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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 20 Review and Recap



Updating from what hoju told you in her last post, the young WC and TY will be shown in episodes 31 to 32 in a ‘what-if’ scenario. If you want to know how it could be done, read epilogue 3.2 . Heehee, I am right after all. Shouldn’t have listened to bongsd telling me they gonna have a special 😛 The 2 broadcasting stations in China have allocated 18 nights to broadcast My Sunshine but the drama has been trimmed to 32 episodes which means 16 nights. Hence the production company has edited a condensed version, akin to a movie to be broadcast over the last 2 nights.

After the boring episode 19, we have some live action in this episode. I’ve been telling bongsd, hoju & chewywon that those who are doing the even number episodes are the lucky one, namely me & chewywon 😛 My sympathy to hoju and bongsd for having to endure plenty of Yi Mei and Ying Hui, lol. We have an exciting as well as sad episode of the cool and calm Yi Chen losing control 😦

My Sunshine Episode 20 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

The episode starts with Yi Mei inviting Yi Chen and Mo Sheng for a meal because Yi Chen mentioned having a meal together when they stumbled upon each other in the cinema. The actual reason this scheming woman wants to eat with them is probably to bring Ying Hui’s relationship with Mo Sheng to Yi Chen’s attention, hoping to cause trouble. Yi Chen doesn’t seem affected. Then Mo Sheng arrives. This Yi Mei is so fake, telling Mo Sheng that she ordered her favourite dish, sweet and sour spare ribs. Mo Sheng is also surprised by Yi Mei invitation. Yi Mei brushes it off as wanting a gathering. But she keeps on asking about her interview with Ying Hui. Mo Sheng explains to Yi Chen that the interview was arranged by the magazine publisher. Even Yuan Feng can feel that Yi Mei doesn’t like Mo Sheng and asks her about it. Yi Mei defends herself by saying that if there is really something going on between Ying Hui and Mo Sheng then his brother will be in the dark. Yuan Feng further says that she should not be involved in their relationship. Yi Mei angrily says he also should not be involved in her affair. Grrrrrgh, can’t stand this woman!


The editor-in-chief is ecstatic that the owner of a famous brand name (Miffy) is willing to accept an interview with the magazine publisher which will take place in Hong Kong. She decides to send Mo Sheng who is good in English there. Nowadays people tend to worship anything English so many Chinese brand names will include English in their names. Mo Sheng decides to bring Xiao Hong along which is different from the novel but Xiao Hong’s shopaholic nature remains the same.3Mo Sheng is packing her luggage to go to HK. Similar to the novel, when Yi Chen sees the luggage, he asks: What are you doing? Where are you going?
Mo Sheng: HK


Yi Chen: If I’ve not accidentally stumbled upon this, would you disappear without a trace again without me knowing about it?
Mo Sheng: No.
Yi Chen: Don’t you know you are already married?


Yi Chen: Fine, tell me, how many years do you plan to be gone this time?
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen. Yi Chen. Please release me.


Yi Chen: Painful? You can also feel pain?

This is very similar to the novel and I can’t help blushing when I watched it 😛 But, a big disappointment to all those hungry WC’s fans, namely Himmy and Yui that he didn’t go all the way here lol.



Yi Chen: Why are you going to HK?
Mo Sheng: For an interview. I’ll be back in a few days. I’ve nearly forgotten about it which is why I am packing now.

Suddenly the phone is ringing. It is Xiao Hong asking Mo Sheng to bring a bigger luggage to shop till they drop.


Yi Chen: Why are you not scared to come over?
(Mo Sheng’s head is lowered, but she covers Yi Chen’s hand with hers.)


Yi Chen: I am sorry.


