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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 21 Review and Recap



I nearly burst a blood vessel in my last recap.  Thank goodness this one has red bean slush (and according to Yi Chen, red bean is good for my health, right?) and lots of other sweetness…

Peanuts: Oh so envious that hoju gets to recap the HK parts. This is one of my fav city as well as WC’s fav city, lol.

My Sunshine Episode 21 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)

Yi Chen and Ying Hui duke it out, both verbally and over the pool table. As much as I do not like Ying Hui, I do enjoy watching when he and Yi Chen do their dance of words, especially when Yi Chen has the upper hand. 😉

Ying Hui: Regarding Mo Sheng, I feel very regretful. In these past three years, I was too busy. If I could do it again, I absolutely would not give all my time to work.
Yi Chen: Our school, Chang Hua’s motto is, “Diligence until one reaches understanding. Strive unremittingly for self-improvement.” During the centennial celebration, President Ying, you used this motto to encourage our junior schoolmates to seize every minute.  Only a few days and you have already changed your view. It’s not good for a leader to be so indecisive.
Ying Hui: One who is blessed needs not be busy. One who is not blessed will be busy until he breaks himself. What do you think?
Yi Chen: This is President Ying’s current situation. (i.e. Ying Hui is not blessed because he does not have Mo Sheng anymore.)

Mo Sheng waits alone in the room while the two men continue their polite hostilities through the night, clearly exhausted but, for male pride, are guzzling can after can of Red Bull.



Xiao Hong is clearly enjoying the dining scene of Hong Kong. When Mo Sheng comes down for breakfast, she inquires with a grin, “Where are those two?… How was last night?” but is disappointed when Mo Sheng informs her that the two men spent their “energy” on each other. Cutting her curiosity off short, Mo Sheng reminds her that they still have an interview to do with Miffy.

As Yi Chen and Ying Hui leave after an entire night of pool, Yi Chen tells the hotel wait staff to send the bill directly to his room.  Ying Hui asks him, if he remembered correctly, Yi Chen was a not able to reserve a room at the hotel yesterday? Yi Chen merely gives a smirk and replies, “President Ying, you would actually believe that?”  (Bahahaha! Round “I forget the number”, Yi Chen, Win!) Ying Hui can only follow after him and mutter under his breath, “Lawyers.”

Peanut: I want to know who won the game even though I can see WC has the winning pose in holding the pool cue 🙂


A huge stash of clothing is being rolled in for Miffy’s interview and photo shoot, but when Miffy saunters in, she snootily tells them she only has two hours for them and will not take pictures while answering questions so the photo shoot will only be at the end.

The law firm is scrambling with Yi Chen’s sudden departure to Hong Kong. Xiang Heng makes a call to Yi Chen, wondering what he is working on since he thought the business they had in HK had finished.  Yi Chen tells him, he just started some new business… delivering red bean slush!  Aaaaw… so sweet.  Mo Sheng didn’t get her red bean slush the night before, so despite not getting any sleep, off Yi Chen goes to buy some for her.


Miffy is not cooperating, unwilling to take off her sunglasses for the photo shoot, saying, she only accepted the interview as a favour to a friend. “Would you show your face when you are doing something that is so beneath you?” (They say birds of a feather flock together.  I guess that’s why she’s Ying Hui’s friend. Sheesh.) Yi Chen arrives with his drink delivery, but Miffy tells Mo Sheng to focus on her work and not waste her time. As they go back to photos, Miffy disdainfully comments, “So this is your new boyfriend. For him, you dumped Ying.” When Mo Sheng merely reminds her that she herself had said she did not like people probing into her private matters, Miffy asks her, was she not confident enough in her own looks that she decided to downgrade to someone whose career was not as good. Lawyers only serve people by helping people in court.  Mo Sheng is mad now that she is putting down Yi Chen.  “So what? You serve people too by making clothes for them.” Oooooh, Miffy gives Mo Sheng the evil eye, but this time, Mo Sheng is not backing down and glares right back at her.  Atta girl! Look how happy Yi Chen is that Mo Sheng is defending him. Xiao Hong goes to diffuse the situation while Mo Sheng walks off hand-in-hand with Yi Chen.

