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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 16 Review and Recap



Peanuts: Park here temporary to satisfy the hungry as well as the curious 😛 Don’t get too excited, very tame only 😛

0I shall not mock Mo Sheng for her clumsiness in the kitchen because that’s something I would do, too.  The iciness in the marriage is melting. 🙂  And ladies, you get to see Wallace eating again.

My Sunshine Episode 16 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by chewywon)

Xiao Xiao is over to hang out with Mo Sheng, and Mo Sheng poses the question to her, why do you think anyone would always order a food that he doesn’t eat?  Xiao Xiao, not understanding the context, gives her a “duh!” look and answers, if he doesn’t, he would die… or the guy likes to abuse himself.  (*sigh* Yi Chen basically did go through a self-abuse phase when Mo Sheng left.)  Xiao Xiao finds out that Yi Chen has not even told Yi Mei about marrying Mo Sheng and is very offended for her good friend that he has not thought about organizing a wedding or even buying her a ring.3

Yi Chen arrives home to see open recipe books and a busy Mo Sheng in the kitchen.  While he is enjoying watching this sight, Mo Sheng runs out and, noticing him there, borrows his laptop to use in the kitchen to look up recipes.  A contented look comes over Yi Chen’s face when he sees Mo Sheng and his clothing together in the same closet.




A crash and yelp from the kitchen is heard and he runs over to see an anxious Mo Sheng scrubbing his laptop furiously after spilling hot soup all over it. Yi Chen, however, is only concerned about her scalded hand and rushes her off to treat the injury.  At last, after Mo Sheng’s hand is all taken care of, he turns his attention to his computer, but it has been fried.  A translated document that he needs for tomorrow has been lost. Mo Sheng hangs her head in utter discouragement until Yi Chen asks her how her English is and then tells her, “Come translate it for me.”


Our couple is working late into the night, but Mo Sheng is stuck on the translation.  She finally gives up and asks Yi Chen, who comes over (and snuggles up nice and close behind her 😉 ) to help her.


They take a break for a late dinner and Mo Sheng is positively giddy with this almost-sweet atmosphere as she slurps her noodles.


 They go home and are hard at work again until Mo Sheng finally dozes off on Yi Chen’s shoulder (when it’s his turn to be secretly giddy, right, Yi Chen?)


Mo Sheng wakes up the next morning wearing a completely different top from the one she fell asleep in!  Yi Chen has gotten breakfast ready (well, kind of… he bought it).5

Mo Sheng: Yi Chen…
Yi Chen: Bought it nearby.
Mo Sheng: Mm.  Tastes really good.
Yi Chen: Not bad.
Mo Sheng: Um.. I seem to have fallen asleep last night.
Yi Chen: (nods) Mm.
Mo Sheng: Then…
Yi Chen: I changed it.
Mo Sheng: (cringe)… Huh?  Wha…?  Oh, you mean my pajamas?
Yi Chen: Otherwise, what were you trying to ask?
Mo Sheng: I wanted to say, about the computer, I haven’t finished translating.  Still missing a little bit.
Yi Chen: Hurry up and eat.

Oh, so Yi Chen exercised his husband rights to help Mo Sheng change into her PJs. :p

Peanuts: Fangirling WC eating his food! Yi Chen is the Shan Shan of this drama, always eating lol. My job is to search for all the eating and drinking gifs then upload for your enjoyment.


After laughing hysterically over Yi Chen’s fried computer, Xiao Xiao hangs up with Mo Sheng.  She comments, how come everyone suddenly seems like they’ve found love so that even she wants to start dating?  She suddenly seems to see Yuan Feng’s face before her eyes, but quickly shakes it off.

Yi Mei receives a call from Yi Chen telling her to arrange for her parents to come to Shanghai the day after tomorrow.6

Ying Hui’s assistant, Linda (must be a common name for admin assistants… wasn’t Feng Teng’s assistant named Linda as well?) informs him that Mo Sheng had gotten married ten days ago.

Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng, he bought an apartment for Yi Mei’s parents and will be taking possession soon.  They will be coming to Shanghai for the final paperwork. Mo Sheng happily prepares for their arrival.  She researches a perfect restaurant to take the elders out for a meal and asks Xiao Hong for suggestions.7

The day arrives and Yi Chen takes Yi Mei’s parents to see the new apartment and then out to eat… without Mo Sheng. The elders do not want to accept the apartment, saying they took in Yi Chen and raised him not so that he would repay them in the future.  Yi Chen insists, however, and tells them they could consider it as his gift and contribution to Yi Mei’s dowry, which saddens Yi Mei.  In the middle of their meal, Mo Sheng calls Yi Chen, and while he is gone to take the call, Yi Mei’s mother chastises her for not pursuing Yi Chen.  She quickly cuts her off and tells her they are only brother-sister relationship now.8

Mo Sheng has made reservations at a couple restaurants, but when Yi Chen tells her that they are already eating and that she should make her own dinner arrangements, she is hurt.  That night, after he returns home, she tries to put up a brave front, but as they are about to retire to bed, Mo Sheng stops him.  “Yi Chen, are you regretting now?  That’s why you don’t want me to see your family and you haven’t told anyone that we are married?”


9Mo Sheng sighs to Xiao Hong that she would really like to go on a vacation, or at least go on a business trip to get away.  Xiao Hong promises to go talk to the editor-in-chief and see if she can arrange to send them somewhere.  She then takes Mo Sheng to a supposedly recommended salon that had been featured in Treasure for both of them to get new hairdos.  According to Xiao Hong, it’s “change your do, change your mood!”10

Yuan Xiang He Law Firm is in full-on battle mode.  There’s an important negotiation going on today that requires all three big bosses to be at the table.  Of course, who could out-negotiate our Lawyer He? The end result is the other party lamenting that they had ended up being in our three bosses’ control during the negotiations. The entire office bursts out with excitement when the victory is announced.