This part is extra to the novel and it adds a nice touch to the story as we get to see a vulnerable Yi Chen shedding tears. He even apologizes for his action. Then he hugs Mo Sheng to seek comfort from her, so heart-breaking. I think bongsd & chewywon also shed some tears but I was too tired to cry 😛 Look at the tears in WC’s eyes as well as his priceless expression. Such great acting, as he conveyed the agony and confusion so well, sob sob……I better stop singing anymore praise or else pm will accuse me of being bias which I am 😛

Hoju: Everyone knows I’m not an official Wallace Chung fan, right? Honest.  Wallace’s acting was so… gosh, awesome here.  The incredulous look when he first sat up and then the self-revulsion that came through his entire body language after Mo Sheng told him why she was going to HK were so heartrending.  But the thing that caught me was the stillness.  When he was sitting on the couch after Mo Sheng took the phone call, Yi Chen sat there unmoving, and he looked so… broken.  And when Mo Sheng’s hand covers his, his eyes! The grief that played across his face and in his eyes, that he would do that to the woman he loved…



On a happier note, look at how happy they were while they were rehearing and preparing to film this difficult scene. As you can see, WC is very serious and dedicated to his art. WC is always so smiley even when he has to film a painful and heart breaking scene.



In the next scene in HK, the three of them waiting for Miffy to show up for the interview. Xiao Hong laments it is rare for people to be punctual. They will treat being late as a symbol of their important status. Mo Sheng who is in a daze, says being late is not good. Then Miffy’s assistant comes and brings them to a party. Another chance for everyone to drink Rio 😦 Arrrgh, that stalker Ying Hui is also there. He pretends that this is coincidental. Somemore he tells Mo Sheng this is their house in HK, goosebumps. How can Miffy just ditch the interview just because Ying Hui issued her with a last minute invitation? So unprofessional and ill-mannered. She wanted to change the time but Ying Hui suggested to her to invite them to party along and conduct the interview tomorrow. Mo Sheng wants to leave but Ying Hui asks her to stay.

7Then Mo Sheng asks him why everyone is addressing her as Mrs Ying. Mr Ying bluffs her by saying that he has to delay the announcement of their divorce due to commercial reason. Mo Sheng refuses to play along but Ying Hui plays the gratitude card. He says that he has never refused Mo Sheng’s request before so for the sake of his company, she can show her gratitude by helping him out. Mo Sheng is adamant in her refusal since she is already married. Ying Hui continues to appeal to her, saying what harm will a delay bring her and he never thought she’ll refuse him. Mo Sheng kind of feels guilty so when the Caucasian guy addresses her as Mrs Ying, she keeps quiet. Poor Mo Sheng, she has to use the excuse of going to toilet to get away from this sticky situation.


In the end, she decides to call Yi Chen. She tells Yi Chen not to be angry and narrates what has happened to him. Smart lawyer He can easily guess she met Ying Hui in HK. He asks Mo Sheng for her hotel address. How do you like this new addition to the novel of having Yi Chen flies to HK to rescue Mo Sheng? I find it redundant but I enjoy watching WC in his home turf. He has always been filming in China so this is a rare chance to film in HK. In an interview, he said HK is where he was born and grew up so of course it has a special place in his heart as one of his favourite city.


Those busybody women are gossiping about Mo Sheng looking ordinary yet managed to get someone outstanding like Ying Hui. Actually beside beauty, you also need to have a good brain to choose a prospective stock like Ying Hui. Ya, I also want to know how Mo Sheng can attract 2 outstanding men! Mo Sheng is very hungry but she continues to hide in the toilet. Whereas Yi Chen is asking his secretary to book a ticket to HK within 2 hours. WC looks so stylish even while he is in a rush, lol. At last, Mo Sheng comes out of the toilet to look for her colleagues. She gives the excuse that she got lost so Ying Hui offers to bring them to tour the house. Ying Hui mentions that he misses Xiao Jia. Really? He asks them to stay overnight but Mo Sheng insists on going back. Urrrrrgh, he is so annoying !!!



After Mo Sheng turns down Ying Hui’s offer to stay at his place, so he accompanies them all back to the hotel.  As they walk through the lobby, they see Yi Chen there waiting.  As he tells Mo Sheng that he is there on business and did not tell her because he wanted to surprise her (Oh Yi Chen, business, no; surprise Mo Sheng, yes!), Ying Hui butts himself in.