Mo Sheng: Don’t be mad, Yi Chen.
Yi Chen: Why should I get mad?
Mo Sheng: Her words just now were very rude.
Yi Chen: Didn’t you make a comeback for me? This is the first time I discovered that Mo Sheng has such a way with words.
Mo Sheng: Really?
Yi Chen: Really. Is this a case of, “someone standing near ink will eventually be dyed black”?
Mo Sheng: Are you being narcissistic, Yi Chen?
Yi Chen: Yes.

And Yi Chen leans in and gives Mo Sheng a tender kiss on the forehead!! *squeal*  (I feel a little better. Peanuts gets the episodes with all the cute OTP stuff, but at least I got their first kiss that is baggage-free and nothing but sweet, sweet, sweet…)



So off our couple goes for a day of fun in HK.  I think I recognize Mongkok, with the busy streets and shops, and of course Victoria Peak with the tram that they took to the top and where they took a bunch of selfies, and the famous HK harbour view from, I believe, Tsim Sha Tsui. The day was just full of cute expressions and sweetness… (Wallace looks like he had fun being a tourist in his own home city.)



Peanuts: Oh, WC looks so naturally cute and funny in all those shots in HK. He has such an infectious smile and sunny disposition. Yah, he is the sunshine in Mo Sheng’s life, not vice versa. Must have felt good to be filming at home. Drooling………..:P


The fun day ends with them sitting side-by-side staring out at the romantic night view of HK’s harbour.

Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, it’s like we are dating. (giggles)
Yi Chen: If I remember correctly, we are actually already married.
Mo Sheng: It’s not the same.

Mo Sheng cuddles up to Yi Chen and thinks, “Does Yi Chen really not mind anymore? *sigh* But the mood is so good right now, it’s better if I don’t mention the stuff with Ying Hui right now.  After all, Yi Chen will know sooner or later. Then, it’ll be his turn to come apologize to me.”



Yuan Feng gets pulled in to do a photo shoot for Xiao Xiao because she had offended the photographer who was originally supposed to come.  When she says she is not going to apologize because it wasn’t her fault, Yuan Feng suddenly thinks of his quarrel with Yi Mei and wonders whether he should apologize, even if he thinks it wasn’t his fault. Would she not talk to him ever again if he didn’t apologize?  Xiao Xiao merely laughs at his situation, and Yuan Feng walks away in a huff while Xiao Xiao groans about her pimple.

Tong Xin Ying is clearly distracted at work. (Despite being married, she is still being hit on at work by a co-worker. Another homewrecker wannabe?!)  When she is told that someone driving an expensive car is asking for her, she dashes out excitedly. It is Linda, bearing a gift from Ying Hui, but she turns it down, asking Linda to take back the message that what she wants is not expensive gifts but for him to take a little bit of time out to just talk with her. Linda agrees to pass on the message, but insists that she keep the present.

Yi Mei is told to have Ying Hui as her first interviewee on her new show. When she points out that he does not accept interviews, her supervisor tells her that Treasure successfully got an interview with him. Yi Mei appears to pick up that it is Mo Sheng’s magazine that got the interview.  Remembering that Yuan Feng had told her that Ying Hui had offered to take him out for a meal, she contacts Yuan Feng.  The poor guy is all excited to see her, but, to his disappointment, the first thing she asks about is seeing if he can help her meet Ying Hui. He promises to do what he can, and says in his mind. “It looks like this interview is very important to Yi Mei. If the invitation to Ying Hui is not successful, I might just need to ask Dad for help.”  (Hmm… interesting.  We actually don’t know much about Yuan Feng’s background.  Wonder who his dad is.)


Xiang Heng calls with a case for Yi Chen to handle in Hong Kong.  Mo Sheng asks him, “But Yi Chen, didn’t you say you were here on business anyway?” Yi Chen only smiles at her, and realizing that was a dumb question (Of course not! He’s here to see you!), she volunteers to take everything back to the hotel while he goes to do business.


Yi Chen’s potential client turns out to be Miffy. She takes one look at him and sneers, “What are you doing here? You followed me?” (Holy! Because yes, the whole world revolves around you. Can these side characters be any more annoying?) Yi Chen just tells her she has a great imagination. Miffy’s lawyer highly recommends Yi Chen for her case in Mainland China, but she  says condescendingly that she does not intend to give her case to him. Yi Chen states simply, he does not plan on accepting this case either. When Miffy makes a comment that he won’t take money put in front of him, he tells her lawyers have the right and ability to choose which clients they accept, then walks out of the meeting. Miffy’s lawyer tells her she may have turned away the only lawyer who could help her in her case.

