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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 19 Review and Recap


1Update: The latest news from here says that the drama proper is actually only 32 episodes.  There is going to be an episode 33-36, which is going to be a condensed form of the entire story, but it will use Wallace Chung and Tang Yan playing the young Yi Chen and Mo Sheng.  Of course, China’s TV is fickle and this may change, but we will do our best to keep you informed. So, if the whole story can be condensed down into 4 episodes, is that an indication of how much the full drama is dragging? :p

Peanuts got to recap Yi Chen and Mo Sheng cycling together down a tree-lined path last episode, and I get scene after scene of Ying Hui and his eager beaver assistant this episode.  😦 I’m done reserving judgment on him and officially declare he is not my favourite character.  Thank goodness for the three bosses of the law firm  to give me a few laughs or I might have thrown something at my screen.

He Yi Chen versus Ying Hui.  Round 1.  Fight!

My Sunshine Episode 19 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)

Like we saw in the last episode, Yi Chen drops Mo Sheng off at work, but since this is the only OTP interaction this whole episode, I’ll just include it again.


Treasure’s feature interview for its next issue is — surprise, surprise — Ying Hui. Everyone is amazed that Editor-in-chief Zhang was able to line-up an interview with him since this is Ying Hui’s first ever interview in China. Mo Sheng turns down doing the photos for the interview, saying she has a bunch of other projects still left undone, so the job goes to Yuan Feng instead, but Xiao Hong thinks she’s silly for not taking this job.

Ying Hui shuts down his work promptly at the arranged interview time.  However, when Tao Yi Jing and Yuan Feng show up, the atmosphere before the interview even starts is tense, and he does not look the least bit happy because the photographer is not who he expected.  He states frankly that he accepted this interview only because he “very much admires Miss Zhao Mo Sheng’s work”, you could even call him her fan, and therefore, the photos must be taken by Miss Zhao. He even offers to invite Yuan Feng out for a meal another day when he hears that Yuan Feng is good friends with Mo Sheng.

(Anyone else think Ying Hui acts like an evil wuxia cult leader but just dressed in a suit?  His deep voice, the way he sits, the way he stares down people…)

Editor-in-chief Zhang gets a call from Tao Yi Jing explaining the interview situation, so she tells Mo Sheng to head over to INSO to do the photos right away.   Treasure’s staff immediately swarm in for the gossip: why would Ying Hui give such a good opportunity to their magazine but allow only Mo Sheng to do the photographs?  Xiao Hong cuts straight to the chase. “Tell us. Is President Ying trying to woo you?” Mo Sheng just says that she and Ying Hui knew each other when she was in the United States but they were only ordinary friends, although the staff are able to catch that there seems to be more to the story than just that.


Mo Sheng arrives at INSO’s office and is personally received by Ying Hui’s assistant.  Tao Yi Jing has already left, and Ying Hui stands in his office alone, awaiting her arrival. He tells her, he guessed he wasn’t important enough for her to put down her work to see him. Mo Sheng changes the topic and thanks Ying Hui for helping her out the day before at the centennial celebration, but he brushes it off.  Instead, he tells her she has helped him a lot already by helping him understand what he needs to seek out and pursue in life and that is why he came back to China.  “The general public’s belief about my return to China is that I came back because of business, to compete for China’s market. Only I know in my heart that the true reason I returned is because I want to find the love I lost.”  Mo Sheng misunderstands, thinking he is talking about his ex-girlfriend and broaches hesitantly that his ex is already married.  He answers, “I know.  I do not mind,” but of course, we know he is referring to Mo Sheng. When Mo Sheng cautiously asks him, he isn’t truly thinking of ruining someone’s marriage, he only counters, “What’s the big deal?”  A few seconds later he laughs it off and says he is joking.  (Yeah right!) “If her life is happy, I will not disturb her. But she is not happy… Because I can give her even more happiness.  So, even if her life is quite fine right now, compared to what she deserves, she is not truly happy.”  He continues his backwards logic, basically justifying that he thinks it’s okay to be a homewrecker.


(Okay, I cannot make myself not loathe drama Ying Hui at this moment. There is all sorts of wrong with his logic.  Where is the Ying Hui from the novel who you at least respected because he gave the woman he loved freedom to choose?!  Creepy stalker and now homewrecker wannabe!!)

Ying Hui shifts the topic to Mo Sheng and asks whether she has made-up with Yi Chen yet.  Mo Sheng tells him that they have married. “Mo Sheng,” he says to her, “you will, without doubt, have a happy and complete marriage.”  Mo Sheng’s awkwardness and distance disappear with that one statement, but we viewers all know that his words are not as they appear!  Grrrr….