Ying Hui: I never thought I would run into you here. A formal invitation is not nearly as good as a chance encounter. Pleasure to see you.
Yi Chen: You are too kind.  I would suspect President Ying, you did not want to formally invite me anyways.  And furthermore, most “chance encounters” are actually not by chance. What do you say, President Ying?
Ying Hui: Whether it is chance encounter or reuniting, neither is actually important. What is important is the end result.
Yi Chen: What a privilege it is for me that President Ying and I think alike.

Xiao Hong is happy that Yi Chen can remember her. Ying Hui upgraded their rooms to deluxe since the standard rooms in HK are small. Mo Sheng’s room even has the scenic ocean view. Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng not to refuse Ying Hui’s kind intention. Since he was in a rush to go to HK, he did not book a hotel room. Now, he doesn’t need to worry 😛 Ahahaha, Yi Chen is insinuating that he can share a room with Mo Sheng. Then Xiao Hong says she is hungry and suggests they go and have a meal. Ying Hui grabs this opportunity to invite them to have a meal. Yi Chen also tags along by saying that he should be the one to treat them a meal. Xiao Hong quickly says they are tired, leaving the 3 of them to go and have their meal. This Xiao Hong is so funny as she finds out the deluxe room is expensive so she wants to cancel it in exchange for cash. She should be matched with Lao Yuan, lol. The two nosy colleagues continues to speculate about Mo Sheng’s relationship with Ying Hui and Yi Chen.


The men take turns ordering. All items are Mo Sheng’s favourites, of course.
Ying Hui: Two orders each of shrimp dumplings and steamed chicken feet.  One order of honey-glazed barbecue pork.
Yi Chen: Stir-fried broccoli and mu’er fungus, crispy, salted shrimp and chicken, oatmeal buns with sesame paste, and red bean slush.
Ying Hui: Oh, I never thought lawyer He likes to eat sweet stuff.
Yi Chen: I am okay only but Mo Sheng likes it.
Ying Hui: Really? But having red bean slush at night is not good for the tummy.
Yi Chen: Oh yes, I am being overindulgent. Then we will change it to red bean soup.

This is such an awkward meal with the two of them vying to be attentive. Poor Mo Sheng, they keep on piling her plate with food. Are they competing as to who can stuff Mo Sheng with more food, lol?

Mo Sheng: The red bean soup is very tasty.
Yi Chen: Really? Do you want to order another one?
Mo Sheng: When did you start to like to eat this?
Yi Chen: Since yesterday.
Mo Sheng: My dad told me since young that red bean is good to nourish your health.
Yi Chen: President Ying should drink more. Red bean can nourish the blood.
Ying Hui: Thank you for your concern. I am feeling very well.

WC is eating again but no gif on it 😛 Can you feel the undercurrent in their conversation?


After they finished the meal, Yi Chen expresses his gratitude to Ying Hui and is about to go to the hotel room with Mo Sheng. But Ying Hui suggests the night is still young so how about they play pool. Of course, if lawyer He is tired and has no energy then forget about it. Since Ying Hui said like that, of course Yi Chen can’t refuse. Otherwise he’ll look like a weakling. Gentlemen, let’s the game begin!!! This Ying Hui is so cunning to ask Yi Chen out to play pool so he can’t go back to the hotel room with Mo Sheng 🙂


16 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 20 Review and Recap

  1. “Of course, if lawyer He is tired and has no energy then forget about it. Since Ying Hui said like that, of course Yi Chen can’t refuse. Otherwise he’ll look like a weakling.”

    I can’t believe the great lawyer, He Yi Chen, fell for that! If I were Yi Chen, this is how that conversation would have ended:

    Ying Hui: Of cource, if lawyer He is tired and has no energy then forget about it.
    Yi Chen: Indeed President Ying, the night is young and I do have a lot of energy. However, I can think of much exciting ways to expend that energy. 😉
    I would then put my arms around my wife and walk away. *Stop* *Turn around*
    Yi Chen: Oh, President Ying!?
    Ying Hui: Yes?
    Yi Chen: Thank you for the room, we’ll use it well! 😛 😉
    *walks away*
    Ying Hui: -_-

    Seriously, who leaves their wife in a hotel room all by herself so you can stay up all night playing pool with another man, a man you don’t particularly like – all for the sake of pride and male posturing. *shakes head*