11To celebrate the huge win, the staff of the law firm weasel a team building out of their bosses. Lao Yuan has no problems with this: “Sure, sure, sure.  Choose wherever you want the celebration. All costs will be paid for… by great Lawyer He.”  The rowdy bunch want to party at one of the bosses’ homes, and Lao Yuan again agrees: “Sure.  This time, we’ll head over to Lawyer He’s home.”  Silence.  Yi Chen does not look impressed. While everyone but Lao Yuan tries to backpedal and Xiang Heng even volunteers up his home, Yi Chen suddenly remembers what Mo Sheng had asked him the night before, about why he hasn’t let anyone know about their marriage.  So, against everyone expectations… it’s hot pot at Lawyer He’s house!

Mo Sheng had instructed her hair stylist that it just needs to be “a little bit shorter.”  And so, he was free to express his artistic abilities. But when the cape comes off, it’s very, um… artsy.  At least she got a free cut out of it because she knew how to “appreciate” his work.  Then, her “hairstylist” gets in trouble for cutting hair and is called back to his regular work of sweeping the floors.  Xiao Hong and Mo Sheng both leave with new, ugly dos.  (Although, honestly, this wig is waaaaaay better than the one she had been wearing before. At least the strands of hair can move instead of looking like they’ve been plastered together.)12

Everyone is off and heading to Yi Chen’s house.  Lao Yuan doesn’t forget to advertise for Rio, telling Xiang Heng to make sure he brings some.  Xiang Heng asks why Yi Chen is acting so unlike himself, but Yi Chen only says, “Of course, there’s a reason… You will find out in an hour.” He makes a phone call to Mo Sheng telling her he has a company gathering, so she disappointedly tells him she will make dinner for herself.13

21 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 16 Review and Recap

  1. I like the part in the novel better than this one. It’s way more romantic.

  2. which part in the novel to this chapter is more romantic?

  3. Drama Yi Chen treated her like s*** in this episode and the next. I suggest reading the novel. Though I will say, episode 20 gave me MUCH satisfaction.

  4. ya la.. why yi chen hasn’t introduced her to his family.. i know in novel he’s afraid that his family would know who she is, but still.. huft..

    agree.. when i watch yi chen’s eating, i want to eat also la.. and i love eating just like yi chen and shan-shan 😀

    thank you ladies 🙂

  5. I am unable to copy the link…preview for epi 22 is the ultimate satisfation!

  6. OooooEmmmmGeeeee……………..1st picture, make it PERMANENT picture on every recap chapter!! China is not going to censor this scene later, right???

  7. *spoon drop* :-O OMG! the first pic is making me curious and excited! My wish have come true!
    Awww WC eat so well 🙂

  8. Are we invading their privacy?

  9. OMG, Peanuts! The moment I saw THAT picture, I gasped aloud in shock and amazement; so shocked to see it here in this episode. ha!ha! Please, keep it there permanently but only WC’s half. LOL!

    Sorry for jumping the gun but I just watched the preview for Ep 24 airing tonight and I was absolutely appalled by what I had seen in it. I was so looking forward to that proposal scene in front of the church. It started off so romantically when Lawyer He whipped out the ring from his pocket. Then, as he kissed MS warmly on her lips, she did the unimaginable by spitting into his face when breaking into a fit of giggles. If that’s not bad enough, the whole romantic scene was further spoilt by a very cheesy dialogue. I could have sworn I saw HYC transforming into the WC of TAR China in that scene. [banging my head against the wall!] Honestly, where was the director in all of this? Somebody please tell me this is a BTS video clip and that the REAL scene will turn out all romantic and not silly like this. Otherwise, I will have to skip Ep 24 too. Duh!

    • Actually she was still sick from ep23 so she was coughing. And then he said he won’t torture her then. But she says, “actually, ir’s okay to torture me.” So he carried her up and says “ok butI have a different place!”
      Eeee! Bed scene!

    • Epi 24 is rather cute, watch it for WC 😛

      • Ha! Ha! I pretty much FFed to the bed scene BUT….where’s the LOVE in it??? Did it get censored by SARFT or is it simply a case of ‘what you see is what you get’? Ep 24 has the highest tv ratings thus far for obvious reasons; however, many Chinese netizens who tuned in for THE bed scene felt cheated by it. All they got was a 2-second shirtless WC and…..that’s it. LOL! 😀

  10. Oh yes please, more gifs of WC eating pls!! (:

  11. Oky……I have a few grouses about the movie……..why is ying hui being portrayed as being such a not so nice ex hubby… the book I felt so sorry for him coz he was such a nice guy and he didn’t get her in the end…but in drama…..he’s such a not so nice scheming ex hub…..tho I must say he is rather good looking…sorry Wallace fans….

    I read the synopsis in drama wiki…….is xiao xiao supposed to have a crush on yi Chen as well? Yi mei well… still the annoying yi mei I guess…except she is more annoying in the drama then the novel….

    • Pm, what can I say except you’ve weird taste in man lol. It is ok to fangirl YH as I also pity him for not being able to match WC in the level of support received. Yes, in order to drag the drama, YH & YM have become unlikeable 😦

  12. Omg…those “naked” pictures are…!!!…

  13. So where did he sleep on their honeymoon ….One bed but still not together till episode 24….very tame

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