(My blood pressure is rising from recapping this whole Ying Hui scene!)

Linda, Ying Hui’s assistant, is at the law firm meeting with the three bosses with a proposal to sign on Yuan Xiang He Law Firm as INSO’s attorney counsel in China.  The price INSO is willing to pay is very high, and her speech is aggressive and arrogant. Xiang Heng and Lao Yuan play their lawyer role, basically boasting about the quality of their services. When Yi Chen finally speaks, he merely tells her, they’ll end the discussion there and get back to her in a week.  Xiang Heng perceptively picks up that she had come to give a show of force and associates Ying Hui with Mo Sheng.  Lao Yuan finally clues in, “Hey, you guys are love rivals? Ying Hui, huh? Heavy competition.” Yi Chen just tells them to follow normal procedure, and if everything checks out, why shouldn’t they take the money someone is dropping at their doorstep?

Peanuts: Do you think Ying Hui will end up with his assistant Linda? I suspect she likes him. She is not bad, at least better than his ex-girlfriend!


Linda reports back that Yi Chen is very astute and outstanding, and while Ying Hui agrees, he declares that he will show Mo Sheng who is even more outstanding. Linda advises that Mo Sheng’s heart would more easily be won if he would show weakness at appropriate times…

Yuan Feng goes to visit Yi Mei at work because of the extra time on his hands now that Mo Sheng has taken over the Ying Hui interview. When Yi Mei learns that Ying Hui had specifically requested for Mo Sheng, she tries to probe further, suspecting that Ying Hui and Mo Sheng not just know each other but there is something else. When Yuan Feng cannot offer up any more information, she suggests going out to eat with Yi Chen and Mo Sheng another day, and Yuan Feng, not forgetting to advertise for Taobao, quickly goes on his app and makes reservations.


A Miss Yuan has come to the law firm and is brought up to Lao Yuan’s office. She announces that she will only have Lawyer He take her case, despite his high fee and packed schedule, and she won’t budge… until Lao Yuan tells her Lawyer He may be too busy to accept her case because he just got married and needs time off to go on a honeymoon.  Hearing this, she switches her tone immediately and chooses someone else — Xiang Heng, much to Lao Yuan’s chagrin.  As they see her out the door, Lao Yuan grumbles, “Is she here to find a lawyer or a husband?… What about me isn’t as good as you two?”

(We finally get to see Lao Yuan’s office. I’d been wondering if Lao Yuan and Xiang Heng had to do their work in the broom closet.  Poor Lao Yuan is supposedly the most senior partner, but his office is nowhere as chic as Yi Chen’s.)


Seeing Yi Chen, Lao Yuan jeers that he has stolen so much business from all of them, and who would have known that being a lawyer required good looks.  Yi Chen retorts, “Clients are attracted to my performance and abilities. However, I won’t take offence that you are using outer appearance to cover-up for the fact that I am more outstanding.”  (Haha!  I love these three together.  They are the highlights in an otherwise uninteresting episode to me.)



The three bosses have a meeting to discuss the potential contract with INSO. Yi Chen has gathered information on lawsuits in America that INSO has been involved in in the last several years, which shows INSO can be ruthless and unscrupulous. The way INSO does business sometimes borders on piracy and copyright infringement. They would be a troublesome client, and, as Lao Yuan puts it, goes against their base ethics. The three agree not to move forward with any work for INSO.

Linda tells them she is surprised with their decision and asks to speak to Yi Chen alone. “From what I understand of Lawyer He, you won’t give up an opportunity to gain both fame and wealth just because of a little risk…  You and I both know, it’s for your own personal reasons.  But I think that it is not a wise decision to allow personal matters to come in the way of business.”  She goes on to tell him, Ying Hui and Mo Sheng had had a disagreement regarding their adopted son, and that was why Mo Sheng had left.  You can see Yi Chen taking in this news of an adopted son of Mo Sheng. Linda sees that Ying Hui had been right, that Yi Chen does not know about what happened in the United States, so she continues with the lie.  She tells him, the two had really wanted to become parents, but because at the time, Mo Sheng had not finished her schooling, they adopted instead.  And now, this poor child who has lost his mother has been calling Ying Hui constantly asking for mommy. (LIES, LIES, LIES!! Argh!  Ying Hui is using such underhanded methods!)  “Lawyer He, I know that you and Mrs. Ying are each other’s first love, but people grow up and things change.”  Yi Chen suddenly gets a knowing smile on his face and says, “You are a very impressive assistant, loyal to your boss and capable, but unfortunately for you, I happen to be a lawyer.  Showing your hand to your opponent too early means that you have no other moves you can make.   If you reveal your carefully crafted plan too early, something we lawyers see people do all the time, you will not get the effect on your enemy you had expected.” (Oooh.  Ouch.  Burn.  Hahaha!)

