, WC’s voice is dubbed so we can’t hear him speak in English but watch The Amazing Race if you want to listen to his melodious voice speaking in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.


Yi Chen: Where is your key?
Mo Sheng: Uh …… I probably lost it. Or …… I did not bring them with me this morning.
Yi Chen: If you commit any crime later, it would be best for you to remain silent or you would certainly reveal the whole truth in a few words.
Mo Sheng: What kind of crime?
Yi Chen: Nothing.

Yi Chen kind of knows that Mo Sheng is using the excuse of not having the house key so that she could eat dinner with him. Hence, he sarcastically tells her to remain silent if she ever commit a crime in the future since she is bad at telling lies 😛

Mo Sheng: Where are you going?
Yi Chen: Returning to the office as I still have things to do.
Mo Sheng: Then you are not eating dinner? It is already 6 o’clock.
Yi Chen: Not yet.
Mo Sheng: Then I’ll wait for you.
Mo Sheng: Think nothing about it. Just that I am not hungry now. So wait until when I am hungry later, then we can eat together.
Yi Chen: Okay.

Oh, I like this part, so sweet with Mo Sheng waiting for him to eat dinner. Although Yi Chen has this blank look, I bet he is very happy inside his heart, heehee….Do you notice that Mo Sheng always pull on Yi Chen’s sleeve? This is in accordance with the novel.



Mo Sheng follows Yi Chen to his office and meets that busybody Lao Yuan. He speculates that she is there to rekindle her relationship with Yi Chen and tells her that she might need to wait for him until 10pm. Mo Sheng asks what will Yi Chen eat, then invites Lao Yuan out for coffee. Lao Yuan jokingly asks, “You want to bribe me?”. Mo Sheng also jokingly replies yes. Now Lao Yuan understands, how she managed to court Yi Chen. At the cafe, Mo Sheng orders 4 sandwiches, 2 to be taken away for you know who 😛 Lao Yuan says evidently her purpose of inviting him for a coffee is actually to buy something to eat for Yi Chen. Mo Sheng replies both are also her purposes. Lao Yuan is such a joker, asking Mo Sheng if she needs him to spy on Yi Chen with other girls. Mo Sheng replies, all she wants him to do is to ensure Yi Chen takes his meals on time. Lao Yuan tells her to get married with Yi Chen quickly as rumors are abound that all the guys in the firm are gays since they are all single. Yi Chen decides to look for Mo Sheng to have dinner which coincides with her and Lao Yuan returning to the law firm. Although Mo Sheng had coffee with Lao Yuan, she didn’t eat anything. Hence they leave for dinner, leaving the awful tasting sandwiches as per Lao Yuan to him 😛 Before that Lao Yuan sent Yi Chen a message telling him about Mo Sheng’s purpose in having coffee with him so don’t bully her.


See, see, WC is always putting on his clothes !!! Hamster is getting impatient to see him taking off his clothes, lol.


They go to a restaurant for dinner. From reading the novel, I never expect the eatery to be an upmarket restaurant. I always imagine the boss to be in casual wear in a family owned small cozy eatery filled with people. Yi Chen introduces Mo Sheng as his wife to the boss or is he a waiter here? When he finds out both of them also come from Y city, he thought they are childhood sweetheart. Mo Sheng tells him, they met while studying in the same university. While ordering the boss is surprised that Mo Sheng does not order the famous Y city’s bamboo shoots. Mo Sheng says she loves bamboo shoots but Yi Chen finds the taste strange. However, the boss says Yi Chen orders them every time he goes there. Arrrrgh, Yi Chen must have missed Mo Sheng very much to go and eat her favorite bamboo shoots which he doesn’t like. In the end, they did order bamboo shoots because it is difficult to decline magnificent hospitality. After dinner Yi Chen asks Mo Sheng to go home first as he needs to go back to the office to finish something the day’s work. Mo Sheng say she’ll stay up to wait for Yi Chen. He is kind of happy until she says because she is having his key. Thus he tells her there is a spare key in his office and he is also not used to someone waiting for him. Oh, such a let down 😦


Ying Hui has returned to China and is feeling excited to meet Mo Sheng again. He asks Linda, his secretary if he tells Mo Sheng he has nowhere to stay in Shanghai, will she let him stay with her for a few days? Linda replies the excuse is a bit far fetched but most women will agree. I won’t, haha… Unfortunately he finds out from her neighbor that she has moved out and also has got married. Ying Hui is in disbelief. Eeeee, he gives me the creep !!!