At the airport, ready to fly back to Shanghai, Yi Chen wants to upgrade Mo Sheng’s economy ticket to business class, but Mo Sheng turns him down since her co-workers are in economy, too. Unfortunately, the plane is full and Yi Chen cannot downgrade his ticket to sit with Mo Sheng either. Xiao Hong and Li Da Bao show up later because Xiao Hong has been taking advantage of the shopping scene in HK.


Ying Hui is on the same flight as them and (of course!) has the seat across the aisle from Yi Chen. Ying Hui decides that he needs to start another battle with Yi Chen.

Ying Hui: It seems the flight will not feel lonely with the chance now to chat with Lawyer He, you.  Lawyer He, regardless of whether you are dealing with people or other matters, being overly nervous only reveals your hidden insecurity.
Yi Chen: What would you consider to be nervous?
Ying Hui: Chasing someone thousands of miles because you have not seen that person for one day. I’d consider that to be overly nervous.
Yi Chen: That’s a simple pleasure between husband and wife. As someone who is not married, it is normal that President Ying does not understand this.  (Ouch, that should hurt!) However, it seems this trip, President Ying came in high spirits but left in disappointment, so it’s surprising that you would still be in the mood to carry out with idle chat.


Ying Hui: “Left in disappointment”? What do you, Lawyer He mean by that?
Yi Chen: That party.
Ying Hui: I have been very civil already. You should know that I will not stop at only that.
Yi Chen: I shall watch and see.


The woman sitting next to Yi Chen is terribly attracted to the handsome, suave lawyer, so she asks for his business card or address, saying she’ll possibly need an attorney. Yi Chen very politely turns down her requests, but as she gets up, turbulence occurs and she conveniently falls right into our handsome Lawyer He, who, being the gentleman that he is, supports her briefly.  (Peanuts and co., you would do find a way to create the same opportunity if it was you, wouldn’t you?)

imageMeow.  Hey, you, keep your claws off Lawyer He!

Ying Hui: She was just asking for your contact information.  Lawyer He, your response seemed a little unreasonable.
Yi Chen: President Ying probably has seen even more of these types of situations.  Why ask when you know the reason?
Ying Hui: Lawyers are merely people who are subservient to those with money and power, yet people still want to flock towards them like ducks.
Yi Chen: That is only President Ying, you, using yourself to measure others and not understanding that a man of noble character will do what is appropriate in the appropriate situation and pay no heed to what is not appropriate.
Ying Hui: Will not do what is inappropriate? Where money and power are present, there is no stronghold that will not come down.  You are merely a lawyer, what can you do?
Yi Chen: (Oooh… that sigh looks a little p***ed-off.) I can choose to remove myself from immoral doings. It is possible to have both justice and remuneration.  If I should have a client who chooses to file a complaint against President Ying, I do not mind letting you see for yourself what my choice is.
Ying Hui: You are allowing yourself to fantasize too much.
Yi Chen: When it comes to fantasizing, I am not nearly as good at it as President Ying.
Ying Hui: Then Lawyer He, feel free to wait for the chance.
Yi Chen: Based on looking at the business dealings that your company is involved in, this day is not far.

Wow, if the previous times these two had met and exchanged words could be called sparring, this time, the gloves are off. They are still veiling the conversation in politeness, but gosh, they are not bothering with the niceties at all now. I do not like Ying Hui, but I give credit to Tan Kai. He is playing the arrogant, successful businessman well, and he and Wallace Chung make a great pair to watch when they are together onscreen.

They’re off the plane and out the gate now.  The two men do look mighty fine standing there tall and straight in their designer suits waiting for Mo Sheng, don’t they? (I’ll take the one on the left, please!) Mo Sheng greets Ying Hui, asking him if he had been on the same flight as them, and Ying Hui replies to her, yes, what a coincidence. And Yi Chen and Ying Hui cannot resist one last little exchange to round off their HK trip.