005MHrVQjw1eofnffkvqvg30a206kx4vKnowing smile after he sees through her scheme

Yi Chen takes his leave and goes to meet another client, but in the middle of his meeting, he receives a call. I know this isn’t an OTP interaction, but let’s all see why Lawyer He Yi Chen is know to be so formidable in the legal circles.

Yi Chen: President Ying.
Ying Hui: I just learned that you rejected the partnership agreement. Why is that, Lawyer He? Did you reject working with INSO because you my past with Mo Sheng bothers you?
(battle music strikes up)
Yi Chen: President Ying, no need to worry about that. I have always upheld the approach that business will be dealt with as business. After all, the law firm does not belong only to me. I will not allow personal matters to interfere with everyone’s benefit.
Ying Hui: That’s good.  I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about anything.
Yi Chen: President Ying then should feel at ease.  There is nothing to misunderstand. I reckon you must know that we have gotten married.  Since we chose marriage, then we will not be affected by things of the past.
Ying Hui: The past? Lawyer He, you were once part of our “past”.  “Water will never take a permanent shape. An army will never be in an unchanging situation.” There is nothing in this world that is set in stone.
Yi Chen: President Ying wants to discuss military strategy with me? My assessment of the situation is, you are “making thousands of ways, and creating hundreds of plans” while I am “waiting at ease for the fatigued enemy”.
Ying Hui: Lawyer He is skillful with words, indeed.  When I have time, I would really like a chance to chat with you.  How about this? When I return from Hong Kong, let’s meet and talk in detail. The scope of our discussion need not be limited to business matters.  Lawyer He, would you be willing?
Yi Chen: Gladly.
Ying Hui: Alright.  Goodbye.


For this first round of Yi Chen versus Ying Hui in their battle of words, who do you think won? Ying Hui may be a shrewd businessman but Yi Chen’s bread and butter lies in his ability with words. So Judge Hoju announces, Round 1, He Yi Chen, win!  (Yeah, yeah, I’m biased.) Obviously this is round 1 only…

Ying Hui calls his American lawyer for a status update on the divorce and is told that the filing for divorce has not been officially rejected yet, so he blows up and tells him to do whatever he can; he can’t wait any longer.

There is a reunion of a small group of Chang Hua alumni.  Tong Xin Ying, Ying Hui’s ex-girlfriend who dumped him and got married to another guy immediately after graduating, is there. While she stands off to the side and listens in, the rest of the group talks about Ying Hui and how they cannot believe he has made it big. Some quietly whisper if she regrets dumping Ying Hui.  Ying Hui arrives and, oh so coincidentally, is seated next to Tong Xin Ying, but he has barely warmed his seat when his assistant, Linda comes in and whispers something to him that causes him to leave right away.

Actually, Ying Hui and Linda are waiting and watching outside for Tong Xin Ying, and just as he expected, she leaves the gathering shortly after he left. Ying Hui says, “If she just leaves, then I will let things be.” But she does not just leave and instead, approaches him when she sees him.  Ying Hui puts on an expression of deep love and states, that he has been waiting for her and came to the gathering only because he wanted to see with his own eyes that she had found happiness. She apologizes to him for the past and tells him that she dumped him for a richer guy because her father had been sick.  Continuing his lovesick act, Ying Hui says he would never blame her. “Looking at the past, we have both lost so much… We are not young anymore, and we should not continue to allow it to be lost…” He’s implying he wants to get back together with her! He sadly and tenderly sends her off with his own chauffeur, but once she is gone, he scoffs, “So many years, but she is still the same. You can see through her acting in a single glance.  So why did I not see through it back then?”  To repay the “love” that Tong Xin Ying once gave him, Linda suggests to give her a “big gift.”

Bongsd: Did you recognise Tong Xin Ying as Linda, Feng Teng’s secretary in Boss & Me?


(In the novel, Ying Hui’s ex is only mentioned and never shows up. I’m not sure, yet, what the point is of bringing her character into the plotline.  Perhaps to show Ying Hui’s ruthless side?  That he will get even if you wronged him?)

