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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 17 Review and Recap


1Is it bad if I confess that every time I see young Yi Chen leaning forward a little bit, all I can see in my mind is a turtle?  And when Yi Chen and Mo Sheng go on their movie date this episode, I keep thinking “(Leo the) Turtle Adventures.”  I shall blame Peanuts for that Leo/turtle comparison picture.

Everyone officially knows Mo Sheng is Mrs. He!  Mo Sheng does a little scheming to get Yi Chen out on a date.

My Sunshine Episode 17 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)


On the drive back to Yi Chen’s home, the two female employees, Li Li and Mei Ting want to get the scoop on Yi Chen and ask him if he has ever liked anyone before.  Yi Chen remembers his sweet university days with Mo Sheng (which results in us getting 5 min of flashback scenes we have basically seen before… anyone catch the little moment of bromance between Xiang Heng and Yi Chen as they eat off each other’s trays and smile at one another?).  He answers, “Of course.” The ladies press, she must have been very outstanding and smart, but Yi Chen replies that she was quite the opposite, had only so-so grades and terrible study habits. Sooo… another flashback.

*flashback* (I do enjoy the young Yi Chen and Mo Sheng, and we actually haven’t seen a couple of these.)

Scene 1 — Yi Chen is solving math problems.
Yi Chen: Okay. I’ve solved this problem three different ways for you.  Memorize them all.
Mo Sheng: That’s too freaky.  Isn’t the math you take when you’re in law easier than the ones we take?
Yi Chen: I was in the science stream in high school.
Mo Sheng: (groans) Why did I choose chem?… How about you learn everything for me?
Yi Chen: Your Faculty of Chemistry probably also thinks that having you as a student is a tragedy for them, too.
Mo Sheng: Hey, give me some face.

Scene 2 — Mo Sheng is passed out at the study table while Yi Chen works diligently beside her.
Yi Chen: You’re awake?
Mo Sheng: How long have I been asleep?
Yi Chen: Half an hour… Take a look yourself.  (hands her the papers) Half the comprehension questions are wrong. How are you going to pass your level 4 [English exam]?
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, I’m just in first year uni.
Yi Chen: I passed mine when I was in first year.
(Mo Sheng looks down and sees a puddle of drool all over the textbook she had been sleeping on…)
Yi Chen: …… Zhao Mo Sheng!


And of course there’s the one when she’s called to give an answer in the law class.

*back to present day* Still driving, when asked further, Yi Chen’s answers are that she is quite pretty when it comes to appearance, but lots are better and she is very loud and boisterous.  So why did Lawyer He like her?  “At the time, my vision was not good.  Liking someone was just simply that.  There was nothing I could do about it.”  But see that little smile on his face?

Mo Sheng gives up on food and decides to take a shower first.  When she is done, she hears the sound of loud voices coming from outside her room.  She steps out in her pajamas to see all of Yi Chen’s coworkers in party mode in her dining room.  The shocked law firm staff eye her over from her pajamas to her bare feet.  Yi Chen steps into the dining room, ready to make introductions, when he notices Mo Sheng and her outfit.  (Haha… catch Yi Chen’s change in expression from excitement to the frown that says what-are-you-wearing-and-what-in-the-world-did-you-do-to-your-hair?)  He awkwardly sends Mo Sheng back to the room to get her slippers and follows in behind her, with everyone’s nosy gazes staring after him.


Most of this scene is just like the novel except, in the book, this occurs after Mo Sheng and Yi Chen have made their marriage, ahem, “official”, and Mo Sheng actually walks out wearing Yi Chen’s pajamas. (I wish they would have found a way to keep Yi Chen’s jammies in the scene…hehe)

Mo Sheng: Didn’t you say you have a group dinner?
Yi Chen: (at the same time) What happened to your hair?… Yes. Told them to come here.
Mo Sheng: You didn’t tell me. I ran out dressed like this just now.
(Yi Chen steps closer while a nervous Mo Sheng backs away.)
Yi Chen: Your hair…
Mo Sheng: Um, it’s gone. I was out on location with Xiao Hong today.  We passed a salon, and after I went in there, it turned into this… (To Yi Chen’s WTH stare) Is it really ugly?
Yi Chen: *sigh* Come out to eat.
Mo Sheng: Can I not go? It was so awkward just now…
Yi Chen: I’m going out first.  Come out after you’ve changed.