Yi Chen: Coincidences always seem to make people happy. Chatting with President Ying this whole journey has been a very enjoyable experience.
Ying Hui: Of course Lawyer He enjoyed it. Such a short journey, yet you were still able to encounter an admirer.
(Mo Sheng gives an “mm” in surprise.)
Yi Chen: I am married already. President Ying, you are single and more qualified to be followed by admirers.
(Ba-dum-bum-CHING! Haha.  Oooh… that one must have hurt, too!)

An excited, wide-eyed look comes over Xiao Hong when she hears this info, and she pulls Mo Sheng back for the scoop to ask who Lawyer He is married to. When Mo Sheng answers, “Me,” she becomes even more exhilarated.  She can barely eek out her voice from excitement. “You woman, you.  How could the world have such a gratifying woman like you? Gawd, these top-class hot guys, and you go get one, then toss him away, get another one, then toss him away.” (LOL.  Xiao Hong, you’re awesome.) Mo Sheng instructs her not to tell anyone about what happened during the HK trip and especially not about Ying Hui, and Xiao Hong gives her word, promising to make sure Li Da Bao (the male colleague with them) keeps his mouth zipped too.


In the car, Linda tells Ying Hui that He Yi Mei, He Yi Chen’s sister, wants to interview him…

20 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 21 Review and Recap

  1. So happy seeing my OTP smiling and happy. The scenes reflects the bright mood, so different from early episodes.

  2. Okay, I am going to be honest. I just finished episode 28. I was very excited about this drama at the beginning and it started out great. I looked forward to each new day for two new episodes, but to my dismay, as the series dragged on, I found myself skipping the majority of each episodes!

    The sequences of the story is completely thwarted. There was not enough chemistry and the trailers made it look better than it actually is.
    Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s interactions started out strong, but got weaker gradually and now they are just a mushy, fluffy couple. The book had way more hot and provocative scenes that SHOULD have been in the drama. I hate China’s censorship!
    Not to mention, Tang Yan is a TERRIBLE actress. She made Mo Sheng so annoying and weak! I cringe every time she is on screen or when she gives that perpetual silly grin of hers’.

    Ying Hui and Yi Mei’s characters are destroyed to smithereens for the sake of dragging on the plot.

    Yuan Feng’s character was completely pointless and I roll my eyes every time he comes on screen.

    Now, I might get disagreements on this: Don’t get me wrong. Wallace is a great actor; a jewel in a haystack.

    But with each new episode, I feel like he is not Yi Chen anymore, but more…Wallace. Has anyone noticed this?

    • I wouldn’t mind if they got translated more hot and provocative scenes from the novel to the little scenns. 😉 I’ve never watch Wallace Chung before, but I’m pretty impressed with this actor (good acting).

    • Absolutely agree on the Tang Yan part! She is just not cut out to act as Mosheng…She is kinda like giggling out of embarrassment all the time and all her ‘giggling’ scenes with Wallace seem like NG takes, not like she is acting. Kinda feel sorry for Wallace… And im absolutely not fond of her voice, too die-ish for me! Her Mosheng seems like a damsel in distress all the time. I personally feel that the young actress who acted as young Mosheng did way better than her lol…

      I thought Wallace is really quite good at acting as Yichen hahaha! I love the way he acts with his expressions and those eyes, I could really tell all the different emotions he is feeling just from his face. Really impressive. Maybe he is becoming more Wallace rather than Yichen for you, but for me, I just can’t help but picture Wallace when reading the book heh!

      Yinghui and Yimei both lost their suaveness… but for a drama, they have no choice but to drag on the plot…sigh!

      Thank goodness both Yinghui and Yimei came to terms with their own feelings lol

    • Yes, agree to some extent about Yi Chen not being Yi Chen anymore. (I have only watched up to episode 23…)

      One of the winning points of the first half of the drama was that Wallace Chung seemed to embody Yi Chen, the character from the book. As a novel reader, it was amazing to watch this, that he could convey such emotion and at the same time, still be the impassive looking Yi Chen. Now that the couple has gotten together and Yi Chen has decided he wants to be with MS, he is very outwardly happy. I think a large part of it is script. You can’t really have a stoic looking Yi Chen doing the sweetness of giving her a sunshine necklace or bargaining with Mo Sheng by mimed actions how long she’s allowed to be out on the beach. In the novel, Yi Chen stayed in character because even when he was showing his love, he would do it Lawyer He style (like saying “I love you” by having Mo Sheng underline things in textbooks and magazines) and not be so outwardly obvious.