It’s a double date. Yi Chen arrives alone because he and Mo Sheng were in opposite directions and it was not convenient to pick her up.  (Yi Mei mentions how popular the restaurant they are in is and how hard it is to get a spot there… but the restaurant is dead! Empty tables all around.) Yi Mei casually asks about Mo Sheng’s work and says she heard from Yuan Feng that Mo Sheng was in charge of the photos for Ying Hui’s interview. At Yi Chen’s slightly surprised look, she says, “Yi Chen, you didn’t know that?” Yi Chen simply says that he does not get too involved in her work. Yi Mei carries on and says how she is amazed by Mo Sheng. Back in the university days, she was able to meet Yi Chen, the top student of the Law Faculty, and then over in the United States, she could meet Ying Hui, who is such a huge name.

(*rant on* I take back anything I said about being glad that Yi Mei lost her petty ways and passive-agressive nature.  She is just as underhanded and pretentious as she was when she was in school!  Whatever happened to the “As long as you choose her, then I will help you, Yi Chen” that she vowed at the hospital? Urgh. Let’s just enjoy the pics of Wallace Chung drinking tea instead.)image

13 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 19 Review and Recap

  1. I must say Bongsd and HoJu has got all the patience in the world. They both are able to finish this episode. Just working on the cover alone, I couldn’t even decide what to capture.

  2. Told you I hate drama Ying Hui and Yi Mei.

  3. So, we’re all in agreement that Yi Mei and Ying Hui are absolutely pathetic? Every time Ying Hui appears on my screen, he makes my skin crawl. *shudders* I don’t think I can forgive Gu Man and the writers for destroying these two characters, at this point I think I would have preferred it if they had created another character to play the villain – I just can’t get over the HUGE gap between novel Yi Mei/Ying Hui and drama Yi Mei/Ying Hui. 😦

    On a completely different note, from episode 21-26 (so far) gave me cavities – too many sweet OTP moments. 😀 No complaints here though.

  4. What does OTP mean? LOL…

    Wow…that would be cool to see a condensed version..having Wallace and tiffany play university times….yes there was too much fluff…in boss and me I liked the series more maybe because I thought zjl was so cute with zhang han…but this series besides Wallace I like the novel much more…

    I don’t understand the parts with yinghui’s old girlfriend and the whole bigamy marriage is so unnecessary….what happened to the producers…

    although I feel bad for yimei as well she waited for him so many years but he is still in love with someone else…yet its also her fault she never once expressed her love for him and tried to win his love….but just passively waited while he waited..

    and then she said she was gonna let go but later in chapters 20 plus she really didn’t let go..

  5. I’m glad they picked Tan Kai to play the villain in “Sunshine”. This guy has some serious acting chops to rival WC and I just love to watch all their confrontations and personal battle scenes together. It really makes rooting for Lawyer He all the more fun and enjoyable. Gosh, this drama has such great chemistry among all the male characters. LOL!

  6. Pm just declared….I dun like ying hui anymore 😦 he just so killed my novel version of ying hui…..the gentle and sacrificial kind of guy….novel ying hui cleared up the air for Mosheng….drama ying hui is just so scheming and annoying and so revengeful……good looking but scary…..dun like dun like…..

    Yi mei is oh well….most suitated for ying hui I guess…birds of a feather flock together…..why dun they just pair up…..

  7. Thanks ladies for the heroic effort of recapping such a boring episode sp. when there wasnt even enough of WC eye candy.
    I saw the preview for episodes 27 an 28 and was kinda put off by how they are ruining a book which started my interest in chinese novels. I started watching the drama without a whole lot of expectations as I have yet to come across a show/movie that is as good as the book its based upon (Harry Potter is an exception).
    WC as Yi Chen……………. ermagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad <3<3

  8. love reading all your observation and fangirl giggles as well.

  9. Love your recap hoju! ♥ you make a boring episode so funny 😀
    Keep up the great work and keep praising my WC lol.

  10. It is good to know this drama has been reduced to 32 episodes. Actually, I have abandoned this drama after watching episode 23. I couldn’t take it anymore on the forceful cuteness acting of Tiffany (she should learn how to dramatize “cute’ from Zhao Li Ying portraying Shan Shan), the forever whinny, sulky Yi Mei who thinks Yi Chen is the only man alive on this planet for her, and bla bla bla. Not even the chemistry between Xiao Xiao and Yu Feng can save this drama for me. But regardless, I shall still read your recaps without watching live acting on screen. And thank you, ladies for your all your hard works.

    I shall wait patiently for Peanuts to give us the wonderful happy lifes of Lu Jun and Xia Ye………..these 2 can really destress me.

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