Lao Yuan is talking with Xiang Heng, wondering why “that girl” is here and marvelling at Yi Chen’s speed at hooking up with her.  All the staff join in on the gossip, suspecting that they have been living together for quite some time now.  Xiang Heng says knowingly, “Once He Yi Chen encounters Zhao Mo Sheng, you can basically discount all his principles.”

When Yi Chen steps back out, he’s pulled aside to be interrogated by his partners. (I usually just translate OTP dialogue, but this one is so amusing and was in the long trailer that I subbed, so I’ll just transfer my subs back here.)

Lao Yuan: Cohabitation without official legal sanctions?
Yi Chen: It’s legal.
Xiang Heng: What do you mean by “legal”?
Yi Chen: A man and a woman, on equal and voluntary basis, enter into a long-term contractual relationship… Simply…
Lao Yuan: (walks back to report to the rest of the group) An earth-shaking explosive piece of news! Our great Lawyer He and that person just now are not “just” living together. They now have their license to drive…
Yi Chen: (to Xiang Heng) You need to prepare your red packet.
Lao Yuan: They are actually married!


OMG, Mo Sheng is back in that shirt with the giant eyes on her chest. >_<  I wish she just stayed in her pajamas.

Mo Sheng is under the curious scrutiny of everyone.  Suddenly, Mei Ting pipes up that she remembers the first time she saw Mo Sheng was when she brought Yi Chen’s wallet back to the firm.  The theory arises that the two met because of the wallet and brought about a beautiful, happy, and romantic story.  “The moral of the story is, ladies and gentleman, returning money that you have found is very important.”  Everyone raises their Rio bottles to wish happiness on the newlywed couple.

Xiang Heng and Yi Chen head out to the balcony to have a talk between buddies.  Xiang Heng asks him, does he really not mind these seven years? Yi Chen answers, “How do you want me to answer this? I know what is most important to me.” When Xiang Heng makes the observation that he has not seen Yi Chen smoke in a long time, Yi Chen replies, “Back then, I thought smoking was a wonderful thing. It allows people to still feel as if there is still something for them to do in the world.”  Xiang Heng very sincerely tells him, “Congratulations, bro, you really have let go of the past now.”  Hooray!  Yi Chen has made his conscious decision to put the past behind him and move forward with Mo Sheng!




(Alright, peanuts, I’m mentally prepped already. Bring on all the fangirling of how Wallace looks so good having a drink… 😉 )

In the kitchen, Mo Sheng grumbles that she was completely caught off guard and that Yi Chen did not even give her any warning when he called her.  “Didn’t you complain that I haven’t introduced you around to friends and family?”


In the novel, this gathering occurs because Yi Chen thinks Mo Sheng is not home from a business trip yet. Although I’m not sure why he needed to surprise her in the drama, I like the change that Yi Chen is doing it to address Mo Sheng’s insecurities.  Another way to show that he has decided to move on. 🙂

The party ends and everyone heads off.

Mo Sheng: Let me go clean up a bit.
Yi Chen: Don’t worry about it. Let the house cleaner do it when she comes tomorrow.
Mo Sheng: Then I’ll go sleep now.
Yi Chen: Wait!… The question you asked me yesterday, I only answered half of it.
Mo Sheng: What question?
Yi Chen: There’s still the first half of the question that I haven’t answered yet… I don’t regret it.

Yi Chen walks off with a *happy* sigh of relief.  And now, Mo Sheng knows that he’s willing to start over!


dec5c045gw1eoea5hf0jxg208c06dqv5dec5c045gw1eoea5u5oybg207i0851kydec5c045gw1eoea68r6lwg20au063qv6Check out that happy, relieved look!