      So, yes, the script is creating situations and writing things that the novel Yi Chen just wouldn’t do, so Wallace Chung has to interpret it himself. And that’s probably why you feel like it’s not Yi Chen.

  3. Thank you for the fast update, both teams Fanatical! Add oil/jia you! 🙂

    “And Yi Chen leans in and gives Mo Sheng a tender kiss on the forehead!! *squeal* ”
    Anybody noticed in this scene that the bangs of Mo Sheng are different before the kiss and during the kiss? 😉

    • In episode 15 I’ve noticed an other “production mistake”. the scene where Yi Chen comes home after the business trip, saw Mo Sheng in his bed and walks back to the living room to stare out the window. I saw the reflection of the camera crew in the window. 😉

  4. Ha! Ha! I nearly choked on my dinner when Lawyer He said that classic line “You actually believe what I’d said?” and then walked away with such a smirk on his face that said “Haha, you sucker!”. Muahahaha! Priceless, absolutely priceless! Gosh, I can’t believe I actually enjoy watching Lawyer He together with Ying Hui more than with Mo Sheng. Honestly, there’s only so much sugar overdose that I can take from the main OTP in the latter episodes. I want the angsty haughty sullen Lawyer He back. He looks so sexy that way. LOL!

    • Me too! That’s why I seem to be translating all the Ying Hui vs. Lawyer He scenes. I am enjoying the sweet, but I’ve only watched up to episode 23. I hear there’s a LOT more to come.

  5. I was going to add why WC didn’t get mobbed by the locals when he filmed this drama on the streets of HK. I find it sad that WC just doesn’t get the love and recognition he so deserves on his own home turf as opposed to Mainland China. 😦

    • Yes, not many ppl in HK know WC 😦 Someone fr HK emailed me to ask me who won TAR. Then I told her WC a fellow Hongky. She replied that she supports Ekin & Jordan 😦 This is why he is filming more Johnnie To’s movies to get recognition in HK. Oh, so nice if he can film a drama for TVB in Cantonese. Hawick did that.

      • Yes, yes. I was just thinking of the same thing, how I’d love to see WC in a HK drama series so long as we can hear him speak in his own voice and in his own dialect. The ratings would’ve hit the roof in HK since it’ll be such a novelty to them. I’m really looking forward to seeing WC in a baddie role because I have such faith in his acting now. I don’t know why but every time I see WC on the screen, I see a younger version of Chow Yun Fat in him. Both of them have the same tall frame, a great sense of humour and a certain childishness about them. 🙂
        Really? Hawick Lau is back to filming a Cantonese drama? Cool! 🙂

        • Hawick has filmed that drama already with Wong Jing as the director and Liza Wang as his mum. It is one of those boring family squabbling for wealth drama 😦

          I doubt WC will film any drama for TVB since he is trying to establish himself as a bona fide movie actor like Louis Koo. Also, it is not easy to get a lead role in TVB drama unless it is filmed by outsider. Not that TVB is a great station, just that they’ll use their own artistes, cheaper.

  6. I think the filming was rushed that is why we see so many errors. I guess they had a small number of crew or staff. Anyway, I am still into the drama. Great acting from Wallace, good acting from Wan Tai and Tiffany is trying her best. Yes, there are so many scenes that bored me to death but I told myself I am not going to skip anything. This novel has gotten into me so that anything that will make the characters alive is good enough for me. I have even watched the episodes from 1 to 28 in YouTube even without the English subtitles. And eagerly waiting the ones with subtitles. Again, thanks, Peanuts and Hoju, for the hard work!

  7. Any news about WC’s next project?

    I am sick of seeing Louis Koo in every HK movie.
    Its about time WC take over 😆.

  8. Mr. To better give WC a meatier role.
    WC was downgraded to a kelefe in Drug War 😢.

    Peanuts, hows the ending for My Sunshine?

  9. suddenly i miss HK. my bestie asked me to go there again next summer.. ahh.. i wish i could meet WC there.. lol

    i love those sweet scenes.. but i always feel disturbed everytime i see Ying Hui. The writer ruins his novel image on my mind.. so.. huft.. just dislike it..

    thank you for the recap and review.. 🙂

  10. Wallace Chung is super handsome in this show! Falling in love all over again 😀

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