Xiao Xiao goes to a jewelry shop to buy Mo Sheng a wedding present and meets Yuan Feng. He starts to tease her for having bad taste. She replies, although the necklace may not look good, she looks beautiful. Hence she’ll look good wearing it. Yuan Feng says she is narcissist. They end up choosing the same necklace and fighting over it. Yuan Feng says the necklace is more suitable for her girlfriend. Xiao Xiao advises him not to waste the money as ther person Yi Mei likes is not him. Finally, Yuan Feng wins by threatening to attract attention so that she’ll be surrounded by her fans. In parting, Xiao Xiao says, “You better don’t ask me for a favor later.” Such a waste to give such a nice necklace to Yi Mei. The ungrateful woman says he is wasting money on something not practical. Yuan Feng has to defend his purchase by saying it is not expensive, poor boy. If Yi Chen gives it to her, she’ll probably jump for joy.

Xiao Xiao goes to visit Mo Sheng and gives her a cookbook as a wedding present. Mo Sheng says it is appropriate since she wants to make soup for Yi Chen to nourish his health. Then she stupidly asks Xiao Xiao, why somebody will always eat something he doesn’t like? Xiao Xiao stupidly replies, “If he doesn’t eat, he’ll die.”


18 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 15 Review and Recap

  1. Tq for your recap. But the last dialog about “If he doesn’t eat, he’ll die.” its so funny for me. Tq again for this sweet recap

  2. Job well done! Looking so much forward to reading each recap to the extend I keep freshing this blog every moment I could spare. Watching RAW with basic mandarin does not help hence your recap is indeed helpful.
    Keep up the good job recapping each episode ladies ♡♡

  3. now i kinda like xiao xiao and yuan feng story more,.. but of course, after marriage story between our OTP is something i’m waiting for.. i just hope Ying Hui’s love wont hurt mo sheng. sigh.. still cant accept ying hui is the villain.. he was such a gentleman in novel.. what a pity now he turns to be someone i would dislike.. wallace chung is such a great actor.. his eyes, his body language, his expression.. hands up.. he’s the best! thank you ladies.. you’re the best 😉

  4. Yes..what does his “crime” comment mean?

    I actually liked how the director put a “sunlight” shining affect in that scene where she was hopping in grid…it doesn’t show him hopping on grid though..waiting for her…

    • I think MS lie about the key so that she has an excuse to eat with YC, but YC see through it right away that’s why he tell her not to say anything if she ever commit crime cos she’s bad at lying. But that’s just my opinion, might be wrong need Peanut to confirm lol.

  5. I do like Xiao Xiao and Yuan Feng’s bickering, giving the drama a bit of color. Too bad Yuan Feng is wasting his time and money to that Yi Mei. Not worth it I say. I do have the same thinking about the restaurant thinking it’s just a small eatery like from the back alley from the novel’s description.
    Thanks peanuts for your recaps.

  6. Thank you for the update.
    I really enjoy the part when Yi Chan comes home after the business trip. He looked so satisfied. I imagine his feeling like “Mo Sheng is lying in my bed. We are together. This is “our home”. I’m at peace, finally.” 🙂

  7. I dislike both Ying Hui and Yi Mei. One is obsessive and the other even uses Yuan Feng to get inside news between Yi Chen and Mo Shang. They both are villains in my opinion. I’m watching the latest episodes and I seriously don’t know why they would add Ying Hui’s ex?

  8. I wonder when they will become “true husband and wife”…up to 22 they are still in separate beds and she’s shy about it…LOL..

    • I KNOW!! I really want to know. Lol. I just saw a picture of them today with a topless Yi Chen so now I’m really wondering.

  9. I find myself smiled a lot in this episode, awww they’re so cute and sweet 🙂

  10. I think we have to wait until they go to Mauritius for honeymoon?

  11. Kiki — you saw a topless Yi Chen? Really where? all the trailers and photos that I saw out only show up to scenes to chapt 22 and then I’m wondering after that….

  12. well have you galls/guys watched “too late to say I love you”…there’s topless Wallace there…lots of steamy scenes..although the lead actress I find so so…this series MoSheng is too innocent to have such scenes…HAH!

  13. thank you so much for the recap beautiful oeople… i’m definitely liking WC more & more! 😍

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