Yuan Feng’s strange logic is, Mo Sheng’s boyfriend (Yi Chen) must like her new hairstyle since she seems so happy with it, so would his sister have similar tastes as him? He goes to the same salon Mo Sheng went to and gets a haircut.  At his photo shoot, Xiao Xiao cannot even get through the shoot because she is too busy laughing at his ugly new hairdo. Yuan Feng drives Yi Mei home from work that evening, but she doesn’t even notice at first that he got it cut. When he points it out to her, she indifferently comments that it is “not bad”.  A downcast Yuan Feng thinks, “Not bad? It’s only because she doesn’t care, that’s why it’s not bad.  This hairstyle is so obviously ugly.”

As Yi Chen heads into work, he receives call after call asking and congratulating him about his marriage. The news of his marriage has spread through the entire legal circle, thanks to the loudspeaker mouth of Lao Yuan. “I sincerely admire the speed at which you can spread news,” Yi Chen says to him. Yi Chen says he will likely have his wedding banquet after the Lunar New Year and asks Lao Yuan to be his officiator at the ceremony.  Lao Yuan excitedly accepts because that means he won’t need to give a red packet, but protests that the date should be moved up to shortly after the university centennial celebration.  He hands the invitation to Yi Chen.

imageYes, yes, yes, I am married…


(Just like Boss and Me, we have more terrible English.  Yi Chen got a “Sincer Invitation” to the celebration. The rectangle on the top part says, “All peer thanks to have you.”  I don’t even know what they’re trying to say with that one.) >_<


Xiao Xiao laughs at Mo Sheng’s hairstyle, too.  (Hey, it’s a different wig in this scene from the other “ugly haircut” wig! I actually like this one the most.) After commenting on Yuan Feng’s bad taste and ugly new hairdo, Xiao Xiao then gives the important task of watching the new movie that she made to Mo Sheng.  Mo Sheng asks her for a favour…

Yi Chen receives a phone call from Xiao Xiao, who is calling with Mo Sheng beside her.  She tells Yi Chen she is giving him two tickets for tonight to her new movie and to bring Mo Sheng along. He agrees, much to Mo Sheng’s delight.  Straightaway, she receives a call from Yi Chen telling her about his movie and dinner plans for the night.  She tries to play with him for a while, saying she has a photo shoot that night and cannot make it, but when he tells her to forget it, she immediately says rapidly, “No, no, no… I just remembered, I can switch with Lu Yuan Feng. You-don’t-need-to-pick-me-up-I-can-go-there-myself-bye-bye,” and then hangs up.


In front of the cinema, Mo Sheng and Yi Chen stand, movie tickets in hand, staring at the poster of the movie they are going to watch: a cartoon called “Turtle Adventure”.  Mo Sheng calls to make sure they don’t have the wrong movie, but Xiao Xiao replies, yes, she did the second female lead, Turtle Little Sister’s… voice acting.  They should get used to watching cartoons anyways, she says, because they’ll eventually have to bring their kids to some. (I LOL’d at Yi Chen’s “what in the world is this?” expression as he looked at the poster.)

Mo Sheng: But I think watching cartoons is pretty good.  It’s good for your physical and mental health… Especially you.  You should watch more.
Yi Chen: Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not going to be adopted…  Another half an hour before the show starts.
Mo Sheng: Then let’s head to the lounge and sit down.
Yi Chen: Okay.
Mo Sheng: Hey… Popcorn.  (holds out hand)
Yi Chen: Fine. (hands over wallet)


(Mo Sheng comes back with bucket of popcorn and offers some to Yi Chen.)
Yi Chen: I don’t eat that stuff.
Mo Sheng: You’re sure?
Yi Chen: Mm.
(Off they go to the lounge, but not before Yi Chen gives a strange look to the Turtle Adventure poster first.)