    • Clap, clap, you are good. Should have fired Gu Man and hire you to write the script lol. This is just to drag the drama. Can’t have the boating night too early. Some audience like Anon like to see the showdown b/w the 2 guys 😛

      • Haha, Peanuts. Clap! Clap! You are good too. Your comments are always so funny. 🙂 I did say I have a sick sense of humour. The dinner scene is so wickedly funny. LOL! I’m thinking WC’s acting skills have come a long way since “Best Time”. Looks like his turn in “Warriors of the City” and “The Stand-in” last year really helps him to mature as a serious actor. I don’t condone violence on women by those known or unknown to them but I think WC deserves the Best Actor in a TV drama award solely based on the couch scene. Hoju couldn’t have described what went through Lawyer He’s mind any better than that based on WC’s awesome acting here.

    • I love your version. Agree 100%. Who wants to play pool all night with your rival. Geez.

    • *thumbs up*

      yinghui will butthurt for the whole nite!!! xD nice

  2. Yes I agree although it was wrong of him to bully his wife that way…(it really would have been marital assault…:o( )…his acting was superb…I never really watched Wallace until this series and he has captured my attention..

    I guess what they said about him when it comes to mosheng he is illogical, can’t think straight…cause when one thinks about it they were in the same house together…if mosheng wanted to leave him again she would not have picked a time when he was in the house to pack her bags and wheel out herluggage to the living room….but all he saw was her luggage and immediately he thought she was gonna leave him again without telling him….I think it was also all the pressure from listening to yinhui about yinhui and moshing’s past that got him so teased up….

    Well I wil give yichen credit for wanting her back although in his mind she had another man…yet he still wanted her back and kind of “forced” a decision on her to marry him….kudos to Guman to think of that….that would be unexpected…

    and all throughout until later chapters, he was still afraid to hear about her past…yet he tells yimei he will learn to accept it (meaning that she had another man not knowing it was a fake marriage)..well shows how much he wanted her back…

    Sage…I like your scenario LOL….however, it shows Yi Chen’s weakness — he has too much male pride —

  3. Anyway I was reading more closely the chapters in the novel…I will give Tiffany a little more credit — in the novel — she really did have he heads down a lot of time when speaking with him…timid and afraid to look at him in the eyes…so what do you think…you think Tiffany was acting correctly how mosheng was written as novel or she should have found another way to act out mosheng…

  4. they also actually edited that scene ….the 15 min trailer actually had more to it…LOL…

    “Warriors of the City” and “The Stand-in” — were these good series?

    • Yeah, I don’t like they cut some of the scene out it reduced the tension. But maybe it’s inappropriate on TV.

      Both ‘The Stand In’ & ‘Warriors of The City’ are quite serious drama, if you like Peanut who like relax drama and don’t want see ppl die then maybe it’s not suitable for you lol. But the story is really good and WC has great acting in both drama! I suggest you watch The Stand In first if you want 🙂

  5. thanks….yeah I don’t like seeing pple die…that’s why I loved boss and me..relaxed…

    okay..there is a video on youtube for silent separation but with Wallace and liu shi shi…were they gonna use liu shi shi for the role of mo sheng then? or just a very early advertisement trailer for the series ?

  6. I was wondering where you are catching this because different sites apparently offer different cuts.

  7. oh..okay….btw…where is the epilogue in Chinese….? I don’t see an epilogue section in the Chinese version of the novel…?

  8. misscupcakees….you mean the cuts in his mad scene? it was in the official 15 minute trailer on youtube…it was more intense there…LOL…and more intense in the novel as well…at least after what happened in the novel they actually “made up” in bed…Lol….here in the series they don’t end up “in bed” until even after their so called honeymoon….no passionate scenes either….

    not allowed for this drama I guess….lol

  9. Oh man the moment Wallace Chung appeared in the hotel, I went “AHHHHH!!! HE’S HERE!” Ying is so irritating and definitely pales in comparison to He Yichen okay tsk tsk.

  10. I’ve watched Episode20 over a dozen times just to watch WC break down before TT. GREAT ACTING! Let me go watch it again now. LOL!!! 😀

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