In the lounge, they see Yi Mei and Yuan Feng. Yi Mei has a huge reaction when she sees them, but she quickly puts on her calm, forced smile.  Yi Chen invites them out to a double date dinner some time, and Yuan Feng agrees enthusiastically but Yi Mei only gives a lukewarm answer, saying she has been busy lately.  Yi Mei mentions Chang Hua University’s centennial celebration, and Mo Sheng asks why she didn’t get an invitation.  “You withdrew from the school, so you don’t qualify to join in on the celebration,” Yi Chen reminds her. “But I… I can go as your spouse.”  (Oooh, a happy little moment in their own world, while Yi Mei can only listen sadly.)  When they go into their movie, Yi Mei tells Yuan Feng that she is not feeling well and leaves.  (Poor Yuan Feng.  He deserves so much better.)


The movie is over and Lawyer He and Mo Sheng walk out with all the children that were watching.  Hahaha!

Mo Sheng: The movie was quite good.  It looks like Shao Mei does indeed have some good foresight.
Yi Chen: Mm.
Mo Sheng: Yi Mei and Yuan Feng’s movie isn’t over yet. Should we wait for them and go eat or something together?
Yi Chen: What kind of guy is that colleague of yours?
Mo Sheng: Yuan Feng? A pretty good guy. You can sense that he’s a simple and cheerful person.  (Yi Chen nods… jealous, Yi Chen?) … What?
Yi Chen: Do you have anything you want to tell me?
Mo Sheng: What?
Yi Chen: When I called you this afternoon, you said you had work to do in the evening and then you said you could switch shifts with Lu Yuan Feng.  (Mo Sheng tries to hold back her laughter.) So, if that’s the case, why would Lu Yuan Feng show up here at the cinema?… So, this afternoon, when Xiao Xiao called me, the two of you were actually together.
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, you’re such an amazing detective… A good lawyer, but don’t you think that you’re wasting your talents by being a lawyer? How about you change professions and become a police officer?
Yi Chen: Don’t change the topic.
Mo Sheng: Hehe… I’m not changing the topic. I am very sincerely praising you… Let’s go eat!


Xiao Xiao tells Mo Sheng over the phone the next day that she officially now wants to enter into the movie side of showbiz.  Mo Sheng is worried that that side of the business is very complicated, but Xiao Xiao just asks instead, what entertainment circle is not complicated? When Mo Sheng tells her that Yi Chen saw through their little movie ticket trick, Xiao Xiao remarks that the two of them are still acting like they are in university and dating.  Mo Sheng thinks, “I don’t know what the status of the relationship between me and Yi Chen is.  We’re not really like husband and wife, but he doesn’t seem to be mad anymore either.”

imageI don’t know what the status of the relationship between me and Yi Chen is

12 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 17 Review and Recap

  1. I like how Xiao Xiao helped the couple break the ice. She must have known Yi Chen would react that way when seeing the movie. a serious and important lawyer watching turtle movie. LOL. Out of all the supporting roles, I like Xiao Xiao and Xiao Hong. So fun to watch them.

  2. this episode is soooo sweet! I absolutely adore Xiao Xiao and wish that Yi Mei could at least attempt to make it work. He definitely deserve better!

  3. I love this episode too much. It was a ice melting…

  4. Even though the drama is all angsty, I’ve to admit I’m watching it for the cute exchanges between OTP.

  5. It was fun looking at the stills here. Love this episode and loving Xiao Xiao for helping Mo Sheng! But the best acting comes from WC, he is gorgeous!

  6. They’re starting to be all smile and happy. So cute esp. WC. So handsome. 🙂

  7. Lol I feel obligated to fangirl, hehe. WC look really attractive while drinking! And more attractive when he seem a little bit drunk 🙂

  8. I actually like her shorter hair…it makes her look younger and brighter and more sunshine to me…

    the other “wig” covers her face as if she wasn’t continuously putting her head down already…

  9. Thanks so much for the recaps and for translating the novel! Love WC! ❤️

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